Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshop

Wow, since I started doing more of my own Freezer Meals and prepping healthy food for my family it has made my life so much easier! Taking just a couple of hours out of my day to prep meals, that are hearty and healthy and ready to be cooked in the crockpot is an amazing use of my time. It really enables me to have more time in the evenings with my family rather than scavenging in the kitchen trying to get dinner cooked in time and missing out on time I could be spending with my family. I absolutely love it.  Now I know I shared with you all about how I have begun hosting Healthy Freezer Meal Workshops for my local people! It has gone over great! Because what's better than prepping healthy meals for your family? Prepping them with other people! Enjoying the company of others while you are super productive and get things done that will make life so much easier! 

Freezer Meal Workshops make meal planning and prepping so easy! with @brittanysuell

The only problem with this amazing idea of Freezer Meal Workshops, is that if you aren't local to me, then you can't participate!

But guess what!!!?? I figured out a way to fix the problem! 

I recently worked with someone who lives states away, and I hosted my first LONG DISTANCE FREEZER MEAL WORKSHOP!

 Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshop!  Get everything sent to your door to host your own Healthy Freezer Meal Workshop for you and your friends!

It went great! The host invited her friends, and they made a day of it! Mimosas in the morning while they meal prepped, then a lunchtime cookout! So fun right! Plus they all left from spending a day with friends and had 8-16 healthy meals ready to put in their freezer until it was time to cook them! 

I coordinated with each guest, got them all the information, and sent them the easy-to-follow grocery list. I also sent the host a Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshop Kit which included printed directions for each participant, plus all of the Velata rubs and seasonings that were needed for each recipe, and videos to help lead the workshop.

Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshop!  Get everything sent to your door to host your own Healthy Freezer Meal Workshop for you and your friends!

So what are Velata rubs you wonder? Velata rubs are made from real ingredients that taste great, and they are used in each of my healthy meals!

Velata Rubs are made from real ingredients that taste great!

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I would love to start hosting more Long Distance Freezer Meal Workshops with people like you! 

I love being able to help others make dinner time easier! I love that I'm able to show people how creating healthy meals for their family can be done and still tastes incredible! I love that by hosting these workshops, whether local or long distance that I am able to spread the LEAVE YOUR LEGACY LIFESTYLE! 

Let me help you get your evenings back, make dinner time less hectic, and be reassured that you are serving your family a healthy meal! 

To learn more about how the Healthy Freezer Meal Workshop works, go HERE

LEAVE ME A COMMENT and tell me: 

Do you ever make Freezer Meals or do any type of Meal Prep? How has it helped make life easier for you? 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!



WIN a 1 Year Premium Subscription to Grokker!

Grokker 1 Year Subscription Giveaway + the #1MillionMinutes Challengeq

How to be more EARTHY....

Happy Earth Day!! 

Earth Day 2015! How to be a little more earthy with @brittanysuell

What even is Earth Day? 

Does Earth Day have any meaning to you? 

I will admit, that in the past, Earth Day hasn't meant much to me. Other than a day to host a fun event when I worked at a university, personally, Earth Day hasn't held much meaning for me. 

Earth Day is a great day though! If you think back to your childhood, and then look at the world we live in now, you will definitely see things that have changed in the realm of the environment and the world that we live in. Earth Day reminds us to be aware of the world around us. Earth Day rekindles support and public commitment to environmental programs. So as things are gradually changing, there are things we can do in our everyday life to be a little more EARTHY! 

What does Earthy mean? 

Well one definition from Urban Dictionary says Earthy is-natural, unartificial.

To me, being Earthy, yes means that you might do things a little more natural. But on a larger scale, those natural things that you take part in are things that are contributing to the betterment of the earth that we live on. 

So what are some ways you can become more Earthy, or take part in Earth Day? 

The possibilities for getting involved with Earth Day are endless! 

  • Volunteer somewhere 
  • Pick up trash from a highway or neighborhood
  • Attend an Earth Day seminar or workshop to learn more about how to get involved locally 
  • Attend an Earth Day celebration/festival
  • Help launch a community garden, or plant your own
  • Do something nice for the earth
  • Change a habit
  • Start recycling
  • Use more biodegradable products
  • Use your own shopping bags
  • Purchase a reusable bottle, and stop buying bottled water
  • Help organize local awareness events

Now you don't have to do all of these, just find simple things that you can start to implement in your own life. And do them, not only today, April 22nd, Earth Day 2015, but every day of the year! Make an impact on the world around you, #LeaveYourLegacy. Choose to make choices that will affect the earth in a good way, and leave it better than when you came!

