Are you wanting to have your most successful race yet, or maybe you are just getting started...here are @brittanysuell 's TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE! Inspired by my 5 mile training run last night, I decided to take today's FRIDAY 5 topic, and give you my TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE! And really, they are the Top 5 things that you have to overcome, and then, then you will have a successful race, no matter what the distance! 

Are you wanting to have your most successful race yet, or maybe you are just getting started...here are @brittanysuell 's TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE!

1. Just Start!!

-To have a successful race, you just need to START running! To do anything successfully, you have to begin, and in that, celebrate the small victories! From your first run, to your first race, celebrate! 

2. Nix the Negative Self Talk!!

-Alright, here comes the Yoga Instructor in me......You've got to think positively, and I don't just mean externally, but internally! When you are running, or preparing for a run, talk positively to yourself! Talk yourself up, and tell yourself how awesome you are and how good you will feel after you knock out that run! And when negative self talk starts up, SHUT IT DOWN!!! 

3. Be Gentle on and Listen to Your Body!!

-Challenge yourself, but don't push yourself too hard! Alright, here's the Yoga Instructor in me again: But listen to your body, know when it's time to stop, or rest, and take care of yourself! It's not worth pushing yourself into an injury! Be gentle, and recover properly! 

4. Be Prepared For Any Type of Weather!!

-If you are planning to train for a run, be prepared for the season that you are in or will be in. Weather can become one of our easiest excuses when it comes to training for a race. If it's too cold, it's easy to cop out and say..."I'm not going to run today..." Then one day turns into two, into three, and then you haven't run in a week or two....and that is not setting yourself up for a successful race. Believe me, I know I've been there and am speaking from experience! 

5. Train Properly!!  

-Getting a correct training program, no matter what the distance you are running, and stick with it. Stay consistent in your runs, running throughout the week, and one long run a week. It's hard on the body when you skip the short runs and just try to hit the long runs, (I've done this as well), and my training is not near as successful. So train right! And find out the proper way to hydrate and keep up good nutrition while training too! Here's some tips I shared previously about Half Marathon Training Nutrition

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Are you wanting to have your most successful race yet, or maybe you are just getting started...here are @brittanysuell 's TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE!


Are you a runner? What are your goals when it comes to running?  What race are you currently training for? 

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@brittanysuell Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy!


Check out some of these yummy recipes from this week: 

Sugar Free Blueberry Waffles

Sugar, Grain, Egg Free Banana Bread

What Does #LeaveYourLegacy Mean to You?


So as you know, when I launched the new blog rebrand in mid-January, a big part of that brand is: 

Live a life that is about more than you! Be Bold, Be Strong, Be Courageous, and Leave a Legacy for those you love! @brittanysuell

Now, I have  had time to mull this over, toss it around, and really evaluate what it means to me to #LeaveYourLegacy. So today, I'm going to share what it means to me, and I hope that at the end of this post that you can share with me what LEAVING A HEALTHY AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLE LEGACY means to you.  

Live a life that is about more than you! Be Bold, Be Strong, Be Courageous, and Leave a Legacy for those you love! @brittanysuell 

When I think about what kind of Legacy I want to leave, so many things come to mind. 

First off, who am I LEAVING a LEGACY for!?!

The obvious answer is my family. My son (future children). Beyond those that are closest to me that I love the most though, I want to impact even more than that. Even if it's only in small ways, I want my LEGACY to trickle into other's lives. My friends, those that I teach, my blog followers, even strangers that I just have random (fate) encounters with. I want to live a LIFESTYLE that is real, and bold enough that people can see the depth of me and pick up on little pieces of that, that can change their lives. 

Secondly, what kind of LEGACY am I LEAVING!?

I want to be strong, bold, courageous. I want to be a pursuer of goals, a dreamer, a person who thrives in the adventures (whether big or small) of life. I want to be real, and authentic. I want my children to grow up knowing that they can do anything that they set their minds to. Anything that they have vision for, they can pursue. I want people to see the go-getter-ness within me, and be inspired to push a little harder, and go a little further to achieve their dreams and desires. Mostly, I want to leave a LEGACY that impacts lives, upon lives, upon lives to come. I want to be real in who I am, in my health, and fitness goals. I want people to know that they can get healthy and active, no matter where they are starting. And I want them to see that living a healthy and active lifestyle really means that they will be living their best, most successful life possible. 

WHY? Why does all of this mean so much to me? 

