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3 Must-Haves for a Happy & Healthy Vacation

So there's this theory out there that hasn't really been solved. People, even experts have their opinions, but no one has said which is the end all be all when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. The theory....MODERATION!  When it comes to living healthy, eating healthy, does the common term, "Do everything in moderation" really apply. I have read that yes, you should have a cheat day or meal. Then I have read that ABSOLUTELY NOT! 

Being that I am sugar free, and know that sugar is addictive, when it comes to healthy eating, I lean more towards the strict healthy lifestyle, no cheat days, and moderation is not good. 

Now I will say that I do eat sweets, but they are healthy and sugar free! To me that is learning to live a healthy lifestyle. Feeding the sweet tooth with healthy foods rather than sugary, fattening foods! I have an entire list of SUGAR-FREE HEALTHY, Sweet Recipes here! Try them out! They will feed that sweet tooth, but you aren't "cheating." 

I have a similar theory when it comes to vacationing! I LOVE traveling and taking vacations! But since really jumping in to a healthy and active lifestyle, just as much as travel is one of my personal and family values, so is being active. So even on vacation, I find sugar free treats to enjoy, I eat well, and I workout and/or do active things. It's not as a chore either, it's because I LOVE IT and it's become my lifestyle. In the past I shared ways to making working out on vacation fun, HERE, and ways to make eating healthy on vacation easier, HERE

Today, I'm sharing 3 Must-Haves for a Happy & Healthy Vacation! 

Since my husband and I are headed out on our first post-baby (he's 16months old) vacation together next week, this is at the forefront of my mind!

These are personal things that I think will make your vacation more fun, while also staying healthy! 3 Must-Haves for a Happy & Healthy Vacation with Brittany Suell

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1. Healthy Snacks! 

This tip is not only good for your body, but for your budget! Vacationing, and buying ALL of your food there can get expensive! Save your wallet and take care of yourself by planning healthy snacks! 

3 Must-Haves for a Happy & Healthy Vacation with Brittany Suell


Next week I will be traveling with these yummy Hemp Heart Bites from Manitoba Harvest! These things are packed full of goodness! 10grams of protein and 10grams of Omega-3 & 6 in each serving! Plus they taste amazing and are easy to travel with. They don't melt while out in the Texas heat which is a great thing when vacationing in Texas! Even my son loves them! He has actually been hogging them most of the time! 

3 Must-Haves for a Happy & Healthy Vacation with Brittany Suell

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Snag some hemp hearts for you and your family and get 15% off when you order! These are great to send to school with the kids either for a snack or in their lunchbox! 

2. A Good Pair of Pants

Now we all know that leggings are the go-to choice of pants these days, but what's even better, an amazing pair of pants made of flexible, breathable, water resistance material! That has several pockets, comes in great colors, and can go for cuteness, or comfort! 

3 Must-Haves for a Happy & Healthy Vacation with Brittany Suell

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I absolutely love the color and fit of these Prana Meme pants from their Fall Zion Collection. You can also take advantage of a discount from Prana by using code: LiveInPrana15 for 15% off through September 30th! 

These pants are going to be awesome for days when we are flying by the seat of our pants. Going out on adventures! They will be comfy for walking around town, or hanging at a coffee shop, while also working perfect if we decide to go for a hike or bike ride!  Since all of our activities are surprises being planned by my husband, I want to be prepared and these pants are sure to help me do that! 

3. Workout Plans

The best thing about vacations. (well maybe not the best, but as far as fitness and working out) You can try new workouts that might not be offered in your town. You can take classes from different instructors. You can try out various gyms, etc. Or even if you don't want to go to a specific class, why not look up fun, active things to do on your vacation! Where you will be having SO MUCH FUN you will forget you are actually working out! 

I love to take Yoga classes in new towns, and get different instructors perspectives. I love working out or running in new outdoor areas, and with my husband. I love going paddle boarding, or maybe taking a Barre class, which aren't things that are offered in my city. So plan those things! Make them a fun activity you do on vacation! 

I know we will for sure go paddle boarding, hiking, and maybe rent bikes! These are all easy and fun things that will make your vacation healthy & fun! 


@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


Disclaimer: Hemp Hearts and Prana products were provided to me by Manitoba Harvest & Prana through my partnership with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador, in exchange for an honest review of their products. 

I'm linking up with Jill Conyers and the Fit Switch for the Fit Dish Party! 

Avocado Ice Cream Recipe!

Summer isn't quite over yet. And while I'm itching to get into some leggings and boots, topped with a super cute scarf, I live in Texas which means I have a while to go. So I decided I would take advantage of more time with 95+ degree weather by adding two of my favorite things together!  Duh AVOCADOS & ICE CREAM! 

Avocado Ice Cream Recipe! Simple, Healthy, and Good!

Now if you are like me, the thought of Avocado might intrigue you while also making you quite worried. When I first heard of it, I was a little skeptical as well. You don't often see avocado's going into sweet things, but let me just tell you, this is good! 

Plus Avocados are just incredible foods to add to your diet. They are full of dietary fiber, they have more potassium than a banana, and have tons of amazing vitamins in them. Plus while most fruits are high in carbs, about 88% of the calories in an avocado are made from fat, but the good kind that you want to be eating! 

So let's just get right to it! How about an Avocado Ice Cream Recipe!? A treat that tasty, full of goodness, it's sugar free, and simple to make!  All you will need to enjoy this yummy treat is a food processor or high-powered blender, plus all the ingredients listed. 

 Avocado Ice Cream Recipe! Simple, Healthy, and Good!

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[yumprint-recipe id='11']Comment & tell me:

HAVE YOU EVER USED AVOCADOS FOR SOMETHING SWEET? What's your favorite go-to recipe for Avocados? 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!



Fit vs. Fat? Why Bod Pods are worth it!

I recently participated in a 12 Week Fit Challenge with my Fit4Mom Abilene Stroller Strides Group! We committed to 12 weeks of kicking our butts as far as workouts go, going above and beyond with extra workouts, and eating well/changing our diets. Throughout the 12 weeks, the leader of our class would share recipes, tips, extra motivational challenges with us. It was fun, and we all saw improvements. To measure our success we did three things. First, we did a fit test where we ran 1/2 a mile for time, did as many pushups and crunches as we could in a certain amount of time. We retested for that at 6 weeks, and then again at 12 weeks. We also took measurements at the beginning and end of a challenge. But the most accurate measurement tool we used was called the Bod Pod.  If you have never heard of a Bod Pod, it's one of the most accurate ways to measure body fat vs. lean body mass (muscle, bones, and organs). The Bod Pod uses air displacement technology to measure your body mass, and can be seen on some of those big TV shows like Biggest Loser and Extreme Weightloss. They use these, because the Bod Pod is considered the gold standard for body composition measurement. 

According to the National Institute for Fitness and Sports, "The feedback you receive from your BOD POD test can be used to measure the success of your nutrition and/or exercise program, monitor for obesity, a risk factor for major diseases, like stroke and diabetes, help you lose or gain body fat safely, fine tune your athletic performance and more."

This is why I think the Bod Pod is so worth your time and money! You can find Bod Pod's available in most towns via wellness companies, universities, hospitals, and military bases. You will be paying anywhere from $50-100 to use it, but sometimes can get a package deal. 

Fit vs. Fat? Why the Bod Pod is Worth it! 

First off, when you are looking to lose weight and/or get healthier, getting the Bod Pod measurements is sure to motivate you. When you learn how much of your body composition is made up of fat, and what "age" that puts your body at, and the risks it brings upon you, it is sure to stir up some intrinsic motivation that will get you wanting to eat well and workout! 

Secondly, when you do lose weight, and you compare your body composition from before to now, you are able to see if you are just losing body fat, or if you are actually getting fit as well and increasing your lean body mass. It's important not only to lose fat, but also to build muscle, and the Bod Pod is the most accurate measure of that vs. just a number on the scale. Because who cares if you aren't losing weight on the scale, as long as you know that your body mass is changing to muscle! That is a much better feeling. That means you are getting healthier from the inside, and soon enough, as the body fat decreases, those muscles will start to be seen on the outside as well! 

