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Don't Just Be Inspired....Become Inspiring!

Don't just be inspired...become the one that inspires others! Try implanting these tips from @brittanysuell and become a person that motivates and inspires others! Take a moment, think of someone in your life that inspires you! 

What is it about them that is inspiring? 

  • Is it their dedication? 
  • The fact that they are passionate about what they do? 
  • Maybe it's the fact they have have very high self esteem and really believe in themselves? 
  • Are they a dreamer, a goal digger if you will? 
  • Perhaps they are just extremely kind people, and really truly care about and love others. 
  • Maybe they seem to have a good balance in life: not only are they living their life to the fullest, but they seem to have everything together! 
  • Are they overflowing with knowledge and wisdom that motivates you and speaks to so many parts of you? 


What draws you in? What are the things that they do or say that makes you say yes....I want that too! What about them motivates you to dig a little deeper into your own dreams, desires, and passions, and be a better YOU? 

Think about what it is that inspires you about that person, and begin to let some of those qualities develop within yourself! 


It's time to take charge of your life. To discover or you are, and who you were made to be. It's time to grab ahold of your passions, dreams, goals, and start making them happen. Don't sit on the sidelines any longer. Take all the inspiration from all those awesome people in your life, and start putting them into action in your own life! BECOME A PERSON THAT INSPIRES OTHERS! 

A few tips that I believe will set you on that path: 


You can't make things happen, achieve your goals, or overcome obstacles successfully unless you BELIEVE in yourself! Silence the negative self talk! Realize that words (especially the ones we speak over ourselves) have power. And start throwing the negative words out and replace them with positive, uplifting thoughts and words that you speak over yourself! And while I'm on that....don't even think about accepting any negativity from others! YOU GET TO DECIDE what you take on from others. If you get negativity, then block it! And start telling yourself all the reasons why the negative isn't true, and tell yourself how awesome you are! Then you will start to BELIEVE the positive, and will BELIEVE in yourself! 


That's right! Become a dreamer! Recently in my life, I have really become a dreamer. And I'm not saying a flake who has a thousand dreams and I chase a zillion different things. I mean...take time to dream. Maybe with yourself, maybe with the Lord, maybe with your spouse! (Those are my three favorite ways to dream, and I believe they all have a different purpose and place in my life.) I love that I believe in myself enough to dream about things that are bigger than me. When you take time to dream about the things that you want, you will start to realize the things that you are passionate about, and those dreams will begin to center around that passion. Once you see that begin to blossom within you, then allow yourself to dream things that are bigger than you. Things that seem impossible, or maybe you can't even see the fullness of the dream. It's okay...believe in yourself, and know that you can make it happen! Write these things down, and start to go after things that line up with these awesome dreams! 


Allow your dreaming to help you set goals, and begin to let your life take you down paths that are going towards these goals. Step out and take risks, but always come back to your passion, dreams and goals. BUT.....there are always times to say NO. First, when things come up (they may even be amazing things), don't automatically say yes. Go back to the goals you have made. Do they line up with your passion? Will they get you closer to your goals? If not, SAY NO. Even then.....if they do line up, and they are right on target, step back and take time to think about it. Sometimes, even things that are on target with our passion and goals, sometimes we still need to say NO to those things as well. Maybe you have prayed about it and it's not the right timing. Maybe it would stretch you too thin for the season that you are in. Maybe it will take you away from your family too much. Just because it's good, or even great doesn't mean we have to say YES. 

Don't let uncertainty talk you into pursuing a back up plan instead of your purpose. -Bob Goff

Practice these things, be inspired by others, and use that inspiration to motivate you! Be You, and become someone that inspires others! Don't let fear, or uncertainty, or unbelief in yourself keep you from being who you were created to be! YOU GOT THIS GIRL!! 


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