2014 #FitFabFuelSwap Link-Up!

Wahoo! I hope everyone had as much fun as we did for the 2014 #FitFabFuelSwap! 

holiday swap link up

And, if you missed it, don't worry, Running With SD Mom & myself definitely want to do this again! So keep an eye out for all the fun next year!

Anyways, though, I cannot wait to see what everyone got! So be sure to link up your blog post below, and/or tag us when you post your goodies on social media! @NFSisters & @RunningwithSD #FitFabFuelSwap

My partner was the amazing Heather Valentine from One Fit Mother.

It was so fun getting to know Heather. I feel like if we lived in the same place we would definitely be friends! Although she's big into strength training, check out this cute pic of her and her daughter doing a Yoga Challenge, "Tall Tree, Lil Tree, & Christmas Tree!"


You can check out more cuteness and inspiration on her One Fit Mother Facebook Page!

So.... now on to my goodies that she sent me for the #FitFabFuelSwap!


She sent me this adorable scarf, which I wore, and forgot to take a picture of. But it's super cute, and soft, and warm! The perfect thing to fuel me through the winter!

& the ornament!


OMG I love this ornament! It's made from clay, and it's another Tree on a Christmas Tree! I love it!

Maybe one day I can have a Christmas tree full or workout ornaments! They are just so unique and fun!!


So let's see it. what's on your tree from your swap partner, and what is fueling you through the winter!?

If you didn't participate, tell me, what is your FAVORITE ORNAMENT on your tree! Post a picture and tag me @NFSisters & #FitFabFuelSwap 

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#FitFabFuelSwap Pairings - REVEALED!


Wahoo! Let's get this thing started! Today we reveal the  Fit Fab Fuel Swap partners!

holiday swap

Here is how it will work.  Head over to Running with SD Mom FIRST! Find out your number there, after you find out your number, come back here, find the same number, and that is who you are matched with!! Make sense?

DRUMROLL Please....

  1. Anna Sherwood
  2. Janelle Martell
  3. Dawn Gibbons
  4. Mary Beth Jackson
  5. Lisa Tran
  6. Kristen Kupperman
  7. Smitha Arons
  8. Lora Mays
  9. Kimberly Green
  10. Amanda Cotcher
  11. Sue Tate
  12. Heather Walter
  13. Erica Agran
  14. Stacey Privia
  15. Mindy Bobe
  16. Jen Schomaker
  17. Kim Prytherch
  18. Heather Valentine
  19. Brittany Suell
  20. Esther McNary
  21. Lauren Seserko
  22. Upala Kumar
  23. Amber Foss
  24. Bonnie Wilson
  25. Katrina Jensen
  26. Whitney Rankin
  27. Larisa Dixon
  28. Rachel Oetting
  29. Kay Lynn Akers
  30. Brianna Peterson
  31. Farrah Fong
  32. John Niedzwiecki
  33. Stephanie Olson
  34. Teresa Hazel
  35. Lesley Schmidt


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Remember....Here's How It Works! 

  • Mingle: Make a new friend! Get to know your partner by messaging them, reading their blog, or through a good, old-fashioned Facebook stalking! --swap addresses!  (Each name above it connected to a blog, or social media account, so you should be able to find your partner easily!
  • PurchaseFAB Christmas Ornament for your partner & send them your favorite/go-to Winter FITness FUEL (Fuel examples: your favorite coffee, winter headband, or protein bar, something that fuels you through winter) ($15 spending limit)
  • Ship your ornament & fuel by December 8 so that your partner can enjoy their new ornament on their tree for Christmas this year!
  • Link Up! December 17th! Write a blog post or for non-bloggers, share on social media then come link up! Include the following:
    • A link back to both of the hosts' blogs (Running with SD Mom & Naturally Fit Sisters) & your partner's blog
    • Tell us all about your partner
    • Show off your FAB ornament, and your Winter FITness FUEL
    • Share on your social media channels, and tag your partner, and the hosts (@RunningwithSD & @NFSisters & use #FitFabFuelSwap

Please message me if you have any questions!