Here are my measurements: 

Fit vs. Fat! Why the Bod Pod is worth it!

If you have never measured your body composition, you should definitely consider finding a Bod Pod near you, it is surely worth it! Get your composition measured initially, then make plans to go back 3 months later and get retested. See what kind of motivation you get to make healthy life changes, then see how your body changes over a period of time! It's such an encouraging thing! 

I know for me, seeing my two scores and seeing them change over the course of 3 months was incredibly encouraging! It also proved to me that I can be more fit now than I was even before I gave birth to my son! 

Here's an example. When I got married in December 2009, I felt like I was the fittest I had ever been since becoming an adult. Now, in comparison to a photo 6 months after my wedding, to now. I'm 5 years old, nearing my 30's and have given birth to one son. I can honestly say I look, feel, and am healthier all around! 

Transformation photos! Proof that you can be your healthiest and look better after having a baby!


To me, this pic just shows that even weighing less doesn't always mean you are healthier. I weighed less in May of 2010, but today, I have so much more muscle mass, and you can see that by my transformation photos! 

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If you do decide to get measured with a Bod Pod, you can expect something like this. 

Fit or Fat? Why the Bod Pod is worth it!


When being measured, you wear as little amounts of clothes as possible (swim suit or spandex and sports bra). You remove all your jewelry, and for women you wear a tight cap. You will step on a scale first, then sit in the Bod Pod for 3 segments of 40 seconds each, moving as little as possible and breathing normally. 

Immediately after being measured, your results will print showing you your weight, your lean body mass, and your fat body mass. 

Top 5 Reasons Why It's Important to Find Time to Workout as a Mom

Let's face it, after becoming a mom, your time, and your past priorities tend to take a backseat to everything else. When you are spending time with baby, focussing on feeding your family, keeping up with house chores, and not to mention if you are a full time working momma, other things just aren't that important!  Now I know I'm not the only one with 2 month old nail polish still on my toes! I mean, painting my nails is just not worth the time these days! 

What is worth your time as a mom though is working out! Even with all of the to-dos that you have to get done, and the attention that you are giving your baby, it's SOOOO important to workout and take that time for yourself! 

Top 5 reasons why it's important to find time to workout as a mom! 

Top 5 Reasons to find time to workout as a mom with @brittanysuell

1) Value Yourself-when you carve out the time to workout, whether that's waking up before everyone, going to the gym (and putting your baby in childcare), or working out after the baby is sleeping, you are telling your body, and mind that you value yourself! And that is so important! When you have value for yourself, then others have value for you! The way we see ourselves and the way we treat ourselves reflects on the outside, so when we are valuing ourselves enough to give time back to ourselves, then that is seen on the outside, and that value can be felt in every area of life. 

2) More Confidence-it's obvious, working out breeds more confidence in us! And confidence is GOOD in every area of life! When we workout, when we sweat and get the endorphins going, your brain releases feel-good chemicals that can affect your entire demeanor. Plus, when you workout and you set small goals, and hit those, then you feel good about yourself! And just the act of doing something challenging, sweating some, and knowing you are making changes to your body and appearance can give you boosts of confidence that can make a huge difference! 

3) Feel Better-working out makes you feel better all around! When you focus your mind on working out, it gets your thoughts off of worries/stresses of life (which we know tends to increase when you become a mommy), and gets you out of the cycle of negative thoughts that can breed anxiety or depression. 

4) Stay Healthy for kids sake-as a mom, there are so many more activities in our lives that can take a toll on our body. Not to mention the post pregnancy body that can tend to lack core muscles, and strength in many areas that we need to lug our baby around and get up and down off the floor to play. Working out helps us strengthen those core muscles. It helps us gain flexibility and strength in the muscles that we need to be able to play with our babies and take care of them! That way we are able to live life to the fullest with them without feeling pain in our body! 

5) Lead by Example-this is what I'm all about! Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy! It's so important, especially when you become a parent! Just think, tips 1-4, you want to instill all of those things in your children: you want your child to value him/herself, to be a confident person, to feel good about who they are, and to be healthy all around! So let's make a commitment to instill that in them, and it starts with US! It's starts with you making time to workout and letting all of those values begin to take effect in your own life! That example you set will be seen and felt by your children, and you will #LeaveYourLegacy! 

So start now! Take charge of your life! Give yourself permission to take time throughout your week to workout! 

If you aren't sure where to start, try this NO EXCUSES WORKOUT that I put together! I actually did the workout with my child in the stroller, so go outside, with your baby in the stroller, and use the stroller some! I am all about Stroller Workouts! That's why I have started teaching Fit4Mom Stroller Strides classes! I am so excited to be able to share these values and tips with the momma's I encounter and be able to help them gain confidence and value for themselves through working out! 

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Leave a comment and tell me....

Is it a value of yours to workout? 

How have you found time to workout while being a mom? 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


DIY Grocery Bouquet Workshop & an On-the-Go Freezer Meal Kit GIVEAWAY

I told y'all last week that I would be back to GIVEAWAY one of my newly launched On-the-Go Freezer Meal Kits! So here I am!  But that's not all I'm giving away.....

I'm also teaming up with a Texas based company called Fizz & Flair to GIVEAWAY a ticket to their upcoming DIY Workshop held in Ft. Worth, Texas. I will actually be the one teaching it, and it's all about DIY Grocery Bouquets!! 

DIY Workshop: How to make a Grocery Bouquet with @brittanysuell & @FizzandFlair GIVEAWAY

Fizz & Flair is an on-the-move DIY Workshop that is currently traveling through Texas. Started their tour off in Ft. Worth with several upcoming August Workshops! 

Fizz & Flair believes that....

Women are free, intuitive and beautiful beings that deserve a place away from boundaries and expectations. Fizz and Flair is an opportunity to come into a wildly open headspace of new friends, DIY creations and fizzing fun. 

If you didn't know, I started my blogging back in 2010 as a DIY, Home and Family blogger! I LOVE crafting and am a DIYer at heart. So I am so excited to be able to partner with Fizz & Flair to bring together the inner DIYer inside of me in partnership with my passion for Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy and spreading the #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle with others. 

So what is this DIY Grocery Bouquet Workshop all about? It's a workshop where I will guide you through a hands on experience on how "to construct a 'Grocery Bouquet' from unconventional items found at your local grocer. Make and take a produce bouquet that not only looks good, but tastes good, too." Plus for attendees, an adult beverage is included in your ticket. And it's being held at an awesome coffee house/gastro-pub & eatery in Ft. Worth, TX., called Brewed.

It's the perfect event for a girl's night out! Plus you will get to hang out with me! How fun is that!!! 


The winner of the GIVEAWAY will not only get a ticket to this awesome DIY Workshop event, but they will also WIN an On-the-Go Freezer Meal Kit from me! 

That means you will get everything you need to create 5+ Healthy Freezer Meals sent right to your door! (That includes: Seasonings, easy-to-follow grocery list, healthy menu and recipe instructions)

So let's get to the fun part....how do you WIN a ticket to the DIY Grocery Bouquet Workshop & an On-the-Go Freezer Meal Kit??

Head over to Instagram and follow me @BrittanySuell & @FizzandFlair! Find the giveaway photo and follow the instructions on how to enter!!! 

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That's all! GOOD LUCK! and let me know in the comments, who would you bring to the DIY Workshop with you? 

 Want to go ahead and register for the DIY Workshop on how to make a Grocery Bouquet, head HERE!

The On-the-Go Freezer Meal Kit is a great gift for your momma and teacher friends right before school starts! Go HERE and send them as gifts! 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!




Yoga is for EveryBODY

Each time I attend a Yoga Training, I am renewed with excitement and passion for what I do. I love being a Yoga Instructor. I love being able to guide people through a class of self-awareness, challenging their muscles, releasing stress, moving their joints, and ending in a time of reflection or meditation. Yoga is all around just good for us. It's good for our muscles, our bones, out joints. It's good for strengthening our core and keeping our posture upright and strong as we age. It's good for our mental clarity and focus. Yoga is good for maintaining and relieving stress. Yoga teaches us that it's okay to just be, in a world where we are constantly going and doing. Yoga makes us look inward and reminds us of who we really are.  Yoga is needed, and in my opinion, Yoga is for EveryBODY!

