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Introducing the On-the-Go Freezer Meal Kit

  Yep this is happening, today I am Introducing the On-the-Go Freezer Meal Kit! 

Get an On-The-Go Freezer Meal Kit and have everything sent to you to make 5+ Healthy Meals for your family!

Over the past month in a half I shared with you guys my new business with Velata, and how having this business has enabled me to help others eat healthy.

As a fitness professional, it's important for me to be ale to help others not only with the working out portion of their life, but also with the nutrition and eating healthy. Through my new business I have been able to directly help people with cooking hassle free and healthy meals for their family by hosting Local Freezer Meal Workshops. When I realized more people wanted to do the same thing, but weren't local, then I decided to create Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshops. (You can click on both of those to view more details)

Then, after talking to more people, I realized that there was also a need for an On-the-Go Freezer Meal Kit. This would enable people to enjoy the reoccurring benefits of a Freezer Meal Workshop without having to host or attend one. 

So how does it work? 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Choose your menu and purchase your On-The-Go Freezer Meal Kit HERE!
  2. Receive an email with the easy-to-use grocery list, and meal prep instructions, then in 7-10 days receive your 3 Velata spices in the mail, ready to be used in your meals. 
  3. Take about an hours time to prep your healthy meals. 

*Use your leftover seasonings to make the meals again, or add them to other common recipes in your home! 


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As of right now, there are options of 3 menus. With each menu you will be sent 3 different Velata rubs to make the recipes. These rubs can be used multiple times to recreate the same menu, or you can use them when cooking other things as well. 

Get an On-The-Go Freezer Meal Kit and have everything sent to you to make 5+ Healthy Meals for your family!  Get an On-The-Go Freezer Meal Kit and have everything sent to you to make 5+ Healthy Meals for your family!Get an On-The-Go Freezer Meal Kit and have everything sent to you to make 5+ Healthy Meals for your family!

For more information or to get your questions answered, visit my Freezer Meals FAQs! or leave me a comment! 

Stay tuned, because next week I will be bringing you an incredible GIVEAWAY for a Dallas, TX. DIY Workshop with Fizz & Flair, plus one lucky WINNER will get to try out an ON-THE-GO FREEZER MEAL KIT for FREE as well! 

Leave a comment and tell me what you think about the On-The-Go Freezer Meal Kit?! Would you utilize this? 

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Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshop

Wow, since I started doing more of my own Freezer Meals and prepping healthy food for my family it has made my life so much easier! Taking just a couple of hours out of my day to prep meals, that are hearty and healthy and ready to be cooked in the crockpot is an amazing use of my time. It really enables me to have more time in the evenings with my family rather than scavenging in the kitchen trying to get dinner cooked in time and missing out on time I could be spending with my family. I absolutely love it.  Now I know I shared with you all about how I have begun hosting Healthy Freezer Meal Workshops for my local people! It has gone over great! Because what's better than prepping healthy meals for your family? Prepping them with other people! Enjoying the company of others while you are super productive and get things done that will make life so much easier! 

Freezer Meal Workshops make meal planning and prepping so easy! with @brittanysuell

The only problem with this amazing idea of Freezer Meal Workshops, is that if you aren't local to me, then you can't participate!

But guess what!!!?? I figured out a way to fix the problem! 

I recently worked with someone who lives states away, and I hosted my first LONG DISTANCE FREEZER MEAL WORKSHOP!

 Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshop!  Get everything sent to your door to host your own Healthy Freezer Meal Workshop for you and your friends!

It went great! The host invited her friends, and they made a day of it! Mimosas in the morning while they meal prepped, then a lunchtime cookout! So fun right! Plus they all left from spending a day with friends and had 8-16 healthy meals ready to put in their freezer until it was time to cook them! 

I coordinated with each guest, got them all the information, and sent them the easy-to-follow grocery list. I also sent the host a Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshop Kit which included printed directions for each participant, plus all of the Velata rubs and seasonings that were needed for each recipe, and videos to help lead the workshop.

Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshop!  Get everything sent to your door to host your own Healthy Freezer Meal Workshop for you and your friends!

So what are Velata rubs you wonder? Velata rubs are made from real ingredients that taste great, and they are used in each of my healthy meals!

Velata Rubs are made from real ingredients that taste great!

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I would love to start hosting more Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshops with people like you! 

I love being able to help others make dinner time easier! I love that I'm able to show people how creating healthy meals for their family can be done and still tastes incredible! I love that by hosting these workshops, whether local or long distance that I am able to spread the LEAVE YOUR LEGACY LIFESTYLE! 

Let me help you get your evenings back, make dinner time less hectic, and be reassured that you are serving your family a healthy meal! 

To learn more about how the Healthy Freezer Meal Workshop works, go HERE

LEAVE ME A COMMENT and tell me: 

Do you ever make Freezer Meals or do any type of Meal Prep? How has it helped make life easier for you? 

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Why I Chose Velata?

If you follow me on social media, you have been seeing photos from the Freezer Meal Workshops that I have been hosting! I also shared about the workshops in a post last week! You can read all about them here! Freezer Meal Workshops with Velata!  

I am so excited to share that after hosting several Freezer Meal Workshops I decided to invest in the company, Velata

Velata is a company that sells kitchen utensils and food products. Some of the food products they sale are their own rubs, which is what I use in all the recipes I do for my freezer meal workshops. 

