Finding Passion Amongst the Mundane

Wow, this past week has been crazy for me. Well really the past 2.5-3 weeks since I went to the ER. (I shared a little about that here). Anyways, I thought I was all better, but last Friday I started to feel sick again. It was different than when I went to the ER though. Instead of sharp pains, it was just a nauseas feeling in my stomach. It is hard to explain, but I felt that in my stomach, an uneasiness, but didn't actually feel like I would throw up. Anyways, on Saturday I drove 5 hours to be with my family for 5 days, eager to enjoy time with them, and excited to get to workout with my mom....Well that didn't goes as planned. On Sunday I felt sick again for the days to follow. I love 9 lbs from Friday-Tuesday, (although I was eating). I felt super weak and had that nasty feeling in my stomach. 

It was not a fun time for me. Finally on Tuesday I felt a little better, and by Wednesday, I felt pretty normal. I tell you all of this to let you know where I've been and what I've been up to, since my blogging has been a little sparse lately. I hate that, but I had no energy or desire to get on the computer and blog. 

Now though I am super excited, have a list of all sorts of things I'm ready to share with y'all, and am working on some super fun stuff for the summer! So get excited! 

So today I just want to shortly share with you, especially from the place of being Mommy...


Finding passion amongst the mundane. #MommyMonday

We all deal with it. 

We all get that feeling of just going with the flow without a real purpose.

Especially for mom's who have tasks to get done for their children and family's. Sometimes it's hard to remember ourselves and what we are passionate about. It's hard to see that we are making a difference larger than helping our child not have poop all over their bum. It's easy to forget the things that we were created for and made to do. The things that make our wheels turn and our hearts beat faster. The things that we are passionate about. 

Even if you aren't a mom. Even if you are LIVING your passion. 

Sometimes you still need a little reminder that what you are doing is meaningful and making a difference. A rejuvenation of your passions! 

So HOW DO YOU DO IT? How in the midst of life do you find the passion? 

1) Time

The first thing I would say about taking time to find your passion, is you have to make time for it. I think that is one of the problems. Is that we get so caught up in what we are doing, (even if it is the thing we are most passionate about). We need to separate ourselves from those things and take time to get rejuvenated. Here are some ways I share to RECHARGE, you might try one of these things. 

Whatever you do, take time out for yourself. That would be awesome if you could do that for a vacation, or a weekend away. Obviously though that's not always possible. So even just an evening of time, or a couple of hours. Whatever works for you, take time to focus on yourself! 

2) Introspection

Next is introspection. During the TIME you are setting aside, spending time looking inwards. My first suggestion if you are a Christian is to let the Lord rejuvenate you during this time. Ask him to remind you about the things he has put on your heart that you are passionate about. As him to show you your identity as YOU, (not as mom), and the things he created you for. 

Then, spend time writing these things down. 

Ask these questions as you write:

-What am I doing right now to make a difference in my world, or the lives of others? (little or big)
-Who are people that I help? 
-What are my giftings? 
-What's my favorite thing in the world to do? 
-What am I passionate about?
-What gets my wheels turning in the best way?
-What makes me so happy? 
-What are the things that I love being a part of? 
-What makes me feel like I am helping in a big way? 
-When I do this, I feel like I am impacting the world? (even just the world around you)

3) People

Then there are people. Are you surrounding yourself with life-giving, encouraging people on a regular basis? That will definitely help you on a day-to-day basis feel purposeful! 


Find people that are uplifting and motivating. Go on a friend date and take time to DREAM TOGETHER! Go deeper than mommy talk! Tell your friend you are going for coffee and don't want to talk about babies and diapers. Instead, ask each other the questions above! or do that with your spouse. 

Give the people that you live life with permission to ask you hard questions! It will help! 

Surrounding yourself with motivational people who are going after their dreams will rub off on you. Getting around people who are passionate about the same things you are helps too! Brainstorm together, help each other find your mojo again. Sometimes even just one amazing conversation over coffee can be what you need to be reminded of why you are passionate about what you are doing. It can be enough to rejuvenate you for a while. The next time you leave a meeting feeling that way, make getting with that person a regular thing. You need those kind of people in your life on a weekly/monthly basis!

We were not made to do life alone. So stop trying to! Let others in, and find encouragement and excitement from them. And get rid of those people who drain you consistently....that is not helpful! 

4) Your Yes's & Your No's 

So....now that you might be getting reminded of your passion some, are you doing it? Stop thinking that living out your goals and dreams have to be something for the future! TAKE A STEP, A LEAP TOWARDS IT NOW! Don't wait! Who knows what doors will open once you take one step! 

So, take a look at your life. What are you saying yes to? Is your schedule jam packed with no room for anything else? MAKE ROOM. Start to say no to things....

YES, even if it's another activity that your child wants to be a part of. You do not "owe" them. They don't have to be a part of every single activity on the planet. Just because you say no to an extra curricular activity does not mean you are depriving them. (yes those activities are good, but there is such a thing as activity overload which impacts you and them! Clear the schedule. Let them pick ONE activity to be a part of.)

Evaluate your Yes's and your No's. Set boundaries for yourself. Start to say YES to things that align with your passion, seek out places where you can make a difference and feel needed other than just in your home!


You can do this! Try these steps and see if you leave a little clearer minded, and more passionate, and ready to start living your dreams! 

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What Yoga Means to Me As a Mommy! + the launch of the #LoveYourHIps Challenge

Today for #MommyMonday I'm sharing something very close to my heart. And I don't just mean Yoga, but what Yoga became for me as a mommy after I lost my baby 2 years ago to a miscarriage.  My sister and I were so excited because we were pregnant at the same time! We announced it on the blog here!