I believe that when we are living a healthy & active lifestyle, that we are able to live Our Best Life. Our Happiest Life. Our Most Successful Life. Wondering why I say that?? Because when we are healthy and active, we have more self confidence. When we are moving, and doing things that are good for ourselves, taking care of our bodies, then we feel secure, and confident. Which means that we will love ourselves, which means that it will be easier for our children to love themselves and be confident just by watching us. When we are healthy and active, we are able to move, and do so many things. We have the ability to take chances, enjoy life's adventures, and even simpler than that, not be afraid to get on the floor or run around the yard with our children. When we are healthy, we spend less money on doctor bills, surgeries, and diseases, which means we have more money in our pockets. And although, of course money isn't the key to all happiness, it does ease our minds of worry and stress and make us feel happier in life. When we are healthy & active, we are not afraid to face life head on. We are able to be BOLD, CONFIDENT, STRONG people who go after their dreams, and that, that makes us HAPPY!

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Live a life that is about more than you! Be Bold, Be Strong, Be Courageous, and Leave a Legacy for those you love! @brittanysuell

So there you have it! That's What kind of Legacy I want to leave! That's why my life vision is "Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy" 

So will you join me!?!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Tell me, what kind of legacy will you leave? and why is it important?

CHALLENGE: Share with others! If you are a blogger, blog about What #LeaveYourLegacy means to you. Otherwise, post on your Facebook page, or post a photo on instagram or twitter, and tag me! #LeaveYourLegacy @BrittanySuell I want to know what kind of Legacy you will leave! 



Roses are red, Violets are blue, let's do some Yoga for Two!

Yep you guessed it! I talked my wonderful husband into filming a professional, fun and not professional at all Partner Yoga Video to share with y'all for the big Valentines Day!!  What better way to spend Valentines Day than to sweat, stretch, try something new, and laugh quite a bit with your favorite person!? 

I even made you this super cute Valentine that you can print out and give your that special someone inviting them to join you for some Partner Yoga! (Seriously you don't have to do anything but print, press play, and have fun!)

A full length partner yoga video for your and your lover on Valentines Day! From @brittanysuell

OH, and did I mention that ANYONE can do these moves!?! As you may notice I am coaching (in a non-bossy way I assure you) my husband throughout the entire video. And sadly, he is not a Yogi, he even questioned which pose Downward Dog was....yes this makes me very sad! But one day I'll get him into Yoga more. My point being though, you don't have to know a lot of be flexible to do this yoga! Just make it your own and have fun together! 

So check out the video, and I would love for you to SHARE it with your friends! PIN it, TWEET it, or SHARE it on Facebook! Thanks! 

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And it just so happens that Warrior 2 is the pose of the day for the Prana #taketheleap Challenge!! So check out how to do it with a partner, and post it on your social media site! Remember, you could WIN $500 to Prana for you and a friend, just for participating!

Plus, you can use my code for 15% off Prana gear, right now! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to yourself!

Check out @Prana new Spring line of clothes, and use code: PSPS15BS for 15% OFF! From @brittanysuell

So other than this we have no V-day plans, so please, Comment and tell me, What are your plans for celebrating Valentines Day!??

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I LOVE FITNESS!.....Annoying or Inspiring!?

When you love fitness, are you annoying, or inspiring to those around you? \ I love FITNESS and HEALTHY LIVING! I love being ACTIVE, and learning new things about good NUTRITION!

Does that make me annoying, or inspiring to others!? 

When you are enthusiastic about something, whether fitness or something else, you walk the line of being annoying to people, or inspiring to people.  For some people, they are going to get annoyed with anything, so for those I say don't worry about it! 

From the aspect of being enthusiastic about fitness and healthy-living, I will share what I think. 

I believe that when you are consistent with things, when you are kind and gracious about the things you share. When you are real about the struggles, not just sharing the !!AWESOME stuff! When people can relate to you. When you offer good, easy to pick up advice. When you talk about things other than fitness. I believe having a good balance of this, can take you from annoying to inspiring. 

I do believe that if fitness is ALL you talk about, then it can be annoying. If you can't have one night out without talking all about your workouts and what you are eating, or bringing the attention to your food choices, then you are playing with the line of becoming annoying, even for your close friends. 

There is a balance to find. You must understand that even when you LOVE something, and you think EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE IT! That is not always the case, and you have to be okay with that. 

