That's's NATIONAL COFFEE DAY! So you know what I'll be doing...all day long!  Happy National Coffee Day + A GIVEAWAY

Let me tell you why I love coffee! 

1) I love the atmosphere that coffee sets....

  • A cozy morning on a cool day
  • A hot mug while reading a book
  • Snuggled by the fire with a warm drink
  • Early morning smell drifting through your house
  • All things Fall, Winter, and Christmas! 
  • Long conversations with friends
  • Oh the flavors...the flavors you get with coffees do so much on their own
  • Vacation, and coffee shops! 
  • Sitting on my back porch and taking in the morning, but starting first with coffee

2) Coffee is inspiring! 

  • Coffee makes me want to get up and move
  • Coffee makes me happier to run around town doing errands
  • When I drink coffee I feel like I'm a better person
  • I read more when I drink coffee
  • I feel better on long runs when I've had coffee before

3) I love drinking coffee with other people! 

  • Conversations are just better when you have a hot coffee in your hand
  • A coffee shop is a good place to meet a new or old friend
  • Coffee takes away the pressure to always hang out with people around meal times! It gives you something to do while chatting with friends, but not having to stuff your face while doing so! 
  • Even the idea of being at a coffee shop alone, but knowing others are drinking it too....makes you feel good! 

4) I love the taste! 

  • At Home: flavored coffee+half-n-half+honey
  • At a coffee shop: house coffee+honey+steamed half-n-half
  • When I need to: I'll drink it black

5) Coffee makes inspirational quotes and t-shirts more fun! (some of my favs)

  • "All I need is a little bit of coffee, and a whole lot of Jesus"
  • "I don't need anymore coffee....said no one ever" 
  • "This house runs on love, laughter, and lots of strong coffee."
  • "Coffee is a hug in a mug" 
  • "Coffee before Talkie" 

So while we are on the subject of Coffee shirts, how about a GIVEAWAY!!! 

Want to WIN this "But First Coffee" shirt???

Happy National Coffee Day + A GIVEAWAY


(winner will be chosen at the end of the week)

Visit my Instagram for more chances to WIN!

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Also, check out all the places you can get FREE COFFEE today! Here's a list

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Albion Fit Review + Giveaway

  @Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell

Have I mentioned to you guys that I love my job!? As of July 2014, I am a stay-at-home-mom, well I really like to call myself a work-at-home-mom.  Obviously I get the pleasure of being home with my son and enjoying everyday life with him, but along with that, I blog, I am the social media/marketing manager for a local shoe store, and I am a Yoga instructor.  All of these things have one great thing in common! I can wear Yoga pants every day of my life, and no one judges me!

When I was younger I wanted to be a coach when I grew up just so I could wear workout clothes everyday. Well, it turns out, you don't have to be a coach for that, you just have to be a mom! Yay, I win! When it comes to workout clothes though, I still like to look cute.  I love finding workout clothes that I can wear to workout in, whether I'm at my Stroller Strides Class, teaching Yoga, or out on a run, but also that I can throw on a STAPLE PIECE, and go out in public and still look nice.  For many, a staple piece is a cardigan. Lately, my staple piece has been my Target vest! I'm loving this vest, and it especially looks good with this Albion Fit Go Long Crew with thumb-holes.

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell

Seriously, I have been living in this long sleeve crew neck shirt lately. I love the look paired with my vest and classic leggings, but it's also been great to have for my training runs in 40 or 50 degree whether.

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell

I first found Albion because of their incredible Vintage Swimsuits! Seriously they are some of the cutest suits I have ever seen, and very original and fun styles.  I may have to talk my husband into getting me one of their swimsuits for our anniversary cruise this summer! (hint,hint)

Now when I first saw their products, I thought the price might be a little steep...I can't help it, I tend to be a cheapo. After reviewing the Go Long Crew, and getting to feel, and wear the product, I knew that it was high quality and worth the price.  Which seems fitting sense the Albion mission statement is this:

Albion’s mission is to provide WOMEN with the most luxurious, flattering, and hassle-free  FITNESS AND LEISURE apparel on the market.  They are family owned.  They believe in quality, fair practices, and green living.  And did I say quality?

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell

The material is incredible. The colors are vibrant.  The seams are tight, and the shirt feels secure on. The fabric is light weight, yet not see through. The shirt is long, which I LOVE! It's flattering to the body, from the chest, torso, down to the hips.  And the thumb-holes add even more to the shirt.  Obviously thumb-holes can be cute, but let me just say, during my cold Texas runs this week, I have appreciate the extra coverage over my hands.  The shirt is practical for working out, but also easy to transition into your normal day! Like I said....just add your STAPLE PIECE!

