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The Regrets of a Pregnant Woman....'s been a little over a week since I found out I was pregnant!  Pregnancy Announcement: The Regrets of a Pregnant Woman

Anyways I will say that even just this past week has been super hard on me! I have had zero energy, and have crap! I have had no desire to cook food, and a huge desire just to go out and grab fast food when I'm hungry. 

I have been good at eating fruit when I need a snack. Either that or saltine crackers. It keeps coming to mind for me though what my doctor said when I went to my 10 week appointment for my son Zander's pregnancy. My husband asked how important nutrition was at this time.....(we had several arguments over my lack of nutrition in the first trimester of that pregnancy), and the doctor said...."Right now, it's really just about surviving and eating what she can." Ahhhh.....such a sigh of relief. So I am trying to keep that in mind during this time as well....although it is super hard. 

I will say I have truly been craving and wanting cereal! 

Now, if you don't remember, back in January 2015, I made the commitment to go SUGAR FREE!! That's right, I gave up sugar all together! In drinks, in foods, period. I was done with sugar. And it has been a great year so far! I have loved this lifestyle of not worrying about eating sugar and having that guilty feeling after a long weekend. I have even had fun in the kitchen trying out new recipes. Right now though, the last thing I want to do is be in the kitchen. 

And when I'm craving cereal, and EVERY SINGLE CEREAL has sugar in it, I won't lie, the Regrets of a Pregnant Woman start coming out. 

Like did I really commit to that? 

Doesn't pregnancy dismiss that? 

Surely all my followers would understand!? 

But no, I am staying committed! Even through these pregnancy cravings! I have loved this sugar free lifestyle and I knew if I got pregnant it would be hard. BUT, I want this to continue being my life even after 2015. Many have asked if I will stay sugar free after the year is up. (My original commitment was the year 2015). And my answer is YES I will stay sugar free! 

For now though, I will keep begging my husband to cook for me while I lay on the couch, or take me out when he just can't do it. And I will keep working hard at staying fit as well! I want this pregnancy to be a fit one! And I know if I stay away from cereal and all the other sugar cravings, I will not gain 70lbs like I did in my first pregnancy! 

The Regrets of a Pregnant WomanPregnancy Announcement

I'll be sharing more on my desire to have a fit pregnancy next week, but for now, I will say that it has been so helpful to have the #BOSUStrong Challenge pushing me to be committed and stay fit! I love challenges with Fit Approach! They are inspiring and fun! 

Plus my little man loves working out on the BOSU with me too! Plus if you include valslides, or paper plates under your feet along with a Bosu, you are getting an incredible workout!! That's what I did today for some side lunges. I put valslides under my feet and slid them out and back in for lunges! It was super hard!!! 

The #BOSUStrong Challenge with Fit Approach is fun and motivating! Try this BOSU workout!!

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Top 2 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

This conversation has come up a lot lately with my friends, so I thought it was time to discuss how you can prepare for a HEALTHY PREGNANCY! So I'm sharing my Top 2 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy! That's right, just two tips! Start now, get active and healthy and use these 2 Tips for a healthy pregnancy!

Yesterday I shared about setting goals and creating new habits, and doing them successfully. I shared how I created an entire new lifestyle after having my son in April 2014. But let's go back to my pregnancy. What was my lifestyle like when I was pregnant. 

Let's just say it wasn't pretty! 

Right before I got pregnant, I was up in weight from my "normal" weight. I was weighing closer to 160-163lbs, when I usually had stayed around 150. I was struggling, and miserable. I couldn't fit into any of my blue jeans. (that might be where my dislike for blue jeans comes from), and I remember a lot of clothes were just tight and uncomfortable. Which was very annoying. 

So when I got pregnant I started off heavier than normal, and then gradually, and it felt slow, like it crept in. Overall I gained around 70lbs total in my pregnancy. Now I didn't feel giant or like I was obese, but in studying for the ACE exam I will be taking soon, I realized that the average weight gain for a pregnant woman is 25-35lbs, and I classified as obese. 

