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Level 4 Yoga Certification & Tips on Taking the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Exam

Wow! What a long week it has been!  I have been back from 5 intense fitness training days for a couple of days now, but I decided to take it easy and rest up. While also catching up with emails, etc. So here I am. Today it's back to go mode! That includes blogging, working my biz-ness hard core, and finally cleaning my house! 

So I shared with you last week about me heading out for my Level 4 Yoga Certification with Yoga Fit. It was by far the longest and most intense training I have done. It was 4 days of Yoga. Starting at 7AM-6PM. So they were for sure long days, and I got super spoiled to my Starbucks every morning! 

Level 4 Yoga Certification

This training was a lot about the history of Yoga and Yoga Philosophy. I learned Sanskrit, the original language of Yoga, and so much more. I also learned some new poses, got to try out some new binds, along with finally nailing some arm balances and inversions that I have tried to do in the past! Plus I met and connected with a lot of amazing Yogis, which is always so much fun! 

I also spent a good chunk of my time away studying for the ACE Group Fitness Certification Exam which I took on Monday. Man that test was stressing me out. I cam home with some mouth ulcers which I attribute to the pre-test stress I was having. Now I have an undergraduate and masters degree, but I think I was more stressed about this test. Honestly just the thought of having to pay $200 more to retest was stressing me out. BUT I spent a lot of time studying, red through the entire red book, and took some practice quizzes....and wouldn't you know....I PASSED! 




So I thought since I am now officially a certified Group Fitness Instructor, that I would share with you some Tips on Taking the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Exam

-I studied! 

-I red through the chapters in the red book that comes with the study materials, and answered all of the study questions in the study guide

-sidenote: I also read back through those study questions again, and semi-quizzed myself with the multiple choice questions


-I studied the Essentials of Exercise Science Flashcards. These went with the white book, which I started the first chapter of back in April, and never picked up again. The flashcards were enough. Plus I made sure I knew all of the major muscles. I hope to go back through the Essentials Book later on, just to learn more about anatomy, etc. 

-Surprisingly there was not as much about anatomy on there as you might think, so don't stress about that part. Do know the terms that reference how the body or movement is moving. (i.e. frontal, sagital plane, dorsiflexion, planter flexion, flexion, extension....those basics)

-The test focussed a lot of class outline, group instructional methods, teaching styles, etc. Focus on these things: 

  • Cueing
  • Teaching techniques
  • Learning Styles
  • Feedback 
  • Monitoring Methods
  • Class Programming

-The test also had several questions on working out in various weather conditions 

-There were also several on liability, so be sure to study that! 

Now the BEST thing I did before taking the exam was...I bought a $10 study app versus the $50 practice test that ACE offers. It was such a great investment! It's called Pocket Prep for the ACE GFI Exam! 


The app is $10 and it's called POCKET PREP FOR GROUP FIT! 

This seriously helped me so much! It has 300 questions and it rotates through them! There are several options on making your quizzes personal, like focussing on certain parts of the test that you seem to struggle with the most, etc. Plus it shows you at the end the categories that you need to work on more. 

After taking the test I realized how much the quizzes from the app really helped me. I realized relying on those were potentially taking a risk, but it mostly focussed on class design, teaching styles, liability, etc. which is mainly what was on the test. And the way the app worded the questions was very similar to the way they did it on the test. So I would for sure suggest this to anyone taking the exam. (And they have these apps for all sorts of tests/certifications)

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I hope this helped, and feel free to ask any questions if the test is in your future, or you are thinking about a new certification! 

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Farewell, I'm off to Yoga Training with some Paleo Snacks & a GIVEAWAY!

Wow I am so excited for the next several days! I am heading out to my Level 4 Yoga Training, which is four days packed of Yoga Knowledge! I will learn a ton, plus get to take Master Classes from some incredible instructors. Plus I also packed in a mini course one evening that is all about using essential oils in Yoga! (Yes I'm an essential oil believer! I use them on my son all the time!) Then, on Monday, July 20th I will go take my ACE Group Fitness Certification Exam which puts me one step closer to becoming a Fit4Mom Stroller Strides Instructor! (Pray for me!)