Whether you are young or old, Yoga can be good for you. 

Yoga is for EveryBODY! We all need it! It helps to strengthen our muscles and joints as we ago, plus helps to keep us stress free and calm in such a busy world!

There are two main reasons I will focus on today, to make my point of why Yoga is for EveryBODY! 

1) We are all getting older, and Yoga helps us maintain a healthy body, with strong muscles and healthy joints.


As we age there are several things that occur.....

We start to get stiff, we lose muscle and bone density, we stop moving as much (in general), our posture begins to slouch, we begin to feel more pain overall.

Yoga helps all of these things. 

One of the things that I love about Yoga the most is that you move the joints a lot. A lot of the moves use movement that we use in everyday life. Take chair pose for example. It's teaching you to sit back in a chair, or get up out of a chair using your core. Even the simple movement of extending your arms up is amazingly helpful as we age. How many times do we reach out or above us to grab something?  So in Yoga you are constantly lubricating those joints, which helps with stiffness that occurs as you age. This loosens up our joints, making it easier and more free to move to do our every day activities. 

Plus with Yoga you do balancing poses. This helps as well, because as you age you begin to lose muscle mass, and strength, which is a big reason why you hear of elderly people falling often. Working on balance and stability will help strengthen those muscles that keep you upright. 

So basically what I"m saying here, is Yoga helps you live your best life! It helps you Leave a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy! I am so passionate about creating a healthy and active lifestyle for YOURSELF so that you are able to enjoy life to the fullest, for the longest possible time. When you are healthy, you are able to do things with your children and grandchildren! You are able to experience life with them, and pass that value on to them! Yoga helps you do that! It's all about the #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle

Yoga can literally be maneuvered to fit your body. If you are seeing crazy poses on Instagram, and you think you can't do those....that's okay, you probably can't. But if you go to a well run class, those aren't the poses you will be doing. You will be doing basic Yoga Poses, and the instructor should lead you to find the version that fits your body! Fit the pose to your body, not your body to the pose. There are always options and variations for Yoga Poses! 

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2) In a world that is constantly going and has so many areas of stimuli and stress, Yoga calms the mind and teaches us to just be. 


Seriously....how often do you just sit and be quite, and do nothing. UM.....Like never! 

In each of my Yoga classes we spend a couple of minutes in the beginning, and about double or triple that time at the end just being. We focus inward, on our breath, on ourselves, sometimes on a specific word or phrase, or characteristic of ourselves. And let me just say.....THAT IS HARD FOR PEOPLE TO DO. 

Yoga is for EveryBODY! We all need it! It helps to strengthen our muscles and joints as we ago, plus helps to keep us stress free and calm in such a busy world!

Our world is so, go-go-go, that when we are asked to sit and just be, it is so hard for us. It can actually become an emotional place for us. If we tend to hide or smother our emotions, and fill our lives with busyness, then if we spend even just a couple of moments where our minds and emotions are able to go to those places where we are smothering, then it can begin to bring those emotions us and make us start to face them. IT'S A GOOD THING! 

Yoga is therapeutic because of just this. Yoga is special to me not only because I know it's a good workout and it tones my body, but because in two of the hardest places of my life, Yoga has brought renewal and healing for me.

In 2009 after losing my brother to a car accident was the first time I started doing Yoga. I remember every time we laid in the final relaxation pose, I would get emotional. I didn't understand it at first, and really I wanted to run from it, but I stuck it out and it was good and helpful for me. 

A similar thing, in 2013 after miscarrying, each time I went to Yoga, rushing in from a busy day at work, it gave me that quiet time I needed and wanted for myself. I appreciated time to just stop thinking about everything and everyone else in the world, and spend an hour focussed on just me! I craved that time, and appreciated it during that healing period for me. 

So get convinced! Yoga is good for you! Yoga is for EveryBODY, and we need to be doing Yoga! It keeps us healthy mentally and physically! 

Leave a Comment telling me....

What do you think about Yoga? Is it something you do often? Does this help you see the importance in doing Yoga? 

If you are looking for an opportunity to try out some Yoga poses, join us for our 7 day Yoga Challenge. (Today is Day 4, but jump in and catch back up!) Check out my Instagram for the daily poses, and each host is sharing various options for the pose, so do the one that fits your body! 

Plus you can WIN some great prizes for participating! Check out more of the Challenge details HERE

#DownDogDaysofYoga Challenge with @BrittanySuell

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


Top 5 Tips to Kickstart Your Sugar Free Lifestyle

Wow! It has officially been over half a year since I went sugar free! I cannot believe it! 
The journey has been amazing, and this lifestyle is incredible!
So today I want to share it with you! I want to help you get more energy and gain control of your life and eating habits!

Top 5 Tips to Kickstart Your Sugar Free Lifestyle

I have had multiple people ask me if after the year 2015 is up if I think I will go back to eating sugar, or if I will continue being sugar free. As many of you may be wondering as well. 
To me, giving up sugar has become who I am. It's not some deprivation I'm inclining myself to. It's just how I live now, and I like it. Now once the year is up, I may not be so strict as to not get the BBQ Sauce for a recipe since it has 1g of added sugar, but I also don't see myself heading to Dairy Queen to get a blizzard either. 
I love how I feel without sugar. 
I love knowing that I'm healthy. 
I love not worrying about counting calories.
I honestly eat what I want. Even breads (without sugar). I am not worried about having too many carbs etc. I stay away from most processed foods and eat real, whole foods, and because of that, I don't worry a lot about how much or of what I'm eating. 
I love the freedom I feel when it comes to being sugar free. No more worrying, or stressing over food or weight.
I love that my scales don't fluctuate back and forth.
I love that after a holiday weekend I don't feel burdened and remorseful for all the "crap" I ate.
I love that I don't look back on a weekend of celebrations and regret everything I chose to ate, thinking that I have to "start over" tomorrow because I ruined all my progress so far. 
There has been so much freedom gained since I went sugar free. All of the things listed above are things that we all tend to struggle with, and I love that those aren't a worry for me anymore. My weight has literally stayed consistent. I workout consistently, eat well, but even after a weekend of Mexican food with a little too much chips and salsa (tends to happen fairly often because I'm a chips and salsa fanatic), I don't have to worry about my weight going up! It's incredible! 
So if the idea of having a little more freedom when it comes to eating and managing your weight/food intake is intriguing to you, then join me! I've created My Top 5 Tips to Kickstarting Your Sugar Free Lifestyle, and I'm giving those out FOR FREE! 
All I ask is that you SHARE with your friends! Either click-to-tweet below, or at the bottom of the post you can select the social media platform you wish to share it on, and SHARE AWAY! Then sign up by leaving your email below and you will receive my Top 5 Tips to Kickstart Your Sugar Free Lifestyle! 
You can so do this! 
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Leave a comment telling me....What is the one thing you want to gain freedom from when it comes to your diet tendencies!??

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Top 2 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

This conversation has come up a lot lately with my friends, so I thought it was time to discuss how you can prepare for a HEALTHY PREGNANCY! So I'm sharing my Top 2 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy! That's right, just two tips! Start now, get active and healthy and use these 2 Tips for a healthy pregnancy!

Yesterday I shared about setting goals and creating new habits, and doing them successfully. I shared how I created an entire new lifestyle after having my son in April 2014. But let's go back to my pregnancy. What was my lifestyle like when I was pregnant. 

Let's just say it wasn't pretty! 

Right before I got pregnant, I was up in weight from my "normal" weight. I was weighing closer to 160-163lbs, when I usually had stayed around 150. I was struggling, and miserable. I couldn't fit into any of my blue jeans. (that might be where my dislike for blue jeans comes from), and I remember a lot of clothes were just tight and uncomfortable. Which was very annoying. 

