5 Reasons Why Stretching is so Good for You! #7DayStretch with Prana


Wow, I just finished up my 5AM Yoga Class on this lovely Friday morning, and I'm feeling good. Now getting up a 4AM isn't always my favorite, but once I'm up and on my Yoga mat, my day is off to a great start!  So in an attempt to CONVINCE YOU to DO YOGA!!! I'm going to share with you 5 Reasons Why Stretching is so Good for You! 

1. Fewer Aches and Pains

Let's face it, we are all getting older, and as our bodies age, we get a little creakier. So in order to decrease the aches and pains that you feel as you may age, stretching helps to keep the body flexible, muscles long and lose, and decrease the aches and paints that your body feels! 

2. Better Posture

Why does posture matter. Because as we age, we gradually tend to slump forward. When we are stretching and strengthening the muscles in our core, shoulders, and back; we are able to maintain a nice posture which allows for better health, and back to #1, fewer aches and pains.

Life Hacker shares this statement about stretching and it's impact on posture: "Assists in correct posture by lengthening tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position (because of so much time at our computers, many of us have tight chest muscles which pulls the shoulders and head forward, leaving us with a hunched shoulder look)."

3. Creates Easier Movement of Natural, Everyday Activities

We reach, we bend, we twist. In everyday activities we do all of these things, and stretching, helps ensure that we can do these things long term. Especially stretching our spine is important! It makes sure that our back is healthy, which reduces pains, and enables us to easily move through natural everyday activities on our own. 

This is said about a tight spine, from Shape Magazine: “When the thoracic spine becomes tight, it can create many problems up and down the chain of the body,” she says. “I have seen my clients’ necks, shoulders and chest tighten up or become unstable and weak with a tight thoracic spine.”

4. Lengthen Your Muscles

You might be wondering..."What does this even mean!?!?" Well during a lot of everyday activities, carrying heavy loads, or even working out and lifting weights, your muscle length shortens, which is partly why you can feel tight and sore after a workout. When you stretch, your muscles are literally stretching, lengthening, getting less tight, distressing, and being able to move with more flexibility. This not only makes recovery from a workout easier, but it also helps your athletic performance. 

5. Stress Reliever

Of course, one more shameless plug for Yoga, but stretching, especially in a class style format can bring about so much stress relief. Even just taking a short amount of time to stretch can calm the mind, provide a mental break, and give your body a chance to recharge. 

Next time you are feeling stressed, turn everything off, put your phone away, and take 5 minutes to stretch, relax your mind, and just breathe! Then see how you feel! 

5 Reasons why stretching is good for you with Brittany Suell

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USE CODE: LIVEINPRANA15 to get 15% off and get these awesome leggings for yourself! 

I recently completed the #7DayStretch Challenge with Prana and Fitapproach! And let me just say, it was amazing! 7 Days to stretch it out, and being encouraged virtually to make it a consistent part of your lifestyle! It felt good, and there was definitely a stress relief from taking time to stretch and relax each day! 

So in honor of the #7DayStretch, I've been challenged from Jill Conyers to share 7 things about myself to y'all! So here it is! 

  • I am [wildly/strangely/obviously] obsessed with: coffee! I love the atmosphere that coffee sets! Early mornings, hot drink in hand, nice music on! Oh I am such an atmosphere person! Maybe my weird obsession should be for atmospheres vs. coffee! :-) 
  • I have a collection of: coffee mugs---my husband is constantly trying to get rid of them...probably because they are falling out of our cabinet! 
  • I secretly (not so secretly): want to hire a house cleaner! Being a work from home mom, it just seems like I can't get it all done! 
  • When I was 7, I wanted to be: Paleontologist---I LOVED dinosaurs, rocks, all things outdoors! I was a HUGE tomboy! 
  • If I could do one thing today, it would be: go on vacation....OH WAIT, I AM!! 
  • I’ve always dreamt of: taking several weeks vacation to travel around the U.S. to awesome, must-see places with my hubs! 
  • My favorite way to travel is: spontaneously....with no real agenda! Oh, and with coffee in hand! 

I'm tagging Lora Hogan & Jodi Tivey!! Check out their blogs!

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by prAna, but all opinions are my own. Shop now with the code LiveInprAnaF15 to get 15% off! 

Top 5 Hits on my Summer Workout Playlist PLUS My Favorite Yoga Playlist!


