TIPS on How to Stay Motivated & Cut Stress After the Holidays

Stay Motivated & Cut Stress After the HolidaysWell, the holidays are coming to a close.  All the excitement and hype that we have clung to and built up to is sadly ending. Christmas trees and garland will be stored back in the attic, family will travel back to their homes, and meals will be not quite so extravagant.  So how are you going to stay motivated during the winter? Well, today I would like to welcome Maralana, from Go Do Be, and she will be sharing some awesome tips with us on how to STAY MOTIVATED and CUT STRESS this time of year!



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The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping, making winter a tough time to stay motivated. Add to that the fact that the holidays, with the food, drinking, cookies, and parties galore are adding to the stress of staying on track (which in turn makes you less motivated). There's no easy way out, as the holidays/winter come every year, but you can take the pressure off by finding ways to curb the stress and stay motivated.

The first part of that is the most important, "cut the stress". Don't think of health/fitness as an adjunct or must do. Instead make it fun and most importantly DOABLE during your busy holiday season. I'm not saying to be slack and do what you want, eat what you want and all will be forgiven. (Contrary to the evil voice in the back of your head YES calories still count during the holidays) What I'm really getting at is give yourself some room to splurge a bit or miss a workout without beating yourself up about it. Your body hears you and when you stress it responds in negative ways.

But now that we've cut the negative stress we have to attempt to keep motivated as to not regress into the viscous cycle and the best way to do that is mix it up getting motivation from different sources. When all else fails, pull out this list and do something different.

  • Snap a selfie
  • 2014-12-08 07.17.30





  • Do a little dance
  • Put your phone on burst mode and make funny faces
  • Learn a new skill or hobbie (crafts, video games, painting etc)
  • Try a new playlist
  • Play recipe or workout roulette
  • Create a workout/health post it collection just pick it and stick to it for the day
  • Reward yourself! Spa day or retreat
  • Become social media accountable
  • Find some mental peace, try yoga
  • Take out your (or a friend's) four legged friend
  • 2014-04-16 12.05.35


  • Journal
  • Workout Money Jar
  • Go on a workout date
  • Plan a vacation retreat
  • Get some new workout clothes
  • Try out a fitness gadget
  • Start a new challenge
  • Find a fitness pal (in person or online)
  • Motivational quotes (however you keep them apps, paper, Pinterest, or dream board... just have them handy for when you need them)








  • Start swimming (being in a swimsuit all year is a reminder to keep the pounds off)
  • Sign up for a race, competition, or event
  • Go see a comedy show (Laughter lightens your mood and can refocus you)
  • Buy a new cookbook
  • Card game workout
  • Play in the snow (actually play... throwing snowballs, riding sleds, and making snow angels)
  • 2014-02-11 14.45.14






  • Find your winter sport (inside or outside)

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If you hadn't noticed this list was all about positive motivation not negative motivation triggers like buying a slender dress or pants and trying them on throughout the season to remind you to stay small enough to fit them. Remember we are going for NO STRESS!! What's done is done so live in the moment of just making one good choice after another.

With these tidbits you will find new things to do, added motivation, and maybe even discover a whole new side of you with winter spirit. If you really want to spice this list up when you need motivated, RANDOMLY pick one and do it. The spontaneity of the act ignites your adrenaline to get you going.

Be sure to come on over and see me on my page for more tips on motivation at Go Do Be!

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Well-Living Wednesday & My Fave Way to Eat Sweet Potatoes

It's Well-Living Wednesday, and today I'm sharing with you my favorite way to eat sweet making Sweet Potato Chips!

Last week in my post "I want to be just like you," I wrote about how we need to be examples to our children, and those around us by choosing a healthy lifestyle, rather than going along with the fast paced life of processed snacks and fast food meals!

It's easy to use the excuse of not knowing what healthy snack alternatives to choose, so I'm going to make it easy by giving you some ideas! Recently in my house we have started making Sweet Potato Chips on a weekly basis! They are such a yummy way to eat sweet potatoes, and a great alternative to a bag of process chips! 10733374_305937026266004_989273959_n

Sweet Potato Chips

-Peel the sweet potatoes, then use the slicer side of the cheese grater to cut the sweet potatoes into chip style strips.  Toss the strips in a bowl with olive oil, then lay them out on a pan. (Using a pizza pan with holes in it cooks them the best) Lightly sprinkle with salt.  Cook at 200 degrees for 2 hours. (or you can put them in a dehydrator.)