What I have found is that by living life like I do, being passionate yes, but even more than that, being consistent with a healthy lifestyle, and not PUSHING MYSELF or my FITNESS ENTHUSED ideas on everyone. When I do that, opportunity or advice seeking people come to me. Which I love! I love it when people seek me out to help them! It makes me feel good because I see that people notice my dedication and respect me enough to ask for advice. It also makes me happy because I am able to help someone and share the #LeaveYourLegacy lifestyle with them! 

People will notice when you are consistent. People will notice when you are dedicated. And in their own timing, they will respect that, and might even come to you for advice on how to get healthy! 

So my encouragement, when you LOVE FITNESS, and see the importance of LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! Be you, be yourself in every area of life! Be real! Stay dedicated. And you will see that people notice it and they will be inspired by it! 

Check out the Fit Switch or Jill Conyers for more awesome posts on this topic! 

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Have You Lost Yourself in the Midst of Being Mommy!?? #MommyMonday

  Have you lost yourself, your own identity in the midst of being mommy? @brittanysuell shares tips on how to balance being a Mommy and taking care of YOURSELF! #MommyMonday #LeaveYourLegacy

When you become a mommy, you become a mommy. Being a mom becomes a huge part of your identity

Your duties at home double, quadruple maybe. 

Added to the cleaning of the house, laundry, dishes, planning meals and cooking them, that you were already doing as a single woman and/or wife.

Top that with feeding the baby, changing diapers, washing more clothes, playing with baby, making sure you are doing the things you need to in order to cultivate learning in your baby so that they are "keeping up" and progressing smoothly to the next stages of life. 

Mommy's have a lot of duties.  Even mommies who are blessed to have a wonderful husband to help around the house, like myself, there are still Mommy Duties that are mommy duties. 

Oh and did I mention all of this is usually on top of working some kind of job. (I commend and pray blessings on you mommies who work full time jobs as well as all of this). I am blessed to be able to stay home with Zander, while also doing my part of the at-home "hustlin" as we like to call it around here to make some income! (Let's just say I have a lot of little jobs, and we have our own small business that I manage)

In all of these duties, and lists of things that we as mommies are responsible for, where do WE come in. Not to say that we don't enjoy doing these things, because I don't take for granted how HUGE of a BLESSING IT IS TO BE MOMMY.

But in all the Mommy, do you ever feel like you have lost yourself!?

Have you lost yourself, your own identity in the midst of being mommy? @brittanysuell shares tips on how to balance being a Mommy and taking care of YOURSELF! #MommyMonday #LeaveYourLegacy

[bctt tweet="Have you lost yourself in the midst of being Mommy!? Tips on how to thrive in your identity! @brittanysuell #MommyMonday #LeaveYourLegacy"]

Just as important as it is to take care of our home and family, and be a good mommy, it's also crucial for us to take care of ourselves! When we are thriving in our own identity, (not just as mommy), then we are able to be the best version of us for ourselves, our children, and the world around us! 

HOW TO THRIVE IN YOUR IDENTITY: (Finding Balance as Mommy & as Myself)

Start by asking yourself a few questions: 

(avoid answering with things about our children)

  1. What do I love to do? 
  2. What things bring me peace? 
  3. What things make me the happiest? 
  4. When I do this/have done this, I feel like I can conquer the world? 
  5. What is one of my responsibilities that brings on the most stress in my life? 


1. Figure out the things you love to do, or that brings peace in your life, and make those a priority? 

-This can be as simple as having a cup of coffee in the morning, alone. So if that brings peace in your life, then make it a priority to wake up 15-30mins early and enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings. 

-If this is having a girls night out with your friends, or a pedicure once or twice a month, then make it a priority. Talk to your significant other and let them know how beneficial this would be to you. Or plan to get a babysitter for those nights. MAKE IT HAPPEN! 

2. That thing that makes you feel like you can conquer the world! DO IT, and then go conquer your world!

-For me, there are two things. When I have worked out! Because duh, when I work out, I feel confident, and healthy! This sets me up for healthy choices, to be happier (scientifically working out makes you happier), makes me feel like I'm taking care of myself. So in return, I am happy to help take care of everyone else. Meal planning is easier and I"m thinking on a healthy level for myself and my family. I just feel good about myself! I'm working out every day then! right!?!? 

-Another thing, may sound silly to some, but when my home is clean and in order, I feel like my life is together and I can do anything. Let's get real though, when you have kids, it's harder to keep everything clean. Recently, I got my husband to take my son to church, and I stayed home just to have extra time to deep clean out house. It was worth it and I felt great starting the week cleaned and organized. It might even be worth it to you to "outsource." Pay someone to clean your house when you just don't have time, once a week, or once a month. Don't feel bad about it. If that helps you be a better you and have more time for you, then do it! 

