Chicken Coop & Garden Box #MommyMonday

April is over, and we achieved our Spring Time, Easter goal....we got chicks, and built them a coop! I mentioned at the end of March that we were getting chicks. I told my husband that's what I wanted as an Easter gift! (Easter is my fav. holiday, so I definitely expect a gift hahaha) So we got chicks, and planned out what we wanted our coop to look like.  Modern Chicken Coop with Garden Box by @brittanysuell 

We looked all over Pinterest for various coop ideas/designs, and combined some that we liked to create our own! SIDENOTE about us: My husband and I actually own our own business called Simply Suell.  We do a lot of custom furniture orders. People will end us photos from Pinterest or West Elm and we build the furniture for them to fit their home, and usually cheaper than those more expensive upscale furniture places. We also sell smaller items on Etsy. (You can see some of our builds on our Instagram.) So I told him we were going to need to build our own coop for the chicks! Here's what we ended up with. 

We have a large area on the bottom for them, (the run), where we keep their feed and water. Then the ladder leads up to their top coop. There we have an open space with some roosting areas, and there are three large laying boxes for them. We thought that was plenty for our 8 chickens. 

Also, on the top part, there is an outdoor hinge door, (notice the top right) that leads right to the laying boxes. That will make it easy for us to collect the eggs, and clean the coop. 

The great thing about this coop, is we used mostly reclaimed wood, and wire/metal that my dad brought to us. Meaning we spent $0 on it. Well except for the purple paint. I wanted to add a fun pop of color to my backyard, so I had to buy some paint for it! Then my husband had the idea of making it look modern by putting cedar wood stripes horizontally around it. I really like the way it turned out. 

Modern Chicken Coop with Garden Box by @brittanysuell


I also made this super cute "The Suell Farm" sign to add some fun to our coop! 

And, we bought herbs this past weekend and I got my garden box planted. I planted lavender, rosemary, basil, lemon balm, spearmint, ginger mint, and a chocolate mint! 

I am so excited to use some of the mint in my summer drinks. On my April Podcast/Vlog I mentioned that missing out on summery drinks might be hard, but I'm so excited to create my own. Even just a lemon-mint water sounds wonderful! Or, I'm super excited to try making a yummy chocolate-mint cocktail! How good does that sound! Stay tuned and I will share my recipes with y'all!

Now I just have to get my chickens to start laying eggs instead of trying to do Yoga with me! 

We are so excited to have chickens and fresh eggs anytime we want. Plus, we love that our son will grow up helping with the chickens and getting eggs, etc. I know it may seem like a small thing, but having something like this to help with every day creates work ethic inside a child, even from a small age. Plus when he helps with the chickens, then gets to see the reward of his work (eggs), and eat the eggs, there is so much to be learned through that simple task. #MommyMonday

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We Got Chicks + A Sweet Tooth Recipe that doesn't contain sugar! I mentioned last week, we got chicks!!! 

I took Zander to the feed store with me, and we got to pick out all 8 of our chicks! 

We got chicks! The beginning stages of raising chickens for eggs with @brittanysuell


We got chicks! The beginning stages of raising chickens for eggs with @brittanysuell

Here's a glimpse of them in their new home, the DIY brooder that we made.  We got 7 hens for egg laying, and one meat chicken (fyi that means after we raise it, we will kill it) sad for some, but just realize, we are helping that chick fulfill it's destiny! 

We got chicks! The beginning stages of raising chickens for eggs with @brittanysuell 

They will stay in this brooder for about a month under a heat lamp, then we will move them outside to their new coop. (that we will build!)

We got chicks! The beginning stages of raising chickens for eggs with @brittanysuell 

After getting them all settled in to their home, we introduced the chicks to Zander! He gently petted them, but also kept one eye on them. He was not sure about these little guys! 

We got chicks! The beginning stages of raising chickens for eggs with @brittanysuell

 On a different note, since giving up sugar over 2 months ago, honestly I haven't been craving a lot of sweets much. Today however, it was mid-afternoon, and I got the craving for something sweet. So, in the midst of Pinteresting homemade rolls for dinner, I came across a banana bread recipe, and decided I had to make that! 

So I changed up a couple of things to fit me, and made some banana bread that turned out to be super yummy for me, and a perfect afternoon snack. Plus, I made it grain-free which is great since we still aren't giving Zander any grains, so he got to have his first taste of bread today! 

Banana Bread Recipe, No Eggs or Grains! Easy, and super yummy! by @brittanysuell

Now I will be honest, the texture of this bread is not like your normal bread. It's a little banana-y which can come off a little too moist to some people...aka my husband. But, when you have given up sugar or if you are used to baking with bananas, then you get used to this, and honestly it tasted great! 

Zander and I enjoyed a little snack picnic on the porch with our Banana Bread!  Banana Bread Recipe, No Eggs or Grains! Easy, and super yummy! by @brittanysuell

Banana Bread Recipe, No Eggs or Grains! Easy, and super yummy! by @brittanysuell

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What's your go-to healthy, but sweet tooth snack??