So when I got pregnant I started off heavier than normal, and then gradually, and it felt slow, like it crept in. Overall I gained around 70lbs total in my pregnancy. Now I didn't feel giant or like I was obese, but in studying for the ACE exam I will be taking soon, I realized that the average weight gain for a pregnant woman is 25-35lbs, and I classified as obese. 

Now many people will say, it's okay you were pregnant. Or who cares, you lost it all after. Which is all semi-true, but I didn't have a healthy pregnancy. Prior to being pregnant I was running (about to start training for a half marathon), and I was doing Yoga. When I found out I was pregnant, I slowed down on running, and then when the first trimester tiredness comas hit, I quit running all together! (BAD MISTAKE!) Because when you are a runner and enjoy running, and you can't run for 9 plus months! Wow, you miss it and regret letting the tiredness get the best of you those first several weeks! 



Keep moving! Whatever you have been doing, keep doing it! Get an accountability partner, your neighbor, friend, or spouse to help get you off the couch and move! Whether that's running, a workout class or the gym, GO! Move! 

If you don't, and you take the first trimester off, then you are making it harder, or impossible to start back up once you gain energy back in the second trimester. For me and running, since I had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with Zander, I didn't feel like it was safe for me to try to start back up running once my energy returned and I had spent weeks not running. 

So do it now! And if you aren't pregnant but might be in the future or want to be, the same goes for you! GET MOVING! Start getting healthy now, start exercising now! Get your body used to exercise so that when you get pregnant it's normal, and okay to continue! So that your pregnancy will be healthy from the beginning! Same goes for you, get a partner that will help encourage and motivate you to do so! 

If you are wanting to get pregnant, you don't need to STOP what you are doing. It's safe and helpful to continue working out at the pace that you always have. It's late, later in the pregnancy where because of energy and extra weight you might need to cut back slightly. (that's more for intense workouts, like cross fit, weight lifting or marathon running. Not for general workouts). 

 Also in my pregnancy, I ate crap! I fell into the lie of..."I'm PREGNANT." Enough said probably. But somewhere along the way we are taught that because we are pregnant, we can have whatever the heck we want. 

First I ate too many Dairy Queen Blizzards and too much ice cream, or let's just say desserts in general. And I've recently realized that I tend to resort back to childhood cravings when I'm sick, lonely, or feel sorry for myself. Or in the case of pregnancy get that..."I deserve it!" feeling. You know what I'm talking about right? Anyways, I tend to crave crap-processed food like what I ate growing up. Even recently when I was sick, all I wanted was a box of Captain Crunch.....but I resisted. During pregnancy, I went through phases of getting a new sugary cereal every week. Eating bagel bites and hot pockets, and I even ate some Spaghetti-O's at some point there. ALL CRAP!



If you aren't pregnant now, but know you will be or want to be, start eating healthy now! Don't wait to make the changes, get healthy now! For your sake and the sake of your future baby! 

If you are pregnant, get rid of the mentality that you can eat whatever you want because, "I'M PREGNANT!" That does not mean your body can take crap and still feel good and be healthy! Pregnancy doesn't have to be 9 months of being miserable and having no energy! FUEL YOUR BODY right and I bet you will have more energy and feel better, plus your baby will be healthier from the start, and hopefully you will gain an appropriate amount of pregnancy weight which will benefit you post-pregnancy when trying to lose it. 

Do the same thing you would do when you aren't pregnant. Set boundaries for yourself. Get your spouse to help keep you accountable when buying groceries! Find healthy snacks! If you need to, make 1 cheat day or cheat meal a week to eat something that's not healthy. Follow the 80-20 rule. Eat well 80% of the time and allow yourself to cheat/have slips 20% of the time! I wrote about the 80-20 rule and how to grocery shop in a previous post, get tips here! Learn how to make healthy snacks and desserts! I have an entire archive that I am constantly adding to full of yummy mostly desserts that are SUGAR FREE, and usually made with a healthy flour (i.e. coconut or almond flour). Learn to make these when you want something sweet. Even if it's every day! At least it's not full of sugar and crap! Get access to those HERE! I've already decided that for my next pregnancy I will teach my husband to make me some of these yummy goodies, so that he can make them for me! 

[bctt tweet="Start now, get active and healthy and use these 2 Tips for a healthy pregnancy via @brittanysuell #fitpregnancy #fitfluential"]

I know that my next pregnancy will be a healthier one! I had an incredible birth experience, you can read the entire thing HERE. And I have no doubt that part of that happened due to the consistency of Yoga that I did throughout my pregnancy. I taught and did Yoga up until a week before giving birth. 

Start now, get active and healthy and use these 2 Tips for a healthy pregnancy!

I am excited to continue my healthy lifestyle and working out consistently (more than just yoga) through my next pregnancy and see how the birth experience compares. Even the pregnancy itself. I know that I will feel better, be able to do more things, etc. because I will continue working out and fueling my body with real foods! 

I remember when I first gave up sugar in January I was afraid I would get pregnant and couldn't have sugar! hahaha Now I am excited. I am excited for the challenge of creating more recipes that are yummy, feed that sweet pregnant tooth, and are sugar free and semi-healthy! 

So if you are pregnant, or will be in the future, I hope you will take my tips, and put them to use! IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your pregnancy and birth experience! 

Let's start early and LEAVE A HEALTHY & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE even before our babies are here, or maybe before they are even created. Even if you are young and not looking towards a baby! Get healthy NOW! Make your life better for you to start with! 

How was your first pregnancy? Healthy, or not so much? 

What are you doing now to be healthy and active? 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!




Why I Chose Velata?

If you follow me on social media, you have been seeing photos from the Freezer Meal Workshops that I have been hosting! I also shared about the workshops in a post last week! You can read all about them here! Freezer Meal Workshops with Velata!  

I am so excited to share that after hosting several Freezer Meal Workshops I decided to invest in the company, Velata

Velata is a company that sells kitchen utensils and food products. Some of the food products they sale are their own rubs, which is what I use in all the recipes I do for my freezer meal workshops. 

Since giving up sugar in January I have spent a lot of time in my kitchen creating and modifying recipes to be healthy and sugar free! I have loved it and I love being able to share those with you guys so that you can make those same, yummy and healthy meals for your own family. You can find the archive of all of the SUGAR FREE RECIPES that I have developed here

When I really decided to start my business with Velata was when I realized how I could expand that desire of mine to help people create healthy meals for their family. I have realized that to truly cook real food, and find good healthy recipe alternatives to things (especially desserts), it can take some time in the kitchen. And let's admit it, we aren't drowning in extra time are we!?? So with Velata I am able to expand helping others with healthy eating and creating healthy meals even more, which I am loving! 

I have only been a part of the company officially for a little over a week and I am already loving it. Check out my quick video to learn WHY I chose to join Velata and how I am able to help others create healthy meals for their families!

[bctt tweet="I am passionate about helping others leave a healthy & active lifestyle legacy, and @Velata helps me do that! via @BrittanySuell #LeaveYourLegacy"]

Did I mention that I can do this long distance as well, not just locally. I am actually sending out a Freezer Meal Kit to a long distance host in South Carolina today! I can't wait to see what her and her friends think about the workshop! Once they see how easy and fun it is, and how good and healthy the meals are, I know they are going to love it! 

Why I Chose Velata by @brittanysuell 

What do you think? Have you ever found something that just FIT for you, and lined up with your passions? What was it? 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!



Backyard Body Burner + a Casio Watch Giveaway

Man, my past few weeks have been so crazy! First I was sick, then I had my niece and nephew for a week, traveled for 5 days to visit family, got sick again, and now I am finally home and back into my normal routine. Needless to say, that throughout those 2-3 weeks, things were crazy and my weekly workout routine was off some. I went probably a week without doing much due to being sick, so now that I am back and feeling great, I have been ready to workout!  So this weekend I decided that my husband and I should do a backyard workout together, and let me just tell you, this thing got it's name honestly, because it is definitely a BODY BURNER! 

Once my husband agreed to workout with me, I was so excited. So I wrote down five workouts for us to do, and added some time intervals, and it made for a quick and intense workout. One that we both enjoyed, and left us both sweating, shaking, and muscles sore the following day! 