What will I do to take part in Earth Day? 

Okay, I will admit it...I don't recycle! 

GASP....What the What!?!? .....I know.....judge me! 

My cop-out is that in my town they don't pick-up recycling! And now after admitting my excuse, I will tell you that I am deciding now to start recycling anyways! There are several recycle centers around town where I can...take my own....(annoyed voice), and I commit to start doing that, starting today, on Earth Day! 

A couple of other things I do or am in the process of doing that have a positive affect on the earth, and make me more EARTHY: 

  • I don't buy bottled water
  • I try to take my own grocery sacks (it's about 50/50 on remembering to take them to the store with me, and leaving them at home)
  • I'm planting a small garden next week
  • I have chickens
  • I use cloth diapers
  • I use cloth baby wipes


I will also be hosting an Earth Day Yoga Class tonight at the Mill Winery, Abilene, TX. So if you are local...join me for an hour long yoga class, get a Sangria with a souvenir glass, and enjoy a Nutrition Seminar, all for just $15! 

Come to Wellness Wednesday for Earth Day on April 22nd and do Yoga with @brittanysuell plus a nutrition workshop and sangria!! 

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 @brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!




Yoga With Me! 4/20-4/26

This week I shared a few resources on Yoga! So, if you are looking to start doing Yoga, but not sure where to look. Check out this post! I share the best places to start taking Yoga, and a great book recommendation!

Or, if you are Yoga-ing from home, try some of these Spring Detox Moves

Join me this week for Yoga! 

Join @BrittanySuell for Yoga this week!

Tuesday, April 20th – 9:30AM – D1 Abilene

Wednesday, April 22nd EARTH DAY! -- 6:00PM -- The Mill Abilene

Thursday, April 23rd – 9:30AM – D1 Abilene

Friday, April 24th – 5:15AM – Gold’s Gym of Abilene 

Sunday, April 26th – 3:30PM – Gold’s Gym of Abilene

[bctt tweet="#AbileneTX join @BrittanySuell for Yoga this week! Check out her full teaching schedule here: "]


Come to Wellness Wednesday for Earth Day on April 22nd and do Yoga with @brittanysuell plus a nutrition workshop and sangria!! 

Share this schedule with your friends on social media and let's Yoga together this week! 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!



April...the best month for newness, wellness, and detoxing!

April..... It's probably one of the best month's out of the whole year! 

The weather begins changing, and let's face it. No matter where you live, coming off of the cold months, it feels good to have the sun on your face, see flowers everywhere you go, and know that a vacation is on the horizon. 

Plus, April just feels like a time of newness! It's the time when Spring Cleaning starts happening, physically in our home, sometimes mentally even. In April we tend to feel less stressed as the days are longer, and the overall feeling of life is just better! 

Plus, it's the month where we tend to take our healthy and wellness game up a notch.  This may be due to the fact that we will soon be wearing less layers, and getting ready for time by the pool. Or it is just because we have one time in the day to spend taking care of ourself. 

So like I said! April is the best month out of the whole year! 

(Okay, maybe that's just my opinion, but I'm sure some of you can agree!)

[bctt tweet="April is here! Enjoy the good weather, the longer days, and kick your fitness up a notch with some of these tips from @brittanysuell #leaveyourlegacy"]

 Here's a few things you can do to take advantage of the wonderful month of APRIL!

1) Try a new outdoor activity! No matter what it is, find something you enjoy but haven't been able to do during winter, or try something totally new!! 

2) Walk, Run, & Bike MORE! Maybe you are able to bike to work....do it! Or maybe you can walk to the store or coffee shop....do it! Or maybe you don't live close to anything, that's okay, go for a walk with the family or to the park to walk! Just try to drive less, and use your legs more! 

3) Eat yummy in season fruit! Yep, Spring & Summer time just make you want to eat fruit! The warm weather, and cold drinks in the backyard go great with some ripe watermelon! And did you know, that it's our body's natural way to crave those foods during the summer because your body knows that they are in season. It's also why we have a tendency to put on a few pounds in the summer, because we are eating the sugary fruits that are in season, and storing up fats for the winter. (just a little lesson for the day!) Anyways, check out this post from a local blogger about which fruits are in season!

4) Do a little Spring Cleaning! It's the perfect time to downsize, get rid of things you not longer use. Whether you donate them to help others out, sale them in a garage sale or repurpose them, it's always good to clean things out during this time! If you are planning to get rid of some t-shirts, Jessica from The Fit Switch did a video blog on a great way to repurpose your t-shirts into headbands, plus some great workout hair styles! Check that out HERE!  

