Our First Christmas as a Family of 3! #MommyMonday

Mommy MondayThis Christmas....and every one after that is going to be quite different for my husband and and I.  For now, until the rest of our lives I'm sure, Christmas is no longer about us.  (Well it was never really about us, but you know what I mean). Now that we have added a baby to the family, making us a family of 3, things are definitely going to be different!  

"I get to create my own family traditions!" 




Honestly, having my own little family for Christmas is something that I have looked forward to for a long time. That may sound random, or odd, but having my own family means I get to create my own family traditions!

Growing up, waking up at our home on Christmas morning sas such a special thing. Actually, going to be on Christmas Eve was special as well.  It was always a struggle to go to bed on the Eve of Christmas.  I was so anxious as a child lying in bed, knowing that SANTA would be coming to my house soon. It seemed like it took forever to finally fall asleep.  I remember one Christmas Eve before we were tucked into bed, that my brother and I looked up at the sky and saw red lights flickering.  He told me it was Santa's sleigh, and had this entire story on how he knew it was the sleigh, rather than an airplane.  We even heard sleigh bells.  Even now, I am not sure where the bells came from, but I remember hearing them! Then off to bed we would go, just to wake up before it was even light out, ecstatic, to open presents on Christmas morning!



Now that I am a mom, my husband and I will have the joy of creating exciting traditions for Zander to look forward to.  We will get the privilege of showing him Santa's Sleigh in the sky, and filling his heart with joy and anxious excitement before we tuck him into bed on Christmas Eve.

Being married for five years now, Christmas Family Traditions is something that we have discussed frequently when the holidays come around.

One of the major things we discussed was how we were going to be able to really teach our children the true meaning of Christmas.  You know, with all that the world makes Christmas out to be, it's hard to decide how you will "do Christmas" in your own family.   How can you change the perception given to children about Christmas.  How can you teach them that there is more to the 25th of December than presents and pretty decorations.  That there is more to the holiday than writing letters to Santa, making it on the good list, and getting more toys than you have time to play with.


Our deepest desire for our son, for our future family, is to share with them the magic of Christmas, to allow them to have an imagination that believes in Santa, but above all else.  We want our children to know the importance of the holiday.  That in reality, wishes, and toys have nothing to do with our celebration.  Instead, we want them to celebrate, knowing that it's the Birthday of our Savior! That we are celebrating because without Christmas, without Jesus' Birthday, then we would not be able to live a life filled with joy, and hope in Jesus.  That we would not be able to live, despite our faults, knowing that there is more to life.  That we would not be able to go through life, or make it, without knowing that because of Jesus, we have been forgiven and given the promise of new and greater life.

We want to teach our children, as we celebrate this wonderful time of year, what the real Reason for the Season is! 

So although this year won't be a year full of our new Christmas Family Traditions. Next year, when Zander is bigger we really want to start implementing some of those traditions.  Here are a couple we have brainstormed:

  • 12 Days of Christmas Random Acts of Kindness-we will choose a person, (someone we know or a stranger) that we will give a gift to, or a baked good to, or help out around them house. Some of these may be anonymous, some we may go to them and give them the gift.
  • Countdown to Christmas Bible Study-our church has a family countdown to Christmas paper chain that you make and then each day in December you tell a part of the Christmas story as you countdown to the 25th!
  • Birthday Celebration for Jesus-I got this idea from my sister. We will make Christmas day a big birthday celebration, including baking a birthday cake for Jesus!
  • Reading the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve-
  • Christmas Pajamas-we will give our kids a new pair of Christmas pajamas in December as their early Christmas gift. (We did do that this year)
  • Various Christmas Celebration Nights-Throughout December, we will watch Christmas movies, make Christmas crafts, bake/make Christmas goodies, attend Christmas parties, go see Christmas lights, go to the Christmas parade, etc.
  • Christmas Eve Candlelight Service & Communion at our Church-This is something we have always wanted to do, but we are always traveling for Christmas, so we are never able to attend.
  • Pick Out a Child to Sponsor or an Angel from the Angel Tree to Shop For-another way to show our children it's important to give
  • Give the Gift of Memories-Instead of giving our children a ton of gifts, (plus what they get from family), we want to plan a yearly vacation and at Christmas, give them a gift that is a clue to where our vacation for that year will be.  We feel that instead of spending our money on a bunch of toys, that we will give them the gift of making memories as a family by spending our money on a vacation!

