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Half Marathon with a Baby in My Belly!

Yep, I did it! I completed the first of 3 half marathons I will be doing during this pregnancy!  Half Marathon While pregnant

I will say, it wasn't my best run, but that wasn't because of the growing baby in my belly. No, the race was great! The route was awesome, around lots of water, which I always appreciate. Really I would definitely run this course again! Great job to the West Texas Half Marathon peeps that put this together. 

No my problem was my darn knee. I was so thankful that my husband decided to get up early that morning and be around during the race rather than just at the finish line. 

By mile 5 my knee was hurting, and my husband and my friend's husband were on the course with fun signs in hand to cheer us along! I was thankful and asked him to get me some Tylenol to mile 6! I had intended to take some before the race but forgot to pick it up, and since I'm pregnant, ALL I can take is real Tylenol, so my friend's Advil wouldn't due. 

Half Marathon While pregnant

Thankfully this sweet husband of mine got me the Tylenol, but shortly after I called again asking him to see if my knee brace (which I haven't used in 4-6 months) was in the back of my car. Thankfully, he found me around mile 9 with the brace. 

Due to my knee being in some seriously pain, it was definitely one of my hardest runs. Half the time from mile 7-finish I was 25 yards behind my running partners doing a little skip of jogging/speed walking. But I FINISHED! and that's all that matters! 

[bctt tweet="My top tips for running while pregnant! via @brittanysuell @smartyhealth #sweatpink @fitapproach"]

A few tips for running while pregnant! 

STAY SUPER HYDRATED!! I ran with my SPI Belt Water Bottle in hand and still took advantage of the water stations throughout the race! 

HAVE A GOOD BREAKFAST! I had a banana and a Quest Bar.

HAVE SOME KIND OF FUEL FOR DURING THE RACE! My running partners and I had the perfect plan! We all liked using the Honey Stinger Gummies, so we had multiple flavors and would take turn passing them to each other when we needed another! It definitely kept things interesting with different flavors! 

EAT A LOT AFTER! I devoured the banana slices they were giving out, then we had a huge celebratory lunch as well! 

USE A HIGH-QUALITY, GOOD PRENATAL VITAMIN! I took mine the morning of the race! 

Prenatal vitamins are super important, and I'm loving these from Smarty Pants! Unlike the ones I took during my first pregnancy, which I swallowed and had a terrible after taste, I look forward to having these each morning. Even on days when my morning sickness isn't going great, I can still enjoy some Smarty Pants Prenatals! They are gummies that taste incredible and you can take 3-6 a day! 

Plus you don't have to worry about them having any junk in them! They are full of GOODNESS! and the goodness that you need for a healthy pregnancy, and that comes in handy, especially when you are working hard and running 13.1 miles while pregnant! 

[bctt tweet="Ran a half while 8wks pregnant! Thankful for @SmartyHealth Vitamins to help keep me healthy! @brittanysuell #sweatpink @fitapproach"]

Smarty Pants Prenatal Vitamins

So although it wasn't my best race, I'm thankful to say that I finished it, and it felt good to complete it! Now to get ready for my next one, the East Texas Half Marathon which I will be running on November 15, 2015! 

Remember if you want to join me, REGISTER HERE and use Code LEGACY for 10% OFF!! You can do the half marathon or the 5K! 

Half Marathon While pregnant

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The West Texas Half Marathon--Plus 4 Awesome Perks of Having a Running Partner

Well first let me start off by saying I had a CRAZY weekend!  It started off great, and on Saturday morning I hosted my first ever Healthy Eating Freezer Meal Workshop! (I'll be sharing all the fun details about that tomorrow, and how you can take part, whether you are local or long distance). It was so much fun and all around successful! Then after spending some time at the pool with my friends, I started having random stomach aches/cramping! I tried to push through the pain and go out with my son and husband, but the pain continued to intensify. I ended up in the ER from 7PM to 2AM (not fun), and found out it was some issues with my colon. UGH...sick, maybe TMI! But anyways, the last few days I have been recovering, and resting up! 