It may be raining in Texas, but I believe we can officially call it summertime! And what goes better with summertime than some good ol' country music! HELLO, I'M A TEXAN! Just imagine it though, an afternoon at the pool, a cold sonic drink in hand, then driving home in your swimsuit and the windows rolled down singing your heart out to some good country music! Nothing sings SUMMERTIME like that to my Texas heart.  Today though, I won't be talking all about country music, so don't check out on this blog yet.....because although that scenario sounds great, country music isn't exactly my favorite workout music! 

Today I will be sharing my Top 5 Hits on my Summer Workout Playlist (specifically for working out/running), PLUS My Favorite Yoga Playlist! And if you have Spotify or choose to use it, then my playlist will be made available to you! 

The Top 5 Hits on my summer workout playlist plus my favorite yoga playlist! #Fridayfive

Okay, as you will see with the Yoga Playlist I am sharing below, I am LOVING Acoustic Covers on Spotify! So a lot of my favorite workout jams these days are acoustic! But don't think necessarily coffee house style, put you to sleep music. They may be classified as acoustic, but still have some spunk to them! 

(Click on the song titles to find them on Spotify)

1) Uptown Funk (Live from SXSW 2015) by Cam

-It's an acoustic version, and SO MUCH FUN! A little side note, when I discovered this amazing version of this song, I grabbed my husband on my back porch, and we literally danced to this entire song! This song is great for running, or at Stroller Strides we do an awesome ab workout to this entire song! Definitely a burner! 

2) Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor

-Seriously, I LOVE THIS SONG! And it's so much fun to workout to! It really puts an extra pep in your step, or a pep in your rep! (haha see what I did there) Especially when you are getting tired during a workout! And it's so much fun to sing to! 

3) Want To Want Me by Jason Derulo

-Also such a fun and upbeat one for working out! 

4) How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle

-Now I know most people love to workout to fast, upbeat tempo'd music, but that's not always the case for me. Even before I became a Yoga Instructor, I always enjoyed running to slow, inspirational or worship music. So I absolutely love this song and had to include it! 

5) Rascal Flatts -All of it! 

-So in the spirit of it being summer and me being a Texan, I had to include a little country music...and my favorite is Rascal Flatts! I love them and love to listen to them any time! 

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 So when I talked my husband into running a half marathon with me, he said under one condition. That we would get Spotify Premium. It's like $12 or $14 a month, so I was like, "Whatever..." We had intentions to cancel it after the first few months, but then I realized how amazing it is for my Yoga music as well! PLUS, OMG you can follow your friends, and check out their playlists, and share your playlists with people! 

So I created the most amazing Yoga Playlist....too bad I didn't name it something fun (and now don't know how to change the name). But basically it's acoustic versions of in songs, and perfect for Yoga. It's also my go-to playlist when I'm hanging out, cleaning, or studying for my ACE exam! 

The Top 5 Hits on my summer workout playlist plus my favorite yoga playlist! #Fridayfive

So check it out! Just click HERE to get the playlist!  It's amazing, and FOLLOW ME (although my Spotify is under my husband's name), and share your awesome playlists with me too!! 

Also, I would love for you to share my playlist with others! Click to tweet above, or hover over the image to PIN it! 

Today I'm linking up with these awesome ladies for the #FridayFive linkup! Check out the party for more awesome playlist inspiration and get your summer workout music ready to motivate and inspire you to get fit! 

The Top 5 Hits on my summer playlist plus my favorite yoga playlist! #Fridayfive

I'm also linking up with Jill Conyers for Fitness Friday!


What is you favorite song to workout to!?!? 

Are you on Spotify? 

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How Giving Up Sugar Impacts Others in Your Life! The April #LeaveYourLegacy Podcast and Vlog

I'm gone three and a half months without sugar! Here's how I'm doing, and how giving up sugar impacts others in my life! via @brittanysuell I have gone without sugar for 3.5 months!!! What!?? 

I believe I stopped eating sugar on January 15th! I can't even believe it! I have learned that it impacts those around me some though! (Read a previous post I wrote about being the "weird" mom)

But, I'm going to keep the writing short, and let my videoed self do the talking! Yep, I did a VLOG this month! Wahoo! 

So join me and let's get to know each other a little more as I share how my NO SUGAR Journey has gone so far.  

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel so that you know when my next VLOG comes out! 

****If you haven't listened to my previous podcasts, go HERE to get the inside scoop on my journey****

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I would love for you to click to tweet and share this with your friends! 


Have you ever felt like people were judging you because of the healthy choices you have made? 

Have others ever shared with you how your dedication and healthy life has impacted them? 

