10 days of Christmas Giveaway

10 Days of Christmas Giveaway #10! Take Your Workout With You!

It's the day we have all been waiting for! Day #10!! The secret GIVEAWAY for my 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway! 

Any Guesses of what it might be!?!?

10 days of Christmas


Let me just say, that with Christmas right around the corner, and all the traveling that most people will probably be doing over the next several weeks, this giveaway is perfect for taking your workout with you!


So, what's better than a 24/7 gym....a 24/7 workout that you can do anywhere, anytime!

GigaBody.com offers challenging and fun online workout videos for busy folks! 

And I bet just about everyone reading this could say that they are in the category of "busy folks!" We live in a world that is on the go, but it's important to still take time to take care of ourselves. Gigabody.com makes that possible from your home, a hotel, your backyard, or anywhere else where you can get Wifi!

Many times over the holidays, we take a "break" from working out.  I guess for some reason, in our self-deserving minds, we tend to see working out as something we have to do, rather than something we get to do, or even enjoy doing.  So when vacation time rolls around, it seems right to also "vacation" from our sweat fests as well.  This holiday, lets change that! Why not take your workouts with you this Christmas?

I was actually traveling this weekend, and with a baby, and being in a different town and not at my own house, working out was definitely not the easiest thing. Having a Gigabody membership though made it super easy.  While the little one took his morning nap, I stayed in the living room and did a yoga workout.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 10.18.30 PM

Yes I was in my pajamas....but hey that's the beauty of doing my workout at home. I don't have to dress-to-impress anybody!

Having Gigabody.com available is also so helpful for me at home because having a baby, I am not able to get out and go to the Yoga Studio or gym classes as much as I would like.  This makes it so much easier to still get my sweat on and take yoga classes from various instructors.


Gigabody.com has awesome instructors.  Each class I have taken, has had nothing but professional instructors, but it's also great because they have a wide variety of instructors, so you can take classes with various styles.  Obviously, I love the Yoga classes, since I am a Yogi at heart, so I appreciate different styles and techniques that Yoga Instructors carry, and I enjoy learning from them.  Don't worry though, if you aren't a Yogi....Gigabody.com has way more to offer than just Yoga!


No matter what kind of workout you are looking to get, they've got it, and they are adding to it often.  They have cardio classes, strength, classes that use weights, classes that have specific muscle focal points. Plus, whether you have 20 minutes or over an hour to spend working out, I have seen classes that offer it all.


On Monday night, I put my baby to sleep, and my husband was working in the garage, and I felt like I needed a little me time before getting to work on our at-home business orders. So, I found a 20 minute Yoga workout! It was just what I needed at that time.  Just enough to get my heart going, and a small sweat on, but still left enough time to get some work done! Plus, I did it in my bedroom, I didn't even have to leave my house!


It's cheaper than any gym membership you could get.  For full access to their workouts, it's only $8.99/Month!

So, you pay less than $10 a month, never have to leave your home, or get dressed for that matter! You can take various class types, and try out different instructors with various types of teaching styles.

Plus.....you can take your workout with you, no matter where you go!


[bctt tweet="WIN a 1 Month @Gigabody Subscription and take your workout with you on Christmas Vacation! From @NFSisters #Sweatpink @Fitapproach #giveaway"]

So, let's make the decision together, this Christmas, to not leave our workouts or healthy eating behind.  Let's take our workouts with us, and stay on track, even while enjoying all the festivities of the holidays! Whether you are able to get your family to join you for a workout, or you do it alone in a hotel.  Make working out something you love to do, and look forward to, even on vacation.  Let it be a stress reliever before you join all the chaos that can come with traveling and being surrounded by lots of people.  Let it be a time for YOU, and make it important, a priority, so that you will for sure do it!

Today, one lucky reader will get a FREE One Month Subscription to Gigabody.com! If you don't win though, no worries, Gigabody let's you try out their workouts for free for 14 days before deciding if you want to stick with it...(but you will, because it's awesome!)

So tell me, What workout would you choose to do on Gigabody.com? 

Day 10

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Check out more tips on staying fit while vacationing:

Healthy Foods on Vacation

Workouts on Vacation


I was given the opportunity to review a subscription to Gigabody.com by Fit Approach.  All opinions are my own. 

10 Days of Christmas Giveaway #9! Stay Hydrated!

Recently I shared with you guys about the #HOLIDAYSWEAT Challenge that I am a part of with  Sweat Guru & Amanda from Run to the Finish. (Read about it HERE)


Well it is officially WEEK 3 of the challenge, and I would already suggest it for next year!