I would love to hear about Family Traditions that you do with your family, and maybe even borrow some of them myself, as we plan our own family traditions for Christmas' in the future! 

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Merry Christmas




Chickpeas & Lorna Jane

I recently participated in the #HolidayMobbing Twitter Party with Fit Approach & Fit Mob and HEYO!!! I WON!  I love twitter parties! They are fast and furious, inspiring, and fun, and you meet new awesome people to follow, and sometimes you WIN awesome stuff like a $50 Lorna Jane Giftcard and the Lorna Jane 2015 Diary!

10836456_320684171457956_211701094_nI was so excited when I got my diary in the mail! It is awesome! Such a great way to prepare to be successful for 2015! Plus it helps get organized with a calendar, set goals, and it has awesome inspiration and recipes in it!

I love this quote found in the book!

10833580_320684168124623_2040334585_nWhat a genius quote, just says it like it is! 

Either dream about your dreams, or get up and chase them! 

I think I love that quote so much because that is exactly what I finally did when becoming a Yoga instructor! It was something I always said One Day I would do.  Then finally I just did it! One Day is NOT ON A CALENDAR! So instead of saying one day, set a date on a calendar and make your dreams happen! Ever since I stepped out towards that one dream of mine, I feel like so many other awesome things have fallen into place for me, and I love it! 

I also am loving the recipes in the Diary! Here's one I made recently and love this idea as an on-the-go snack for me, and once my son gets a little older, for him too! In the book, they made these as a salad topper, but I made them just as a snack to pop in your mouth!


It's so easy! Here's how you make them:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, Drain the chickpeas, Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon  of each (cumin, paprika, garlic, salt, and pepper), lightly coat chickpeas in a bowl with Olive Oil, sprinkle mixture over peas and coat. Lay them on a baking sheet and roast for 25 minutes. The chickpeas should come out crispy.


Enjoy these at home, on a salad, while you are out and about and get hungry, or take them with you while you travel over the holidays, and snack on these instead of convenient store snacks! 

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Now, back to my awesome gift card! Thanks to Fit Approach & Fit Mob, I snagged the Lorna Jane Amy F/L Tight while they were only $50!! And FREE Shipping! I have several colored tights, but no black, so I was looking for a classic black tight that I could wear in the gym, to Yoga class, or out on the town!

Let me just tell you, these are the PERFECT tights!!

10818994_320684101457963_411543777_nPhoto taken by Simply Encourage Photography

10841538_320684091457964_1864015785_nPhoto taken by Simply Encourage Photography

Here I am working out in them at Abilene Fit4Mom Stroller Strides workout! They are incredible!

The waist band on the leggings are so comfortable and don't dig into me.  They have a draw strong that gently makes them tighter if needed, and they aren't always sagging when I move.  A lot of tights when I'm doing an active workout I am always pulling up! These are not like that.  Plus they have lines down the back and side that really flatter the body. Oh and did I mention they are so comfortable and the fabric feels amazing!


And here I am wearing the same leggings at our town's Christmas Parade this week! I love how versatile they are and how easily they go from the gym to the street! So if you need new tights, check these out!

Thanks Fit Approach, Fit Mob, and Lorna Jane for the awesome gift card, and a great Twitter Party!

#SweatPink #MoveNourishBelieve #HolidayMobbing


Oh, and remember, the 10 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY launches on the blog tomorrow! So come enter to WIN some awesome stuff, each day for the next 10 days!

10 days of Christmas


#ActiveNationDay with Lorna Jane


Active Nation Day is here!!

What do you have planned for today? How do you plan to get out there, get moving, and get active!!?!

It doesn't matter what you do or how you do it, but getting ACTIVE on this day is so powerful, because you are joining in with thousands of other women around the globe!

Check it out, on the other side of the world, the party has already started!! 


We are making a statement...choosing an active future for ourselves and our families!

So have some fun with it!! Why do you think they created the #LJMOVE! It's all for fun! And being active is fun! So get moving, and enjoy it!


Here's my #LJMove video!



Even if you being active seems so foreign to you....it's never too late to start! And why not start on Lorna Jane's big holiday along with thousands of other awesome women!?!?


Don't hold back! 

Be Bold!

Be Brave!

Believe in yourself!

And don't care about whose watching! 

Enjoy Life!

and Smile while doing it! 

No Regrets! 