It was Mother's Day 2 years ago, I was about 6 weeks pregnant. My husband and I had been married for 3.5years, and we were so excited to be having a baby. That day, we had driven to Ft. Worth, TX to meet his mom at the zoo, and spend the day with her. Then, of course, all of us being excited about the Suell Baby that was coming, and it being her first grandchild, we went to Buy Buy Baby, and we bought some fun (gender neutral) things for the baby! After our little shopping trip we planned to make the 2.5 hour drive back to Abilene, TX. 

On our drive, we stopped at a gas station for a potty break. It was there that I saw it. The dreaded red spot. BLOOD. Not much, but enough to worry me. Now I am certainly not one to worry or think the worst about things. I am huge on speaking positive things and so I was hesitant to say anything to my husband, but inside I was freaking. So quickly after getting to the car I told my husband. We both tried not to worry about it. (it didn't work too well). I began googling details on finding blood while pregnant. 

The next morning I woke up cramping very badly, and knew that was a sign of miscarriage, along with the blood. We called the doctor. I sat in my closet, staring at myself in the mirror, KNOWING. I knew that at that moment, the day after celebrating being a Mom that I was losing my baby. And the worst part about it. I COULD DO NOTHING! I cried, a lot. 


So where does Yoga come in?? 

How Yoga helped me heal after having a miscarriage! #MommyMonday @brittanysuell

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Well for me, during this time of loss, questioning, stress, frustration, grief, sadness, Yoga became something so special for me. 

If you've ever lost someone, even a baby to miscarriage, you know that in your time of morning, life continues on whether you go with it or not. So in the midst of still having to work, take care of our three host students that lived with us, and my husband being out of the country, when I went to Yoga class, it was time for ME and only me! 

It was a time to be still, to have time to be introspective. Even the working hard and sweating had healing power. I was taking an hour out of my day to calm my mind, clear my thoughts, and focus on myself. I loved that. I NEEDED that! My mat was a place of healing and contentment for me. 

So for me as a mommy, even now, Yoga is still so special to me. When you live a busy life full of going going going, you need to make time for yourself. You need to make time where you aren't thinking of everyone else, or the next thing on your to-do list. And my mat is the special place where I get to do that. The place where I get to check out of life, and focus on ME! 

I would love for you to try Yoga, and make it special for you. It has some much to offer, for your body physically, and for you emotionally, and refreshing mentally. 

So if you want to get started, today launches the #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge on Instagram! You can read about the details here, and join us on Instagram


Have you ever found Yoga to be a place of healing, or peace for you? 

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Chicken Coop & Garden Box #MommyMonday

April is over, and we achieved our Spring Time, Easter goal....we got chicks, and built them a coop! I mentioned at the end of March that we were getting chicks. I told my husband that's what I wanted as an Easter gift! (Easter is my fav. holiday, so I definitely expect a gift hahaha) So we got chicks, and planned out what we wanted our coop to look like.  Modern Chicken Coop with Garden Box by @brittanysuell 

We looked all over Pinterest for various coop ideas/designs, and combined some that we liked to create our own! SIDENOTE about us: My husband and I actually own our own business called Simply Suell.  We do a lot of custom furniture orders. People will end us photos from Pinterest or West Elm and we build the furniture for them to fit their home, and usually cheaper than those more expensive upscale furniture places. We also sell smaller items on Etsy. (You can see some of our builds on our Instagram.) So I told him we were going to need to build our own coop for the chicks! Here's what we ended up with. 

We have a large area on the bottom for them, (the run), where we keep their feed and water. Then the ladder leads up to their top coop. There we have an open space with some roosting areas, and there are three large laying boxes for them. We thought that was plenty for our 8 chickens. 

Also, on the top part, there is an outdoor hinge door, (notice the top right) that leads right to the laying boxes. That will make it easy for us to collect the eggs, and clean the coop. 

The great thing about this coop, is we used mostly reclaimed wood, and wire/metal that my dad brought to us. Meaning we spent $0 on it. Well except for the purple paint. I wanted to add a fun pop of color to my backyard, so I had to buy some paint for it! Then my husband had the idea of making it look modern by putting cedar wood stripes horizontally around it. I really like the way it turned out. 

Modern Chicken Coop with Garden Box by @brittanysuell


I also made this super cute "The Suell Farm" sign to add some fun to our coop! 

And, we bought herbs this past weekend and I got my garden box planted. I planted lavender, rosemary, basil, lemon balm, spearmint, ginger mint, and a chocolate mint! 

I am so excited to use some of the mint in my summer drinks. On my April Podcast/Vlog I mentioned that missing out on summery drinks might be hard, but I'm so excited to create my own. Even just a lemon-mint water sounds wonderful! Or, I'm super excited to try making a yummy chocolate-mint cocktail! How good does that sound! Stay tuned and I will share my recipes with y'all! 


Now I just have to get my chickens to start laying eggs instead of trying to do Yoga with me! 

We are so excited to have chickens and fresh eggs anytime we want. Plus, we love that our son will grow up helping with the chickens and getting eggs, etc. I know it may seem like a small thing, but having something like this to help with every day creates work ethic inside a child, even from a small age. Plus when he helps with the chickens, then gets to see the reward of his work (eggs), and eat the eggs, there is so much to be learned through that simple task. #MommyMonday

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Stay tuned, because NEXT WEEK launches the #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge that I am doing with Lora Hogan! Make sure you are following me, and her on Instagram, because we have some amazing pries from the awesome sponsor PrAna, plus more to give out! 

 #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge with sponsor @PrAna

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Homemade Nut Butter Cups (No Sugar) #MommyMonday

I hope everyone had a great Easter with their family, and got a refreshed filling of the grace we are given in our lives due to Jesus sacrificing his life for us!  I will say that I am pretty proud of myself! I mentioned previously that I love Easter Candy, and that Easter is my favorite holiday. Well today I'm celebrating because I went the entire Easter holiday without eating any Easter candy...no Robbin Eggs or Starburst Jelly Beans for me. 