Like my Kale Chip Recipe, these never seem to make it further than the pan.  Every time we make them, we stand over the finished product and eat them all up, even when I am trying to save some for later! They are that good!

So make the choice this week to switch out the bags of processed potato chips in your pantry for some homemade Sweet Potato Chips! & if you like those, then be sure to check out my recipe for Kale Chips and add those to your weekly snack rotation as well!

There are so many great options, and I'm sure the entire family will love them!

Here are my Weightloss stats for the week:

Week 13: -1.1lbs

Week 14: -.2lbs 

Week 15: -1.3 lbs (152lbs) Total: -8.6lbs

I would love to hear if you try one of my chip recipes, and comment below with your favorite healthy snack!

What is your favorite healthy snack!??



I Want To Be Just Like You!

Since becoming a mom, I've realized that healthy living is about so much more than just me!

just like you

I heard a one-minute Wellness clip on the radio the other day where the lady talked about how our children watch and mimic what we do.  She said, if you sit down and eat a bag of chips all the time, then your children are going to grow up thinking it's normal to just eat bags of chips.  Her point being, you have to model what you want to teach your children. And to raise healthy children, then we as parents have to make healthy choices ourselves!

There is so much truth in that.  If you are a parent now, you can already see that.  It's obvious that our children naturally pick up our habits, both the good, and the bad!!

Even before I became a mother I had this realization.  You can read about WHY we blog (HERE).  I knew that living a healthy and active lifestyle was important for me to start early on, so that it was a natural habit of mine when I had my own mini-me picking up on my habits!


I count myself as one of the lucky ones! (Sorry Mom)....but I grew up eating microwavable meals (especially those pizzas), Happy Meals all the time (thanks Grandma), and Little Debbie's (gotta love those Fudge Rounds & Star Crunch). That was the natural habits of my family growing up.

So many people who grow up with those habits end up being very overweight when they are adults, and the cycle continues if they don't make changes.  Somehow, I found a passion for fitness and working out, which led me to realizing I HAD TO change my eating habits.  It has definitely been a journey, and still is, but I feel lucky that I found this determination within me to CHANGE!  

In the beginning, I knew I had to make the change for my own sake, I knew that all the working out I was doing wouldn't make a difference if I kept eating out at fast food restaurants and buying processed, microwavable foods all the time.

Then I realized I wanted to create healthy eating habits in my children as well! I wanted to make it EASIER for them to make healthy choices, by creating those habits early in life.

It is by no means easy!

Even now, it is a struggle between my husband and me.  He works out, but it is easy for him to stay fit.  And he wants to have access to SNACKS in our house.  So many times after I grocery shop he will ask what snacks I got him.  He is used to things down the chips and cookie aisles.  The easy to grab processed stuff.  We are both trying to find a balance of finding healthy, yet good tasting and easy to access snacking alternatives for him, so that he has what he desires, but also so we don't have to have a ton of processed foods in our home.

1) Because on those snacky, "I want to eat everything" days, those things are tempting for me to pick up as well!

2) Now we have our Little Z who watches every move we make, and wants to be just like us!

So we have to make HEALTHY LIVING choices.....not only for ourselves, but for our Mini-Me!

Same goes with Being Active and working out! When it's naturally part of your lifestyle, then your children will pick up the habit as well!




If choosing to live a healthy and active lifestyle is important to you for the sake of your family, then tweet this!

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What's a habit you need to SHED so that your Mini-Me doesn't pick it up!?


My Top 5 Healthy Living Tools

To live a healthy life, you've got to have some TOOLS!

So today I'm joining in with The Fit Switch and sharing with you my Top 5 Healthy Living Tools at the #dishthefit linkup!




 1) My Mat

I've got to be honest, in the past year and a half I have become a Yoga Junky! And I love it! I did Yoga all throughout my pregnancy! I even taught up until a week before I gave birth! and I got started again as soon as my 6 weeks are up! I give Yoga full credit to me getting my body back after baby!  Although I love running as well, I have had to take it easy with running post baby because of some knee pain I have been experiencing! So I have literally only been doing Yoga, and I have noticed a huge change in the toning of my body! So MY YOGA MAT is definitely my #1 tool for leading a healthy lifestyle!