Now....on to why we are really here.....The West Texas Half Marathon! 

The West Texas Half Marathon! Training with running partners, plus a coupon code!

That's right people! I'm back at it! I'm signed up for the West Texas Half Marathon in October, and this time I'm doing it different......what does that mean you wonder?? I'm training with running partners! 

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After running my half marathon in April, I took several weeks off, except for a few short 2 milers here and there, and the sprints I run at Stroller Strides. Three weeks ago though I signed up for the West Texas Half Marathon which is in October, and I started running with two of my friends. 

Since starting to run together, we have run 5 days a week, and are starting with just 1 mile runs. Since they are just starting, and I went a month without really running, we wanted to start with a strong base. SIDENOTE: I definitely suggest this for anyone who is wanting to start running and adding distance. Get a good mile or 2 mile time under your belt. And get to where that is easy, where at the end you feel good and you aren't panting for breath. I feel like when you have this, then you are setting yourself up for success to gradually add mileage to your training. 

So tomorrow we will begin running two miles. And let me just say, running with partners is very different, but in so many good ways! 

4 Awesome Perks of Having a Running Partner

The West Texas Half Marathon! Training with running partners, plus a coupon code!

1) First off, we get to chit-chat while we run! Which is always great! But...we switch off on who is talking so that we have time to catch our breath! And although this is great for now, we have already agreed that when we get somewhere between 3-5miles, then we will probably start listening to our own individual podcasts while we run. For the time being though, I'm enjoying a little extra time chatting with friends! 

2) It's way harder to back out of a run, or skip a run when you have plans to meet with others. Today is really the only day that one of us has said we are too tired to run. Other than that, we have all helped one another stay motivated and on track with training! We even got up at 7:30AM on a Saturday to run because one of us was going out of town for the day! I'm just telling you, having a running partner kicks your dedication meter up a notch for sure! The West Texas Half Marathon! Training with running partners, plus a coupon code!

3) We encourage each other to be better! For the first time ever when running, I am actually working hard to do better than my past runs. You know that term PR that so many runners talk about. (Personal Record). Well formerly that was not part of my running vocabulary. Honestly I didn't care how fast I ran, just that I was running and finishing. Now to some extent that still is what I'm worried about, but running with partners has helped me to make myself better. The first time we ran (with strollers) we were a high 11minute mile. BUT, we set goals together and have gotten to a 9:45-10 minute mile! That's a good change, and we have decided that our goal for the half is to run right under 10 minute miles! So it adds a different dynamic to your training when you are pushing yourself in a way of being better than your previous time! I like it so far! 

4) We get excited together! It is so fun to celebrate little victories like new mileages, and new workout gear! (hey we are girls, we get excited about finding good running shorts that don't ride up, or leggings that feel like you are literally wearing NOTHING! and in this Texas heat, that's saying something). Plus, it is so exciting to think about taking a (short) road trip together and staying the night, eating our pre-race meal together, and crossing the finish line at a half marathon, celebrating together! No matter who you are with at a half marathon, even by yourself, the celebration is great, but I know it will be even better to celebrate our accomplishments after months of training together! I can't wait for that!


So, if you are anywhere near West Texas, or might want to take a road trip down here to join us, then we would so love that!! Plus, I have a 10% OFF code that you can use to REGISTER for the West Texas Half Marathon!!  

[bctt tweet="Use it, share it, tell the world about it! It's 10% OFF The West TX Half Marathon from @brittanysuell #runtexas"]

The West Texas Half Marathon! Training with running partners, plus a coupon code!

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First Post Baby Half Marathon-Race Recap

Well...I DID IT!  I ran another half marathon! 

My last half marathon to run was in 2013, February. I planned to run another in the Fall of that year, but after miscarrying and then getting pregnant again I decided I didn't need to push my body. So here I am almost exactly a year after giving birth to my son, and I did it! I trained and ran another 13.1 miles....And my husband did it with me! 