I did however have some chocolate.....but it was SUGAR FREE! 

What....? Is that even possible? I KNOW! I decided instead of buying my husband some chocolate Easter treat, that I would make my own, using 100% cocoa, and sweeten it myself. So that's exactly what I did. Check out these yummy PeaNut Butter Cups! 

Homemade Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! No Sugar, made with Nuttzo butter. Easy to make sweets, plus they are good for you! @brittanysuell

I used the amazing Nuttzo to fill them, and they were yummy, and nutritious! It was so easy to make, and they were so tasty...plus, it was sugar free chocolate, filled with lots of goodness from this seven nut and seed butter, Nuttzo! 

Check out Nuttzo here, and use code SUELL15 to get 15% off your order. I'm just telling you, you won't regret it! It's my new go-to nut butter! 

Nuttzo in my smoothies, Nuttzo with my apples, Nuttzo by the spoonful, and now, Nuttzo in my chocolate cups! 

Homemade Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! No Sugar, made with Nuttzo butter. Easy to make sweets, plus they are good for you! @brittanysuell

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Am I WEIRD for making my own Easter Candy!?!? Is choosing to be DIFFERENT good or bad!?!? #MommyMonday

So, after making my own Easter candy, and chatting with a few friends, it got me to thinking.... Is being different, good or bad!?! Does making my own Easter Candy make me the "Weird Mom" !?!? 

You all know my passion for living the #LeaveYourLegacy lifestyle! I have a desire to create healthy choices for my family. To make eating REAL FOOD the norm, and the desired choice. 

I want to create a lifestyle that doesn't always use food as a "reward" or a special thing. I want to use experiences, or getting to do/enjoy special things together as rewards for my children, so that food isn't the thing that our lives are centered around. (I mean any more than it has to be, because obviously, we NEED food). 

But.....does desiring these things, and wanting to be different in this way....does it make me the WEIRD MOM!?

Obviously, being different, and even weird is okay to some extent! It's okay to not confirm to everything! I want my son to know that it's okay to be different. To stay true to your passions and who you are created to be, even if that is different from those around you. HI also don't want my son to feel deprived, or like he didn't get to fully experience things in life. 

How do you find the balance!?!

I have talked to two other moms this weekend who feel the same way. How do I do things that I know are better for my children (i.e. make homemade candy that is a healthier option for them, or not go all out with gifts for Easter, but instead focus on the true meaning of the holiday), and yet not be weird, or deprive my children of enjoying a holiday. 

Or better yet, can i protect them forever!? OBVIOUSLY NO! Even at a young age, my child will go to a birthday party that has tons of junk food and juices full of sugar that I don't have at my house. 

Things are going to happen outside of our homes that are different than the way we want our child to live, or things that we might not want them exposed to yet....or ever. So what do we do about it? Where is the balance?

I have decided, that I will raise my son the way I believe is right for him. For me, that is to eat healthy. That might mean not buying Starburst jelly beans for Easter, but instead making yummy, homemade treats together. Or that might mean filling his Easter eggs with dried fruit or stickers rather than chocolate eggs. But for me, that is okay, and I will be DIFFERENT, and I may be WEIRD, but I know that is what is best for my son. 

Then, when he's older, and he goes to a party where they have Oreos, and artificial juices, I will let him decide what he wants to do. And hopefully because of the way I have raised him, to not be centered around food, he will be enjoying playing with friends more than he will be focussed on those cupcakes. Or, if he eats the sweets, then hopefully, his body will tell him when he's had enough. 

So mom's....



Go with your Gut, with your Passions! 

Do what you believe is right for your children! 

And trust that they will always fall back on what you have taught them! 

This seems to go along quite well with the Easter focus being on Jesus, and then this post, so be encouraged with this Bible verse: 

"Train up a child in the way he should go, 

and when he is old, he will not depart from it." 

-Proverbs 22:6


Enjoy this yummy recipe! 

Homemade Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! No Sugar, made with Nuttzo butter. Easy to make sweets, plus they are good for you! @brittanysuell


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You Might Be GRANOLA If....

Granola...yep, I think I can officially be categorized as a GRANOLA MOM.... Are you a granola mom? Do you eat natural, use essential oils, shop locally? You might be granola then! @brittanysuell

What does Granola mean you ask? 

According to Urban Dictionary, You Might Be Granola If....

You are a person who is environmentally aware (flower child, tree-hugger), put an emphasis on organic and natural living, who will usually refrain from consuming or using anything containing animals and animal by-products (for health and/or environmental reasons), as well as limit consumption of what he or she does consume, as granola people are usually concerned about wasting resources. Usually buy only fair-trade goods and refrain from buying from large corporations, as most exploit the environment as well as their workers, which goes against granola core values. (paraphrased)

I never thought I would be the kind of person that falls into the Granola category, and I wouldn't say I'm an extremist, (I still consume animal products, and I don't totally boycott large corporations), but in my circle, and in the area where I live, I fall into the Granola category. 

As a disclaimer, I must say, that most of the "Granola" things I do have good reason....they aren't done just to fit into a trend. Many of these things I do because it saves money, or maybe it's healthier for me and my family. Other things are done because of research I have done and I don't feel like I can trust the "mainstream" ways, so I find healthier/more natural alternative routes to ensure my family's safety. All that to say, I definitely feel like my granola-ness has increased since becoming a mom, which makes sense since I obviously think of my son's wellbeing so much more than my own! 