 I’m joining these awesome bloggers for the #FridayFive linkup! Mar on the RunEat Pray Run DC, & You Signed Up For What?

Today we are sharing our TOP 5 Fitness Blogs!!

Here's mine, so go check them out and give them some love! 

Jill Conyers-Seriously amazing! She has so much knowledge and wisdom, and I love learning from her! Plus, I am so excited because we are currently working on an awesome fitness challenge coming this summer, so get ready! 

Lora Hogan-Whoop! My fellow Yoga Instructor inspiration! She is so joyful, loving, and inspiring! I love how much she loves life, and yoga! And.....we also will be hosting a #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge in MAY and we have some awesome stuff in store for you! 

The Fit Switch-Jessica Joy! Love, love, love her! She is so much fun! So on fire for life and fitness. When you read her blog, it's like you know her, and I love it! I have gotten so much blog inspiration and fire from her! 

Touching Your Heart-Jodi!! This lady! OMG! So inspiring. I love how dedicated she is, and I just really want to meet her, because I feel like we have such an awesome connection! 

Cotter Crunch- Lindsay.....just going to her blog will make your mouth water! A fellow Texas Blogger (wahoo), and her recipes are so yummy! You will find her all over my Pinterest boards ;-) 

So there you have it some of my favorite fitness, health, good eating blogs!!! Go get inspired by these women! 

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5 Thoughts I'm Having Before My Half Marathon! #FridayFive

Well....this weekend is race weekend, and lot's of thoughts are swimming through my head!  So today, for the Friday Five Link-Up, I've decided to share with you a few of the thoughts that I am already having, or I know I will be having when I'm standing at the start line of the Big D Half Marathon on Sunday morning! 

If you are training for a half-marathon, be prepared...you might start having some of these crazy thoughts! via @brittanysuell

1) "Why didn't I run more!!??"

This is seriously a thought I've been having lately because the last few weeks haven't been my best, or consistent in training. I mean I ran 10 miles three weeks ago, so that gives me some encouragement, but even in my shorter miles over the past few weeks, I just haven't been on top of things in my scheduling, so I haven't been getting those in. Plus I've been being a baby and not wanting to run with my stroller.

2) "It's soooo early...seriously if I was normal, I could be in bed, cozy...not cold, not stressing, and not about to push myself for 13.1 miles! WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING!"

Did I mention there was going to be lots of whining here....! haha Seriously though, I think pre-race, or even at the start of the race, there's this jittery nervousness that comes over me that makes me question, and second-guess everything! 

3) "To wear the long sleeve or not....that is the question."

Early morning races can have a tendency to start out cold...even in April. And although I know I will warm up rather quickly, do I want to sacrifice the short amount of time and be cold, or stay warm, and then just have to wear a long sleeve shirt around my waist the entire time. It's a pretty big dilemma here! 

4) "I wish I could run while drinking hot coffee....maybe I should invent a running camel back type thing that holds coffee...and keeps it hot. Well I guess while I'm at it I should create a healthy, hydrating, protein infused coffee drink so that I won't feel bad for drinking it while running."

Seriously....I might be delirious by this point, but this is what I'm thinking! 

5) "OH NO!! The race is about to start, and I think I have to pee!!..............AGAIN!!!!!!"

Welcome to my life. I seriously have to pee all the time! This was before I became a mom, while I was pregnant, and still now. I drink a lot of water (and coffee)....so I constantly have to go to the bathroom! And it seems like every time I start a race or run I have to go! Seriously, at my first half marathon ever, we ran down a hill at the start line and I ran right into a Porta Potty. Honestly I don't even know why there was one at the beginning of the race, but I was thankful for whoever planned that out! 

 So yes, this may seem like a crazy person talking, but these are thought I am having, have had before, or can imagine myself having. But guess what!!?? As soon as I cross that finish line.....all that will be gone! Instead, I'll be thinking....

1) "Wahoo! That race went great! I felt good mentally, my legs felt good! I'm so glad training went so well and I ran so much in preparation for this!" 

2) "OMG It's only 8:45AM, and I've already ran 13.1 miles! So glad I'm not one of those lame people that are still at home in bed! I feel great, and I'm so awake!" 

3) "I should probably change clothes now since everything I'm wearing is soaked from sweat! Oh...heyo, I'll put on my race t-shirt because I freaking beast-moded that thing!" (yes I know beast-moded is not grammatically correct)

4) "I'll take that coffee now...Starbucks please! And since I haven't invented my nutritious coffee running drink yet, go ahead and give me some water and some Nuun please!" 