3. Have adult time

Having adult time, and that doesn't mean going to work at the office, that means getting a baby sitter for date night's, or nights out with the friends. Even just a couple of times a month, this can be hugely beneficial for remember who you are, and being you (not mommy). When you are leaving the kids at home and getting out, you are forced to be you, and not hide behind your children or your mommy duties. You get to have real conversations, real fun, not worried about or watching out for anyone but yourself. It's fun, and you may see a side of you come out that you haven't seen in a while. 

4. Find a Hobby

Find something you enjoy doing. Something that doesn't stress you out, but makes you happy, and then do it! And do it often. This can be what you do early mornings, during nap times, in the evenings, on the weekends. Just make time for it, and be happy while doing it! 

5. What is your purpose, what are you passionate about, do it! 

Sometimes, after you get thrown into the swings of being a parent, and you have been living, breathing motherhood and your sweet baby, you come to this place of wondering what your purpose is in life. Obviously, a valid answer and for some this is IT, could be, Being a Mom. And that is great. But for some, there's more! So taking time to discover yourself, what you are passionate about, what makes you feel like you have purpose and are making a difference. Those things are important too! This may be a very hard tip for some, because it takes time, and a lot of self-awareness and self-discovery to figure out. Don't be afraid to try out different things, even things that might involve your children. Just start the journey to figuring out what it is that you are passionate about. I think it's important for our children to see us pursuing these things as well, because it teaches them that life is more than just about us. It teaches them to go after things bigger than themselves in order to make a difference and change the world around them! 

 Being a mommy is such a blessing, but knowing your identity as YOU, while being a mommy is a blessing to yourself and everyone around you! Take time for this and discover you! 

There are a few things that I love, and I have recently gotten this cute necklace to show what those are! 

1. I am a mommy

2. I love coffee, and drinking it makes me feel at peace, and calm.

3. Working out is a big part of my life. That's how I make money, that's how I impact the world around me. I include my son in working out, in order to teach him the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. This encompasses, what I do for myself, for others, what I'm passionate about, my blogging, etc. 

All these things matter to me, and describe who I am. So I recently got this necklace from Love Fitness Jewelry. It shows each of these things. I love wearing it to show off what I'm passionate about, but also to remind myself of what's important. Even if the coffee sounds silly, it has meaning to me, and that is what's important.

Necklace from Love Fitness Jewelry

I love the idea of having this with me all the time to remind myself of WHO I AM!

You should definitely check out Love Fitness Jewelry. She has tons of cute designs that you can get as a necklace, keychain, or earrings! Or check her out on Instagram for all her cute pieces that she has made, plus she hosts some great giveaways there as well!  


Also, use this code, and get 15% OFF any purchase at the Love Fitness Jewelry website! 

Cute and inspirational fitness jewelry! Get !5% OFF with code BRIS2015 at www.LoveFitnessJewelry.com from @brittanysuell

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Homemade Larabar Recipe


I don't know about y'all but when it comes to the weekend, I look forward to doing my grocery shopping because that means I can buy new ingredients and try new recipes! Especially since I started my journey of NO SUGAR IN 2015, I am loving trying out new, SUGAR FREE recipes!  So last weekend, I decided to try my hand at making something using dates as the sweetener. I've seen this in all sorts of healthy eating recipes. Dates are known as the natural sweetener for healthy, No Sugar Added recipes, but I have never used them. So, I decided to make my own Homemade Larabars! And what do you know, they turned out awesome! 

So, here's the recipe! I wish you a wonderful weekend full or fun times in the kitchen making these yummy goodies for the entire family! 

I'm telling you, take just an hour or less out of your weekend to prepare a batch or two of these for the week and use them in the kids lunch, or as their after school snacks! Think of how much better these are for them than any processed, store-bought snack that you usually give them. "HELLO...! Did you Hear me say NO SUGAR!" Don't make excuses, make these, and start creating healthy habits in your kiddos! (#LeaveYourLegacy) Yes, I'm trying to guilt you into this! I just know how easy it would be to by the boxed snacks rather than spend a little extra time making these, but it is so worth it


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I'll be taking my Homemade Pecan-Coconut Larabars with me to my Yoga Training this weekend! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with my fun, Yoga filled weekend in San Antonio, Texas! 