2) My Phone

Secondly is my phone, because if I was running I would be using my phone all the time to track my mileage with my Nike+ app, and of course listen to music! Plus in the past with counting calories, I have used MyFitnessPal app.  And I am always using my phone to search healthy recipes! AND.....I got the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor for my birthday! One of the top things on my birthday list! (see that here) So I have just started using the Polar app as well!  I have also recently started listening to Podcasts more throughout my day, which feeds me internally as a person, which is part of my overall health! & of course there's taking photos, I am constantly documenting my life with photos, and I use my phone for that!

Phone's can be used for some many great things these days to assist in us leading a healthy lifestyle! And there are so many helpful fitness apps out there!

I would love to know your TOP FITNESS APPS! I might be missing some great ones!! (comment below telling me yours!)


3) My Stroller

Since becoming a mom, my stroller is a go-to fitness tool! It makes it easy to get outside and run or walk with my son! Plus next week I will be going to my first Fit4Mom Stroller Strides class where you do an entire hour's worth of a workout with you and your stroller! So definitely a helpful tool when you have a little one by your side!


4) My Blender

If you have been reading my Smoothie Series this month, you know that I am a smoothie crazed person! Literally just finished a smoothie for breakfast, and on any normal day, I am having a smoothie at least once as a meal replacement! So my blender is a MUST-HAVE tool for me to live a healthy lifestyle! You can check out my TOP 2 FAVORITE SMOOTHIE RECIPES here! 


5) My Family

Working out and living a healthy lifestyle isn't the easiest thing to do in our world.  In fact, even with the rise of fitness trending, it's still going against the grain.  Fast foods restaurants and grocery stores full of processed foods will tell us that! So there has to be a motivator behind the drive and desire to live a healthy lifestyle, and for me, that is MY FAMILY! I have shared many times, my drive behind living a healthy lifestyle, and blogging about it! (read about it HERE) In short, my goal is to raise a healthy family, to change generations to come to live healthier so that they are able to stay active, go on adventures, and overall enjoy life more! And I want to encourage YOU to do the same for your family!!



So there you have it! My TOP 5 HEALTHY LIVING TOOLS!

What is your TOP, MUST-HAVE, CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT, Tool for Healthy Living!?


Weightloss Wednesday Turned Well-Living Wednesday

This week we are taking our WLW, and changing it up a bit!

Instead of Weightloss Wednesday we are going to be doing Well-Living Wednesday, so still sticking with the WLW, just changing our goals some!

I will tell you that I am down in weight this week though! Which is pretty exciting considering it was my birthday weekend and I definitely enjoyed a mini-cupcake and some cookie cake to celebrate turning 27!

WLW Stats: Week 1: -0 lbs Week 2: -1.4lbs Week 3: -0 lbs Week 4: -0lbs Week 5: -.4lbs Week 6: -1lb Week 7: -1lb (157.8lbs) Week 8: -0lbs Week 9: -0lbs

Week 10:-2.10lbs

Week 11: -.2lbs

Week 12: -0lbs

Week 13: -1.1lbs (153.5lbs) Total: -7.1lbs

A little more about WELL-LIVING WEDNESDAY, I am excited to refocus today, not on a number, and what the scale reads, but about more than that! I want today to be about how I am feeling, about nourishing my body, about having  positive and thankful attitude, about choosing healthy decisions for me and my family! So instead of always sharing the numbers on the scale, I want to focus on living a healthy and well lifestyle!

So to celebrate our first Well-Living Wednesday, I wanted to share one of my favorite snacks with you, and my favorite ways to eat vegetables! If you get our monthly FITNotes, then you have already gotten this yummy recipe!

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Say hello to yummy KALE CHIPS!

Seriously, the only way I know how to eat Kale, and they are super easy and super yummy!

Here's how:

Wash & completely dry the kale.  Shred the thick stems of kale from the leaves, and toss in a bowl of olive oil.  lay kale out flat on baking sheets, and lightly coat with salt.  Bake at 350degrees for 5-10minutes or until kale is crispy. 

It's also great to use flavored olive oil instead of the salt.  