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Here's a few things that I do that put me in the GRANOLA category: 

  • I'm a Yoga Instructor---that automatically gives me major granola points
  • I shop at a small, Natural Food store or buy vegetables from a local co-op (although I don't buy 100% all organic groceries, but if I had the money, I sure would)
  • I use essential oils
  • I avoid using medicine as much as possible, especially on my son
  • I make as many homemade snacks as possible to avoid allowing processed food in my home (this is especially important for making my husband happy and his tummy satisfied)
  • I DO NOT let my husband bring Oreos in our home! 
  • I eat "Clean"
  • I gave up sugar
  • I eat get eggs from someone local, straight from the chicken
  • I try to shop local and support local entrepreneurs/businesses
  • I use cloth diapers
  • I make my own wipes (cloth), and wipe solution for my son
  • I make my own baby food
  • My son (11months old) has yet to eat any grains, and has not eaten any store bought baby food or snack

And the last thing that makes me super Granola....Are you ready for my exciting news!??

We are going to get baby chicks! 


That's right! I am so excited, we are going to have our own little farm in our backyard! I told my husband that for Easter (my favorite holiday), I wanted him to build me a chicken coop so that we could get chicks and make our own eggs! 

I am so excited to have chickens be a part of my son's daily routine. We had chickens some when I was growing up, then working on a ranch in college. I love the joy of going out and getting the eggs from the coop, plus it's fun for kids and will be a great chore for my son to do as he gets older.

Plus, hello, we are saving money on eggs, and we know nothing weird has been done to them when we eat them! 

Have you had eggs straight from a chicken lately? They are so much better than store bought eggs! 

So anyways, OFFICIAL GRANOLA MOM Status happening over here, and I'm totally okay with it! 

I'll be keeping you up to date on our chick adventure, so stay tuned! 

Do you have any qualities/habits that would categorize you as a Granola Mom or Dad? 

Happy #MommyMonday, and check out previous Mommy Monday posts here




Banana Pancakes for Baby #MommyMonday


Easy, 2 ingredient Homemade Banana Pancakes for baby #MommyMonday @brittanysuell As I've mentioned before, I'm doing Baby Led Weaning (BLW) with my son. You can read about why I'm doing it, and nutritional benefits of Baby Led Weaning HERE. This type of feeding, and teaching my son to eat whole foods has been awesome for us. And now that we are rounding the last few months of his first year of life, and creeping up on the big 1st birthday, I have really had to get better at feeding him 3 meals a day. Before, I would mostly feed him dinner, and then maybe a breakfast or lunch, but never all three. (I'm still nursing too).

Anyways, along with this, I am feeding him all foods that I make myself, like this Homemade no-sugar added Applesauce. Staying away from grains, sugars, and processed foods.  It has been fun, and pretty normal, plus I feel like feeding him has been a huge part of what led me to my No-Sugar in 2015 Journey

So, I have mostly fed him raw and cooked fruits and vegetables, but I've decided to start making some recipes that are BLW friendly.  This is great so that he is trying more foods together, but it also helps to have things pre-made, especially breakfast foods, for when we have quick mornings. Plus, when traveling, these pre-made foods are amazing! This past weekend we took a trip to New Mexico for a day of skiing, and I took these yummy Banana Pancakes with us, and he had them each morning for breakfast, along with some other things from mommy's plate. 

Oh, did I mention that my son LOVES BANANAS! I mean the boy loves them. I mentioned this in my February "Leave Your Legacy" Podcast. I have actually had to limit his intake of bananas. He could seriously eat 3 a day, but they are full of sugars. Although natural, I still don't want him consuming that much fructose (sugar found in fruits). 

Here's a fun video I posted to my personal Facebook page last week showing the measures this 10 month old baby will go through to get more bananas! 

So, here's how to make these super simple Banana Pancakes for baby! 

Easy, 2 ingredient Homemade Banana Pancakes for baby #MommyMonday @brittanysuell

*I cooked the leftover egg whites and ate them myself. 

[bctt tweet="Two ingredient, easy to make Banana Pancakes for baby! by @brittanysuell #mommymonday #leaveyourlegacy"]

Also, to make it more fun, you should definitely listen and sing-along to this Jack Johnson song while you make these! 

Of course these are yummy for everyone to eat as well, or to add some extra protein and a little more bread like consistency, you can try my Power Protein Pancakes recipe! I love making these for my husband and myself! 





Have You Lost Yourself in the Midst of Being Mommy!?? #MommyMonday

  Have you lost yourself, your own identity in the midst of being mommy? @brittanysuell shares tips on how to balance being a Mommy and taking care of YOURSELF! #MommyMonday #LeaveYourLegacy

When you become a mommy, you become a mommy. Being a mom becomes a huge part of your identity

Your duties at home double, quadruple maybe. 

Added to the cleaning of the house, laundry, dishes, planning meals and cooking them, that you were already doing as a single woman and/or wife.

Top that with feeding the baby, changing diapers, washing more clothes, playing with baby, making sure you are doing the things you need to in order to cultivate learning in your baby so that they are "keeping up" and progressing smoothly to the next stages of life. 

Mommy's have a lot of duties.  Even mommies who are blessed to have a wonderful husband to help around the house, like myself, there are still Mommy Duties that are mommy duties. 

Oh and did I mention all of this is usually on top of working some kind of job. (I commend and pray blessings on you mommies who work full time jobs as well as all of this). I am blessed to be able to stay home with Zander, while also doing my part of the at-home "hustlin" as we like to call it around here to make some income! (Let's just say I have a lot of little jobs, and we have our own small business that I manage)

In all of these duties, and lists of things that we as mommies are responsible for, where do WE come in. Not to say that we don't enjoy doing these things, because I don't take for granted how HUGE of a BLESSING IT IS TO BE MOMMY.

But in all the Mommy, do you ever feel like you have lost yourself!?

Have you lost yourself, your own identity in the midst of being mommy? @brittanysuell shares tips on how to balance being a Mommy and taking care of YOURSELF! #MommyMonday #LeaveYourLegacy

[bctt tweet="Have you lost yourself in the midst of being Mommy!? Tips on how to thrive in your identity! @brittanysuell #MommyMonday #LeaveYourLegacy"]

Just as important as it is to take care of our home and family, and be a good mommy, it's also crucial for us to take care of ourselves! When we are thriving in our own identity, (not just as mommy), then we are able to be the best version of us for ourselves, our children, and the world around us! 