Working Out vs. An Active Lifestyle

Do you ever struggle with getting your workout in? Why is it that when it comes to living a busy life, that exercising is always the first thing to get put on the back burner?

Today I'm linking up with Jill Conyers & The Fit Switch with #DishtheFit to talk about How to Simplify the Active Lifestyle.

Processed with Moldiv


Take these three tips, and take Working Out from being just a duty, something you have to check off your list, and instead lets change your lifestyle to be more active, so that exercising is something you do naturally, out of passion and priority rather than duty.

1) Become Passionate about Working Out, And Make It A Priority

Next time you work out, really become aware of the feelings you have in the hours and day following your workout. What emotions come up, how do you feel about yourself, what does the exercise, endorphin "high" do to you!?  I'm sure if you were to describe the workout high you feel, you might use some of these words:

motivated Now fall in love with those feelings! Make those feelings something you have to have!

2) Let Active Living Be A Part of Your Every Day Life

Now here is the key part! Once you become passionate about being active, and getting that workout high becomes a priority, now it's time to let that saturate every part of your life.

This means in the office, that you desire to take the stairs, or the long walk around the building just so you can move and get active. This means that when you don't have time to go to the gym at night or in the morning, that you take your workout clothes, and you get moving during your lunch break.  Because even 30 minutes of activity feels better than none. This means that when it comes to deciding what to do as a family over the weekend, that you are looking into events or activities that get the entire family moving together.

It's easy, when being active becomes something you are passionate about, then it is at the forefront of your mind.  So you are constantly looking for active things to do in your every day life, (not just going to the gym).

3) Get Around Other People Who Are Passionate About Active Living

Do you know how hard it is to love being active and have friends who just want to do is sit around and talk or go to the movies all the time.  That does not make it easy for you to get active.  You need friends who enjoy working out and being active.

You need friends who will go take a kickboxing class with you just for fun, or come over to practice Acro-Yoga with you. You need friends that want to go on a weekend hiking trip with you and enjoy being outdoors and moving just as much as you do.

Even if it's as simple as walking together while you talk.  I do this with my friends all the time.

And like Chalene Johnson always says, "If your friends don't work out with you, then GET NEW FRIENDS!"  Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, really though, isn't there a little truth in that?


So there you have it! It's simple, 3 easy steps to take exercising form Working Out to An Active Lifestyle!

Make it a Priority! 

Saturate Your Life With Being Active! 

Surround Yourself With Active People! 

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Fit, Fab, & Fuel Holiday Swap!

holiday swap

Join us for the 1st Annual Fit, Fab, & Fuel Holiday Swap, hosted by Running with SD Mom & Naturally Fit Sisters.

I'm so excited to team up with Smitha from Running with SD Mom this year to host a Holiday Swap! Plus, who doesn't love getting awesome mail, and meeting a new friend!  (You don't have to be a blogger to participate)
Here's how it works:
1) To sign up, please fill out this FORM & TWEET telling everyone you SIGNED UP
Sign up will run today (11/17) through Monday, November 24th.
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2) On Monday, December 3rd, we will announce partners on our blogs and y'all can exchange addresses.

*If you sign up, please get in touch with your partner in a timely fashion to get their mailing information*
3) Take some time to get to know your partner, check out their blog and Facebook page/profile to see what they like.  Or maybe message them and get to know them some on a more personal level!
*We would love for you to make a new friend. Friendships you make on social networks can be awesome!*
4) Purchase a FAB Christmas Ornament for your partner & send them your favorite/go-to Winter FITness FUEL (Fuel examples: your favorite coffee, winter headband, or protein bar, something that fuels you through winter) ($15 spending limit)
5) Ship your ornament and fuel by December 8th so that your partner can enjoy their new ornament on their tree for Christmas this year!
6) Blog about the swap and the goodies you got! We will have a link-up on both of our blogs on December 17th so we can show off our new ornaments! On the linkup, please include the following:
-A link back to both of the hosts blogs (Running with SD Mom & Naturally Fit Sisters)
-At least 5 AWESOME things about your exchange partner (another reason to get to know them)
-A photo of your FAB ornament, and your Winter FITness FUEL
-A link back to your partners blog
-Share a photo on one or all of your social media sites and tag your partner and the hosts (@RunningwithSD & @NFSisters) & use #FitFabFuelSwap please
*For non-bloggers please just post to your social media sites with the info above

And if you want to spread the word, use this button to put on your blog and invite more people!