5) "Oh ya, I still have to pee!"

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If you are training for a half-marathon, be prepared...you might start having some of these crazy thoughts! via @brittanysuell


Are you a racer? What kind of crazy thoughts have you had leading up to a race? 

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Are you wanting to have your most successful race yet, or maybe you are just getting started...here are @brittanysuell 's TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE! Inspired by my 5 mile training run last night, I decided to take today's FRIDAY 5 topic, and give you my TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE! And really, they are the Top 5 things that you have to overcome, and then, then you will have a successful race, no matter what the distance! 

Are you wanting to have your most successful race yet, or maybe you are just getting started...here are @brittanysuell 's TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE!

1. Just Start!!

-To have a successful race, you just need to START running! To do anything successfully, you have to begin, and in that, celebrate the small victories! From your first run, to your first race, celebrate! 

2. Nix the Negative Self Talk!!

-Alright, here comes the Yoga Instructor in me......You've got to think positively, and I don't just mean externally, but internally! When you are running, or preparing for a run, talk positively to yourself! Talk yourself up, and tell yourself how awesome you are and how good you will feel after you knock out that run! And when negative self talk starts up, SHUT IT DOWN!!! 

3. Be Gentle on and Listen to Your Body!!

-Challenge yourself, but don't push yourself too hard! Alright, here's the Yoga Instructor in me again: But listen to your body, know when it's time to stop, or rest, and take care of yourself! It's not worth pushing yourself into an injury! Be gentle, and recover properly! 

4. Be Prepared For Any Type of Weather!!

-If you are planning to train for a run, be prepared for the season that you are in or will be in. Weather can become one of our easiest excuses when it comes to training for a race. If it's too cold, it's easy to cop out and say..."I'm not going to run today..." Then one day turns into two, into three, and then you haven't run in a week or two....and that is not setting yourself up for a successful race. Believe me, I know I've been there and am speaking from experience! 

5. Train Properly!!  

-Getting a correct training program, no matter what the distance you are running, and stick with it. Stay consistent in your runs, running throughout the week, and one long run a week. It's hard on the body when you skip the short runs and just try to hit the long runs, (I've done this as well), and my training is not near as successful. So train right! And find out the proper way to hydrate and keep up good nutrition while training too! Here's some tips I shared previously about Half Marathon Training Nutrition

[bctt tweet="Are you ready to run, or training for a race?? Get the TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE via @brittanysuell #fitfluential"]

Are you wanting to have your most successful race yet, or maybe you are just getting started...here are @brittanysuell 's TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE!


Are you a runner? What are your goals when it comes to running?  What race are you currently training for? 

I’m joining these awesome bloggers for the #FridayFive linkup! Mar on the RunEat Pray Run DC, & You Signed Up For What? And I'm joining Jill Conyers for the Fitness Friday linkup! Go show them some love! 

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Check out some of these yummy recipes from this week: 

Sugar Free Blueberry Waffles

Sugar, Grain, Egg Free Banana Bread

Real Eggs vs. Fake Eggs......Why I LOVE SPRING TIME!


It's Friday, and I don't know about where you live, but here in West, TX. it's finally starting to feel like Spring time!  We've been doing our Stroller Stride workouts outside this week, I mowed our lawn for the first time today, and we played outside for a while with friends this morning! 

There's just something about the freshness of the Spring Season that is just....mmmmm good! 

It feels good not only because the sun is finally shining, but there's something deep within my soul that feels incredible when the season goes from Winter to Spring! 

Here's my 5 Favorite things about Spring Time! 

5) The fact that you can be outside all the time! 

4) Tulips!!! I love them! 

3) Going barefoot or wearing sandals every dang day!

2) Being able to go for a run after dinner because it is still daylight! Really spring runs all together are amazing! 

1) EASTER!!!!! 

Oh my word, Easter is my favorite holiday! 

Since I was a child, I loved Easter. Part of it is the excitement of an Easter egg hunt and the anticipation of finding, and snagging up as many eggs as you can before others get them. 

There's also the incredible true meaning of Easter that has a huge place in my life/heart, which makes me cherish the holiday a ton. 

Then of course, more childhood memories and fun with dying and decorating Easter eggs. What great memories you create doing those simple holiday traditions. 

Let's get real though, one of the main reasons I LOVE EASTER, is because of the eggs. And I'm not just talking about the hard boiled, or candy filled eggs. I'm talking about the yummy, yummy Robbin Eggs!! 



These things....they get me every year! Well these and the Starburst Jelly Beans! 