HOW TO THRIVE IN YOUR IDENTITY: (Finding Balance as Mommy & as Myself)

Start by asking yourself a few questions: 

(avoid answering with things about our children)

  1. What do I love to do? 
  2. What things bring me peace? 
  3. What things make me the happiest? 
  4. When I do this/have done this, I feel like I can conquer the world? 
  5. What is one of my responsibilities that brings on the most stress in my life? 


1. Figure out the things you love to do, or that brings peace in your life, and make those a priority? 

-This can be as simple as having a cup of coffee in the morning, alone. So if that brings peace in your life, then make it a priority to wake up 15-30mins early and enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings. 

-If this is having a girls night out with your friends, or a pedicure once or twice a month, then make it a priority. Talk to your significant other and let them know how beneficial this would be to you. Or plan to get a babysitter for those nights. MAKE IT HAPPEN! 

2. That thing that makes you feel like you can conquer the world! DO IT, and then go conquer your world!

-For me, there are two things. When I have worked out! Because duh, when I work out, I feel confident, and healthy! This sets me up for healthy choices, to be happier (scientifically working out makes you happier), makes me feel like I'm taking care of myself. So in return, I am happy to help take care of everyone else. Meal planning is easier and I"m thinking on a healthy level for myself and my family. I just feel good about myself! I'm working out every day then! right!?!? 

-Another thing, may sound silly to some, but when my home is clean and in order, I feel like my life is together and I can do anything. Let's get real though, when you have kids, it's harder to keep everything clean. Recently, I got my husband to take my son to church, and I stayed home just to have extra time to deep clean out house. It was worth it and I felt great starting the week cleaned and organized. It might even be worth it to you to "outsource." Pay someone to clean your house when you just don't have time, once a week, or once a month. Don't feel bad about it. If that helps you be a better you and have more time for you, then do it! 

3. Have adult time

Having adult time, and that doesn't mean going to work at the office, that means getting a baby sitter for date night's, or nights out with the friends. Even just a couple of times a month, this can be hugely beneficial for remember who you are, and being you (not mommy). When you are leaving the kids at home and getting out, you are forced to be you, and not hide behind your children or your mommy duties. You get to have real conversations, real fun, not worried about or watching out for anyone but yourself. It's fun, and you may see a side of you come out that you haven't seen in a while. 

4. Find a Hobby

Find something you enjoy doing. Something that doesn't stress you out, but makes you happy, and then do it! And do it often. This can be what you do early mornings, during nap times, in the evenings, on the weekends. Just make time for it, and be happy while doing it! 

5. What is your purpose, what are you passionate about, do it! 

Sometimes, after you get thrown into the swings of being a parent, and you have been living, breathing motherhood and your sweet baby, you come to this place of wondering what your purpose is in life. Obviously, a valid answer and for some this is IT, could be, Being a Mom. And that is great. But for some, there's more! So taking time to discover yourself, what you are passionate about, what makes you feel like you have purpose and are making a difference. Those things are important too! This may be a very hard tip for some, because it takes time, and a lot of self-awareness and self-discovery to figure out. Don't be afraid to try out different things, even things that might involve your children. Just start the journey to figuring out what it is that you are passionate about. I think it's important for our children to see us pursuing these things as well, because it teaches them that life is more than just about us. It teaches them to go after things bigger than themselves in order to make a difference and change the world around them! 

 Being a mommy is such a blessing, but knowing your identity as YOU, while being a mommy is a blessing to yourself and everyone around you! Take time for this and discover you! 

There are a few things that I love, and I have recently gotten this cute necklace to show what those are! 

1. I am a mommy

2. I love coffee, and drinking it makes me feel at peace, and calm.

3. Working out is a big part of my life. That's how I make money, that's how I impact the world around me. I include my son in working out, in order to teach him the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. This encompasses, what I do for myself, for others, what I'm passionate about, my blogging, etc. 

All these things matter to me, and describe who I am. So I recently got this necklace from Love Fitness Jewelry. It shows each of these things. I love wearing it to show off what I'm passionate about, but also to remind myself of what's important. Even if the coffee sounds silly, it has meaning to me, and that is what's important.

Necklace from Love Fitness Jewelry

I love the idea of having this with me all the time to remind myself of WHO I AM!

You should definitely check out Love Fitness Jewelry. She has tons of cute designs that you can get as a necklace, keychain, or earrings! Or check her out on Instagram for all her cute pieces that she has made, plus she hosts some great giveaways there as well!  


Also, use this code, and get 15% OFF any purchase at the Love Fitness Jewelry website! 

Cute and inspirational fitness jewelry! Get !5% OFF with code BRIS2015 at www.LoveFitnessJewelry.com from @brittanysuell

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Nutrition While Nursing + A Workout for Pregnancy & Post-Prenancy & a Mommy+Baby GIVEAWAY #MommyMonday

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com You may have read that I am training for a half marathon! Wahoo! I am less than six weeks out, and yesterday I ran my furthest yet, 10miles! Which is also the furthest I've run since having my son, 9+ months ago! I am also currently still nursing my son, and don't have any plans to discontinue doing so at this point.  Now I have heard many people worry and fret about working out too hard, or training for something while nursing because they didn't want it to affect their milk supply. So, I felt like today, since it's #MommyMonday, it would be great to chat about this! 