Homemade Larabar Recipe from @brittanysuell  No added sugars. Ingredients include: dates (as the natural sweetener), almonds, coconut, chia seeds, coconut oil, cocoa powder, and water. 

Let me know if you make these, or if you have made them before! Share a photo and tag me @brittanysuell #LeaveYourLegacy




My biggest desire is that I will be able to impact others [YOU] to make changes in your life, to LEAVE A HEALTHY & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE LEGACY! I want this life to be more than just about you. I want you to want to be healthy and fit, and active, so that you will motivate those around you, and impact your children, and generations to come to live a healthy life. Because when we live a healthy life, we live our best life, and who the heck doesn't want to live the BEST LIFE possible!!  So today, on this random Thursday in February I'm here to say THANK YOU! 

I am thankful for you, my readers and followers. I'm thankful that you have a desire to be more, and that I have a chance to impact your life through my blog! 

So hey, it's February, y'all are awesome, I'm thankful for you, so let's celebrate!!! 

Be You, Be Awesome! #LeaveYourLegacy @brittanysuell

How about the biggest GIVEAWAY you have seen this year!! 

That's how much I love you guys! You are awesome followers, I love getting to know y'all, interacting with y'all, helping y'all #LeaveYourLegacy, and seeing y'all WIN SOME RAD PRIZES!

I have teamed up with some AMAZING pages for this awesome GIVEAWAY!  There are 3 incredible prize packs that include gift cards from Lululemon, Nike, and UnderArmor other prizes include a Polar, training and workout gear! And did I mention that THREE LUCKY WINNERS would get a prize pack!  

These are HUGE PRIZES so it is important that you complete the entire entry form. Trust me, it’s definitely worth it! 

For more chances to win, visit my Instagram

Huge GIVEAWAY, Awesome PRIZES, Three WINNERS! #FitGiveaway2015 @brittanysuell

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Nutrition While Nursing + A Workout for Pregnancy & Post-Prenancy & a Mommy+Baby GIVEAWAY #MommyMonday

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com You may have read that I am training for a half marathon! Wahoo! I am less than six weeks out, and yesterday I ran my furthest yet, 10miles! Which is also the furthest I've run since having my son, 9+ months ago! I am also currently still nursing my son, and don't have any plans to discontinue doing so at this point.  Now I have heard many people worry and fret about working out too hard, or training for something while nursing because they didn't want it to affect their milk supply. So, I felt like today, since it's #MommyMonday, it would be great to chat about this! 

Yes, you do lose calories when you are breastfeeding, they estimate 500calories per feeding.  And yes, you shouldn't go on some extreme diet where you are eating only 1,000 calories a day, or taking diet pills.  All this would affect your own nutrition, which would have an affect on your milk supply, and diet pills could be bad for the baby all together, so let's just stay away from them.  BUT, I don't think this is an excuse to eat everything in site, or to henge on junk food/high calorie snacks, even if you are training for a race.  So, here's a few small tips on how to have good NUTRITION WHILE NURSING, specifically when you are working out a lot, and/or training for a race: 

1) Eat full meals! This does't mean just eat a sandwich. This means eat a meal that has lean protein, good fats, some carbs, and lots of yummy veggies that are full of goodness! 

-This is what I ate before I ran today. Almost an entire chicken breast, sweet potato chips (real ones! The only ingredient is sweet potatoes), and half of an avocado.  Honestly, this would've been even better if I would've had a nice green veggie with it, but it was a late lunch, so I was a slacker. 

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

2) Make sure you have good pre-/post training fuel that restocks a lot of nutrients that you burned off while sweating!

 -My newest favorite post run fuel is a LARABAR. These things are super yummy bars, and not like normal bars that are full of all sorts of stuff, including lots of sugar! Nope, these things are made with what's in them! Check out the ingredient list on this Cashew Cookie Larabar, which is the exact one I had today. They are naturally sweetened with dates, and have other great nutrients packed into them!  

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

3) Drink a lot of water. If you are nursing, then you may have experienced the "OMG! I'm dying of thirst all of a sudden. My mouth literally feels like a desert, and if I don't get water quick I'm done." feeling while nursing.  So, this means when working out/training, always have water with you. Drink plenty of water BEFORE, and AFTER working out! 

Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Workout

Now, while we are on the subject of nursing, and pregnancy, I thought I would share with you a great workout that is good for while you are pregnant, post-pregnancy, or hey any time! I do these workouts now. I'm just saying though, when you are pregnant or recovering from giving birth, obviously you can't worry about your abs much, so why not focus on your legs, and specifically your arms! You can definitely still tone those babies while you are prego! 