Now many people will say, it's okay you were pregnant. Or who cares, you lost it all after. Which is all semi-true, but I didn't have a healthy pregnancy. Prior to being pregnant I was running (about to start training for a half marathon), and I was doing Yoga. When I found out I was pregnant, I slowed down on running, and then when the first trimester tiredness comas hit, I quit running all together! (BAD MISTAKE!) Because when you are a runner and enjoy running, and you can't run for 9 plus months! Wow, you miss it and regret letting the tiredness get the best of you those first several weeks! 



Keep moving! Whatever you have been doing, keep doing it! Get an accountability partner, your neighbor, friend, or spouse to help get you off the couch and move! Whether that's running, a workout class or the gym, GO! Move! 

If you don't, and you take the first trimester off, then you are making it harder, or impossible to start back up once you gain energy back in the second trimester. For me and running, since I had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with Zander, I didn't feel like it was safe for me to try to start back up running once my energy returned and I had spent weeks not running. 

So do it now! And if you aren't pregnant but might be in the future or want to be, the same goes for you! GET MOVING! Start getting healthy now, start exercising now! Get your body used to exercise so that when you get pregnant it's normal, and okay to continue! So that your pregnancy will be healthy from the beginning! Same goes for you, get a partner that will help encourage and motivate you to do so! 

If you are wanting to get pregnant, you don't need to STOP what you are doing. It's safe and helpful to continue working out at the pace that you always have. It's late, later in the pregnancy where because of energy and extra weight you might need to cut back slightly. (that's more for intense workouts, like cross fit, weight lifting or marathon running. Not for general workouts). 

 Also in my pregnancy, I ate crap! I fell into the lie of..."I'm PREGNANT." Enough said probably. But somewhere along the way we are taught that because we are pregnant, we can have whatever the heck we want. 

First I ate too many Dairy Queen Blizzards and too much ice cream, or let's just say desserts in general. And I've recently realized that I tend to resort back to childhood cravings when I'm sick, lonely, or feel sorry for myself. Or in the case of pregnancy get that..."I deserve it!" feeling. You know what I'm talking about right? Anyways, I tend to crave crap-processed food like what I ate growing up. Even recently when I was sick, all I wanted was a box of Captain Crunch.....but I resisted. During pregnancy, I went through phases of getting a new sugary cereal every week. Eating bagel bites and hot pockets, and I even ate some Spaghetti-O's at some point there. ALL CRAP!



If you aren't pregnant now, but know you will be or want to be, start eating healthy now! Don't wait to make the changes, get healthy now! For your sake and the sake of your future baby! 

If you are pregnant, get rid of the mentality that you can eat whatever you want because, "I'M PREGNANT!" That does not mean your body can take crap and still feel good and be healthy! Pregnancy doesn't have to be 9 months of being miserable and having no energy! FUEL YOUR BODY right and I bet you will have more energy and feel better, plus your baby will be healthier from the start, and hopefully you will gain an appropriate amount of pregnancy weight which will benefit you post-pregnancy when trying to lose it. 

Do the same thing you would do when you aren't pregnant. Set boundaries for yourself. Get your spouse to help keep you accountable when buying groceries! Find healthy snacks! If you need to, make 1 cheat day or cheat meal a week to eat something that's not healthy. Follow the 80-20 rule. Eat well 80% of the time and allow yourself to cheat/have slips 20% of the time! I wrote about the 80-20 rule and how to grocery shop in a previous post, get tips here! Learn how to make healthy snacks and desserts! I have an entire archive that I am constantly adding to full of yummy mostly desserts that are SUGAR FREE, and usually made with a healthy flour (i.e. coconut or almond flour). Learn to make these when you want something sweet. Even if it's every day! At least it's not full of sugar and crap! Get access to those HERE! I've already decided that for my next pregnancy I will teach my husband to make me some of these yummy goodies, so that he can make them for me! 

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I know that my next pregnancy will be a healthier one! I had an incredible birth experience, you can read the entire thing HERE. And I have no doubt that part of that happened due to the consistency of Yoga that I did throughout my pregnancy. I taught and did Yoga up until a week before giving birth. 