Yes, you do lose calories when you are breastfeeding, they estimate 500calories per feeding.  And yes, you shouldn't go on some extreme diet where you are eating only 1,000 calories a day, or taking diet pills.  All this would affect your own nutrition, which would have an affect on your milk supply, and diet pills could be bad for the baby all together, so let's just stay away from them.  BUT, I don't think this is an excuse to eat everything in site, or to henge on junk food/high calorie snacks, even if you are training for a race.  So, here's a few small tips on how to have good NUTRITION WHILE NURSING, specifically when you are working out a lot, and/or training for a race: 

1) Eat full meals! This does't mean just eat a sandwich. This means eat a meal that has lean protein, good fats, some carbs, and lots of yummy veggies that are full of goodness! 

-This is what I ate before I ran today. Almost an entire chicken breast, sweet potato chips (real ones! The only ingredient is sweet potatoes), and half of an avocado.  Honestly, this would've been even better if I would've had a nice green veggie with it, but it was a late lunch, so I was a slacker. 

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

2) Make sure you have good pre-/post training fuel that restocks a lot of nutrients that you burned off while sweating!

 -My newest favorite post run fuel is a LARABAR. These things are super yummy bars, and not like normal bars that are full of all sorts of stuff, including lots of sugar! Nope, these things are made with what's in them! Check out the ingredient list on this Cashew Cookie Larabar, which is the exact one I had today. They are naturally sweetened with dates, and have other great nutrients packed into them!  

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

3) Drink a lot of water. If you are nursing, then you may have experienced the "OMG! I'm dying of thirst all of a sudden. My mouth literally feels like a desert, and if I don't get water quick I'm done." feeling while nursing.  So, this means when working out/training, always have water with you. Drink plenty of water BEFORE, and AFTER working out! 

Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Workout

Now, while we are on the subject of nursing, and pregnancy, I thought I would share with you a great workout that is good for while you are pregnant, post-pregnancy, or hey any time! I do these workouts now. I'm just saying though, when you are pregnant or recovering from giving birth, obviously you can't worry about your abs much, so why not focus on your legs, and specifically your arms! You can definitely still tone those babies while you are prego! 

What you need: Elastic Band 

10 sets of each exercise x 3

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.comNutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.comNutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.comNutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

This is a great workout that can be done at your own pace, while pregnant, or after your doctor releases you to workout again post-pregnancy.  

My motto is...My belly may be big, but my arms can still be tone!

Just kidding! but I think I might adopt that next time I get pregnant, I mean why not have nice arms, and legs for that matter! 

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Did you see how cute the shirt I am wearing above is! "Worth the Fight!" I love it! I love inspirational tanks, plus they are all the buzz right now! You can wear them to workout, or just to be cute, which is always great! I love tanks that remind me who I am and who I want to be! Latitude Gear RX, makes some great tanks that do just that, plus some that are just fun for fitness! You can read a review from several years ago HERE.

What I'm loving about their gear now days, is that they have BABY STUFF! Now who doesn't love putting their baby in some super cute fitness gear! 

Latitude Gear RX Mommy & Baby  Giveaway from www.brittanysuell.com

I love the "Lift Something Heavy" onesie! Such inspiration from such a little guy! Latitude Gear RX shirts are such great quality! I love the women's tanks! They fit awesome, are super soft, and my favorite type of tank to work out in! And of course I love the onesies because my son looks adorable in them! 

Latitude Gear RX Mommy & Baby  Giveaway from www.brittanysuell.com

So today, I'm teaming up with Latitude Gear RX to GIVEAWAY a Mommy & Baby package!! The winner will be chosen on Friday, January 30th at 12AM CST, and will get their choice of a adult shirt and baby shirt! yay! 

Plus if you just can't wait to get your hands on some of their awesome gear! They are offering 30% OFF anything in their store to my readers! Find the coupon code in the right sidebar!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

www.brittanysuell.com #LeaveYourLegacy


Albion Fit Review + Giveaway

  @Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell www.brittanysuell.com

Have I mentioned to you guys that I love my job!? As of July 2014, I am a stay-at-home-mom, well I really like to call myself a work-at-home-mom.  Obviously I get the pleasure of being home with my son and enjoying everyday life with him, but along with that, I blog, I am the social media/marketing manager for a local shoe store, and I am a Yoga instructor.  All of these things have one great thing in common! I can wear Yoga pants every day of my life, and no one judges me!

When I was younger I wanted to be a coach when I grew up just so I could wear workout clothes everyday. Well, it turns out, you don't have to be a coach for that, you just have to be a mom! Yay, I win! When it comes to workout clothes though, I still like to look cute.  I love finding workout clothes that I can wear to workout in, whether I'm at my Stroller Strides Class, teaching Yoga, or out on a run, but also that I can throw on a STAPLE PIECE, and go out in public and still look nice.  For many, a staple piece is a cardigan. Lately, my staple piece has been my Target vest! I'm loving this vest, and it especially looks good with this Albion Fit Go Long Crew with thumb-holes.

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell www.brittanysuell.com

Seriously, I have been living in this long sleeve crew neck shirt lately. I love the look paired with my vest and classic leggings, but it's also been great to have for my training runs in 40 or 50 degree whether.

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell www.brittanysuell.com

I first found Albion because of their incredible Vintage Swimsuits! Seriously they are some of the cutest suits I have ever seen, and very original and fun styles.  I may have to talk my husband into getting me one of their swimsuits for our anniversary cruise this summer! (hint,hint)

Now when I first saw their products, I thought the price might be a little steep...I can't help it, I tend to be a cheapo. After reviewing the Go Long Crew, and getting to feel, and wear the product, I knew that it was high quality and worth the price.  Which seems fitting sense the Albion mission statement is this:

Albion’s mission is to provide WOMEN with the most luxurious, flattering, and hassle-free  FITNESS AND LEISURE apparel on the market.  They are family owned.  They believe in quality, fair practices, and green living.  And did I say quality?