The Backyard Body Burner Workout + the CASIO Watch Giveaway from @Kohls

[bctt tweet="This will make you SWEAT! Try the Backyard Body Burner via @BrittanySuell using the @TRXTraining #LeaveYourLegacy #1MillionMinutes #fitfluential"]

So to complete this workout you will need a few items: The TRX Suspension Band, a Kettle Bell or Dumbbell, and a timer or awesome watch! 

So for this workout, since we did timed intervals of each, I used my awesome CASIO Sport Watch from Kohl's.

The Backyard Body Burner Workout + the CASIO Watch Giveaway from @Kohls

This watch was super helpful for creating and doing an interval workout! The timer functionality of it is super easy to use, which I love. I know a lot of people who use timers and/or timer apps while they workout. Which will beep every 30sec or so to tell them to switch sets, well I love that this watch does that as well. Makes it easier to do interval training, without the added timer or having your phone on you. 

Plus, it's awesome because it is solar powered! I absolutely love that feature, and think that every watch or fitness tracker should be solar powered! 

And, did you know that Kohl's has an entire selection of sport watches? And they have a nice, large selection of workout clothes! I was able to get some summer running gear, plus a super cute Gaiam Yoga Shirt there.

Workout gear from @Kohl's!

So the best part about this, is if you want to try my Backyard Body Burner workout, you could possibly be doing it with your own CASIO Sports Watch! That's right, thanks to Kohl's, one of you will WIN your own watch!!! 

The Backyard Body Burner Workout + the CASIO Watch Giveaway from @Kohls

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So who is ready to get their body burning workout on with me this week!?!? I will be sharing my backyard workouts, which there will be many more of via the new app Periscope! It's basically a live feed app, so you can watch my workouts in real time, and interact with me! So download the app, and follow me @brittanysuell! And be sure if you try out the Backyard Body Burner Workout that you tag me and use hashtag #LeaveYourLegacy so I can cheer you on! 

The Backyard Body Burner Workout + the CASIO Watch Giveaway from @Kohls

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


Disclosure: As part of my partnership with Kohl’s, I was provided a watch and a Kohl’s gift card in exchange for this post. However, all opinions and reviews are 100% my own! I only share products that I enjoy and feel are beneficial. 

I'll be linking up to the Fit Dish Linkup with Jill Conyers & The Fit Switch!  

Finding Passion Amongst the Mundane

Wow, this past week has been crazy for me. Well really the past 2.5-3 weeks since I went to the ER. (I shared a little about that here). Anyways, I thought I was all better, but last Friday I started to feel sick again. It was different than when I went to the ER though. Instead of sharp pains, it was just a nauseas feeling in my stomach. It is hard to explain, but I felt that in my stomach, an uneasiness, but didn't actually feel like I would throw up. Anyways, on Saturday I drove 5 hours to be with my family for 5 days, eager to enjoy time with them, and excited to get to workout with my mom....Well that didn't goes as planned. On Sunday I felt sick again for the days to follow. I love 9 lbs from Friday-Tuesday, (although I was eating). I felt super weak and had that nasty feeling in my stomach. 

It was not a fun time for me. Finally on Tuesday I felt a little better, and by Wednesday, I felt pretty normal. I tell you all of this to let you know where I've been and what I've been up to, since my blogging has been a little sparse lately. I hate that, but I had no energy or desire to get on the computer and blog. 

Now though I am super excited, have a list of all sorts of things I'm ready to share with y'all, and am working on some super fun stuff for the summer! So get excited! 

So today I just want to shortly share with you, especially from the place of being Mommy...


Finding passion amongst the mundane. #MommyMonday

We all deal with it. 

We all get that feeling of just going with the flow without a real purpose.

Especially for mom's who have tasks to get done for their children and family's. Sometimes it's hard to remember ourselves and what we are passionate about. It's hard to see that we are making a difference larger than helping our child not have poop all over their bum. It's easy to forget the things that we were created for and made to do. The things that make our wheels turn and our hearts beat faster. The things that we are passionate about. 

Even if you aren't a mom. Even if you are LIVING your passion. 

Sometimes you still need a little reminder that what you are doing is meaningful and making a difference. A rejuvenation of your passions! 

So HOW DO YOU DO IT? How in the midst of life do you find the passion? 

1) Time

The first thing I would say about taking time to find your passion, is you have to make time for it. I think that is one of the problems. Is that we get so caught up in what we are doing, (even if it is the thing we are most passionate about). We need to separate ourselves from those things and take time to get rejuvenated. Here are some ways I share to RECHARGE, you might try one of these things. 

Whatever you do, take time out for yourself. That would be awesome if you could do that for a vacation, or a weekend away. Obviously though that's not always possible. So even just an evening of time, or a couple of hours. Whatever works for you, take time to focus on yourself! 

2) Introspection

Next is introspection. During the TIME you are setting aside, spending time looking inwards. My first suggestion if you are a Christian is to let the Lord rejuvenate you during this time. Ask him to remind you about the things he has put on your heart that you are passionate about. As him to show you your identity as YOU, (not as mom), and the things he created you for. 

Then, spend time writing these things down. 

Ask these questions as you write:

-What am I doing right now to make a difference in my world, or the lives of others? (little or big)
-Who are people that I help? 
-What are my giftings? 
-What's my favorite thing in the world to do? 
-What am I passionate about?
-What gets my wheels turning in the best way?
-What makes me so happy? 
-What are the things that I love being a part of? 
-What makes me feel like I am helping in a big way? 
-When I do this, I feel like I am impacting the world? (even just the world around you)

3) People

Then there are people. Are you surrounding yourself with life-giving, encouraging people on a regular basis? That will definitely help you on a day-to-day basis feel purposeful! 


Find people that are uplifting and motivating. Go on a friend date and take time to DREAM TOGETHER! Go deeper than mommy talk! Tell your friend you are going for coffee and don't want to talk about babies and diapers. Instead, ask each other the questions above! or do that with your spouse. 

Give the people that you live life with permission to ask you hard questions! It will help! 

Surrounding yourself with motivational people who are going after their dreams will rub off on you. Getting around people who are passionate about the same things you are helps too! Brainstorm together, help each other find your mojo again. Sometimes even just one amazing conversation over coffee can be what you need to be reminded of why you are passionate about what you are doing. It can be enough to rejuvenate you for a while. The next time you leave a meeting feeling that way, make getting with that person a regular thing. You need those kind of people in your life on a weekly/monthly basis!

We were not made to do life alone. So stop trying to! Let others in, and find encouragement and excitement from them. And get rid of those people who drain you consistently....that is not helpful! 

4) Your Yes's & Your No's 

So....now that you might be getting reminded of your passion some, are you doing it? Stop thinking that living out your goals and dreams have to be something for the future! TAKE A STEP, A LEAP TOWARDS IT NOW! Don't wait! Who knows what doors will open once you take one step! 

So, take a look at your life. What are you saying yes to? Is your schedule jam packed with no room for anything else? MAKE ROOM. Start to say no to things....

YES, even if it's another activity that your child wants to be a part of. You do not "owe" them. They don't have to be a part of every single activity on the planet. Just because you say no to an extra curricular activity does not mean you are depriving them. (yes those activities are good, but there is such a thing as activity overload which impacts you and them! Clear the schedule. Let them pick ONE activity to be a part of.)

Evaluate your Yes's and your No's. Set boundaries for yourself. Start to say YES to things that align with your passion, seek out places where you can make a difference and feel needed other than just in your home!


You can do this! Try these steps and see if you leave a little clearer minded, and more passionate, and ready to start living your dreams! 

[bctt tweet="Life can get the best of us! How do you find the PASSION amongst the MUNDANE!? via @brittanysuell #LeaveYourLegacy #MommyMonday #txwb"]

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


What #NoExcuses Means to Me!