5) Detox the Body! Sure for some this means detox through a specific type of eating cleanse, but for now, I'm going to suggest using a few detoxing Yoga poses to get you started! Also, join me on Instagram, I'm currently participating in a #DetoxYoBody Yoga Challenge! TWISTING POSES are awesome for detoxing the body, so try these! 

Try these Detoxing Yoga Poses from @brittanysuell! Perfect for the new spring season!

Oh, and did I mention that earth day is this month!!! 

APRIL 22ND! and for all you locals, I've got an awesome collaboration planned with The Mill Winery of Abilene! We are hosting a Wellness Wednesday event!! 

Come to Wellness Wednesday for Earth Day on April 22nd and do Yoga with @brittanysuell plus a nutrition workshop and sangria!!

That's right! $15 gets you a Yoga class with ME!! A Nutrition Workshop, plus their yummy Sangria in a souvenir glass that you can take home! 

So who is making plans to celebrate EARTH DAY with me!?!? 


What's your favorite thing about April!? What plans do you have to make this a great month!? 

@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!




Yoga With Me! 3/29-4/4

I've decided that I need to start sharing with y'all my weekly Yoga schedule, and hopefully I will start seeing some of my local peeps on the mat!!  Also, stay tuned because I've got some fun Instagram Challenges coming up, and one of them is all about Yoga! 

Join @BrittanySuell for Yoga this week!

Sunday, March 29th - 3:30PM - Gold's Gym of Abilene

Tuesday, March 31st - 9:30AM - D1 Abilene

Thursday, April 2nd - 9:30AM - D1 Abilene

Friday, April 3rd - 5:15AM - Gold's Gym of Abilene

I will also be taking Fit4Mom Abilene Stroller Strides Class, MWF 9-10AM!! Bring your baby and the stroller and join us for an amazing workout, and tell them I sent you! 

 [bctt tweet="Wanting to do a little Yoga this week!?! Join @BrittanySuell on the mat! Full Schedule Here! #AbileneTX #AbileneYoga"]

If you are interested in any of the classes listed above, comment, or message me for details on drop-in rates or coming to try the classes with a free trial! 


@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


New Year, New You! Jump on the Bandwagon!

Last night my husband and I got to go out to a local winery, The Mill, to c10913158_332156300310743_1562305874_nelebrate 2015!  This week, Abilene Scene held a contest where you tweeted your worst New Year's Eve ever, and you could possibly win tickets to The Mill Winery's New Year's Eve Celebration!

This was my tweet:

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 11.13.11 AM



Kind of lame I know! But hey, it happened.  And.....it won me two FREE Tickets!! Which were worth $40 each! So in comparison to just chilling at our house for New Year's Eve, we got to get dressed up, and go out dancing, with free drinks and horderves! So we were most definitely excited!

The Mill has only been open since this past summer, but it is one of the go-to places in Abilene.  They took an old Abilene building, which was the old "mill" from back in the day.  They renovated the inside, and created an amazing outside environment complete with grapevines, silos, and fire pits. The environment they create is awesome, the venue is wonderful, and the drinks have always been great.  We have never attended a ticket-only event though, so this was fun.









They had the venue sparkling with black and gold decorations, and the dance floor was full, and lit up with people dancing. Oh and did I mention they had a photo booth? That was fun!



My husband and I of course enjoyed the drinks, but it was also fun to get out and dance together in a nice environment with a great DJ, just for the heck of it.  I could definitely see myself paying for an event at the Mill in the future....who knows, maybe for Valentines Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating New Year's Eve! I loved this sign that they had up at the Mill last night!



Now, if you are reading this sign, and you aren't convinced that 2015 is going to be a great year, then let me leave you with this! 

The new year, means everything is new! Each day you have the choice to leave the past behind and make new choices to be happy and go after your dreams...that's not always as easy as it seems though! The New Year, brings this ability to a whole new level though! With New Year Goals and/or resolutions, it's so much more realistic to really leave the past behind you, turn a new leaf, change who you are and what you are about. 

So today, on the 1st day of 2015, I will leave you with this. 

new year new you


It's okay to jump on the bandwagon! 

Many times, bandwagons are looked down on.  BUT, when it comes to the New Year, when it comes to making the choice to be a better version of yourself, to set goals, to get healthier, to go after your dreams....how could that be a bad thing!?!?

So take advantage of the New Year, of all the awesome bandwagons that you could jump on, and just do it! 


Let's do this 2015! 