What you need: Elastic Band 

10 sets of each exercise x 3

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.comNutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.comNutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

Nutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.comNutrition while nursing, a workout that's great while you are pregnant, or post-pregnancy, plus a mommy & Baby Giveaway on #MommyMonday at www.BrittanySuell.com

This is a great workout that can be done at your own pace, while pregnant, or after your doctor releases you to workout again post-pregnancy.  

My motto is...My belly may be big, but my arms can still be tone!

Just kidding! but I think I might adopt that next time I get pregnant, I mean why not have nice arms, and legs for that matter! 

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Did you see how cute the shirt I am wearing above is! "Worth the Fight!" I love it! I love inspirational tanks, plus they are all the buzz right now! You can wear them to workout, or just to be cute, which is always great! I love tanks that remind me who I am and who I want to be! Latitude Gear RX, makes some great tanks that do just that, plus some that are just fun for fitness! You can read a review from several years ago HERE.

What I'm loving about their gear now days, is that they have BABY STUFF! Now who doesn't love putting their baby in some super cute fitness gear! 

Latitude Gear RX Mommy & Baby  Giveaway from www.brittanysuell.com

I love the "Lift Something Heavy" onesie! Such inspiration from such a little guy! Latitude Gear RX shirts are such great quality! I love the women's tanks! They fit awesome, are super soft, and my favorite type of tank to work out in! And of course I love the onesies because my son looks adorable in them! 

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So today, I'm teaming up with Latitude Gear RX to GIVEAWAY a Mommy & Baby package!! The winner will be chosen on Friday, January 30th at 12AM CST, and will get their choice of a adult shirt and baby shirt! yay! 

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Gluten & Sugar Free Pizza Crust Recipe

Gluten & Sugar Free Pizza Crust by www.brittanysuell.com Here's to my first experience with making my own sugar free recipe, plus, I made it where it was Virgin Diet friendly, basically means Gluten Free and dairy free, so Gluten crust, no cheese, and no sugar! 

So if you were thinking...hm that pizza looks kind of weird, it's because there was no cheese, but honestly, I didn't even miss it much.  (Although, when I'm done with the Virgin Diet, I will go back to cheese eating! I'm a big cheese eater!) 

Now, if you are wondering...what is Gluten anyways, let me tell you.

Gluten is a protein found in many grains, breads, pastas and baked goods, as well as in many processed and prepared foods. It disrupts your digestion by damaging the microvilli of the small intestine, the place where we absorb our nutrients. Gluten also makes your intestines more permeable, which can lead to leaky gut, food intolerance, immune problems, inflammation, and the inability to absorb nutrients.                                             (taken from "The Virgin Diet" by JJ Virgin)

So, although, that fluffy, thick crusted pizza from your favorite pizza place is good, the mass amounts of gluten that have been put into those crusts, can create issues.  Not to mention if you are gluten intolerant, then this pizza will definitely work in your favor.  I mean I won't say that this was the best pizza I have ever had, but it was still very good, even my husband liked it. 

So let's get to it.

First, you preheat the oven to 350 degrees, then mix 1 Tbsp of yeast with 3/4 cup of warm water and set aside for 5 minutes for the yeast to activate. Mix 3 cups of Gluten Free Flour, 1 tsp of salt, and 1 tsp of baking soda in a large bowl. Create a whole in the middle of the dry ingredients, and pour in the yeast mix, 1 Tbsp of honey, 1 Tbsp of safflower oil, and the remaining 1/2 cup of warm water. Use a rubber or wooden spatula to mix together thoroughly. 

Gluten & Sugar Free Pizza Crust by www.brittanysuell.com

Spray your pizza pan with a non-stick spray, Plop dough in the middle of pan and spread evenly about pan (dough is a tad crumbly). Dough should be about 1/4 of an inch thick around pan. Use extra flour or oil if the dough is too sticky to spread, then pop in oven and bake for 25 minutes. 

Gluten & Sugar Free Pizza Crust by www.brittanysuell.com

After baking, take the dough out, it will most likely crack some. Then use my homemade, sugar free pizza sauce and spread it over the top, and top with your favorite pizza toppings. (I also added some minced garlic over the top of my crust before adding sauce. Just for some extra flavor).

Gluten & Sugar Free Pizza Crust by www.brittanysuell.com Cook for an additional 20-25 minutes, Cut and enjoy!