So, other than the great community, and WINNING prizes!

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.15.20 PM

Is the FREGGIES & WATER part of the challenge!

FREGGIES=Fruits and Veggies

Each day of the challenge we get points for eating 7 servings of Freggies, and 8 glasses of water!

Although I would say I already drink a lot of water, having this challenge in the back of my mind, and a place on my fridge where I mark off my eating/drinking servings, really helps motivate me! Knowing that I am trying to get to a certain amount each day keeps it in the back of my mind. So instead of getting Sweet Tea somewhere, I may decide to just get water so that it adds to my water servings each day! I especially love this with the fruits and veggies too, because it really drives what I eat throughout the day, and I love that!

So, maybe think about challenging yourself during the holiday season to eat a certain number of freebies and drink LOTS of water!

And speaking of drinking water, stay hydrated on your runs and workouts as well with this awesome zipper pouch water bottle! I love this thing! Can hold your phone, keys, money, or fuel!

You can buy these HERE!

 OR Sign up to WIN one Below!

[bctt tweet="Make goals, then knock them out of the water in 2015! Oh and stay hydrated too! Win this water bottle from @NFSisters"]

Day 9


Leave a comment and tell me: 

What reminds you to eat your freggies and drink your water throughout the day!? 

Then enter the GIVEAWAY below!

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10 Days of Christmas Giveaway #8! Stay Energized! & #FridayFive

It's Day #8 already...Which means, we are almost to the end of our 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway. So stick around, and keep entering in to win each day, because there are still some great prizes to give out! Plus, to end the GIVEAWAY, we have a BIG GIVEAWAY, and it's a surprise! But let me just tell you it is perfect for the winter month! And you are going to want to WIN!

10 days of ChristmasThis weekend I am visiting family, and I plan to take some time out of my weekend, to enjoy my new Lorna Jane, Move. Nourish. Believe Diary, and do some seriously Goal setting and dreaming for 2015! Get ready to hear all about it next week!


I can't believe how close Christmas is! Who is ready!?!?! Not me, I don't feel like I'm having enough time in December to enjoy the season, it is just flying by! Speaking of the winter season, here are a few of the things I love to do during the winter !

 5 Favorite Winter Activities! 

1) Enjoying the night in with my family! Staying home, baking or making some festive Christmas food, having hot drinks (coffee or hot chocolate), and watching a cheesy Christmas movie! 

2) Christmas crafts! I am a big crafting person! I love making stuff....actually this year, almost all of our gifts we are giving are handmade! I sew, and we also make wood gifts (actually something you may not know about me is that my husband and I own our own business.....Check it out at this link>>Simply Suell

3) Santa Land! I am from a small town in East Texas, and a few towns

over is a place called Santa Land! It's several miles of extreme Christmas light exhibits that you drive your car through. There is always a huge line, but it is well worth it! I love going there every year! 

4) Family traditions---coming to East Texas to visit our family.  And although at times the going from house to house visiting everyone seems chaotic, I also find such joy in the chaos and tradition of each family! I love being with family, the festiveness of the days, the warm foods and drinks, the time we spend just relaxing...it's very peaceful! 

5) The challenge of staying motivated in winter...WHAT!?!?! Yes this is actually becoming one of my favorite things.  I know that winter can be hard for fitness and health....I know because I have experienced not keeping up with my normal routine or eating habits. But the challenge is fun! It brings me together with people! Whether it's my online friends that I am in a #HolidaySweat Challenge with, or with you guys on my Facebook page, or with my running accountability partner, or with my mom. We all know the feeling of messing up when we travel, and when we celebrate with family, and when we get out of the routine.  So it's fun to band together and motivate/encourage one another to do better this year! I am loving the community and accountability I am receiving in all these areas! 



CynthiaMar, & Courtney



We've already talked about how hard it can be to stay happy and motived during the winter, in this post, "How to Beat the Winter Blues." So today, as a little encouragement to stay energized through this season of cold and dark days, I'm giving away a bundle of Clif Energy Shots!

Day 8

Take your training to the next level this winter with this bundle of Clif Energy Shots!

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10 Days of Christmas Giveaway Day #7! Stay safe while running!

Today we are discussing ways to stay safe while running outside. When you are running outside, whether it's in a neighborhood, through a park, or on a track, you need to take precautions to stay safe.  That may be safety against dogs, strangers, or even cars.

I know we have all heard of sad stories of runners being hit by a car. I actually know a blogger who was training for a half, and got hit by a car. Thank the Lord she was okay, and lived through it, but it was a long road to recovery.  When we hear of these tragic stories though, many times our thought, whether consciously or not is..."Well that won't happen to me." Somehow we always think the worst isn't quite real, or not real enough to happen to us.

