Cinco De Mayo--GET YO DRINK ON!

It's Cinco De Mayo week....just because this prego can't have a drink doesn't mean you shouldn't! And just because I'm sugar free doesn't mean I don't ever have a drink! 

In fact, this is one of my favorite drinks to make at home! So grab the ingredients, shake them up, toast to me, an GET YO DRINK ON!

A big question I get when people are living the sugar free life, or thinking of taking the journey, is what alcohol can I drink! ??

Especially this time of year! With summer coming, vacations on the horizon, and holiday weekend plans being made, like Memorial Day Weekend! 

So I've created a specialty webinar to teach you just that! 

Join me for a live webinar where I will teach you all about how to enjoy alcohol while staying sugar free. Get tips on drinking at home, at restaurants, and on vacation! 

  • Get Access to the Live Webinar, with replay abilities
  • Follow Along PDF
  • Plus get 3 Sugar Free Cocktail Recipes

*Can't make it to the live webinar, sign up anyways. You will get replay access as soon as the webinar is over, plus the 3 recipes! 


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Fresh Strawberry Basil Margarita Recipe

Wahoo!  Everyone celebrate because it's the WEEKEND! And on top of that, it's a LONG WEEKEND! 

So what better to celebrate with, than a HEALTHY, ALL-NATURAL, SUGAR FREE Strawberry Basil Margarita! 

Healthy, All-Natural, Sugar Free, Fresh STRAWBERRY BASIL Margarita Recipe by @brittanysuell

It's basically a smoothie with alcohol in it! Seriously, it's so good! 

Wondering how I decided to create a Strawberry Basil Margarita!?! I know, it sounds weird at first, but it's super yummy. 

Remember when we finished our chicken coop and I shared with you all about the herb garden I planted on the roof of it!? You can see details and photos of my coop and herb garden here. So my basil grew like crazy and I harvested my first herbs from my garden box! (I was seriously so excited!) Plus look how fresh and yummy they look! 

Fresh grown basil from my herb garden. Used to make strawberry margaritas! Here's the yummy recipe!

So I decided to make a Strawberry Margarita and add some basil to it. And when that went over so well, I invited some girls over last weekend while my husband was gone, and I made them for everyone! 

Strawberry basil margarita recipe!

I also made some of my original Sugar Free Margaritas! (Get that recipe HERE)

So celebrate Memorial Day weekend with friends, and a fresh margarita! If you don't have fresh basil, that's okay, just grab some from the store, along with REAL strawberries, and it will still be super yummy! 

[yumprint-recipe id='8']I definitely think I'm going to be loving basil this summer! I plan to use more of my fresh basil this weekend to make Margarita Pizza with friends! (this pizza has nothing to do with alcohol lol it just has a related name.)

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Here are my favorite FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AND HERBS of the summer!

  1. Watermelon
  2. Cantaloupe
  3. Basil
  4. Sweet Potatoes
  5. Mint
  6. Always avocado! 

If this sounds good, but you are still wanting an original Margarita, try my Sugar Free Margarita Recipe HERE!


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Happy Cinco De Mayo! Celebrate with a Sugar Free Margarita Recipe!

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! 

Sugar Free Margarita Recipe! Easy to make, using only a few ingredients, sweetened with honey, and tastes so much better than any store bought mix! @brittanysuell

So, one of the most challenging things about living a Sugar Free lifestyle, is the normal things you would eat or drink that you don't realize have sugar in them....BBQ sauce, bread, and lots of drinks. And in the same way that it is challenging, one of the most fun and exciting things about my NO Sugar Journey is that I get to explore various recipes and make them my own. I get the challenge of making the things that I want but if I buy from the store have sugar in them. Just like last night, I have been wanting cinnamon-raisin bread for breakfast, but every store bought brand contains sugar, so I just decided to make my own. I found a recipe, made some adjustments, and OMG I finished with some of the best cinnamon-raisin bread I have ever had, and it's sugar free! 

Another one of those things I have had to play around with are alcoholic beverages. Mostly, wines are fine to drink because they just contain fructose, the natural sugars from grapes. (check the labels though, and make sure the ingredient list doesn't contain sugar). One thing I have missed big time is the occasional margarita though. 

I don't drink a ton, but our town has recently gotten a few more fun wineries, or restaurants that have great margaritas, but of course, I cannot have them. So instead I usually just opt out altogether or find a glass of red wine to enjoy. But I have missed me a good margarita, especially with it getting warm, which means that there are bound to be more BBQ's and outdoor parties happening. 

So my friend had me over and they made us Sugar Free Margaritas! They were great!! and in the spirit of May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, I thought that would be a fantastic recipe to share with you all! I changed it up a bit, and made it my own, and I have to say, it is quite yummy. 

(A few notes---you can use agave in place of honey. I used orange as the zest for my drink, but you can use lime as well. I just think I would rather eat the orange at the end!) 

ENJOY! and tag me if you try this! @brittanysuell #LeaveYourLegacy

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Sugar Free Margarita Recipe! Easy to make, using only a few ingredients, sweetened with honey, and tastes so much better than any store bought mix! @brittanysuell

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