[Tweet "Why it's okay to JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON in 2015! from @NFSisters"]


Mommy's on the Move!

You know how passionate we are about getting active with your kiddos and setting an example for your children by being fit and healthy! So today I'm talking about Mommy's on the Move! So how you do you get moving with your kids!?

Last week I started Fit4Mom's Stroller Strides! It was the grand opening in my town, and I am so excited to be a part of it!


Here are the reasons I love it! 

1) It's a place to join other mom's and get moving with your kiddos! 

-You are there with women who are also mom's.  Women who go through some of the same things you go through, and women who just want to be/stay healthy, and do it not only for themselves, but also for their children! There's something awesome and encouraging about working out with like-minded people!


2) You get to incorporate your children into the workout! 

It's awesome because you get to workout and incorporate your children, so you aren't leaving your baby at home with a sitter, but still spending time with your kiddos while you get a workout.  Some people might see their workout as time away from the kids, but I love having my son there with me.  Even though he is still so small, I like him seeing me being active and exercising, so that as he grows up, he knows that it is a normal thing in life to stay active.  Obviously that is very important to me, so I love having him there and setting a good example for him.

Plus, we sing songs while we do different workouts with our kiddos! Which is fun for everyone!


3) It's a flexible environment! 

The environment of Stroller Strides is so great! If you baby is having a rough morning and crying a lot, you are able to get them out of the stroller, or wear them in a sling.  Which is great! It takes so much pressure off the mom, to not have a perfect kid that isn't crying.  And, enables you to meet your children's needs while also still getting a workout, even if you have to modify it some.  (although there are some things where your kid needs to be in the stroller, like when using bands, but that's for safety reasons)


4) The workout can be brought to whatever intensity that fits your body!

I love this! Since having my son, I have realized that my body is more fragile than it used to be! Growing up being very active in sports, I never got hurt or struggled with injuries.  Since having Zander though, I have been having some knee pain and have had to be easy on my body.  I am learning to listen to my body, be gentle on my body and take better care of myself! At Stroller Strides, the instructor shows various levels of each workout, and you choose what fits for you.  I love that I am able to modify the workout if I need to, but am still getting my sweat on and end up sore the next day!


5) Working out with other's pushes you to work harder

Obviously any time you work out with others in comparison to just doing your own thing, your internal competitiveness kicks in and you push yourself.  Last week while doing the Fit4Mom workouts, I felt that just the right amount of competition kicked in within me.  So that I pushed myself to work harder, or do those few final reps, but I also knew when I needed to go easy on my body!



6) Make new mommy friends

Stroller Strides put you in the company of other mom's who live in your town, so it's easy to make new friends with kids! In our first week of Stroller Strides, I already made a friend and went on a walk with her.  And today several of us talked about going to a MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) group together next month.  So it's a great place to build a community of moms!


7) Easy to set up Play Dates 

Along with making mommy friends, comes the natural play dates that happen.  Like today, after our workout, several of us just enjoyed the weather at the park and let the little ones play.

Plus most Stroller Strides groups have a Mommy Group called "Our Village." I am actually the event coordinator for our town's, and so I coordinate play dates, and Mommy's Night Outs.  Like tomorrow we are all getting together to go to a Pumpkin Patch! So it's easy to set up times for the kids to play and mommy's to talk!


Now I know Stroller Strides is not offered in all towns, but if there is one near you, you should definitely try it out!

If there's not one near you, or that's not an option for you, you can still be a MOMMY ON THE MOVE!

Call up a friend, and take your kiddos for a walk, and end in a play date at the playground.  Even just getting outside with your children, and not sitting inside all day is a good example for them! And I encourage you, join in with other mom's, it is such a great way to get active and being encouraged as a mom as well!

So go ahead...be a MOMMY ON THE MOVE! 


How to Balance Your Grocery Cart & WLW 12

How do you go to the grocery store?? 

Do you go with a plan? 

Do you have a list? 

Do you have 5 different lists? 

Do you have a menu made for the week, or for the month?

Do you have a budget on how much you will spend? 

Do you go when you are hungry? (bad idea!)

Do you have set foods that you buy each time you go to the store? 

Today we are discussing HOW TO BALANCE YOUR GROCERY CART! So whether you go with a menu in mind, a specific plan, or a budget, or you just randomly decide to go pick up groceries for the week without a plan of what you are getting, this BALANCE will help you map your way through the store, and if you stick with it will result in healthier choices for your grocery shopping!


So here's the plan!

In order for you to pick the healthiest, and closest to their natural form foods, you need to look at your shopping cart with an 80-20 ratio!