What a yummy alternative to eating your veggies right! And these things never make it off the pan to anywhere but our mouths around here! Seriously, no matter how hard I try to make enough to save for later, we eat them all off the pan! So yum!

Have you ever eaten KALE CHIPS? What do you think about them!?


What's Your Weakest Link With Healthy Living?

This week for The Fit Dish Linkup, we are talking out Weakest Link when it comes to healthy living.....  









So there's  nothing better than being open about your weaknesses, to really push you to start making a difference.  Otherwise, you can just hide your weaknesses inside and keep giving in to them.  There's definitely something to say about coming clean with people, and gaining accountability and encouragement from the along the way to GET STRONGER and DEFEAT your weakness link!

So here weakest link is......




I have shared with you all in several posts that I love snacking! I have even shared some of my favorite snack recipes with y'all, and although I am proud to say that for the most part they have changed to healthier snacks, it still isn't a good thing for me to snack at night.

ESPECIALLY when I am snacking on a full or satisfied stomach.

Most times when I want to snack at night it is because we [my husband and I] are finally sitting down just relax together, or because I'm bored, or because my husband is snacking.  And it's the nights that I just join my husband that I usually eat the less healthy snacks, like chips!

I listened to Chalene Johnson's podcast a few weeks ago, and she made a profound statement that connected with me so much.  She asked...."Why do we feel like we need to go to bed full?" Who taught us that!?!? "If we go to bed on an empty stomach, then our bodies aren't working overtime to digest the food while we sleep.  Instead we give our body the opportunity to fully rest, and we wake up feeling better and ready for the day." [paraphrase]



I so often snack at night and go to bed full (like last night).

But it makes total sense to me, that if we go to bed on an empty stomach, then our bodies will be able to fully relax and rest and get a great nights sleep!


So, first step is confessing my the question is, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO TO CHANGE IT!?

****This week I will not eat past 8PM.  My bed time is 12:30AMish, so this is early enough for me to stop eating.  Plus, it's that 10PM-12AM time slot that is most challenging for me.  So I will strive to eat a nice, filling dinner, and be done for the evening.  This may seem easy to some, but it will be a challenge for me! 

So.....let's hear it,





Be sure to go check out the posts from the #DishtheFit linkup, The Fit Switch & The Fit Pepper


Motivation Monday


I've decided to start something new!


I'll keep this part short, but basically, we want you to know WHY we do what we do! So we are going to share that through Motivation Monday, and hopefully you will be inspired to be a better you, to BELIEVE in yourself, to CHOOSE to make a difference in your life, and to IMPACT those around you along the way!

So to start, we are the NATURALLY FIT SISTERSobviously. 

We decided to start this fitness blog, NOT because we are perfect. NOT because we only eat WHOLE foods and never go out to eat, or have a craving for fast food or munchy junk food.  NOT because we work out 10 times a week. NOT because we have 0% body fat.

NO, we decided to start Naturally Fit Sisters blog because we are just like you.  Normal people, with normal struggles.  We grew up on McDonald's Happy Meals.  As adults though we found a love for fitness....starting with running.  We worked through our busy lives to try and stay healthy through exercise, but that didn't mean we were perfect, and we still aren't.

We are two mom's, who have a desire to raise our families to be ACTIVE and HEALTHY together.  To make choices early in our children's life that will make their choices later in life easier to make.  Eating healthy is a struggle for us, but we CHOOSE to eat good foods so that our children eat good foods.  We want to make a difference in our children's lives and fight the major childhood obesity problem that is happening in the US today. We want to plan active fun things for our families to do together.

AND, we want to take care of ourselves and love our own selves FIRST! So that we are teaching our children to be fit, not so that they feel they need to be perfect, but so that they are healthy and able to do fun active things.  We want to LOVE ourselves, so that we are teaching our children to have high self-esteem and to love themselves.

And we want to MOTIVATE YOU along the way! We want to share with you in our journey, the good the bad, the successes and the failures!

We want you to know that we are REAL people trying to make a difference, starting with our own families, with the hopes that you will be motivated to make small changes in your life that will trickle down into your family and your community as well!

So there you have it folks, our first MOTIVATION MONDAY! & a little realness of who we are!







Gluten Free Cooking Class


So, a few weeks ago some friends and I signed up for a Gluten Free cooking class. We decided to make it a girl's night and leave the men at home!