That's why when my mom hounds me about taking pepper spray with me while I run my neighborhood, I am reluctant to remember it.  Although I am not naive to the fact that strangers have attacked runners, it just doesn't seem real enough to happen to ME!

But....bad things can happen, so let's talk about some ways to take care of ourselves and be SAFE while we run!

  • Pepper Spray! They even have little velcro straps so you can loop it on your running belt (aka a Flip Belt! Enter to WIN one HERE) or around your wrist or ankle. Or it has a clip that can hook onto you.
  • Light Vest! There are multiple options out there for this. But a light vest is awesome and definitely makes you be seen.  This is good to have if you are running early mornings, in foggy or cloudy weather, or at dusk.  I would avoid running in the dark all together! 
  • Knuckle Lights! Also a great option for making yourself be seen! I have a pair of these and love them! They fit gently around your knuckles with a nice band around the back of your fingers so they move when you run, and have different brightnesses and patterns of light. 
  • Reflective Gear! and/or Bright Clothes! Always, Always, Always where bright clothes when running.  Even in the middle of the day! With as much as people text and drive, or just look down at their phones.  Seeing a bright dash of something might get there attention if they are looking down! And anything you can wear with reflective gear on it is also awesome and helpful! 
  • A Friend! In the realm of guarding against strangers, run with a friend.  This might be a running partner, in a running club, or with a spouse or significant other.  If someone wanted to hurt you, they would be less likely to mess with you if there are two people.

That brings me to my next point....

  • A Dog! Run with your dog! This will usually scare strangers away, other dogs will a lot of times leave you alone (other than annoyingly barking at you and your furry friend). and, there's more movement happening so people driving might seeing you more from a distance! Plus, running with a dog can also give you a little more challenge and make you pay more attention to your run as well, so it's a WIN WIN!

So to help you be safe while running, today, to celebrate the 7th Day of the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway, I'm going to give one lucky WINNER a Spi Belt Running Dog Leash!


 I have one of these and love it! 

The leash itself is strong and sturdy, and I love that it has the pouch right by your hand to hold your keys, phone, money, running fuel, or whatever you can fit in it. 

dog leash


Who wants to WIN!?!?!

Day 7

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to go sign up to WIN 2 sets of Sweat Pink Shoe Laces for you and a friend! GO HERE! 


10 Days of Christmas Giveaway Day 6 #SweatPink

Welcome to Day #6 of the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

10 days of Christmas

I am lucky to have been a part of an awesome Ambassador program and online fitness community for the past several years.....

SWEAT PINK! by FitApproach


You can find this badge sitting proudly on my blog sidebar!

Being a Sweat Pink Ambassador has some great perks, and enables me to try new products, so that I can share them with you all, and sometimes give things away! (And we all love Giveaways right!), but more than that....being a Sweat Pink Ambassador has opened me up to a whole world of an online fitness community that so many people don't even know exists!

I have made some awesome friendships with women around the world!

I have learned so much about blogging from other awesome bloggers!

I have been encouraged to run half marathons, and try new workouts from them!

I am inspired daily to be a better me and go after my dreams because of all that they do and achieve!

I am a part of some awesome challenges like the #HolidaySweat Challenge where I get to interact with them and am motivated to be a better me and make awesome changes in my life!

Basically, it's pretty FREAKING AWESOME to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

And I want to share the love with you!

One way we let people know we are Ambassadors, and one way we spread the kick-butt attitude is by wearing #SweatPinkLaces! That's right, men and women around the world have been encouraged by these laces, and wear them proudly, reminding them to give their all, and push through the pain.  To take chances, believe in themselves, and achieve big things!


So today, one lucky WINNER is going to get to "Join the Sweat Pink movement, and go farther, faster, in these pink shoelaces." PLUS, I am going to give you an extra pair of laces so that you can give them to someone else you know that needs encouragement and a daily reminder to KICK-BUTT at all they do!

Day 6

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Be sure to go check out Day #5 and enter to WIN a Flip Belt!!! 













10 Days of Christmas Day #5! The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List!

Wahoo! Day #5! That means we are halfway through the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaways, and one day closer to Christmas! That also means today has got to be something GOOD!

10 days of Christmas

So today, I am so excited to tell you about a great product that will make an AWESOME gift for Christmas!

The Flip Belt!


Almost two years ago I reviewed the first generation Flip Belt, but since then, things have changed, and the Flip Belt is even better!