Live Adventurously!

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 12.54.47 AM

#ActiveNationDay #LJMove #LornaJane #MoveNourishBelieve #SweatPink 

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Motivation Monday













This week's Motivation Monday is all about NOURISHing! & how to Nourish our bodies through our eating habits!

This post itself was motivated by 2 things.

1-Lorna Jane's mantra: Move.Nourish.Believe. and the emphasis she puts on nourishing your body inwardly and outwardly.

2-Chalene Johnson's podcast I listened to this week, called 11 Eating Habits of Fit People.







Both of these people are inspirational in so many ways, not only in fitness and health, but in living an overall wholesome lifestyle full of adventure, productivity, goal setting, and taking care of yourself in every aspect.













This week when listening to Chalene's podcast, there were two things that really stuck out to me that I had to share.  All related to NOURISHING!

1-Post pregnancy, I have really gotten into good eating habits.  Not perfect, but good! I still eat out on occasion, and I still indulge in chips and queso (my fav), but for the most part I have a very routine weekly eating plan.  I have learned what I enjoy throughout the week, and I know exactly what I am getting when I go to the store. My husband found this a little weird that I didn't have much variety, until I let him listen to #1 of the 11 Eating Habits of Fit People, then he took in the idea, almost like it made sense to him.

So here is it: (paraphrased from Chalene Johnson)

'Fit people don't have a huge variety.  Although most diets advertise that you can still eat a variety of foods.  Chalene stated that after working with fit people over 15+ years, she realized that they had set foods that they ate.  Although sometimes they would rotate in new items, for the most part, they have 3-5 things they ate for breakfast, 3-5 things for lunch, etc.'

I was amazed at this thought, but also proud because I feel like I have begun this habit on my own!

She also stated that she would ask them if they calorie count, but they don't because they know what their go-to's are, and they are staying with healthy, whole foods, so there was no need to count calories! This makes total sense.

So maybe try this at home.  See if you can find things that are healthy, and closest to their whole, natural form, and make those things what you eat.  But make them things that you like.

Here's a few ideas of what I eat: 


  • smoothie
  • eggs
  • fruit
  • yogurt with granola


  • sandwich
  • fruit
  • smoothie
  • raw veggies dipped in ranch
  • more fruit


  • popcorn (stove popped, lightly salted)
  • granola
  • Greek yogurt with granola
  • sweet potato chips
  • boiled eggs
  • fruit
  • protein bites

These are just some of my go-to's, but you have to make it your own, and find things that you look forward to eating! 


For me, I don't feel like I'm missing out! I enjoy what I eat! I am a big snacker, so on my grocery list and go-to eating list, I have snacks that I eat throughout the day! I have been sharing those on our Facebook Page lately, so go FOLLOW US for ideas!


2-Secondly, Chalene totally wrecked my mind on this concept, and it will be something that I most definitely have to work on.


"Fit people have a set time at night that they stop eating.  They don't snack late at night, they go to bed on an empty stomach. Where did we get the idea that we need to go to bed on a full stomach. When we go to bed on a full stomach, we aren't getting as good of rest as normal because our body is working so hard to process the food while we are sleeping.  Instead, go to bed on an empty stomach, allow your body to fully rest, and wake up ready to eat a nice healthy breakfast.'

'Instead of craving snacks at night, we need to start craving the feeling of waking up with an empty, flat stomach'

Oh come on! You know that feeling, the feeling when you wake up some mornings and feel extra thin! That is a good feeling!


I am the worst about snacking at night, even on healthy things, but not always the healthy things!

My husband and I stay up until at least midnight every night, so eating dinner at 6-8PM, I am hungry for a snack by 11PM.  So like I said this one will be extra hard for me.

But the point about letting your body rest, even from processing food, makes total sense! 

I need to change my thought from needing to go to bed full, to needing to go to bed on an empty stomach!

It is so important to NOURISH our bodies, with good, healthy foods! So I encourage you, find foods that you enjoy, but that will NOURISH your body, and feed your mind as well! & find good snacks, but beware of eating too late at night, and be kind to your body by giving it time to relax when you sleep! 

If you have time this week, take a moment to listen to this podcast, it is so motivating! or listen while you clean your house, that's what I did!

and always remember....












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Let's Get Movin' with #LJMove


Active Nation Day is upon us!!