Since giving up sugar in January I have spent a lot of time in my kitchen creating and modifying recipes to be healthy and sugar free! I have loved it and I love being able to share those with you guys so that you can make those same, yummy and healthy meals for your own family. You can find the archive of all of the SUGAR FREE RECIPES that I have developed here

When I really decided to start my business with Velata was when I realized how I could expand that desire of mine to help people create healthy meals for their family. I have realized that to truly cook real food, and find good healthy recipe alternatives to things (especially desserts), it can take some time in the kitchen. And let's admit it, we aren't drowning in extra time are we!?? So with Velata I am able to expand helping others with healthy eating and creating healthy meals even more, which I am loving! 

I have only been a part of the company officially for a little over a week and I am already loving it. Check out my quick video to learn WHY I chose to join Velata and how I am able to help others create healthy meals for their families!

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Did I mention that I can do this long distance as well, not just locally. I am actually sending out a Freezer Meal Kit to a long distance host in South Carolina today! I can't wait to see what her and her friends think about the workshop! Once they see how easy and fun it is, and how good and healthy the meals are, I know they are going to love it! 

Why I Chose Velata by @brittanysuell 

What do you think? Have you ever found something that just FIT for you, and lined up with your passions? What was it? 

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Freezer Meal Workshops Make Meal Planning & Prepping So Easy!


Okay, okay we all talk about how busy life is. And it truly is busy!  Between work, our social life, other obligations, plus if you are a parent that business doubles/quadruples, and you have even more on your plate. So seriously how do we find time to workout and eat healthy? 

Since I went sugar free in January, I really have come to the realization that it takes TIME to eat healthy. Many people try to make it seem so easy, but let's be's not. It takes time, and I'm thankful I"m home during the day with my son, working from home, and able to spend time in the kitchen trying and making sugar free recipes. But when you work full time with other obligations after work, seriously how do you have time to eat healthy? 

Our society make it so much easier to eat quick, processed, fast foods. So if you are in that boat, I totally get it. (That's one reason why I try to share as many of my SUGAR FREE RECIPES with you as possible, so hopefully you can find time to make them for your family!) 

Then you know there are those super productive and disciplined people who have a routine and they weekly meal prep or batch cook. Which is awesome for them. I have a couple of fitness industry friends that are seriously awesome at getting this done, and I am super impressed by them. 

BUT, for the rest of us....

What do we do? 

How can we make healthy foods for our family when our life is so busy? 

Freezer Meal Workshops make meal planning and prepping so easy! with @brittanysuell

Recently I started hosting Freezer Meal Workshops at my house. 

And since I didn't come up with the idea, and I brag and just say, this idea is GENIUS

Seriously, it's so smart! And I have had amazing feedback from the two I have hosted so far. I already have 3 more planned for the end of this month/first of July. 

So how do it work? 

Basically, people register to attend my workshops by paying a workshop fee. 

For the registration fee, they get a full menu (8 meals, which can be turned into 16 meals if you have a family of 2-3), plus the easy-to-read grocery list. Along with this, all utensils are provided, plus all the seasonings and rubs used in the recipes are provided. PLUS! They don't have to do it at their own house! Which means, no dirtying up the house, or adding hours to their meal prep just for cleaning up. They just come, meal prep, and leave. So it takes the hassle out of cleaning! 

Then, they leave with 8-16 prepped freezer meals! 

It's such a laid back atmosphere. I usually have coffee and a snack, and we just chat while being super productive. It's an amazing use of your time! 

Freezer Meal Workshops make meal planning and prepping so easy! with @brittanysuell

Plus, it gives back so much! 

When you are able to meal prep for your family like this, then that means you get more time to spend with your family during the week. 

Now you know evenings tend to be busy. Kids get home from school, parents get home from work. It's extra-curricular activities, homework, dinner, baths, and bed. Not much time to spend together as a family. So with having these meals already cooking in the crock-pot for dinner, you aren't spending an hour+ making dinner and away from your family. You are able to have that time back with your family, and dinner is just READY! 

How awesome is that! 

Ladies making their meals at our Freezer Meal Workshop

One more awesome thing....the meals are HEALTHY! 

I go through all of the recipes and make them as healthy as possible. 

Because that's the point isn't it. If we just wanted meals for our family with no concern to the nutrition, then we could run through the McDonald's Drive-thru and shop the Dollar Menu if we needed. What I am offering families is a way to have HEALTHY MEALS prepped for themselves! There is so much more value in that! Remember, we are striving to Leave a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!

Here's an example of my upcoming menu:

Freezer Meal Workshops make meal planning and prepping so easy! with @brittanysuell 

What if I don't eat certain things on the menu? 

Seriously, I have so many menus to choose from, and we can totally customize the menus if needed. There have been several people who don't eat shell fish, or pork. When that is the case, we can change the meat or just change the menu items all together! 

I want to work with you to make it fit your family's needs. 

Isn't it Awesome! 

I am seriously loving being able to do this! I really feel like it's a way for me to spread the Leave Your Legacy Lifestyle in person with people. To share with them my passion of helping families make healthy choices! 

Plus, I am working with some to host LONG DISTANCE FREEZER MEAL WORKSHOPS! 

So, if you are local, obviously you can sign up for an upcoming workshop! If you are long distance but this interests you, then let me know, I can contact you and we can customize a workshop for you and your friends! 

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Have you ever attended anything like this before? 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


As a sidenote, along with hosting these Freezer Meal Workshops, I am a consultant for Velata. That is the brand of seasonings/rubs that we use for the workshop. They are all non-GMO, diary, nut, soy free, and totally yummy! 

Freezer Meal Workshops make meal planning and prepping so easy! with @brittanysuell