What #NoExcuses Means to Me! With @brittanysuell & @Fitapproach I have been taking part in the #NoExcuses Challenge hosted by Sweat Pink! Basically it's a challenge to get you moving, no matter what! #NOEXCUSES right!! What better way to start the year than putting any excuses that come up aside and keep moving! Ya that's what I was trying to tell myself yesterday when I was not living in the #NoExcuses attitude! Yesterday everything was hard for me...eating well, getting active, cleaning my house....I felt so lazy! Probably had something to do with the fact that my son is hard core teething and so I was holding him most of the day! Still that was no excuse for wanting to eat everything in my pantry! Especially carbs!!! 

So today! I am writing this, not only to INSPIRE YOU, but also to MOTIVATE MYSELF! I need to remember why I choose to live a life of NO EXCUSES, and what #NoExcuses means to me! 

 What #NoExcuses Means to Me! With @brittanysuell & @Fitapproach

To me, living a life of #NoExcuses has everything to do with who I am, who I have become, and who I am continually growing to be! If I let excuses get in the way of who I am, then I wouldn't have 2015 goals, I wouldn't be on a journey (albeit hard at times) to give up sugar in 2015, and I wouldn't be kicking my butt to run multiple half marathons in 2015! None of these things are easy by any means, I guess that's what makes them goals. If goals were easy, then really there would be no point in making them because you would have nothing to try for! 

I guess you could say striving for a life of #NoExcuses is also part of the passion behind the Brittany Suell blog! If you notice at the top it quotes, "LEAVING A HEALTHY & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE LEGACY!" This quote means so much to me, and I would love for you to adopt it as well and let it mean a lot to you! It drives who I am as a woman, a blogger, a wife, a mom, a person! No matter what, we all leave a legacy! Whether for thousands of people, or just one. Even if my legacy is left for just one person, I want it to be a legacy that means something to them! I believe that when you live a healthy and active lifestyle, then you can live life to your fullest! When you are healthy you can do so many things in life, you can achieve so much, it sets you up for success in all areas! Therefore, I am striving to live a healthy and active lifestyle, so that with those around me: family, children, friends, acquaintances, even strangers in some instances can be impacted to do the same! I WANT THAT TO BE MY LEGACY!

So....what does #NoExcuses mean to me.....it means that I am, "LEAVING A HEALTHY & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE LEGACY" by pushing myself past my whiney limits, and going further, and being all that I can be! 

[bctt tweet="To me #NoExcuses means Leaving a Healthy and Active Lifestyle Legacy! @brittanysuell @fitapproach #sweatpink"]

I hope you are encouraged today! 

Don't forget to go enter to WIN a shirt for you and the little one in your life from Latitude Gear RX!!! 


Mommy & Baby shirt giveaway from @brittanysuell & @latitudegearrx



Nutrition While Nursing + A Workout for Pregnancy & Post-Prenancy & a Mommy+Baby GIVEAWAY #MommyMonday

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com You may have read that I am training for a half marathon! Wahoo! I am less than six weeks out, and yesterday I ran my furthest yet, 10miles! Which is also the furthest I've run since having my son, 9+ months ago! I am also currently still nursing my son, and don't have any plans to discontinue doing so at this point.  Now I have heard many people worry and fret about working out too hard, or training for something while nursing because they didn't want it to affect their milk supply. So, I felt like today, since it's #MommyMonday, it would be great to chat about this! 

Yes, you do lose calories when you are breastfeeding, they estimate 500calories per feeding.  And yes, you shouldn't go on some extreme diet where you are eating only 1,000 calories a day, or taking diet pills.  All this would affect your own nutrition, which would have an affect on your milk supply, and diet pills could be bad for the baby all together, so let's just stay away from them.  BUT, I don't think this is an excuse to eat everything in site, or to henge on junk food/high calorie snacks, even if you are training for a race.  So, here's a few small tips on how to have good NUTRITION WHILE NURSING, specifically when you are working out a lot, and/or training for a race: 

1) Eat full meals! This does't mean just eat a sandwich. This means eat a meal that has lean protein, good fats, some carbs, and lots of yummy veggies that are full of goodness! 

-This is what I ate before I ran today. Almost an entire chicken breast, sweet potato chips (real ones! The only ingredient is sweet potatoes), and half of an avocado.  Honestly, this would've been even better if I would've had a nice green veggie with it, but it was a late lunch, so I was a slacker. 

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

2) Make sure you have good pre-/post training fuel that restocks a lot of nutrients that you burned off while sweating!

 -My newest favorite post run fuel is a LARABAR. These things are super yummy bars, and not like normal bars that are full of all sorts of stuff, including lots of sugar! Nope, these things are made with what's in them! Check out the ingredient list on this Cashew Cookie Larabar, which is the exact one I had today. They are naturally sweetened with dates, and have other great nutrients packed into them!  

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

3) Drink a lot of water. If you are nursing, then you may have experienced the "OMG! I'm dying of thirst all of a sudden. My mouth literally feels like a desert, and if I don't get water quick I'm done." feeling while nursing.  So, this means when working out/training, always have water with you. Drink plenty of water BEFORE, and AFTER working out! 

Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Workout

Now, while we are on the subject of nursing, and pregnancy, I thought I would share with you a great workout that is good for while you are pregnant, post-pregnancy, or hey any time! I do these workouts now. I'm just saying though, when you are pregnant or recovering from giving birth, obviously you can't worry about your abs much, so why not focus on your legs, and specifically your arms! You can definitely still tone those babies while you are prego! 

What you need: Elastic Band 

10 sets of each exercise x 3

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.comNutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.comNutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.comNutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

This is a great workout that can be done at your own pace, while pregnant, or after your doctor releases you to workout again post-pregnancy.  

My motto is...My belly may be big, but my arms can still be tone!

Just kidding! but I think I might adopt that next time I get pregnant, I mean why not have nice arms, and legs for that matter! 

[bctt tweet="Try this Pregnancy and Post-Baby Workout from @brittanysuell! Plus a GIVEAWAY from @LatitudeGearRX #LeaveYourLegacy"]


Did you see how cute the shirt I am wearing above is! "Worth the Fight!" I love it! I love inspirational tanks, plus they are all the buzz right now! You can wear them to workout, or just to be cute, which is always great! I love tanks that remind me who I am and who I want to be! Latitude Gear RX, makes some great tanks that do just that, plus some that are just fun for fitness! You can read a review from several years ago HERE.

What I'm loving about their gear now days, is that they have BABY STUFF! Now who doesn't love putting their baby in some super cute fitness gear! 

Latitude Gear RX Mommy & Baby  Giveaway from www.brittanysuell.com

I love the "Lift Something Heavy" onesie! Such inspiration from such a little guy! Latitude Gear RX shirts are such great quality! I love the women's tanks! They fit awesome, are super soft, and my favorite type of tank to work out in! And of course I love the onesies because my son looks adorable in them! 

Latitude Gear RX Mommy & Baby  Giveaway from www.brittanysuell.com

So today, I'm teaming up with Latitude Gear RX to GIVEAWAY a Mommy & Baby package!! The winner will be chosen on Friday, January 30th at 12AM CST, and will get their choice of a adult shirt and baby shirt! yay! 

Plus if you just can't wait to get your hands on some of their awesome gear! They are offering 30% OFF anything in their store to my readers! Find the coupon code in the right sidebar!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

www.brittanysuell.com #LeaveYourLegacy


Leave Your Legacy Podcast Launch...My 1 Year Journey Revealed


LISTEN to Podcast here!   [audio mp3="http://www.brittanysuell.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Podcast-Introduction-1115-1.21-PM.mp3"][/audio] [powerpress_subscribe] Yep, this is happening! I am officially launching my very own Podcast!

Now I don't want to give it all away, so I am going to leave this short because of course I want you to LISTEN to the Podcast!

So here's a few things for you to do: 

  1. LISTEN to the intro of my Podcast, Leave Your Legacy, and get all the details about the journey that I will be sharing with you over the next year!  (a few ways to listen: click the Play button at the top of the post or go to ITunes>podcasts and listen there) (It may be a day or so before it shows up on iTunes, still ironing out the kinks. But you can press play above and listen!)
  2. SUBSCRIBE! Go to your podcasts on your phone or in iTunes and SUBSCRIBE, so that you know each time I post a new podcast!
  3. Leave a COMMENT and tell me what you think about it!
  4. SHARE the love! Share my podcast with your friends, on your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest! & tag @BrittanySuell #LeaveYourLegacy
(I make it easy for you to share! hover over the podcast image to PIN it, Tweet Below, or go to the bottom of the blog post and find the place to share it on Facebook!)