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell


Now for the awesome part! How would you like to own one of these Albion Go Long Crew shirts!? Because one lucky WINNER will get one, and you will get to pick the color, and they have a ton of great colors!

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell


Just head over to my INSTAGRAM for all the details on how to WIN!


After getting 2 entries from Instagram, and if you want a 3rd chance to WIN, you can PIN your favorite Albion product and tag @AlbionFit & @BrittanySuell and leave a comment on this post with the link to your PIN! (But remember, this is just an extra entry, you have to enter on Instagram first)

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10 Days of Christmas Giveaway #8! Stay Energized! & #FridayFive

It's Day #8 already...Which means, we are almost to the end of our 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway. So stick around, and keep entering in to win each day, because there are still some great prizes to give out! Plus, to end the GIVEAWAY, we have a BIG GIVEAWAY, and it's a surprise! But let me just tell you it is perfect for the winter month! And you are going to want to WIN!

10 days of ChristmasThis weekend I am visiting family, and I plan to take some time out of my weekend, to enjoy my new Lorna Jane, Move. Nourish. Believe Diary, and do some seriously Goal setting and dreaming for 2015! Get ready to hear all about it next week!


I can't believe how close Christmas is! Who is ready!?!?! Not me, I don't feel like I'm having enough time in December to enjoy the season, it is just flying by! Speaking of the winter season, here are a few of the things I love to do during the winter !

 5 Favorite Winter Activities! 

1) Enjoying the night in with my family! Staying home, baking or making some festive Christmas food, having hot drinks (coffee or hot chocolate), and watching a cheesy Christmas movie! 

2) Christmas crafts! I am a big crafting person! I love making stuff....actually this year, almost all of our gifts we are giving are handmade! I sew, and we also make wood gifts (actually something you may not know about me is that my husband and I own our own business.....Check it out at this link>>Simply Suell

3) Santa Land! I am from a small town in East Texas, and a few towns

over is a place called Santa Land! It's several miles of extreme Christmas light exhibits that you drive your car through. There is always a huge line, but it is well worth it! I love going there every year! 

4) Family traditions---coming to East Texas to visit our family.  And although at times the going from house to house visiting everyone seems chaotic, I also find such joy in the chaos and tradition of each family! I love being with family, the festiveness of the days, the warm foods and drinks, the time we spend just's very peaceful! 

5) The challenge of staying motivated in winter...WHAT!?!?! Yes this is actually becoming one of my favorite things.  I know that winter can be hard for fitness and health....I know because I have experienced not keeping up with my normal routine or eating habits. But the challenge is fun! It brings me together with people! Whether it's my online friends that I am in a #HolidaySweat Challenge with, or with you guys on my Facebook page, or with my running accountability partner, or with my mom. We all know the feeling of messing up when we travel, and when we celebrate with family, and when we get out of the routine.  So it's fun to band together and motivate/encourage one another to do better this year! I am loving the community and accountability I am receiving in all these areas! 



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We've already talked about how hard it can be to stay happy and motived during the winter, in this post, "How to Beat the Winter Blues." So today, as a little encouragement to stay energized through this season of cold and dark days, I'm giving away a bundle of Clif Energy Shots!

Day 8

Take your training to the next level this winter with this bundle of Clif Energy Shots!

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10 Days of Christmas Giveaway Day 6 #SweatPink

Welcome to Day #6 of the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

10 days of Christmas

I am lucky to have been a part of an awesome Ambassador program and online fitness community for the past several years.....

SWEAT PINK! by FitApproach


You can find this badge sitting proudly on my blog sidebar!

Being a Sweat Pink Ambassador has some great perks, and enables me to try new products, so that I can share them with you all, and sometimes give things away! (And we all love Giveaways right!), but more than that....being a Sweat Pink Ambassador has opened me up to a whole world of an online fitness community that so many people don't even know exists!

I have made some awesome friendships with women around the world!

I have learned so much about blogging from other awesome bloggers!

I have been encouraged to run half marathons, and try new workouts from them!

I am inspired daily to be a better me and go after my dreams because of all that they do and achieve!

I am a part of some awesome challenges like the #HolidaySweat Challenge where I get to interact with them and am motivated to be a better me and make awesome changes in my life!

Basically, it's pretty FREAKING AWESOME to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

And I want to share the love with you!