When you see an item like the Flip Belt: a pocket belt that holds your personal items, the first thing you probably think is..."That is a great product for runners!" Which it is! BUT....it is also a great product for other athletes and fitness professionals as well! As a matter of fact, I think it's a great product for a mom too, even if you never work out at all! Let me explain why:

What in the Flip is a Flip Belt!?

A Flip Belt is a singular tubed pocket belt with multiple slits around it for easy access, as well as a small hook to hold your keys.  It is utilized by athletes who need their hands free while also having their personal items close by.

Awesome qualities of the Flip Belt:

-4 easy to access slits around the belt

-No messing around with zippers or velcro

-single tubed belt, so you can utilize the entire thing for storage

-String/hook for your keys


-Fits tight to your body

-Feels secure when moving, jumping, or running

-Doesn't flop against you, but stays close to your body

-Great material that feels good against the skin and doesn't chafe

-Comes in great colors, but also neutrals (Black, Navy, and Gray as well)


-Made from high quality material, and is a sturdy, well put together product

-Once all items are safely in the belt, you can FLIP the belt to ensure that none of your items fall out


So those are just some of the great things I love about the Flip Belt! Yes I love it for running because I am a runner.  Today though, I wore it all over town while running errands with my 7 month old baby.  I was wearing leggings, and a workout shirt, so I had zero pockets, and was toting around a 20lb baby, and items I was returning to stores.  So...this led little room for me to want to lug around my purse as well.  Instead, I just stuck my phone, my ID, my debit card, and my keys inside my flip belt! It worked great!

Another perk I like about the Flip Belt, is that it fits so nice and tight around my waist, that it holds my leggings up when they get lose during a workout and start sagging! This seems to happen to me often! hahaha So I'm loving using the Flip Belt as an actual belt, plus enjoying the easy use of the pockets as well.

So....wondering if the Flip Belt is REALLY secure!?? Check out this video of the Flip Belt in action!

So, whether you are running, doing burpees, or box jumps, the Flip Belt stays close to your body.  Plus, I've tried several belts for running, and a lot of them will jiggle, or FLOP while my phone is in them and I'm running down the road...which gets so annoying and distracting. The Flip Belt doesn't do that! Because of the way it is built, and the way the material lays against your body, even when items are in it, it stays neatly in place and secure near your body.

Obviously the Flip Belt is the PERFECT GIFT for everyone on your Christmas list this year!! 

If you agree...then guess what!?!? I have a 33% OFF coupon for you to use on your Flip Belt purchase! All you have to do is comment below telling me that you want a 33% OFF coupon code, and I will email you with a personal code! BUT...I only have 15 codes to give out! So let me know quickly if you want one! 

[bctt tweet="The @FlipBelt is a great gift for the entire family! Get 33% OFF your purchase from @NFSisters #sweatpink"]


I also have the opportunity for one lucky reader to WIN a Flip Belt!

Enter Below: 

Day 5

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Wishing you a FLIPPIN' Good Holiday! 


The Strength of a Mom #MommyMonday & Christmas Giveaway Day #4

Welcome to #MommyMonday!

Today I'm going to share a realization I've had since becoming a mom.  And today, you will get to know a big part about my past, and some things I have been through in life.

Mommy Monday

[bctt tweet="Hear about the strength of a mother on #MommyMonday with @NFSisters"]

5 years ago from yesterday, I remember the day so clearly.  It was a dreary, rainy day, and we, (my sister, mom and myself) were standing in my mom's kitchen looking at the local newspaper.  We were weeping over the obituaries that came out, in disbelief, that my brother, her son's picture was in it.  It felt feels so unreal that that could be our life. It felt only right that it was dark and rainy outside because we felt even worse than that on the inside.

 I remember, as we looked over the newspaper, that my mom must've also read the date....December 7th, 2009.  And suddenly, startled she exclaimed, "Oh My Goodness....Today is my birthday." Our days had been in such a whirlwind, that we never even realized it.

Yes that's right, 5 years ago from yesterday, my mom was supposed to be celebrating her birthday, but instead, she was burying her only son.

(My mom's Facebook post from yesterday)

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.59.00 AM

Although the pain of losing my Big Brother, was more real than anything I have ever felt, now that I have a son.....I feel like I have a new realization, a new reality, to the pain that my mother must feel.

Me, being a new mom, to a precious baby boy.  My first son, my baby.  How sweet it is to be a mom.  How sweet it is to know the love of a mom for their child....and I know that! I know that I love my son with every inch of myself.  I adore him.  Every sweet little thing that he does, I find joy in.  Only recently have I realized....wow, my mom had that too with my brother....my brother, her son, who is now gone.  WOW.  How real it just got.  The pain my mother must feel.  To look at my son, in comparison to my brother, and imagine what my mom has gone through.  It's not even something I want to fathom.

