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Tips for Keeping Vegetables Fresh

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Today, Lindsey Murray is joining us to share her Tips for Keeping Vegetables Fresh! Now let's admit, this can for sure be a struggle! And nothings worse than having the food that you just spent your hard earned money on ruined! 


Lindsey is the mom and blogger behind Healthy Food Fit Family. She loves traveling the world with her husband and two boys finding fun new ways of staying active as a family. Her current obsessions are pizza and wine. You can find more from Lindsey on her Instagram and Facebook Pages.

Keeping vegetables freshI've been finding it so hard to keep vegetable fresh after I shop. Once I get everything home and put it away I swear I turn around and somethings soggy or moldy! Whats the deal?! Well I've done some trial and error and found that you can keep things fresher longer...with a little work before hand!

Here are some tips to keeping them fresher, longer!

1. Prep the vegetables: wash, peel, and slice them. Separate them into individual containers. (Some items like carrots and celery should be stored in water) Meal Prep






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2. Lettuce and cucumber can be washed and wrapped in a paper towel. This will absorb any excess moisture that causes it to spoil.

3. A sponge can be added to your crisper to suck up any extra moisture as well. (Just make sure your cleaning the sponge after a while too)

4. Eggs should be kept on the lower shelves, never on the door (the door isnt as cold). Also, if you purchase eggs in styrofoam you should put them into a cardboard egg holder once you get home. Eggs tend to stick more to styrofoam which can cause them to break.

5. Fresh herbs can be wrapped lightly in paper towel and kept in a sealed zip lock bag.

6. Fruits: This could be another posit in itself so Ill just do a few. Bananas are for the counter (not next to anything else and should be separated) Apples I let sit in a sink of vinegar and water for 10 minutes to remove wax and dirt!

7. MY FAVORITE, most used tip: MUSHROOMS! I looove mushrooms and they are the first thing that seems to go bad in my fridge! This tip has lasted me a week now and theres no sign of them turning gross soon! I asked for a paper bag at the grocery store, cut off the top, placed the mushrooms inside and folded the top down ...THATS IT.

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Do you have any tips for keeping things fresh longer?