Recap of my first half marathon after having my son! @brittanysuell

Oh, and I am happy to say that I ran it in 2hr 30min and 41sec. I am so proud of this! 

Honestly when I run, it's not about the time. Well not usually. 

Running did not come natural to me, so it is a success just to achieve such a long distance. So I know I am slower, and I am okay with that. 

This time though with my husband running, and caring about his time, he would ask me what my goal time was. At first I said...I don't have one! haha Then I decided to challenge myself. My first half marathon in 2012 I ran in 2hr 49min. So this time I decided 2hr 30min was a good goal time. And even though I was slightly over that in seconds, to me, that was a SUCCESS! 

Recap of my first half marathon after having my son! @brittanysuell 

Throughout the first half of the race I felt mostly good. I mean my knee was irritating me pretty much the entire race, and I continually was just praying healing over it and not giving the pain any attention. I stayed right behind (about 25 feet) the 2:30 pacer, and I liked that. It was the first time I had been close to a pacer during a race, and it motivated me to keep a steady pace, which I did and I was proud of that. 

There were several hills in the beginning, which I was thankful we took a different route the 2nd half of the race so we didn't have to do hills once my legs got really tired. It seems like every race for me, mile 8 is where it gets hard. Even though in my training runs I ran several 9, 10, and 11milers, mile 8 was still where it got tough. That's where I began to slow down some in my pace as well. 

I stopped at mile 9 to grab water (stopped meaning long enough to get to the water table and keep going). And at just about every table after that I grabbed water. It was at this point too that I finally stopped having to go to the bathroom. Oh, did I mention I contemplated stopping at literally every porta potty in the race from the start. I told y'all in my last post about pre-race thoughts, how I always felt the need to go to the bathroom...well I did! BUT, I would never let myself stop because I was keeping such a good pace, and there was always a line. At mile 9 though the urge to "go" seemed to subside. It was also at this time that I stopped feeling my knee hurt, because my legs from the hips down were aching! hahaha So, not sure which was better! 

My husband met me about a quarter of a mile left, and ran through with me! 

Recap of my first half marathon after having my son! @brittanysuell 

It felt good to cross that finish line again! Man, the feeling of pride and accomplishment you get when you finish a race, it's amazing! 

Recap of my first half marathon after having my son! @brittanysuell

I loved having our mom's there with us! They watched Zander while we ran, and celebrated with us when we finished! They were definitely proud mommas! 

Recap of my first half marathon after having my son! @brittanysuell Recap of my first half marathon after having my son! @brittanysuell

Zander liked the medals! 

After we were finished, we enjoyed some post race snacks, took lots of celebratory photos, then got out of our yucky clothes! Thanks to Shower Pill, we were able to clean up and change clothes in the parking lot. (yep, we must be "real runners" to change in the parking lot). Then we headed out for a stink free day in Dallas, full of Mexican food, Pedicures with wine, and my husband got to celebrate at the coveted wood store that is only in the Metroplex! It was a good day! 

Post race clean up with Showerpill! Post race clean up with Showerpill!

[bctt tweet="Finished an awesome first race post baby, and enjoyed a day out after using @showerpill to freshen up! #runchat #sweatpink #racerecap"]

It was definitely a day to remember for us! And I know we will be running more half marathons together! Well maybe not a ton more, but I think I'll be able to talk him into running with me in the Fall during the Race Texas Series! For me, I will definitely continue adding more medals to my race accomplishments! 

So this week, I am celebrating the fact that 361 days after having a baby, I ran a half marathon! For me, that is awesome, and definitely a way to Leave a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZANDER! Join me on Thursday, his actual birthday, as I share my awesome birth story with you guys! 

Celebrating one year after having a baby by running a half marathon!

 What's something you have done that gives you a huge feeling of accomplishment? 

