Finding Your Life Song & Living It!

Have you ever sat back and really thought about who you are? What you are passionate about? And why you do the things you do? What drives your intrinsic motivation? What gives you energy to keep going even when you are worn out? What makes you say yes to some things and no to others? What is the WHY behind the things you do? What is your life song?  I feel like over the past few years, and especially in the past year, this has been an ongoing theme in my life. And it wasn't on purpose either. It started with becoming a mom, then rebranding my blog and trying to decide what I wanted to stand on when it came to my blog, then from their, my life has followed. 

Then without even knowing it I was going through the process of Finding Your Life Song & Living It! 

So today, I'm not going to give you some step-by-step on how to figure out what your life song is. I'm just going to encourage you, go on the journey with yourself. Take time for yourself to evaluate your life, your lifestyle, the places you thrive in, the people that lift you up, the things that drive you. 

Go on a journey to FIND YOUR LIFE SONG! 

Then, as you figure out what that is for you, and as you start living it, I believe that you will be happier, and others will begin to notice that as well. And as you are true to your life song, it will become apparent to others what your life song is! 

Last night was eye opening and encouraging for me. When my friend sent my a photo of this adorable shirt. I thought she was just showing it to me, but she said that this was my "Life Shirt." 

That was such a sweet thing to me, and made me realize that what I'm doing, how I'm living, and staying true to my life song is being seen by others, and that to me is AMAZING! 

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Finding Your Life Song & Living It!


So I give you permission today to take just 10 minutes to check out. Turn everything off, and focus only on yourself! And see where the journey of finding your life song might take you! 


Leave a comment telling me if you know what your LIFE SONG is, or even just a piece of it!

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