No Sugar, Homemade Pizza Sauce

 Gluten & Sugar Free Pizza Crust by www.brittanysuell.com

  • Use a can of Tomato Sauce (0g of sugar) 
  • 2 tbsp of Italian Seasoning (Mix of oregano, Basil, Thyme, etc)
  • 1 tbsp of garlic powder

This sauce was super easy, and totally yummy.  Plus, 0g of sugar! Which just FYI, the organic pizza sauce in my refrigerator right now has 4g of sugar. Which may not seem much to most, but if you eat various sauces, etc. throughout the day that all contain small amounts of sugar, it adds up. So, taking just a little time to make this homemade pizza sauce is a great choice for you and your family! 

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Have you ever had Gluten Free Pizza!? What did you think? 





BYE BYE SUGAR!! Sharing my No-Sugar Menu!

So....if you listened to my Podcast this week, you know that I am starting a 1 year journey of taking SUGAR out of my family's diet! Bye Bye Sugar Menu from www.brittanysuell.com #leaveyourlegacy

WOAH! Did I seriously just commit to that!? Yep I did, and I'm excited about the journey! I know that it will be a challenge, but I am excited to see how no-sugar affects my body, my energy level, and so many other aspects of my life.  Plus, I am excited to explore other options, like how to have sweet treats that are sweetened naturally. Like cooking with dates....which I have never done, but I know many people do as a natural sweetener.

Anyways, so to Kick-Start my year of NO SUGAR, I decided to start with JJ Virgin's the Virgin Diet. It was after listening to a podcast featuring her, that I realized I need to do this.  There had been several things about sugar that had stuck out to me in the week's leading up to that, but once I listened to this podcast I knew it was something I had to do.  So on Sunday, I started a NO SUGAR, SOY, DAIRY, EGGS, CORN, PEANUTS, or GLUTEN diet.  The diet will last three weeks, and then each week after that I will add dairy, gluten, eggs, and soy back in, one at a time.  The basis of this diet is that a lot of time foods can cause food intolerances in our body which can lead to major issues. (FIND out more on my February PODCAST!) So, after you have cleansed your system of these foods you add them back in to see how you body reacts and if you can tolerate those foods.

So...you may be asking...if you are taking ALL of those things out!?! Then WHAT THE HECK IS LEFT! That's why I decided to share my Week 1 Menu with you guys, so that you can see that I am still eating lots of food, and lots of good food.  The hardest part is at night when I want to snack! So far though it has gone well, and I have already seen the scales move, like 5lbs down, which she claims will definitely happen when you do the Virgin Diet.

Bye Bye Sugar Menu from www.brittanysuell.com #leaveyourlegacy

A few notes:

  • I actually started on Sunday, so we ate on the whole chicken throughout the week
  • I made enough for each meal to have leftovers the next day for lunches
  • I know I am eating a lot of the same things, but that is my choice! I love avocado and sweet potatoes! So that works for me! You can also have great salads for lunch.
  • I bought thick turkey slices from a deli for lunches.

Like I mentioned, the hardest part is not having snacks late at night.  I am planning to make some sweet potato chips and kale chips for next week to have as snacks when I'm craving something salty!

[bctt tweet="BYE BYE SUGAR Check out my menu for 1st week of #NoSugar in 2015! @brittanysuell #leaveyourlegacy"]

So why am I doing all this BYE BYE SUGAR stuff!? 



For me,  I'm doing it to make a better life for me and my family! I know that sugar has huge impacts on us that we aren't aware of, and I believe that if I raise my son, and change my lifestyle to be less sugar, then we will be healthier and feel better overall! So basically, I want to LEAVE A HEALTHY & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE for my family, and I believe this is part of it!! Teaching him to eat healthy and make wise choices and habits that will impact him for the rest of his life! And it really does help to REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED! In all areas of life! Have a vision, a goal, a purpose in why you are doing it, so that when things get hard, you have motivation to fall back on! This will probably be true over and over again for me in 2015! I will constantly need to come back to this and REMEMBER WHY I STARTED!



You can get your own "REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED" shirt from Constantly Varied Gear! The shirt is super comfy, great lightweight material, and a good length! (which I love!) Plus they have so many choices of awesome workout sayings, so check out their website!

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My 2015 Race Schedule


I am so excited to say that one of my 2015 Goals is already under way...wait wait, two of my 2015 goals!!  10928860_868055259913714_5667968720730147899_n-21) Run a half marathon with my husband! (It will be his first ever!)

