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Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshop

Wow, since I started doing more of my own Freezer Meals and prepping healthy food for my family it has made my life so much easier! Taking just a couple of hours out of my day to prep meals, that are hearty and healthy and ready to be cooked in the crockpot is an amazing use of my time. It really enables me to have more time in the evenings with my family rather than scavenging in the kitchen trying to get dinner cooked in time and missing out on time I could be spending with my family. I absolutely love it.  Now I know I shared with you all about how I have begun hosting Healthy Freezer Meal Workshops for my local people! It has gone over great! Because what's better than prepping healthy meals for your family? Prepping them with other people! Enjoying the company of others while you are super productive and get things done that will make life so much easier! 

Freezer Meal Workshops make meal planning and prepping so easy! with @brittanysuell

The only problem with this amazing idea of Freezer Meal Workshops, is that if you aren't local to me, then you can't participate!

But guess what!!!?? I figured out a way to fix the problem! 

I recently worked with someone who lives states away, and I hosted my first LONG DISTANCE FREEZER MEAL WORKSHOP!

 Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshop!  Get everything sent to your door to host your own Healthy Freezer Meal Workshop for you and your friends!

It went great! The host invited her friends, and they made a day of it! Mimosas in the morning while they meal prepped, then a lunchtime cookout! So fun right! Plus they all left from spending a day with friends and had 8-16 healthy meals ready to put in their freezer until it was time to cook them! 

I coordinated with each guest, got them all the information, and sent them the easy-to-follow grocery list. I also sent the host a Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshop Kit which included printed directions for each participant, plus all of the Velata rubs and seasonings that were needed for each recipe, and videos to help lead the workshop.

Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshop!  Get everything sent to your door to host your own Healthy Freezer Meal Workshop for you and your friends!

So what are Velata rubs you wonder? Velata rubs are made from real ingredients that taste great, and they are used in each of my healthy meals!

Velata Rubs are made from real ingredients that taste great!

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I would love to start hosting more Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshops with people like you! 

I love being able to help others make dinner time easier! I love that I'm able to show people how creating healthy meals for their family can be done and still tastes incredible! I love that by hosting these workshops, whether local or long distance that I am able to spread the LEAVE YOUR LEGACY LIFESTYLE! 

Let me help you get your evenings back, make dinner time less hectic, and be reassured that you are serving your family a healthy meal! 

To learn more about how the Healthy Freezer Meal Workshop works, go HERE

LEAVE ME A COMMENT and tell me: 

Do you ever make Freezer Meals or do any type of Meal Prep? How has it helped make life easier for you? 

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