I seriously cannot get enough of these! I love the whopper eggs, and every Easter I get so excited to go stock up on my favorite candies! (Easter has the best candy!)

So last year, being pregnant and all, I had my fair share of these things. Then I promised myself that in 2015, I would skip Easter candy! SAY WHAT!?!? Why the heck would I do that? Well, I guess I somehow knew I would be on a journey of NO SUGAR! 

So, this year, I'm sticking with my no sugar, and trading in the fake eggs, and getting some real ones! 

This Easter, make the switch. Trade in those sugar filled fake eggs, and over indulge in the real ones! @brittanysuell


So if you didn't hear, we are getting CHICKS!! Read about my announcement HERE

That's what I'm doing this Easter....no candy eggs for me. I'll be raising my chicks, and preparing them to begin laying me some real, yummy, full of nutrition fresh eggs! 

I will be getting them this weekend, so keep an eye out on my Instagram to get a first glimpse at those cuties! 


And I challenge you...this year, do more boiled eggs, (and have fun dying them with the kids), than you do candy filled eggs! Let's #LeaveYourLegacy starting with the holidays! It doesn't all have to revolve around unhealthy foods! Teach your children that you can have awesome family traditions that don't revolve around sugar and candy! 

[bctt tweet="Easter is almost here! What will you choose? Real Eggs vs. Fake Eggs! @Brittanysuell #LeaveYourLegacy #FridayFive"]

QUESTION'S OF THE DAY: (leave a comment and let's get to know each other a little more!)

What's your favorite thing about Spring Time? 

What's one thing you could do to make Easter a healthier holiday for your family? 

JOIN  the #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle & let's make a difference in our children's lives!




I'm joining these awesome bloggers for the #FridayFive linkup! Mar on the Run, Eat Pray Run DC, & You Signed Up For What? 

10 Days of Christmas Giveaway #8! Stay Energized! & #FridayFive

It's Day #8 already...Which means, we are almost to the end of our 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway. So stick around, and keep entering in to win each day, because there are still some great prizes to give out! Plus, to end the GIVEAWAY, we have a BIG GIVEAWAY, and it's a surprise! But let me just tell you it is perfect for the winter month! And you are going to want to WIN!

10 days of ChristmasThis weekend I am visiting family, and I plan to take some time out of my weekend, to enjoy my new Lorna Jane, Move. Nourish. Believe Diary, and do some seriously Goal setting and dreaming for 2015! Get ready to hear all about it next week!


I can't believe how close Christmas is! Who is ready!?!?! Not me, I don't feel like I'm having enough time in December to enjoy the season, it is just flying by! Speaking of the winter season, here are a few of the things I love to do during the winter !

 5 Favorite Winter Activities! 

1) Enjoying the night in with my family! Staying home, baking or making some festive Christmas food, having hot drinks (coffee or hot chocolate), and watching a cheesy Christmas movie! 

2) Christmas crafts! I am a big crafting person! I love making stuff....actually this year, almost all of our gifts we are giving are handmade! I sew, and we also make wood gifts (actually something you may not know about me is that my husband and I own our own business.....Check it out at this link>>Simply Suell

3) Santa Land! I am from a small town in East Texas, and a few towns

over is a place called Santa Land! It's several miles of extreme Christmas light exhibits that you drive your car through. There is always a huge line, but it is well worth it! I love going there every year! 

4) Family traditions---coming to East Texas to visit our family.  And although at times the going from house to house visiting everyone seems chaotic, I also find such joy in the chaos and tradition of each family! I love being with family, the festiveness of the days, the warm foods and drinks, the time we spend just relaxing...it's very peaceful! 

5) The challenge of staying motivated in winter...WHAT!?!?! Yes this is actually becoming one of my favorite things.  I know that winter can be hard for fitness and health....I know because I have experienced not keeping up with my normal routine or eating habits. But the challenge is fun! It brings me together with people! Whether it's my online friends that I am in a #HolidaySweat Challenge with, or with you guys on my Facebook page, or with my running accountability partner, or with my mom. We all know the feeling of messing up when we travel, and when we celebrate with family, and when we get out of the routine.  So it's fun to band together and motivate/encourage one another to do better this year! I am loving the community and accountability I am receiving in all these areas! 



CynthiaMar, & Courtney



We've already talked about how hard it can be to stay happy and motived during the winter, in this post, "How to Beat the Winter Blues." So today, as a little encouragement to stay energized through this season of cold and dark days, I'm giving away a bundle of Clif Energy Shots!