Now though, now that I'm a mom. Now that I've felt that love, and experienced that adoration for my son. WOW! How brave she is! Brave to even be able to continue going on with life.  And not barely living.  NO, no....my mother still loves well, and finds joy and adventure in life! And that, when you realize that terrible pain she must have felt feels, that is a miracle in itself, and she, is the STRONGEST WOMAN I KNOW!



[bctt tweet="WIN a Bondi Band of your choice from @NFSisters! #Giveaway #MommyMonday"] a Rafflecopter giveaway Day 4

10 days of Christmas

Enter Day #3 GIVEAWAY here! (Sweatpink tank!)



If you are participating in the Fit, Fab, Fuel Swap, today is the day to mail your partner their goodies!!! 

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10 Days of Christmas Giveaway #3!

It's Sunday....be sure to take time today to rest. Enjoy your family! Get outside and do something fun.

Breath a Little Deeper!

Laugh a Little Longer!

Hug a Little Tighter!

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.07.08 AM

Day 3!!!! of the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway! 

[bctt tweet="Celebrate Christmas in style! WIN a #SweatPink Tank from @NFSisters!!! @Fitapproach"]

Day 3

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10 days of Christmas

Be sure to go sign up to WIN yesterday's GIVEAWAY!

Day #2- A Mileage Decal

Check out the list of what all I'm giving away HERElittle-signautres

10 Days of Christmas Giveaway #2

Day 2!!!! of the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway! 

[bctt tweet="Tell the world about your race accomplishments with this Race Decal GIVEAWAY from @NFSisters"]day 2

a Rafflecopter giveaway

10 days of Christmas

Be sure to go sign up to WIN yesterday's GIVEAWAY!

Day #1--WIN a pink water bottle with runner decal!

Check out the list of what all I'm giving away HERElittle-signautres

10 Days of Christmas Giveaway #1 & My Friday Holiday Favorites!

Today is such a great day! Wanna know why.....well first because I get to talk about the holidays and share with you all what my 5 Holiday Faves are! And who doesn't love cozy holiday talk! Secondly, today starts the celebration of one of my closest friends who is getting married, yay for MARRIAGE! And lastly, today also starts the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway on my blog! And....once again, who doesn't love GIVEAWAYS! First.....linking up with the awesome Cynthia, Mar, & Courtney for the #FridayFive ! fffav-838x1024

So....for my 5 Holiday Faves!!

Let me preface by saying, that I am a huge atmosphere person! When I think of the perfect date, or perfect party, or perfect spa day, it's all about the atmosphere: lighting, candles, music....you get the point! So, most of my faves have to do with that!

1) Scents! I love good holiday scents.....my go-tos are Bath & Body Works Candles....I never buy them full price though, I always wait until they are on sale for 2 for $10! But they are so worth it! They work great! And I love my Scenty's! (Yes my sister & mom are both ROCKIN' Scentsy consultants!) Seriously though, I have 5 Scentsy's in my house, and love them! But I can't live without the nice lighting of my candles too, so I have both!

2) Boots & Leggings & Scarfs OH MY! Duh, Duh, and Duh! The most comfortable and cute outfit ever! I love all three of those!

3) And to go along with my fave outfit for the holidays.....I love nice winter weather.  Sometimes it's nice to have cold weather outside....but mostly, I just love being inside my warm cozy house, with my candles lit, Christmas lights on, hot drink in hand, and seeing the cold haze over the windows, and maybe some ice or snow on the ground!

4) COFFEE! Yep, I have previously announced to you all that I might be addicted! But hey...at least I drink decaf (because I'm nursing, and caffeinated coffee kept my baby up!) Seriously though, I love having a nice hot cup of coffee with me.  It makes my morning perfect! What am I talking about...it makes my afternoons and evenings perfect too!

5) My home decorated for Christmas! I love creating the perfect atmosphere in my home.  I love having the tree decorated, sparkling, and lit. I love having the nativity scene on my mantle and our family stockings dangling below.  That view, and that aroma of a sweet, peaceful, holiday home, is PERFECT!


-My Friday Holiday Faves!


Now to the GOOD STUFF!


Allow me to introduce.......

day 1 a Rafflecopter giveaway


And remember, you just have 2 days to enter each GIVEAWAY!

10 days of Christmas

Check out the list of all the prizes I'll be giving away over the next 10 days HERE!