Naturally Fit Sisters Cooking Class

We grabbed a few bottles of wine, and drove 15 minutes down the road to a nice restaurant in a tiny Texas town called Clyde! We were really excited.  As you know, I have only recently decided to start changing my eating habits! (You can read about my choice to Eat Clean Here.) So I was very excited that not only was I going to hear from someone that cooked organically in her own kitchen, but she also has a family, and her own business.  *Is this Super Woman?* I also loved that in her profile for the class it mentioned that she used to teach yoga.  Of course you know that I love Yoga, and even though I wouldn't say my deciding to Eat Clean came straight from getting more involved in Yoga, it may have had a little to do with it.  Either way, I was very interested to hear from Jaclyn Harwell from My Organic Kitchens.

Anyways, we had such a great time! Jaclyn shared her journey that led her to start eating semi-Gluten Free, which had a lot to do with her children's behavior.  In short, her son had very out of control behavior and after going to a doctor who suggested she take her 3 year old to a psychiatrist to be put on medication she had a serious change of heart.  It was such a moving story, to see a mom share about the struggles she went through, and that she actually thought she might go through with putting her 3 year old on medication.  That is when she decided to start changing her families diet.  She started with excluding sugars from their food, and it went on from there.  It was really neat to hear her point of view, and how she literally has her own observation lab in her home.  With small children, and a very aware mother, it is easy to notice how different foods affect her children and their actions.

My Organic Kitchen

We got to watch her make various foods, and try each one! Here are the items that we got to eat!

Bell Pepper "Nachos," where she used Sauerkraut as the cheese.  Honestly, I am a very picky eater, and never eat Bell Peppers, but on this night I ate every bit of the food she served.  And I really enjoyed the bell pepper nachos, of course I felt like they were more like tacos.  I have already made them at home for my husband.

We also had a Prickly Pear Lemonade.  I think that is a specialty that the restaurant Bonterra Blu serves all the time. This was the brightest colored drink I have ever seen and it had a very good taste to it!

Next we had Cauliflower Shredded Beef Wraps, I am going to get really real with yall here and admit that I have never had cauliflower in my life! But, like I said, I ate everything, and these were actually VERY Good.  I will definitely be trying this out in my home.  Plus the beef she got from the Abilene, TX local Farmer's Market, which I am excited to try out.

Lastly, was the yummy dessert! Yes you can have dessert when eating healthy, or Gluten Free in this case.  She made us Cheesecake! It was definitely delicious, and so interesting to see that she made the crust with mostly flax seeds and dates.

I would have to say that the biggest thing I took away from this class, the thing that has impacted me the most on a daily basis since then, is to use all natural honey as a sweetener.  The weekend after the class I went to our local Farmer's Market, and purchased organic honey.  I have never been big on honey, but since then I have used it in place of my artificial sweeteners that I am used to in my coffee: TASTES GREAT, and honestly with honey and my creamer, I can't taste anything different.  I have also included it in a few recipes that call for sugar.  One was a homemade fruit roll up that my sister and I made together! (I will be sharing that yummy and all organic recipe with yall soon!)

So, I am so excited to say that I have gotten to connect with Jaclyn from My Organic Kitchen since her first class and she has graciously decided to offer one of our readers the chance to WIN a Dozen Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls!!

Naturally Fit Sisters & My Organic Kitchen

All you have to do to WIN is enter in the form below! We will pick at Winner at random next Thursday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, if you are interested, and a local, you may want to check out My Organic Kitchen's next class at Bonterra Blu! This time she will be talking about going beyond Gluten Free with a cooking demo and tasting! It's well worth it believe me.  Or if you want check out the other classes they are offering in this series! I am hoping to make one or two more before the summer is over!

Also be sure to check out My Organic Kitchen's page! She sells various foods by the dozen, and they are all yummy, organic, and Gluten Free! She also sells her food at the Abilene Farmer's Market.

tru blu health series

little signautres

Clean Eating

You may know that I, Little Sis have had 3 High School Asian boys living with me for the past two years.  In short my husband and I did a host parenting program.  We decided after two great years that it is now time for us to stop doing that and enjoy us together, and start working on our own family!!