Day 8

Take your training to the next level this winter with this bundle of Clif Energy Shots!

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10 Days of Christmas Giveaway #1 & My Friday Holiday Favorites!

Today is such a great day! Wanna know why.....well first because I get to talk about the holidays and share with you all what my 5 Holiday Faves are! And who doesn't love cozy holiday talk! Secondly, today starts the celebration of one of my closest friends who is getting married, yay for MARRIAGE! And lastly, today also starts the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway on my blog! And....once again, who doesn't love GIVEAWAYS! First.....linking up with the awesome Cynthia, Mar, & Courtney for the #FridayFive ! fffav-838x1024

So....for my 5 Holiday Faves!!

Let me preface by saying, that I am a huge atmosphere person! When I think of the perfect date, or perfect party, or perfect spa day, it's all about the atmosphere: lighting, candles, music....you get the point! So, most of my faves have to do with that!

1) Scents! I love good holiday scents.....my go-tos are Bath & Body Works Candles....I never buy them full price though, I always wait until they are on sale for 2 for $10! But they are so worth it! They work great! And I love my Scenty's! (Yes my sister & mom are both ROCKIN' Scentsy consultants!) Seriously though, I have 5 Scentsy's in my house, and love them! But I can't live without the nice lighting of my candles too, so I have both!

2) Boots & Leggings & Scarfs OH MY! Duh, Duh, and Duh! The most comfortable and cute outfit ever! I love all three of those!

3) And to go along with my fave outfit for the holidays.....I love nice winter weather.  Sometimes it's nice to have cold weather outside....but mostly, I just love being inside my warm cozy house, with my candles lit, Christmas lights on, hot drink in hand, and seeing the cold haze over the windows, and maybe some ice or snow on the ground!

4) COFFEE! Yep, I have previously announced to you all that I might be addicted! But hey...at least I drink decaf (because I'm nursing, and caffeinated coffee kept my baby up!) Seriously though, I love having a nice hot cup of coffee with me.  It makes my morning perfect! What am I talking about...it makes my afternoons and evenings perfect too!

5) My home decorated for Christmas! I love creating the perfect atmosphere in my home.  I love having the tree decorated, sparkling, and lit. I love having the nativity scene on my mantle and our family stockings dangling below.  That view, and that aroma of a sweet, peaceful, holiday home, is PERFECT!


-My Friday Holiday Faves!


Now to the GOOD STUFF!


Allow me to introduce.......

day 1 a Rafflecopter giveaway


And remember, you just have 2 days to enter each GIVEAWAY!

10 days of Christmas

Check out the list of all the prizes I'll be giving away over the next 10 days HERE!


A YAM Good Friday! #FridayFive

Fall is so much fun! Scarves, Leaves, Boots, Leggings, Candles, Cool Weather, and GREAT FOOD!

I'm linking up to the Friday Five with Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC, Mar from Mar on the Run, and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What and talking about Favorite Fall Foods! five-favorite-fall-foods-1024x1024

So....how bout 5 ways to cook the ultimate Fall food!

Yep, I'm talking about a YAM! 

Did you know...that a serving of sweet potato (about 1 cup) contains:

-180 calories

-4 grams of protein

-7 grams of fiber

-0 grams of fat

-13 grams of sugar

So all in all, these yummy potatoes are pretty good for you! But in moderation, because even though the 13 grams of sugar are natural sugar, too much, can be too much! 

395592-182317-30Did you also know that.....

 I grew up in Gilmer, TX. a small town in East Texas, where we celebrate YAM's....Sweet Potatoes, yes! Actually the festival is called the YAMboree!


And although I grew up in this town, and yearly celebrated the Yamboree, I admit, I only just began eating sweet potatoes this year!

I'm a little obsessed these days, so...instead of Five Fall Favorite Foods, I'm sticking with the same food, and just sharing

5 great ways to cook Yams this Fall! 

1) My latest love, baked sweet potato sticks/fries


So yummy! Just slice em up, toss them around with Olive Oil, salt them, and bake them at 350degrees for 35min! These are so yum and tasty, and even better than fries, because they aren't deep fried! Plus, my 7month old is loving these!

2) Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes

3) Sweet Potato Chips

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.01.08 AM(Recipe Here)

Another one of my favorite ways to eat sweet potatoes, is by making sweet potato chips.  If you cook these right, and get them crispy, they are a great snack to carry around when you get hungry! Check out my recent post HERE for the recipe and how to make these!

4) Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Honey and Cinnamon

5) Sweet Potato-Pecan Casserole

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