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5 Thoughts I'm Having Before My Half Marathon! #FridayFive

Well....this weekend is race weekend, and lot's of thoughts are swimming through my head!  So today, for the Friday Five Link-Up, I've decided to share with you a few of the thoughts that I am already having, or I know I will be having when I'm standing at the start line of the Big D Half Marathon on Sunday morning! 

If you are training for a half-marathon, be prepared...you might start having some of these crazy thoughts! via @brittanysuell

1) "Why didn't I run more!!??"

This is seriously a thought I've been having lately because the last few weeks haven't been my best, or consistent in training. I mean I ran 10 miles three weeks ago, so that gives me some encouragement, but even in my shorter miles over the past few weeks, I just haven't been on top of things in my scheduling, so I haven't been getting those in. Plus I've been being a baby and not wanting to run with my stroller.

2) "It's soooo early...seriously if I was normal, I could be in bed, cozy...not cold, not stressing, and not about to push myself for 13.1 miles! WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING!"

Did I mention there was going to be lots of whining here....! haha Seriously though, I think pre-race, or even at the start of the race, there's this jittery nervousness that comes over me that makes me question, and second-guess everything! 

3) "To wear the long sleeve or not....that is the question."

Early morning races can have a tendency to start out cold...even in April. And although I know I will warm up rather quickly, do I want to sacrifice the short amount of time and be cold, or stay warm, and then just have to wear a long sleeve shirt around my waist the entire time. It's a pretty big dilemma here! 

4) "I wish I could run while drinking hot coffee....maybe I should invent a running camel back type thing that holds coffee...and keeps it hot. Well I guess while I'm at it I should create a healthy, hydrating, protein infused coffee drink so that I won't feel bad for drinking it while running."

Seriously....I might be delirious by this point, but this is what I'm thinking! 

5) "OH NO!! The race is about to start, and I think I have to pee!!..............AGAIN!!!!!!"

Welcome to my life. I seriously have to pee all the time! This was before I became a mom, while I was pregnant, and still now. I drink a lot of water (and coffee)....so I constantly have to go to the bathroom! And it seems like every time I start a race or run I have to go! Seriously, at my first half marathon ever, we ran down a hill at the start line and I ran right into a Porta Potty. Honestly I don't even know why there was one at the beginning of the race, but I was thankful for whoever planned that out! 

 So yes, this may seem like a crazy person talking, but these are thought I am having, have had before, or can imagine myself having. But guess what!!?? As soon as I cross that finish line.....all that will be gone! Instead, I'll be thinking....

1) "Wahoo! That race went great! I felt good mentally, my legs felt good! I'm so glad training went so well and I ran so much in preparation for this!" 

2) "OMG It's only 8:45AM, and I've already ran 13.1 miles! So glad I'm not one of those lame people that are still at home in bed! I feel great, and I'm so awake!" 

3) "I should probably change clothes now since everything I'm wearing is soaked from sweat! Oh...heyo, I'll put on my race t-shirt because I freaking beast-moded that thing!" (yes I know beast-moded is not grammatically correct)

4) "I'll take that coffee now...Starbucks please! And since I haven't invented my nutritious coffee running drink yet, go ahead and give me some water and some Nuun please!" 

5) "Oh ya, I still have to pee!"

[bctt tweet="If you are training for a race, be prepared...you might start having some of these crazy thoughts! via @brittanysuell"]

If you are training for a half-marathon, be prepared...you might start having some of these crazy thoughts! via @brittanysuell


Are you a racer? What kind of crazy thoughts have you had leading up to a race? 

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The newest additions to my Running FUEL list! Must-Haves for a successful, nutritious run! via @brittanysuell     Are you wanting to have your most successful race yet, or maybe you are just getting started...here are @brittanysuell 's TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE!     How to fuel your half marathon. Before, During, and Post Race Nutrition by @brittanysuell`

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My Latest Running Fuel Additions!