So get ready for a year of AWESOMENESS! I have some awesome things planned for this year that you are going to love!

[bctt tweet="Check out the new LEAVE YOUR LEGACY Podcast by @brittanysuell and hear about her 1 yr journey! #leaveyourlegacy"]

It's going to be Challenging for sure! But challenges bring growth, and I'm all for growing and being a better and healthier me, and motivating you to do the same. So think, what can you challenge yourself with to be a better and healthier you??


I Love Marketing Podcast feat. JJ Virgin on the Sugar Impact Diet...
The Chalene Show Podcast feat. Sugar Addiction with JJ Virgin
The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin
I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

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Make sure you have entered the Albion Fit GIVEAWAY! Winner will be picked on Friday at 12PM CST.10941709_338758369650536_1977418907_n


Hello, from the New Me! ....BrittanySuell.com

It's official, my blog has officially been changed to www.BrittanySuell.com, and I am loving it! Introducing www.BrittanySuell.com!

Now before I share all of my excitement with you, and give you some awesome news, and a sneak peak into great giveaways coming next week....I must give a mention to Naturally Fit Sisters.

Late last night as I was prepping BrittanySuell.com to go live, I messaged my sister to tell her that I was a little sad to see Naturally Fit Sisters be over.   This morning, she responded with this on Facebook, and I couldn't have said it any better:


"I have always been a blogger... In 2011 my blogging changed.. less personal into somethiScreen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.00.25 AMng different... My life changed that year, I began my journey to getting fit again... and life was so sweet. My sister and I created Naturally Fit Sisters... Along with blogging we were working with companies for reviews, we had our own online store, we were meeting people. Life was so sweet. As the next couple of years progressed we worked on continuing to get fit, running races, half marathons, doing vendor events with NFS. Our chats about our dreams with NFS were always the same-- We wanted to live life at home with our kids.. We wanted to have our own business....We would brainstorm on HOW we could make our own business become successful and our dreams to come true. 

Fast forward to 2012--I became pregnant with my little girl... life changed again. The military moved us AGAIN in a 18 month span... I was close to my sister, in terms of miles, for six months and it was so sweet.. we were able to work our business together and dream! IT was such a sweet time in our life. I had Sydni... and we prepped to move AGAIN to another new state. So in a 2 year span we moved from Japan-California-Texas-Florida. And.. I struggled, as I still struggle. I couldn't write on NFS when I was no longer fit-- not when I struggled so very badly with my weight AGAIN, after having Sydni.

Today-- Naturally Fit Sisters is changing to BrittanySuell.com and I am SO very excited for my sister! It is a bittersweet time for both of us as NFS was our baby for so long. For the past year especially Brittany Suell has held NFS together... and I have worked my Scentsy business. It is very bittersweet, but so great at the same time. You see-- our dream was to WORK together..... Our dream was to build BUSINESSES at HOME so we can raise our children.... and NFS set us both up for..."

Such a time as this!

Today I am running a thriving, growing Scentsy business that is going to help me achieve my goals for my future! She and her husband have their own business as it grows.. and now brittanysuell.com launches! As bittersweet as it is, I know that without NFS we would not be where we are today in terms of our businesses! So if you have been a follower of NFS, which many of you have been-- thank you for your support.. and PLEASE continue to support her... as her journey is really just beginning.. and man, it is going to be great!!!  -(written by Big Sis of Naturally Fit Sisters)


So there it is....my goodbye to Naturally Fit Sisters is complete! I leave her with a heart of thankfulness and excitement for the future!

Now, let me tell you how excited I am about BrittanySuell.com! Here's a few reasons I am excited!

Introducing, www.brittanysuell.com

  1. I feel like it will be easier to know you all....my readers and followers, because you will know my face, and I will be able connect with you on a more personal level. Since my blog is my name, I won't be some mysterious person hiding behind a fun blog name.
  2. I will be able to grow my own fitness brand more! In terms of Yoga yes, but in so many other ways as well....
  3. I have plans to be working with some great brands in the future! Which means, AWESOME PRIZES for you!
  4. I know that there are huge plans for me in 2015, and I am excited to see how BrittanySuell.com plays a part in that!
  5. I am ready to spread the #LeaveYourLegacy love! And inspire more and more people to make the most of their health and fitness for themselves, and for generations to come! To really LEAVE THEIR LEGACY!

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Here's some of the awesome brands that you will be seeing some GIVEAWAYS from in the next week, so get excited! 

Giveaways from BrittanySuell.com

Brands include: Nutrition Snob, Albion Fit, Latitude Gear RX (Mommy & Baby), The Skinny Confidential and more!

I'm telling you, I've got some awesome stuff, from some awesome brands to give to YOU!

Plus, next week I will be introducing my Podcast: Leave Your Legacy by Brittany Suell, and telling you all about it! 

So even though things look a little different, I hope that you will keep following, and if you aren't already, be sure to follow me on social media! The buttons are on the top right of my page! And, I would LOVE it if you would SHARE, share, share! I know you know people who need/want health and fitness motivation that you think would love my blog and connecting with me! So SHARE!

A few easy ways to share:

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I would love to hear what you think about the new blog!! Leave me a comment below!

Much Love,


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Leave Your Legacy Podcast Launch


"Leave Your Legacy" Podcast by Brittany SuellYep, this is happening! I am officially launching my very own Podcast!

Now I don't want to give it all away, so I am going to leave this short because of course I want you to LISTEN!

So here's a few things for you to do: 

  1. LISTEN to the intro of my Podcast, Leave Your Legacy, and get all the details about the journey that I will be sharing with you over the next year!  (a few ways to listen: click the Play button at the top of the post or go to ITunes>podcasts and listen there)
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  3. Leave a COMMENT and tell me what you think about it!
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(I make it easy for you to share! hover over the podcast image to PIN it, Tweet Below, or go to the bottom of the blog post and find the place to share it on Facebook!)

[Tweet ""Leave Your Legacy" Podcast by @NFSisters Find out what it's all about! #leaveyourlegacy"]

Also, take note, that BrittanySuell.com launches this week! Wahoo! I'm super excited! I wanted to go ahead and get you the intro to my podcast, and have everything with iTunes mapped out ahead of time though! My Podcast #1 will be coming out at the end of January!

announcement fbook22


So get ready for a year of AWESOMENESS!

It's going to be Challenging for sure! But challenges bring growth, and I'm all for growing and being a better and healthier me!


New Year, New You! Jump on the Bandwagon!

Last night my husband and I got to go out to a local winery, The Mill, to c10913158_332156300310743_1562305874_nelebrate 2015!  This week, Abilene Scene held a contest where you tweeted your worst New Year's Eve ever, and you could possibly win tickets to The Mill Winery's New Year's Eve Celebration!

This was my tweet:

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 11.13.11 AM



Kind of lame I know! But hey, it happened.  And.....it won me two FREE Tickets!! Which were worth $40 each! So in comparison to just chilling at our house for New Year's Eve, we got to get dressed up, and go out dancing, with free drinks and horderves! So we were most definitely excited!

The Mill has only been open since this past summer, but it is one of the go-to places in Abilene.  They took an old Abilene building, which was the old "mill" from back in the day.  They renovated the inside, and created an amazing outside environment complete with grapevines, silos, and fire pits. The environment they create is awesome, the venue is wonderful, and the drinks have always been great.  We have never attended a ticket-only event though, so this was fun.









They had the venue sparkling with black and gold decorations, and the dance floor was full, and lit up with people dancing. Oh and did I mention they had a photo booth? That was fun!