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell www.brittanysuell.com

The material is incredible. The colors are vibrant.  The seams are tight, and the shirt feels secure on. The fabric is light weight, yet not see through. The shirt is long, which I LOVE! It's flattering to the body, from the chest, torso, down to the hips.  And the thumb-holes add even more to the shirt.  Obviously thumb-holes can be cute, but let me just say, during my cold Texas runs this week, I have appreciate the extra coverage over my hands.  The shirt is practical for working out, but also easy to transition into your normal day! Like I said....just add your STAPLE PIECE!

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell www.brittanysuell.com


Now for the awesome part! How would you like to own one of these Albion Go Long Crew shirts!? Because one lucky WINNER will get one, and you will get to pick the color, and they have a ton of great colors!

@Albionfit review + GIVEAWAY from @brittanysuell www.brittanysuell.com


Just head over to my INSTAGRAM for all the details on how to WIN!


After getting 2 entries from Instagram, and if you want a 3rd chance to WIN, you can PIN your favorite Albion product and tag @AlbionFit & @BrittanySuell and leave a comment on this post with the link to your PIN! (But remember, this is just an extra entry, you have to enter on Instagram first)

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Baby's First Christmas! #MommyMonday

Well let it be known....Christmas is definitely more fun with children! baby's firstWe had such a wonderful weekend celebrating Christmas with our family, and it was so fun to see Zander enjoy it to.  (As much as an 8 month old can at least!) He actually did semi- open his presents though, so that was a plus.  I know it will get better each year as we are able to implement our Family Christmas Traditions, and he will be able to understand the true meaning of Christmas!

I wanted to share a little recap in photos from our Baby's First Christmas for Mommy Monday today!














Also while we were away, our family watched the babe, and my husband and I got to go out on a date!


And, lastly, one of my favorite Christmas gifts! I got a Nutri Ninja!! Can't wait to make a smoothie with this here in a little while! And check out my adorable smoothie ornament I bought in the after Christmas sale!



All in all, it was a great Christmas!

Come back tomorrow to discuss my goals for 2015, and I will be revealing a big SECRET that will be happening in 2015!!


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Mommy Monday

Also, now that the holidays are over, Check out these TIPS for Staying Motivated and Cutting Stress!



Homemade Applesauce #MommyMonday

Mommy Monday  

As many of you have seen in the past, I am doing Baby-Led Weaning with my son, (learn what that is, and all about the nutritional value of it HERE). Along with that, I am also feeding him only food I cook, (for the most part). So, I am avoiding jar baby food, and as much processed foods as I can.  Mostly I am feeding him whole fruits and vegetables that I steam or bake and then cut into strips.  There are a few items that I puree myself so that he can try out various textures and practice using utensils, and APPLE SAUCE is one of those.

So today I'm going to share my EASY-PEASY HOMEMADE APPLESAUCE with you! 

First, let me start with a little nutrition lesson:

DISCLAIMER: No judgement if you buy this for your children, just want to show you how much sugar and other unnecessary ingredients are added to these types of store bought foods, and how easy it is for you to make this homemade at your house!


1) Applesauce for a baby does not need ANYTHING added to it! It doesn't have to be sweet for them to eat it.  Remember, as a baby, you are helping them develop their taste pallet, so it's okay for it not to have brown sugar or cinnamon flavoring in it.

If you are making this for older kids or adults, try some flavoring (I'll mention what I did at the end), but still try to avoid added sugars. There is enough natural sugar in fruits that you don't need to add more!

2) True Applesauce doesn't need anything added to it except a little water.

You have probably heard that high fructose corn syrup is one of the worst things you can eat, and one of the main reasons you should avoid processed foods because it is added to everything! I am not a nutrition pro (yet), but I will say after making my own Applesauce, I have NO IDEA why they would need to add all of these things to their ingredients.

*Some recipes tell you to add Apple Juice as your liquid base. Not a big deal if it is ALL NATURAL. BUT, once again, if it is store bought Apple Juice, then it probably has unnecessary sugars added to it as well, so you are just replacing one with the other. The safest way to go is to just use water as your liquid.


3) Many store bought foods, even foods for kids/babies have tons of sugar added to it! Like a ton...Like WAY TOO MUCH!

Check out how much sugar is in one small cup of this Applesauce. When making my own Applesauce, obviously there is sugar, but it's all natural sugar, so I don't even worry about it.  A lot of the sugar in this brand's sauce probably came from the unnecessary added high fructose corn syrup mentioned above.


On to the recipe! 

apple sauce


-Take 2 apples 

-Peel them, core them, dice them

-Put on to boil with 1/2 a cup of water


-Let them cook on med/high heat for about 20 min (apples will be soft and slightly broken a part)

-Pour the apples/liquid into blender & blend until smooth


-For a baby, divvy it up into containers and freeze. Then when you are ready to serve it, heat slightly so that it melts and serve it to baby. 


I ate the Homemade Applesauce just like this, and it tasted great! Seriously, with the already natural sugars that apples have, it had plenty of flavors.

For my husband, I wanted to try something a little different, so I added a 1/4 of a teaspoon of cinnamon, and he ate it like that. It was great with the cinnamon flavor as well. Still though, there was no need to add any more sugar to it in my opinion.


So, instead of taking the easy way out and buying the store bought brands, why not take just a little more time out of your weekend and prep a bunch of yummy Homemade Applesauce for the week!

Applesauce makes a great snack for adults and kids! You can take it for lunch, or eat it in the afternoons, and seriously it takes about 25-30 minutes to make, and most of that time is when it is boiling on the stove so you can be getting other things done. Then you can rest easy, because you know exactly what is in the food that you are feeding yourself and your children. Plus, your just adding to the daily serving of fruits that you are taking in, and that is always a PLUS!