Anyways, what's this got to do with Clean Eating!?!? LOL Well when you have 5 people in your house, you buy food that stays under your budget.  We didn't buy horrible food, but we shopped at Sam's, and knew exactly what we got each time.  Not a lot of thought going into it.  I mean I would meal plan but that was just to help with the budget.  (meal planning on a budget post here) I didn't think much about how we were eating health-wise as a family. I mean I would try to buy veggies, and fruit, but usually bagged, steam-able veggies or something.

Anyways, now that it is just my husband and I, I  have decided to start taking control of what we are eating and make changes! I am not doing this to be a part of some Gluten Free or Paleo fad that is going around.  I have read some about Clean Eating, and will continue reading more, but I understand the importance of eating more natural food, and less processed food.  But believe me, this is no easy task! I was raised on processed food, I love McDonald's, so this will be a challenge, but one I am ready for and excited to take!

One of the best things I read before starting this journey into Clean Eating is to think of it on an 80-20 scale.  80% Clean eating, 20% not.  And I don't think okay I'll buy this and then splurge for my 20%.  No the 20% is to help me, I am not doing this to punish myself, but because I want to.  So the 20% really does help! I mean I am not going to clear out my cabinets and waste food that we already have.  But from now on I am striving to buy more "Clean" foods, so that's the 80%.  I'll explain more below with my first Clean Meal!

But first, a few things I did to start my Clean Eating.  Find a local Farmer's Market.  I swear my city is WAY behind on health initiatives! But they still have a small Farmer's Market.  So I went.  I didn't need a ton because I had already gotten some fresh veggies from my Dad's garden, but I did get these two things.

Or maybe this is your chance to start your own garden! If you have the time and resources that could be fun! Just enough to feed your family!


Anyways, I bought fresh Kale & Cucumbers.  Here's what I use them for:

Cucumbers-I literally slice up and dip in ranch.  (Guess I need to look into buying organic ranch :-) But I eat it for lunch, dinner, snack.  I am not a HUGE Veggie eater so I take what I can get.  I will eat baby carrots with this too!

Kale-You wash it.  Thoroughly dry it.  Then lay it on a baking sheet, sprinkle Olive Oil on it and salt, and bake it at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and you get crunchy Kale chips.  The first time I had them I wasn't in love, but I tried again and am liking them.  The only bad thing is that Kale is a taste that stays in your mouth for a while :-)

NEXT:  I went shopping at our local Natural Grocer's store.  This is newer to my town, but most town's have something similar.

Here's what I got!


So here I am talking about EATING CLEAN, but maybe you don't even know what that means....

Yeah neither did my husband....In the middle of Natural Grocers my husband said...."What does ORGANIC even mean...!?!?!"

By definition, Organic foods are, "foods that are produced using methods of organic farming – that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic foods are also not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives."

Basically Clean Eating is eating food in it's most basic form, not processed or full or synthetics or chemicals.

So fresh food is one of the best things to have, or cage free products.

So now....for my first ever Clean Meal.

Here is where I explain more about the 80-20 part.  I'm telling you, have this in the back of your mind and you won't set yourself up for failure.  If you have the mindset of going 100% Clean, then when all your friends go to eat, you are depressively declining because of your choice to be healthy.  NO, go eat with your friends! It's a choice, not PUNISHMENT! (just don't go out to eat every night) hahaha Make good choices! This blog post was amazing at describing this.  Her point of view was based on her young daughters and not wanting to put a misconception of food into their minds that could later lead to eating disorders. It's a very interesting read!


Our first official "Clean Meal." I used the All Recipes, Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup.

Anyways, I made the Kale chips I mentioned above, but used my Wal-Mart bought olive oil.  I made guacamole with organic avocados & the Organic Blue Corn Chips that I bought.   In the soup, (which tastes way better than it looks here), I used mostly fresh stuff, but the enchilada sauce I had bought a while back so I used it, and it wasn't organic.  Things like that.  If I already have it, I'm going to use it.  And I still felt GREAT about myself because I had set the 80-20 expectation up for myself, so I was okay that it wasn't all PERFECTLY CLEAN/ORGANIC FOOD!

Anyways, I will continue to update you on how things are going.  A few things I have planned for the coming weeks it to share with you about fresh fruit frozen treats I have made, and about a Gluten Free Cooking Class that I went to!

Here's to CLEAN EATING!! #theSuellsEatClean  (had to make my own hashtag) :)

little signautres

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