Start now, get active and healthy and use these 2 Tips for a healthy pregnancy!

I am excited to continue my healthy lifestyle and working out consistently (more than just yoga) through my next pregnancy and see how the birth experience compares. Even the pregnancy itself. I know that I will feel better, be able to do more things, etc. because I will continue working out and fueling my body with real foods! 

I remember when I first gave up sugar in January I was afraid I would get pregnant and couldn't have sugar! hahaha Now I am excited. I am excited for the challenge of creating more recipes that are yummy, feed that sweet pregnant tooth, and are sugar free and semi-healthy! 

So if you are pregnant, or will be in the future, I hope you will take my tips, and put them to use! IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your pregnancy and birth experience! 

Let's start early and LEAVE A HEALTHY & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE even before our babies are here, or maybe before they are even created. Even if you are young and not looking towards a baby! Get healthy NOW! Make your life better for you to start with! 

How was your first pregnancy? Healthy, or not so much? 

What are you doing now to be healthy and active? 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!




30lbs Down 2 Weeks Post Baby

Tomorrow my baby is officially 2 weeks old! Isn't he just perfect!


I am very aware that I need to take it slow getting back into working out, but to be honest....I am so ready!!

I am especially ready to start running again, I can't wait to start training for another half! I am hoping to knock one out in the Fall!!

Anyways, I know I have several more weeks of taking it easy and healing before I can get started in the workout department, but I am happy to share that I am down 30lbs!

I gained about 55lbs while being pregnant, and I haven't been perfect on the eating scale post baby, but I have upped my game and started eating more healthy since having the baby.  That, plus nursing, and the natural losing of baby weight, and I am so excited to be down 30lbs!

Here is a picture of me the day I was headed to the hospital.


And here I am today!



I have been wearing this Belly Bandit off and on since having the baby.  I won it in a Facebook giveaway this past summer, and heard that these type of bands are very helpful on teaching your stomach muscles to go back to normal.  So I have decided to try to wear it as much as possible.  Although I was having some lower back pain the past week and a half, and the strong belt support felt like it caused more pain at times, so I didn't wear it all the time.  I do feel like it helps support me though.  And, the day after in the hospital when I put it on, it barely went around me.  Now I have stretched it to the end of the velcro, so that's a good sign.


Anyways, just thought I would update you all on where I'm at.  & I look forward to sharing my journey to my post baby body with y'all in the next couple of months!!

little signautres

Yoga Challenge During My Last Month of Pregnancy....Why Not!?!?


I am almost 35 weeks pregnant! Next week will be a month from my due date! I cannot wait to have my sweet baby boy here with us!

Until then though, to pass the time I thought I would join in on a little Instagram Yoga Challenge!!

I decided to join some of my favorite Insta Yogis in a challenge called  Back Bend Madness! #backbendmadness

I mean what better way to pass my last month of pregnancy than to be in a Yoga Challenge!

I would love to have some of you join in with me! I got my mom to join, and this is her first ever yoga challenge.  She has only just started doing yoga for the past few months, and has learned to love it.  It is extra challenging for her too, because her back has always given her problems, so throughout the challenge she has commented several times about having a stiff back.  What better way to fix that though, than to practice back bends. All that to say, anyone can do it, because my mom is rocking it! Plus the hosts share multiple versions that you can try, from beginners to advanced, so you can always choose what is best for you!

CaptureHere's the entire month's challenge, and we are only on Day 7, so it's not too late to join!

Here are some of my back bends from the challenge so far!








So there are my first 6 days of the #BackBendMadness Instagram Challenge!!

It is a lot of fun to do it along with people that you know so that you can keep each other accountable to remember to post, and encourage each other along the way! That is why it is so fun that my mom is doing it with me! So if you are interested at all in joining, follow me on INSTAGRAM and tag me @NFSisters!!! I would love to see your posts!

And remember, don't be intimidated, Yoga is all of being true to yourself and doing what you can do, with no comparison to others! You have to listen to your body, and there are always variations for every body type and skill level!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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