One way we let people know we are Ambassadors, and one way we spread the kick-butt attitude is by wearing #SweatPinkLaces! That's right, men and women around the world have been encouraged by these laces, and wear them proudly, reminding them to give their all, and push through the pain.  To take chances, believe in themselves, and achieve big things!


So today, one lucky WINNER is going to get to "Join the Sweat Pink movement, and go farther, faster, in these pink shoelaces." PLUS, I am going to give you an extra pair of laces so that you can give them to someone else you know that needs encouragement and a daily reminder to KICK-BUTT at all they do!

Day 6

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Be sure to go check out Day #5 and enter to WIN a Flip Belt!!! 













Gluten Free Cooking Class


So, a few weeks ago some friends and I signed up for a Gluten Free cooking class. We decided to make it a girl's night and leave the men at home!

Naturally Fit Sisters Cooking Class

We grabbed a few bottles of wine, and drove 15 minutes down the road to a nice restaurant in a tiny Texas town called Clyde! We were really excited.  As you know, I have only recently decided to start changing my eating habits! (You can read about my choice to Eat Clean Here.) So I was very excited that not only was I going to hear from someone that cooked organically in her own kitchen, but she also has a family, and her own business.  *Is this Super Woman?* I also loved that in her profile for the class it mentioned that she used to teach yoga.  Of course you know that I love Yoga, and even though I wouldn't say my deciding to Eat Clean came straight from getting more involved in Yoga, it may have had a little to do with it.  Either way, I was very interested to hear from Jaclyn Harwell from My Organic Kitchens.

Anyways, we had such a great time! Jaclyn shared her journey that led her to start eating semi-Gluten Free, which had a lot to do with her children's behavior.  In short, her son had very out of control behavior and after going to a doctor who suggested she take her 3 year old to a psychiatrist to be put on medication she had a serious change of heart.  It was such a moving story, to see a mom share about the struggles she went through, and that she actually thought she might go through with putting her 3 year old on medication.  That is when she decided to start changing her families diet.  She started with excluding sugars from their food, and it went on from there.  It was really neat to hear her point of view, and how she literally has her own observation lab in her home.  With small children, and a very aware mother, it is easy to notice how different foods affect her children and their actions.

My Organic Kitchen

We got to watch her make various foods, and try each one! Here are the items that we got to eat!

Bell Pepper "Nachos," where she used Sauerkraut as the cheese.  Honestly, I am a very picky eater, and never eat Bell Peppers, but on this night I ate every bit of the food she served.  And I really enjoyed the bell pepper nachos, of course I felt like they were more like tacos.  I have already made them at home for my husband.

We also had a Prickly Pear Lemonade.  I think that is a specialty that the restaurant Bonterra Blu serves all the time. This was the brightest colored drink I have ever seen and it had a very good taste to it!

Next we had Cauliflower Shredded Beef Wraps, I am going to get really real with yall here and admit that I have never had cauliflower in my life! But, like I said, I ate everything, and these were actually VERY Good.  I will definitely be trying this out in my home.  Plus the beef she got from the Abilene, TX local Farmer's Market, which I am excited to try out.

Lastly, was the yummy dessert! Yes you can have dessert when eating healthy, or Gluten Free in this case.  She made us Cheesecake! It was definitely delicious, and so interesting to see that she made the crust with mostly flax seeds and dates.

I would have to say that the biggest thing I took away from this class, the thing that has impacted me the most on a daily basis since then, is to use all natural honey as a sweetener.  The weekend after the class I went to our local Farmer's Market, and purchased organic honey.  I have never been big on honey, but since then I have used it in place of my artificial sweeteners that I am used to in my coffee: TASTES GREAT, and honestly with honey and my creamer, I can't taste anything different.  I have also included it in a few recipes that call for sugar.  One was a homemade fruit roll up that my sister and I made together! (I will be sharing that yummy and all organic recipe with yall soon!)

So, I am so excited to say that I have gotten to connect with Jaclyn from My Organic Kitchen since her first class and she has graciously decided to offer one of our readers the chance to WIN a Dozen Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls!!

Naturally Fit Sisters & My Organic Kitchen

All you have to do to WIN is enter in the form below! We will pick at Winner at random next Thursday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, if you are interested, and a local, you may want to check out My Organic Kitchen's next class at Bonterra Blu! This time she will be talking about going beyond Gluten Free with a cooking demo and tasting! It's well worth it believe me.  Or if you want check out the other classes they are offering in this series! I am hoping to make one or two more before the summer is over!

Also be sure to check out My Organic Kitchen's page! She sells various foods by the dozen, and they are all yummy, organic, and Gluten Free! She also sells her food at the Abilene Farmer's Market.

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