birthday celebration

How I Celebrated My 28th Birthday!

Yesterday I told y'all to come back today to really celebrate my birthday! So thank you all who have come back!!!  So yes, I had an amazing night! My husband was awesome and planned a perfect night with friends! We used a rental home where he cooked fajitas for us, with some amazing salsa and guac (two of my faves). We hung out, chatted, then played a great game! Some of my closest people were there, making it just as special and showering me with gifts! A great way to celebrate my 28th BIRTHDAY! 

But.....when my friends came, they didn't know that I actually had a surprise for them as well! 

It was the best part of the night, and the part that I had been looking forward to the most! 

I was done opening presents and my husband pronounced that he had one more gift for me. He made it clear that it was a big deal and super special. He had his camera ready and all of my friends were skeptical and on edge. He even asked them all to move to one side of the table so he could video just me and my response. 

Then, when the time came, he handed me a jewelry box.....I opened it, and you can see the rest here


And as my official Yogi Announcement, here it is! 

Yoga Pregnancy Announcement

That's right! I'm entering the world of pregnancy again! Whew! I'm super excited and also still a little in shock! Can't believe next year at this time I will have 2 children! hahaha I have already begun to feel the brunt of the first trimester! I have been extremely tired and feel the urgency to eat like all day long! It hasn't been easy so far, but I'm praying for more energy and motivation to get things done. Especially since I am a blogger and business owner, I've got to find the motivation somewhere to be able to get it all done!