What's Active Nation Day you ask!?!? Active Nation Day is sponsored by Lorna Jane and will take place on Sunday, September 28th!

Active Nation Day is a day to motivate, inspire, and move! Join together with some of your favorite friends, and make a choice to have a Beautiful & Fit Future as Women! No matter what way you decide to move, MOVE! Whether it's running, dancing, a fitness class, or a hike, get out and get active!

"It’s time to let your actions speak louder than words and mark your commitment to living your most authentic and active life."


There are several ways to start getting prepped and ready for the big day– Download the new Lorna Jane smartphone App to track your movement, Register to one of the Lorna Jane Events in your area, and get your Active Armour sorted!

Check out some of these awesome INSPIRATIONAL TANKS from Lorna Jane!


Lorna Jane is such an inspiration, and motivational company! They are constanting reminding people to MOVE, NOURISH & BELIEVE! Every day! Even for just 20 minutes a day, set your goals in the morning on how you will MOVE! Take care of your body, and fill it with nutritional and whole foods, that will NOURISH you from the inside out.  And BELIEVE, believe fully in who you are, who you were created to be, and all the potential that is inside of you, set goals, and don't be afraid to go after them!

So as always, Lorna Jane loves spreading the Active Love & Motivation, and what better way than with a contest!!

The #LJMove Contest! 

So what's this contest all about!?!?

"The #LJMOVE is our way of asking you to show us just how you get moving, by taking a photo (or even better, filming it) of you incorporating the signature #LJMOVE into your daily workout!"

Lorna Jane has created their signature #LJMove dance moves for you to show off while having fun and getting involved in moving on Active Nation Day! 

Here's a photo breakdown of me doing the #LJMove in my Lorna Jane tank and sports bra!


You can also check out the Lorna Jane video of the #LJMove HERE!

So now, how do you WIN!?!!?

  1. DO THE #LJMOVE anytime, anywhere – video it or take a photo
  2. UPLOAD your video or photo to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
  4. INSPIRE a sporty sister (or two) to do the #LJMOVE too by passing this on

The contest starts TODAY, September 10th-September 30th! You can enter as many times as you want, and the winner gets  a $1,000 Giftcard to shop at Lorna Jane!! OMG! Who wouldn't want to win!

So go get your #LJMove on, invite friends to move with you by SHARING all about it! and post your fun #LJMoves!

See you at #ActiveNationDay, Follow me on Instagram & Twitter to see how I get my #LJMove on, because you know I plan to! 

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.28.14 PM

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Active Living Challenge Week 2 RECAP

It's WEEK 2 of the Twitter #ActiveLivingChallenge! See Week 1 RECAP here. I just love being a part of these challenges! So inspiring, and I love connecting with such awesome people, in the Twitter community! Join us!! & be inspired! Before I share my week's worth of inspiring Tweets with you, I wanted to share a snippet of motivational encouragement from the Lorna Jane Active magazine I received in the mail this week.

"When your inner critic strikes or the opinions of others block your way, quiet your mind, draw your attention inward and listen to your inner soul sister. What is she saying? What does she want? Think of her as an honored guest, and feed her your love and attention." 
"When you nourish yourself with kind thoughts like acceptance, love and compassion, you'll naturally foster inner strength and radiate a quiet confidence." 
So...remember those thoughts as you enter this week! Be positive about yourself and towards yourself, both outwardly and inwardly, because the way we feel about ourself radiates who we are on the outside! 

So here's my recap!



August 11th: Favorite superfood

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.51.23 PM

August 12th: Do something new!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.49.50 PM

August 13th: How do you practice #activeliving everyday?

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.49.22 PM

August 14th: Post a picture of your daily motivation to #movenourishbelieve

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.48.54 PM

**August 14th (BlogFest): Bonus Challenge! BRING IT! Snap A Photo Of Yourself Living Active in front of the @LornaJaneActive Booth at #IDEAWorld #BlogFest! Tag @lornajaneactive @fitapproach #activelivingchallenge #sweatpink  

& even though I wasn't at Blogfest, I thought I might try to get a BONUS anyways :-) Plus I was so excited about my new Lorna Jane tank!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.48.43 PM

August 15th: Share your favorite quote about staying positive & true to yourself!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.47.30 PM

August 16th:  Life can get very busy! What do you do to get more out of everyday?

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 2.47.06 PM

August 17th:  Share your ultimate dream/goal!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 3.00.01 PM

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