Alright! Here I am again, 2 weeks pre-HALF MARATHON!  This time, there is no chance of ice interfering, so if all goes well, I will for sure be running in the Big D Half Marathon in Dallas, TX. on Sunday, April 12th, with my husband! (Is anyone else running this? Let me know!!) 

I am officially getting a tad bit jittery! I was running today and had that thought....."Why the heck did I sign up for this again." Even though I ran 10miles last weekend, the thought of running a race, the pressure of completing the 13.1 (although I am fully capable), is a tad scary and overwhelming! I know it will be great though! 

Plus, I am so excited to be doing this with my husband! 

Now, prior to the February Half Marathon that I ran was supposed to run, I shared about how I was fueling my run! Well, since then, I've added three more items to my list, so I thought in celebrating the upcoming race I would share those with you! 

The newest additions to my Running FUEL list! Must-Haves for a successful, nutritious run! via @brittanysuell

1) Water!! Since it has gotten a lot hotter in Texas, I am running with water these days! Today it was in the mid-80's, and I needed my water big time to finish my race. So I will be utilizing my SPI Belt Water Bottle (you can snag one of those HERE in my online store), and/or the stations during this race! 

It's Summer, and the SPI Belt Water Bottle is keeping me fueled during these hot runs! via @brittanysuell

2) I have found my newest favorite mid-race fuel!! I picked up a Honey Stinger Waffle at our local Natural Grocers, it was actually a gift for my husband, but I snagged it and tried it out during a 10mile run. WOWza! That thing was amazing! And NO SUGAR! Which is great for me, since I've Cut Sugar in 2015! Plus  they are organic, and my word if I didn't have self-control, I would buy enough to enjoy one a day as my dessert! Yes, they are that good! 

Now I've only tried the Gingersnap Flavor, but I'm just telling you, this is the only one I need to try! This made me start brainstorming on how I could make homemade, sugar free gingersnap cookies....so you never know, I may have a recipe for you coming soon! 

My newest mid-run fuel! It tastes like a dessert! Plus it's organic and sugar free! @honeystinger @brittanysuell 

3) Compression! 

Using @BioSkin Compression to help fuel my half-marathon training! I am loving how it is enhancing my runs! @brittanysuell

I have started using Bio Skin Calf Skin Compression Sleeves to fuel my long runs, and I am loving how it is enhancing training! 

Now let me just tell you, if you are looking for something to compress the muscles. Whether to enhance your training, to help with sore or painful muscles (or shin splints), this stuff has some incredible compressing power! I seriously wish I could've videoed the night we first received these. My husband and I both tried one on, and he seriously thought it was stuck on his leg/foot. He does have a size 15 foot though! It was the funniest thing ever...we just laughed and laughed!  Since then though, we have both been training with Bio Skin, and loving it! 

Plus the material is incredible. Makes total sense why it is called Bio SKIN...since the material is sleek, and skin-like. And it definitely is not moving, no matter what kind of activity you are doing, so it feels like it's part of you, not like you are wearing some addition. 

Even now, with the temperatures increasing, I thought about not wearing them, because it was just adding a layer to me, when I was already sweating. Then I remembered that it's part of the "technology" that Bio Skin is made with, to wick the sweat, and activate a cooling sensation, which it does. Crazy how it works like that! I didn't even notice or feel like my legs were extra hot while running. 

Using @BioSkin Compression to help fuel my half-marathon training! I am loving how it is enhancing my runs! @brittanysuell

During my run, the compression seems to hold my calf muscles in, and just makes me feel more stable, secure, and stronger in my legs throughout the run. (Even when I get to where my legs usually feel like jello!)

Post runs, these things feel incredible! I would actually love to wear Bio Skin leggings (no such thing as of now), but covering with compression over your tired, sore muscles feels like you are getting a massage. Well kind of....definitely the next best thing to a sore muscle massage. So check them out HERE!

[bctt tweet="Fuel your training with these MUST-HAVE items from @brittanysuell @BioSkin #fitfluential"]

So, I'm definitely on the right track to a successful race! I'm nervous, excited, have my training (kind of) under control, so here goes nothing! 