My husband and I of course enjoyed the drinks, but it was also fun to get out and dance together in a nice environment with a great DJ, just for the heck of it.  I could definitely see myself paying for an event at the Mill in the future....who knows, maybe for Valentines Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating New Year's Eve! I loved this sign that they had up at the Mill last night!



Now, if you are reading this sign, and you aren't convinced that 2015 is going to be a great year, then let me leave you with this! 

The new year, means everything is new! Each day you have the choice to leave the past behind and make new choices to be happy and go after your dreams...that's not always as easy as it seems though! The New Year, brings this ability to a whole new level though! With New Year Goals and/or resolutions, it's so much more realistic to really leave the past behind you, turn a new leaf, change who you are and what you are about. 

So today, on the 1st day of 2015, I will leave you with this. 

new year new you


It's okay to jump on the bandwagon! 

Many times, bandwagons are looked down on.  BUT, when it comes to the New Year, when it comes to making the choice to be a better version of yourself, to set goals, to get healthier, to go after your dreams....how could that be a bad thing!?!?

So take advantage of the New Year, of all the awesome bandwagons that you could jump on, and just do it! 


Let's do this 2015! 

[Tweet "Why it's okay to JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON in 2015! from @NFSisters"]


Coming Soon in 2015!

2015 is literally right around the corner, and you know what that means......lot's of opportunity for newness! Plenty of room for making changes, dreaming big, taking chances, having fun, and most importantly, getting the most out of your life!  2015! A New Year! Take time to reflect on what you have accomplished and set your intentions, and make goals on what you want to achieve in the New Year! @NFSisters #LeaveYourLegacy

So, the question is...are you ready!??                         Have you taken time to reflect on 2014, to congratulate yourself on all that you have accomplished.  Even if 2014 was an extremely hard year for you.  You need the satisfaction of praising yourself for making it through the hard times!

And the best part...have you taken time to LOOK FORWARD TO 2015!??                                           It's a time to set your intentions for the next year, to make goals for things you want to achieve and accomplish! Places where you want to grow, whether it's personally, relationally, in business, in health, etc. There's always room for growth, and what better time than NOW to decide where you want to grow most!

[Tweet "2015! The New Year: Time to set intentions, goals, and decide on things you want to achieve and accomplish! via @NFSisters #LeaveYourLegacy"]

My 2015 GOALS! 


  • Make more time to enjoy life as a family
  • Pray for Zander & Meguell more often



  • Run a half marathon in March (1st one ever with my husband) & at least 2 more 1/2's in 2015
  • Complete Level 2 & Level 4 Yoga Fit Trainings
  • Find a local daytime Yoga Class to teach


  • Complete the Virgin Diet (more details to come)
  • Begin the journey on taking sugar out of my diet, month-by-month


  • Get my FITNotes Subscribers to 100 (sign up HERE)
  • Increase overall social media followers
  • Increase unique monthly visits to 2,500/month
  • Get at least 10 paid blog posts
  • Start a podcast
  • REbrand to BrittanySuell.com

What's that you say....? BrittanySuell.com ?

Yep, it's real, I am the happy owner of BrittanySuell.com. Don't head over there too quickly though because as of right now, there's nothing.  Come January 15th though......Naturally Fit Sisters will be transferred to BrittanySuell.com!


Coming January 2015! Naturally Fit Sisters is rebranding to BrittanySuell.com #LeaveYourLegacy

So where did this come from?             Well, as you may have noticed, over the past few months, the blog posts have come increasingly more and more from just me, Brittany, formerly known as Little Sis. Since my sister, Cassey, aka. Big Sis started her own Scentsy business (and is incredibly successful at it), her time is going to her business and her family. With that being said, after listening to an online Blog Summit post about not being afraid to rebrand, I decided it was time to take the jump and BRAND MYSELF! 

What does this mean for you?             No changes really, the content you have seen and come to love will still be the same....well it might get EVEN BETTER! I can guarantee LOT'S of AWESOMENESS! More partnerships with great bloggers and brands! and Lot's of GIVEAWAYS!

Oh, and did you notice in my list of blog Goals, that creating a podcast is on the list...just another little secret I will let sneak out today! More info on this to come in January! But let's just say that I am super stoked about it, and cannot wait to share my journey with you via a podcast!

So, get excited because this change is going to be awesome, for everyone! 

Coming Soon in 2015.....


"Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy" 


[Tweet "Congrats to @NFSisters! Can't wait to see all that 2015 holds for BrittanySuell.com! #LeaveYourLegacy"]





TIPS on How to Stay Motivated & Cut Stress After the Holidays

Stay Motivated & Cut Stress After the HolidaysWell, the holidays are coming to a close.  All the excitement and hype that we have clung to and built up to is sadly ending. Christmas trees and garland will be stored back in the attic, family will travel back to their homes, and meals will be not quite so extravagant.  So how are you going to stay motivated during the winter? Well, today I would like to welcome Maralana, from Go Do Be, and she will be sharing some awesome tips with us on how to STAY MOTIVATED and CUT STRESS this time of year!



2014-12-20 10.14.28

[Tweet "The Holidays are ending! Try these TIPS to Stay Motivated & Cut Stress this winter! from @NFSisters & @Meet Maralana #leaveyourlegacy"]

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping, making winter a tough time to stay motivated. Add to that the fact that the holidays, with the food, drinking, cookies, and parties galore are adding to the stress of staying on track (which in turn makes you less motivated). There's no easy way out, as the holidays/winter come every year, but you can take the pressure off by finding ways to curb the stress and stay motivated.

The first part of that is the most important, "cut the stress". Don't think of health/fitness as an adjunct or must do. Instead make it fun and most importantly DOABLE during your busy holiday season. I'm not saying to be slack and do what you want, eat what you want and all will be forgiven. (Contrary to the evil voice in the back of your head YES calories still count during the holidays) What I'm really getting at is give yourself some room to splurge a bit or miss a workout without beating yourself up about it. Your body hears you and when you stress it responds in negative ways.

But now that we've cut the negative stress we have to attempt to keep motivated as to not regress into the viscous cycle and the best way to do that is mix it up getting motivation from different sources. When all else fails, pull out this list and do something different.

  • Snap a selfie
  • 2014-12-08 07.17.30





  • Do a little dance
  • Put your phone on burst mode and make funny faces
  • Learn a new skill or hobbie (crafts, video games, painting etc)
  • Try a new playlist
  • Play recipe or workout roulette
  • Create a workout/health post it collection just pick it and stick to it for the day
  • Reward yourself! Spa day or retreat
  • Become social media accountable
  • Find some mental peace, try yoga
  • Take out your (or a friend's) four legged friend
  • 2014-04-16 12.05.35


  • Journal
  • Workout Money Jar
  • Go on a workout date
  • Plan a vacation retreat
  • Get some new workout clothes
  • Try out a fitness gadget
  • Start a new challenge
  • Find a fitness pal (in person or online)
  • Motivational quotes (however you keep them apps, paper, Pinterest, or dream board... just have them handy for when you need them)








  • Start swimming (being in a swimsuit all year is a reminder to keep the pounds off)
  • Sign up for a race, competition, or event
  • Go see a comedy show (Laughter lightens your mood and can refocus you)
  • Buy a new cookbook
  • Card game workout
  • Play in the snow (actually play... throwing snowballs, riding sleds, and making snow angels)
  • 2014-02-11 14.45.14






  • Find your winter sport (inside or outside)

[Tweet "Reward yourself with new workout clothes!! Get more tips to stay motivated this winter from @NFSisters and @MeetMaralana #LeaveYourLegacy"]

If you hadn't noticed this list was all about positive motivation not negative motivation triggers like buying a slender dress or pants and trying them on throughout the season to remind you to stay small enough to fit them. Remember we are going for NO STRESS!! What's done is done so live in the moment of just making one good choice after another.

With these tidbits you will find new things to do, added motivation, and maybe even discover a whole new side of you with winter spirit. If you really want to spice this list up when you need motivated, RANDOMLY pick one and do it. The spontaneity of the act ignites your adrenaline to get you going.

Be sure to come on over and see me on my page for more tips on motivation at Go Do Be!

Be sure to follow Maralana!!