We hope you will join us, and have a Fit, Fab, & Fueled Christmas!

Well-Living Wednesday & My Fave Way to Eat Sweet Potatoes

It's Well-Living Wednesday, and today I'm sharing with you my favorite way to eat sweet making Sweet Potato Chips!

Last week in my post "I want to be just like you," I wrote about how we need to be examples to our children, and those around us by choosing a healthy lifestyle, rather than going along with the fast paced life of processed snacks and fast food meals!

It's easy to use the excuse of not knowing what healthy snack alternatives to choose, so I'm going to make it easy by giving you some ideas! Recently in my house we have started making Sweet Potato Chips on a weekly basis! They are such a yummy way to eat sweet potatoes, and a great alternative to a bag of process chips! 10733374_305937026266004_989273959_n

Sweet Potato Chips

-Peel the sweet potatoes, then use the slicer side of the cheese grater to cut the sweet potatoes into chip style strips.  Toss the strips in a bowl with olive oil, then lay them out on a pan. (Using a pizza pan with holes in it cooks them the best) Lightly sprinkle with salt.  Cook at 200 degrees for 2 hours. (or you can put them in a dehydrator.)

Like my Kale Chip Recipe, these never seem to make it further than the pan.  Every time we make them, we stand over the finished product and eat them all up, even when I am trying to save some for later! They are that good!

So make the choice this week to switch out the bags of processed potato chips in your pantry for some homemade Sweet Potato Chips! & if you like those, then be sure to check out my recipe for Kale Chips and add those to your weekly snack rotation as well!

There are so many great options, and I'm sure the entire family will love them!

Here are my Weightloss stats for the week:

Week 13: -1.1lbs

Week 14: -.2lbs 

Week 15: -1.3 lbs (152lbs) Total: -8.6lbs

I would love to hear if you try one of my chip recipes, and comment below with your favorite healthy snack!

What is your favorite healthy snack!??



Motivation Monday


I've decided to start something new!


I'll keep this part short, but basically, we want you to know WHY we do what we do! So we are going to share that through Motivation Monday, and hopefully you will be inspired to be a better you, to BELIEVE in yourself, to CHOOSE to make a difference in your life, and to IMPACT those around you along the way!

So to start, we are the NATURALLY FIT SISTERSobviously. 

We decided to start this fitness blog, NOT because we are perfect. NOT because we only eat WHOLE foods and never go out to eat, or have a craving for fast food or munchy junk food.  NOT because we work out 10 times a week. NOT because we have 0% body fat.

NO, we decided to start Naturally Fit Sisters blog because we are just like you.  Normal people, with normal struggles.  We grew up on McDonald's Happy Meals.  As adults though we found a love for fitness....starting with running.  We worked through our busy lives to try and stay healthy through exercise, but that didn't mean we were perfect, and we still aren't.

We are two mom's, who have a desire to raise our families to be ACTIVE and HEALTHY together.  To make choices early in our children's life that will make their choices later in life easier to make.  Eating healthy is a struggle for us, but we CHOOSE to eat good foods so that our children eat good foods.  We want to make a difference in our children's lives and fight the major childhood obesity problem that is happening in the US today. We want to plan active fun things for our families to do together.

AND, we want to take care of ourselves and love our own selves FIRST! So that we are teaching our children to be fit, not so that they feel they need to be perfect, but so that they are healthy and able to do fun active things.  We want to LOVE ourselves, so that we are teaching our children to have high self-esteem and to love themselves.

And we want to MOTIVATE YOU along the way! We want to share with you in our journey, the good the bad, the successes and the failures!

We want you to know that we are REAL people trying to make a difference, starting with our own families, with the hopes that you will be motivated to make small changes in your life that will trickle down into your family and your community as well!

So there you have it folks, our first MOTIVATION MONDAY! & a little realness of who we are!