You Might Be GRANOLA If....

Granola...yep, I think I can officially be categorized as a GRANOLA MOM.... Are you a granola mom? Do you eat natural, use essential oils, shop locally? You might be granola then! @brittanysuell

What does Granola mean you ask? 

According to Urban Dictionary, You Might Be Granola If....

You are a person who is environmentally aware (flower child, tree-hugger), put an emphasis on organic and natural living, who will usually refrain from consuming or using anything containing animals and animal by-products (for health and/or environmental reasons), as well as limit consumption of what he or she does consume, as granola people are usually concerned about wasting resources. Usually buy only fair-trade goods and refrain from buying from large corporations, as most exploit the environment as well as their workers, which goes against granola core values. (paraphrased)

I never thought I would be the kind of person that falls into the Granola category, and I wouldn't say I'm an extremist, (I still consume animal products, and I don't totally boycott large corporations), but in my circle, and in the area where I live, I fall into the Granola category. 

As a disclaimer, I must say, that most of the "Granola" things I do have good reason....they aren't done just to fit into a trend. Many of these things I do because it saves money, or maybe it's healthier for me and my family. Other things are done because of research I have done and I don't feel like I can trust the "mainstream" ways, so I find healthier/more natural alternative routes to ensure my family's safety. All that to say, I definitely feel like my granola-ness has increased since becoming a mom, which makes sense since I obviously think of my son's wellbeing so much more than my own! 

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Here's a few things that I do that put me in the GRANOLA category: 

  • I'm a Yoga Instructor---that automatically gives me major granola points
  • I shop at a small, Natural Food store or buy vegetables from a local co-op (although I don't buy 100% all organic groceries, but if I had the money, I sure would)
  • I use essential oils
  • I avoid using medicine as much as possible, especially on my son
  • I make as many homemade snacks as possible to avoid allowing processed food in my home (this is especially important for making my husband happy and his tummy satisfied)
  • I DO NOT let my husband bring Oreos in our home! 
  • I eat "Clean"
  • I gave up sugar
  • I eat get eggs from someone local, straight from the chicken
  • I try to shop local and support local entrepreneurs/businesses
  • I use cloth diapers
  • I make my own wipes (cloth), and wipe solution for my son
  • I make my own baby food
  • My son (11months old) has yet to eat any grains, and has not eaten any store bought baby food or snack

And the last thing that makes me super Granola....Are you ready for my exciting news!??

We are going to get baby chicks! 


That's right! I am so excited, we are going to have our own little farm in our backyard! I told my husband that for Easter (my favorite holiday), I wanted him to build me a chicken coop so that we could get chicks and make our own eggs! 

I am so excited to have chickens be a part of my son's daily routine. We had chickens some when I was growing up, then working on a ranch in college. I love the joy of going out and getting the eggs from the coop, plus it's fun for kids and will be a great chore for my son to do as he gets older.

Plus, hello, we are saving money on eggs, and we know nothing weird has been done to them when we eat them! 

Have you had eggs straight from a chicken lately? They are so much better than store bought eggs! 

So anyways, OFFICIAL GRANOLA MOM Status happening over here, and I'm totally okay with it! 

I'll be keeping you up to date on our chick adventure, so stay tuned! 

Do you have any qualities/habits that would categorize you as a Granola Mom or Dad? 

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