So, an exciting several days ahead of me. But from my mommy heart I'm a little timid since I will be leaving my son for 4 days....the longest I have left him yet! (Pray for me double time)

I can't believe it though, it was about 3 years ago, to the date, that I made the decision to start my Yoga Training. Here's the picture I posted on Facebook, July 29, 2013!

Yoga Training plus Paleo Snacks and a Giveaway!

So as I step away for a few days, keep up with my training on social media by following me on Instagram & you can even find me on Periscope by searching for "Brittany Suell." There you will get to spend time with me via live video feeds! (It's almost like we are together!!) Seriously though, I am loving this new app! 

While I'm away and sitting in class though, I have planned to pack healthy lunches including some of my favorite, easy go-to meals: fruit, pico and blue corn chips, and sandwiches. I also have some super amazing, healthy, Paleo snacks lined up for the week! 

Yoga Training and yummy Paleo Snacks plus a Giveaway from Steve's Paleo Goods!


You may remember this post from Instagram a few weeks ago! Look at all of these yummy Paleo Snacks! They are all from Steve's Paleo Goods. And they are SUGAR FREE! Which if you didn't know, I gave up sugar in January, and have been sugar free for 7 months now! So I was so excited to hear that!!

Some other awesome things about Steve's Paleo Goods: 

They give 15% of their profit to the Steve's Club National Program that brings fitness, nutrition guidance and mentorship to at-risk youth. (That's awesome!) You can read more about that here

"Steves's PaleoGoods is committed to supporting healthier ways to eat - and live. Our journey is within ourselves, in our communities, and for people like you who are on similar journeys. We've been part of the CrossFit Community for many years, providing clean, healthy fuel for athletes, and also as athletes ourselves."

Plus their products are clean, sugar free, and Paleo! That means: 

  • No Gluten
  • No Dairy
  • No Soy
  • No Artificial Preservatives! 

I was so excited to get my Paleo Sampler Pack in the mail!  Which by the way they have some incredible sampler packs! Some that are all different things like the one I got, but some are various jerky's if you just want jerky, or different dried fruits, so there are some great options for the Sampler Packs

Yoga Training and yummy Paleo Snacks plus a Giveaway from Steve's Paleo Goods!

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So what I'm loving most about my pack: 

1) The dried fruit! I got dried strawberries, which taste like gummy snacks! Even at our local natural food store, the strawberries, (and most fruits) are sweetened with sugar....which I just don't get, and it annoys me so much! I was relieved to see that these are just strawberries! My son and I both love them! 

2) Which brings me to the second awesome thing. My son loves it all! He's only one, but I feel comfortable feeding him all of this! Oh, and on that note, my husband loves it too. He sat down and ate an entire pack of beef jerky...which I gave him a hard time about. But being sugar free, my husband still eats some sugar, despite me not wanting him too. It's hard for us to find him good fulfilling snacks though, so getting Paleo Snacks from Steve's makes that easier! 

3) The GRANOLA! OMG I love it! If you look at most store bought granolas, they are packed with sugar. The one that we used to eat on a regular basis even has so much sugar in it. And I still haven't found a homemade recipe that I love. This one is so good and is cinnamon flavored, and I love cinnamon. 

4) And lastly.....they have Paleo, Sugar Free KETCHUP!!! Which this may not seem like a big deal to you. But since giving up sugar in January, I have had no ketchup. Well I take that back, I made my own once, but it wasn't incredible, and I only made it once. And they have tons of sauces. Which if you didn't know, lots of sugar hides in the sauces and dressings that you eat, so for me this is a relief! 

So to celebrate me getting Level 4 Yoga Certified, and to celebrate finding amazing, Sugar Free Paleo Snacks, I have two amazing offers for you! 

First, you can go to Steve's Paleo Goods right now and get you an entire bundle of yummy snacks and get 10% off my using code LEGACY! The code is only good through the 22nd though, so get your order in this week! 

Yoga Training and yummy Paleo Snacks plus a Giveaway from Steve's Paleo Goods!

But before you go, ENTER TO WIN a Paleo Sampler Pack like the one I got in the mail!!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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