My Week in Pictures, Yoga Progress, + a Giveaway!

This week my mom and niece came to visit, and we have been busy exploring various things in West, Texas, and taking lots of Yoga pictures! And along the way, I have seen how much I have grown and progressed in some of my Yoga Poses! I am so happy with my progress and strength! So, without too many words, check out my week in pictures! 

**Be sure to look to the end though, because I have that GIVEAWAY I promised from Graced by Grit

First we took my nieces and nephew to the zoo! Can you spot me!??

Zoo handstands with @brittanysuell

We drove through West Texas and took some pics in a pretty green field! (It's been a while since I've seen green grass)

This is where I first realized how much progress I have made with Yoga Poses! 

I was able to go into a forearm stand and hold it and move in it for longer than ever before! Plus I felt so brave doing it out in the open, which isn't normal. I'm usually a total wall clinger! 



Side Crow was super easy and fun too! 


I fell a little too, but it was still fun! 


I took my mom to my Stroller Strides Class!

Mom & Daughter workouts with @brittanysuell

Then we spent a day hiking at the Abilene State Park! 


I learned that I had the strength to hold myself up along with my baby, in poses that recently I could barely do with just my body weight! 

Babywearing Crow Pose with @brittanysuell

Babywearing Dancer's Pose with @brittanysuell 


3 generations of planking! Pass on a healthy & active lifestyle, and #leaveyourlegacy with @brittanysuell

We drove 45min to the small town of Albany, TX. mainly for lunch because there was not much else in the town other than a pretty courthouse! 

I was shocked at the fact that I was 1. brave enough to do a handstand without a wall, and 2. able to hold it, (although for only a few shorts moments)


I just have to share these! My mom brought some of my baby-high school boxes to me, and I tried on my dress from a hometown pageant I ran in my senior year in high school (2006). It actually fit a little lose, which my mother informed me was not the case in high school! So that felt good! 


 I had to reenact the pageant! hahaha my husband thought I was crazy! 


I taught a Nuttzo Nutrition Workshop! 


I got my SpiBelt products in a local shoe store, which is pretty exciting for me!


I practiced more arm balances at my house, and was impressed with my progress. In the past I have never been able to get up on my arms and lift my feet at all in firefly. I'm excited to keep working on this and see my progress! 

Firefly Pose with @brittanysuell

 So, if you didn't know, Sunday was International Women's Day!! We celebrated here by sharing our sweat stories, see mine via video HERE! #SweatYourStory is sponsored by Graced By Grit, and to celebrate a little more, they are giving one of you an awesome headband! 

I'm wearing my Grace By Grit headband in this grasshopper pose, (which by the way was much easier for me this time!)

So, HOW TO WIN!?!?

  • Post a photo of you on your Instagram that describes how you #SWEATYOURSTORY
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I'll pick a winner on Monday, 3/16

**The head band is a great material, stays in place well, and is super cute! Might be my new fav!**

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Grasshopper pose + a giveaway from @brittanysuell



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Celebrate International Women's Day with #SweatYourStory

Celebrate International Women's Day by sharing your story! #SweatYourStory @brittanysuell We all have a story to tell. 

The WHY behind who we are and what makes us thrive. 

So today, to celebrate INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY, I am sharing my story! 

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