On the 80% side, you are looking at whole foods. 

Things like your:







The 20% would consist of your more processed foods: (in my cart this would be...)


-Canned black beans and corn


-Pizza Sauce

-Blue Corn chips


You get the idea! 

But here's the SECRET! Think about your grocery store this way, and the way you shop could change drastically!

The 80% of your shopping should come from the outer edges of your grocery store! Stay on the perimeter for 80% of what you buy, and your cart will be full of those things mentioned above.  The fruits, veggies, meat, dairy, etc.  Picture the store that you buy groceries at in your mind, and imagine the items on the 80% list. Those are the things that you will find in the perimeter of every grocery store! SO! Stay along the perimeter of the store and you will be getting better foods, that are most likely at their most natural state.

Then, for the 20% of your cart you can snag things from the inner aisles, but keep those at minimal.  Buy your veggies fresh, not canned or even in steam able bags! I know it is much easier to pop open a can or toss a bag in the microwave, believe me, I do it too! But lately I have been trying to buy more of my veggies, my dinner sides at their raw, natural state.  Even if it take me a little longer to cook it.

I really focussed on this rule today while shopping, and this was my cart just from the produce section....it was already full!


Then I kept all my items from the perimeter in the big part of my cart, and the top basket I used for the 20% of my shopping, the inner aisles.  I came home feeling so good about myself and my grocery store visit!


So try it next time you go shopping, see if it won't change your perspective when it comes to filling your basket with foods! Just remember 80% of your foods should be picked up from the perimeter of the store, 20% can be picked up from the inner aisles! 


Here's my weigh in for Weightloss Wednesday! 

Although I am still at the same weight, I am happy with it! I know once my knee heals and I am able to incorporate more cardio into my workout again, then I will begin to see changes again! I'm excited to continue challenging myself to make healthy choices when it comes to eating though!! 

WLW Stats: Week 1: -0 lbs Week 2: -1.4lbs Week 3: -0 lbs Week 4: -0lbs Week 5: -.4lbs Week 6: -1lb Week 7: -1lb (157.8lbs) Week 8: -0lbs Week 9: -0lbs

Week 10:-2.10lbs

Week 11: -.2lbs

Week 12: -0lbs Total: -6lbs


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October FITNotes will be going out at the end of the week, it will include: 

-Morning Yoga sesh video -Major snacking recipes!! "How to snack on vegetables in a whole new way, and LOVE IT!"  -Smoothie series! All during October---sharing smoothie recipes and important smoothie additives to increase nutrition!




GIVEAWAY for the Run or DYE 5K

Whether you are a runner naturally, enjoy doing small races, or never run at all, this GIVEAWAY is for you!!!

run or dye giveaway

I am so excited to get to partner with Run or Dye to offer up not just 1, but 5 FREE ENTRIES  into the Run or Dye 5K in my hometown, Abilene, TX!

Now....if you are reading this and thinking...I am so NOT a runner, and do not want to do a 5K....I am here to tell you that the Run or Dye 5K isn't just 3.1 miles, it's "The World's Most Colorful 5K!" Which means that it is AWESOME! and anyone can do this! Run or Dye Giveaway

The great thing about Run or Dye is that it's not a race, it's a fun, colorful 5K! Which means you can walk, jog, skip, sprint, roll, hop, gallop through the wonderful colors and you will have just as much fun as everyone else!

Run or Dye Giveaway

When I did my first Dyed run, we took my 8 month PREGO sister, my 3 year old nephew, and my 6, 7, & 11 year old nieces and nephew! I am telling you, if you can do a run with a PREGNANT woman and 4 kids, then ANYONE can do it! And you will come across the finish line smiling just as big as the person who came in first!

Run or Dye Giveaway

Run or Dye is a place where you can grab your friends, family or co-workers and go have some fun while getting some exercise! & if you are already signed up for the event (wahoo), then still try to WIN! Then you can give a FREE Entry to that friend that you have been trying to get to start exercising with you! They will have no excuse then!! It's the perfect opportunity to inspire those around you to make a change and get healthier...and what better way than an awesome run filled with COLORFUL AWESOMENESS!


All you have to do is enter to the form below! Log in through Facebook, and LIKE our pages! You can also get extra entries by TWEETING about the Giveaway and sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram! Just be sure to tag @NFSisters & @RunorDye

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Also, for EVERYONE, Run or Dye has offered up a $10 OFF code just for following Naturally Fit Sisters!!! So no matter what you and all your friends and family can use this to get $10 off your entry fee! WAHOO!


run or dye coupon code

little signautres