I also just recently shared MY TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE, which are things that I have been implementing throughout my training, and will use during my race! 



@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


By the way...did you know that you can be notified via email when I post a new blog!!! OMG duh of course you want that! So....just go to the write sidebar of the blog below my profile and enter your email where is says "Subscribe to Blog Via Email" GREAT!! See you in your inbox! 

How I'm Fueling My First Post-Baby Half Marathon + a Giveaway

Well race day is upon me! I'm 5 days out, and I will admit, I'm pretty dang excited, and maybe just a tad bit nervous!  Mostly I'm nervous because my last few weeks of training haven't been as great as previous trainings had been.  I ran my 11 mile run 4 weeks ago, and had intended to run my top 12 mile run the weekend I attended my Yoga training, but that just didn't happen.  So add that first weekend of not hitting my far training run on top of two different times getting sick, plus some icy weather, and the last 3 weeks of my training has been quite all over the place. 

Needless to say though, I am still super excited and about 95% confident that I am ready and will do great! I believe my finish time for my first half marathon in 2012 was 2hr49min. and then my 2nd in 2013 I didn't keep track of the time because I did intervals (walk/running) with my mom and 7 month pregnant sister. If all goes well, I think that I will PR (hit a personal record) for my half marathon time. Now, that does excite me, although I'm not all about the time either. I am just a runner to run. I don't pay attention to what time I hit each of my miles in, etc. I don't really care about that. I was not naturally a runner, so just being a long distance runner is a huge achievement for me, and at this time I'm fine with focussing on that. Maybe as I run more long races, then it will be fun to see if I can beat my previous time, but that's not what I focus on. 

This run I will definitely focus more on proper nutrition and fueling my body for the run. I recently attended a "Nutrition for Runner's" Workshop at a local running store, and it really got me thinking and realizing that I need to focus on nutrition, before, during, and after my run. 

So here's my plan and what I'll be using to Fuel My First Post-Baby Half Marathon! 

How to fuel your half marathon. Before, During, and Post Race Nutrition by @brittanysuell`

Before My Race: 

-Nuun Hydration- I drink a glass of water with half a Nuun Hydration tablet in it. I love the tri-berry flavor! It is a great way to start the race hydrated, especially since I don't run holding a water bottle. 

-RX Bar- I eat half of an RX bar before my race. Now granted I run my training runs in the afternoon/evening, and the half marathon will be in the morning, so I will probably add a banana to the half of the bar as well. 

How to fuel your half marathon. Before, During, and Post Race Nutrition plus a GIVEAWAY from @RXBar  by @brittanysuell 

RX Bars are incredible bars that are made with REAL foods, and lucky for me, NO ADDED SUGAR! They are Whole 30 approved, and most contain some of the same ingredients like egg whites, dates, almonds,and figs, plus other stuff depending on what flavor. My favorite flavor is the Blueberry RX Bar! Oh my word! Can you say INCREDIBLE! Seriously, it's like eating a healthy blueberry muffin, and I LOVE BLUEBERRY MUFFINS! 

During My Race: 

-Flip Belt-I will be using my Flip Belt, it's not really nutrition related, but it holds all my goodies in place! My phone which will be playing "The Chalene Show" Podcasts, and tracking my run with Nike+, and My RX Bar that I will eat around mile 4-6.

-Bondi Band-Once again, not actually nutrition related, but Bondi Bands are my GO-TO head bands when it comes to running, or any workout where I will be sweating a ton! Let me know if you are interested in getting some, I have a lot in stock, and I'm telling you, they are great headbands! 

-Water-What!?! Yep that's right, I'll be taking advantage of the race water stations and staying hydrated! Gotta love that H20! 

-RX Bar-Around mile 4-6 I will be eating the 2nd half of my RX Bar! 

