I Want To Be Just Like You!

Since becoming a mom, I've realized that healthy living is about so much more than just me!

just like you

I heard a one-minute Wellness clip on the radio the other day where the lady talked about how our children watch and mimic what we do.  She said, if you sit down and eat a bag of chips all the time, then your children are going to grow up thinking it's normal to just eat bags of chips.  Her point being, you have to model what you want to teach your children. And to raise healthy children, then we as parents have to make healthy choices ourselves!

There is so much truth in that.  If you are a parent now, you can already see that.  It's obvious that our children naturally pick up our habits, both the good, and the bad!!

Even before I became a mother I had this realization.  You can read about WHY we blog (HERE).  I knew that living a healthy and active lifestyle was important for me to start early on, so that it was a natural habit of mine when I had my own mini-me picking up on my habits!


I count myself as one of the lucky ones! (Sorry Mom)....but I grew up eating microwavable meals (especially those pizzas), Happy Meals all the time (thanks Grandma), and Little Debbie's (gotta love those Fudge Rounds & Star Crunch). That was the natural habits of my family growing up.

So many people who grow up with those habits end up being very overweight when they are adults, and the cycle continues if they don't make changes.  Somehow, I found a passion for fitness and working out, which led me to realizing I HAD TO change my eating habits.  It has definitely been a journey, and still is, but I feel lucky that I found this determination within me to CHANGE!  

In the beginning, I knew I had to make the change for my own sake, I knew that all the working out I was doing wouldn't make a difference if I kept eating out at fast food restaurants and buying processed, microwavable foods all the time.

Then I realized I wanted to create healthy eating habits in my children as well! I wanted to make it EASIER for them to make healthy choices, by creating those habits early in life.

It is by no means easy!

Even now, it is a struggle between my husband and me.  He works out, but it is easy for him to stay fit.  And he wants to have access to SNACKS in our house.  So many times after I grocery shop he will ask what snacks I got him.  He is used to things down the chips and cookie aisles.  The easy to grab processed stuff.  We are both trying to find a balance of finding healthy, yet good tasting and easy to access snacking alternatives for him, so that he has what he desires, but also so we don't have to have a ton of processed foods in our home.

1) Because on those snacky, "I want to eat everything" days, those things are tempting for me to pick up as well!

2) Now we have our Little Z who watches every move we make, and wants to be just like us!

So we have to make HEALTHY LIVING choices.....not only for ourselves, but for our Mini-Me!

Same goes with Being Active and working out! When it's naturally part of your lifestyle, then your children will pick up the habit as well!




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What's a habit you need to SHED so that your Mini-Me doesn't pick it up!?