[bctt tweet="You've got to try this yummy Homemade Applesauce recipe from @NFSisters great for a kid-friendly or adult-friendly snack! #MommyMonday"]

So, try the recipe, and be sure to post a picture and tag me when you are loving how yummy it is! @NFSisters #MommyMonday

Keep reading for a GIVEAWAY!


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Day 10


The Strength of a Mom #MommyMonday & Christmas Giveaway Day #4

Welcome to #MommyMonday!

Today I'm going to share a realization I've had since becoming a mom.  And today, you will get to know a big part about my past, and some things I have been through in life.

Mommy Monday

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5 years ago from yesterday, I remember the day so clearly.  It was a dreary, rainy day, and we, (my sister, mom and myself) were standing in my mom's kitchen looking at the local newspaper.  We were weeping over the obituaries that came out, in disbelief, that my brother, her son's picture was in it.  It felt feels so unreal that that could be our life. It felt only right that it was dark and rainy outside because we felt even worse than that on the inside.

 I remember, as we looked over the newspaper, that my mom must've also read the date....December 7th, 2009.  And suddenly, startled she exclaimed, "Oh My Goodness....Today is my birthday." Our days had been in such a whirlwind, that we never even realized it.

Yes that's right, 5 years ago from yesterday, my mom was supposed to be celebrating her birthday, but instead, she was burying her only son.

(My mom's Facebook post from yesterday)

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.59.00 AM

Although the pain of losing my Big Brother, was more real than anything I have ever felt, now that I have a son.....I feel like I have a new realization, a new reality, to the pain that my mother must feel.

Me, being a new mom, to a precious baby boy.  My first son, my baby.  How sweet it is to be a mom.  How sweet it is to know the love of a mom for their child....and I know that! I know that I love my son with every inch of myself.  I adore him.  Every sweet little thing that he does, I find joy in.  Only recently have I realized....wow, my mom had that too with my brother....my brother, her son, who is now gone.  WOW.  How real it just got.  The pain my mother must feel.  To look at my son, in comparison to my brother, and imagine what my mom has gone through.  It's not even something I want to fathom.

Now though, now that I'm a mom. Now that I've felt that love, and experienced that adoration for my son. WOW! How brave she is! Brave to even be able to continue going on with life.  And not barely living.  NO, no....my mother still loves well, and finds joy and adventure in life! And that, when you realize that terrible pain she must have felt feels, that is a miracle in itself, and she, is the STRONGEST WOMAN I KNOW!



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10 days of Christmas

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Mommy Monday-Homemade Baby Wipes

So as many of you know, I became a mom in April (Read my Birth Story HERE).  And like anything as huge and life changing as becoming a mom, it kind of becomes a HUGE part of your life! So, I wanted to incorporate some of my mommy-ness into my posts, and share with you all, some of the things I learn along the way!

That is how MOMMY MONDAY started!  

Although I am passionate about helping you Create a Healthy and Active Lifestyle Legacy in your own family, and to most that may seem pretty mommy-ish.  Well Mommy Monday is a place where I may share some non-Fitness or Healthy related Mommy tips or experiences! Mommy Monday

So welcome to day one of Mommy Monday-Homemade Baby Wipes!

Yes you heard me right, homemade baby wipes.

If you didn't know, I am cloth diapering! Now, now, if you are thinking of a white cloth wrapped around my baby's bum, hooked together with a safety pin, think again.  These diapers are high quality, and super cute!


So, I have been using store bought wipes since he was born. (He is now 7 months old). We got so many as baby shower gifts, that I am just starting to run out.  But, with cloth diapering, it is so much easier to use a cloth wipe, because you can toss it in the diaper after using it, and just wash it all together.  (Like you would do with a disposable, but instead you would toss them both in the trash).

Anyways, whether you want to use cloth wipes, or make your own baby wipes, you can use this wipe solution.

"WHY the heck would I want to do that!?!??" you ask....

Well we used a huge box of wipes, (bought from Sam's, so a bulk size box), and right when we finished the last package there was a recall on the wipes! I was shocked, really, a recall on baby wipes! What the heck! Anyways, my baby was fine (as far as we know), but still there just shouldn't have to be a recall on wipes.  So if you are interested in knowing your baby has a safe wipe solution, plus it will smell incredible, try this!

Reasons I Use Homemade Baby Wipes:

-I cloth diaper, so it's easy to go ahead and use cloth wipes as well

-Saves money

-More convenient (I don't have to run to the store if I run out)

-I know what is in the wipe solution, and know it is safe for my baby

-I get to use essential oils, which is always an added bonus, and great for my baby!

baby wipes

*If you are making your own DISPOSABLE WIPES, just buy your choice brand of Paper Towels, (the ones that are already cut in half sizes.  Then found them all up over one another.


The Wipes:

1) Use your scissors to cut your receiving blanket into small (wipe-sized) squares

The Solution:

1) Put a Tablespoon of Coconut Oil in the bowl/cup *If it is s0lid, microwave for 30 seconds to melt it*

2) Add 2-3 drops of Lavender & Thieves Young Living Essential Oil

3) Add 1-1.5 cups of warm water to the oil solution

Combining them:

1) Lay your wipes inside your wipe container

2) Pour the entire cup of mixture over the wipes making sure they are all soaked

Then your wipes are ready to use!


The water is used as the cleaning solution for the wipes, along with the Thieves Young Living Essential Oil which is a "proprietary essential oil blend [that] was university tested for its cleansing abilities. It is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health." (Young Living)

The Lavender and coconut oil aids in diaper rash prevention, which the coconut oil also acts as a moisturizer.


So basically, the concoction of Coconut Oil, and these Young Living Essential Oils equals amazingness for the baby's bottom!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever tried making your own, or would you be interested in trying to make your own Homemade Baby Wipes, or is it too weird for you!?!

*If you have any questions about the products used to make these, or if you are interested in ordering some of these essential oils, email me at naturalnesters@gmail.com or leave a comment! 

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