Did I mention that RX Bars are incredible and super yummy! Packed with 12 grams of protein, GMO free, Gluten free, Soy free, Dairy free, and full of yummy nutrition! And they come in several good flavors, so no matter what running mood you are in, surely you can find one to fuel your run for the day! 

Post Race: 

-Nuun Hydration-I'll be drinking the 2nd half of my tri-berry tablet, directly after the race, and maybe another later in the day to refuel and stay hydrated from the long run. 

-Vega Team Protein-After every run/workout, I always have a post workout protein smoothie with Vega Team Protein! It's a plant based protein powder that is yummy and doesn't have all the crap in it that some protein powders have! 

Now I don't know if I said enough about these wonderful RX Bars! You know with my journey of no sugar in 2015, that I am loving on the go snacks that are packed with protein, nutrition, real foods, and NO ADDED SUGAR, oh and they need to taste good. I've have fun making homemade stuff, but these things are awesome and so great to have on hand. Plus they have a coffee flavored one, and I love coffee! 

How to fuel your half marathon. Before, During, and Post Race Nutrition plus a GIVEAWAY from @RXBar  by @brittanysuell

Actually this past weekend we took a quick trip to New Mexico for a day of skiing. Now it was a quick trip, so we had one day to ski, so we did not want to take time to stop and eat lunch. Instead, my husband and I enjoyed a yummy Apple RX Bar on the ski lift as we made our way to the top of the mountain! It was perfect! 

How to fuel your half marathon. Before, During, and Post Race Nutrition plus a GIVEAWAY from @RXBar  by @brittanysuell 

So to celebrate my first post baby half marathon, RX Bar has been kind enough to give one of you guys a chance to try one of each flavor of their awesome RX Bars!!! Wahoo! Who wants to win these yummy bars! 

ENTER BELOW to WIN: 1 RX bar of each flavor + an RX Bar T-shirt! 

[bctt tweet="Tips for Race Day Nutrition, plus a GIVEAWAY from @RXBar and @Brittanysuell #leaveyourlegacy"]

How to fuel your half marathon. Before, During, and Post Race Nutrition plus a GIVEAWAY from @RXBar  by @brittanysuell a Rafflecopter giveaway




My 2015 Race Schedule


I am so excited to say that one of my 2015 Goals is already under way...wait wait, two of my 2015 goals!!  10928860_868055259913714_5667968720730147899_n-21) Run a half marathon with my husband! (It will be his first ever!)

This is us on our first training run together. And by together, I mean running at the same time, but by no means at the same pace! That is okay though! I am still so excited to be running with him, and to get to experience the hype of a race, and the feeling of accomplishment you get after finishing with him!



2) Run 2+ half marathons in 2015!

I am proud to say that I will be running the Race Texas Half Series as a sponsored blogger! That means I will be running their three part half marathon series in 2015-2016!! I am so excited!

My first half will be the Arm10891760_869110459808194_7662371527482205378_nadillo Dash, in College Station, Texas on March 1st! Yes that means I have just a little less than 6 weeks to train, so I have definitely upped my mileage this week, along with my epsom salt baths! As a matter of fact, I was so proud to run 6 miles the other night, in very, very cold Texas weather I might add! Since then I have added on an 8miler as well, and this weekend I am set to run a 10 mile run.

Not sure what I was thinking, deciding to train for a half in the winter because I'm sure it will only get colder from here. It's too late now though, I'm already committed, and already DANG excited!

So I guess the only question is, is.....WHO IS GOING TO JOIN ME!

Armadillo Dash Half Marathon Coupon Code from www.brittanysuell.com

Come on all you crazy Texans! I know there are some of you who have running as a Goal in 2015! So why not start with this race!? There is also a 5K involved, if you aren't quite ready for a half marathon! But hey if you want to run, use my coupon code: LEGACY to get 10% OFF your registration! And of course let me know you are running so that we can meet up!

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What's one running goal you have this year!? Or one race you know you will be running!?

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Make sure you have entered the Albion Fit GIVEAWAY! Winner will be picked on Friday at 12PM CST.

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