This is us on our first training run together. And by together, I mean running at the same time, but by no means at the same pace! That is okay though! I am still so excited to be running with him, and to get to experience the hype of a race, and the feeling of accomplishment you get after finishing with him!



2) Run 2+ half marathons in 2015!

I am proud to say that I will be running the Race Texas Half Series as a sponsored blogger! That means I will be running their three part half marathon series in 2015-2016!! I am so excited!

My first half will be the Arm10891760_869110459808194_7662371527482205378_nadillo Dash, in College Station, Texas on March 1st! Yes that means I have just a little less than 6 weeks to train, so I have definitely upped my mileage this week, along with my epsom salt baths! As a matter of fact, I was so proud to run 6 miles the other night, in very, very cold Texas weather I might add! Since then I have added on an 8miler as well, and this weekend I am set to run a 10 mile run.

Not sure what I was thinking, deciding to train for a half in the winter because I'm sure it will only get colder from here. It's too late now though, I'm already committed, and already DANG excited!

So I guess the only question is, is.....WHO IS GOING TO JOIN ME!

Armadillo Dash Half Marathon Coupon Code from www.brittanysuell.com

Come on all you crazy Texans! I know there are some of you who have running as a Goal in 2015! So why not start with this race!? There is also a 5K involved, if you aren't quite ready for a half marathon! But hey if you want to run, use my coupon code: LEGACY to get 10% OFF your registration! And of course let me know you are running so that we can meet up!

[bctt tweet="Looking to run a TEXAS race in 2015!? Get a 10% OFF Coupon for @RaceTexas from @BrittanySuell! #leaveyourlegacy"]

What's one running goal you have this year!? Or one race you know you will be running!?

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Make sure you have entered the Albion Fit GIVEAWAY! Winner will be picked on Friday at 12PM CST.

Albion Fit + www.brittanysuell.com GIVEAWAY!


What's in my Yoga Bag!?


Since I just launched my new blog, BrittanySuell.com yesterday, I thought this would be a great time to get to know me, the Brittany behind the blog!

So as many of you may know, I am a Yoga instructor! I started my certification (which is a 200hr program) with YogaFit Training in August 2013.  As soon as I completed training for Level 1, I started teaching, I also got pregnant. (Actually, I think I was pregnant while at training, but didn't find out until after.) So I am still in the midst of completing my 200hr Yoga Certification, but I have goals to finish in the summer of 2016! Anyways though, I currently teach yoga at Hardin-Simmons University (where I got both of my degrees), at D1 Abilene (a gym for athletes), and I am about to start teaching free community classes for a local shoe store.

I absolutely love Yoga. I started taking Yoga classes while in college and loved how deceivingly challenging it was! I was shocked after taking my first class and being so sore! I loved the soreness! So I kept up with it. Throughout the years, yoga has been different things to me. Sometimes a source of exercise, sometimes a source of therapy, at times it was my avenue to get away and have time for myself. Yoga has been there for me when I have gone through some of the roughest things in life (i.e. the tragic death of my brother, and more recently a miscarriage).

So, needless to say, Yoga has a special place in my heart! I also attribute part of my wonderful birthing experience to the fact that I did Yoga during 8.5 months of pregnancy, (the other parts I attribute to the grace and favor of God). As well as getting back into shape after baby; I can give all that credit to Yoga, because with a bummed knee for several months, all I did was Yoga for the first 4 months post baby, and I love almost all of my weight by then, which was about 70lbs (WOAH I know!).

Now that you know how much I love Yoga, and why, let's talk about what all I need when I go to Yoga! I'm linking up for the Friday Five linkup with "What's in my Gym Yoga Bag!"What's in my Yoga bag by @BrittanySuell

Top 5 things I keep in my Yoga mat....Well let's start with the obvious,

  1. A Yoga Mat & Yoga Block/Strap of course! -My go-to Yoga Mat is from Lululemon. My husband bought it as a gift for me when I went for my first Yoga Training in August 2013, and I have loved it ever since. My block and strap are cheapos from Marshall's, but it does the trick.
  2. My journal with various Yoga classes written down in it. -I used this religiously when I first began teaching. Not as much anymore.  Sometimes I will still use it to be reminded of a Flow I enjoyed teaching previously, or if I am doing all new things, just so I remember the order of class.
  3. Water Bottle! -I am a water drinker. Other than coffee, (and the occasional sweet tea which I am mostly giving up), I drink water, water, water! So I have to have a water bottle with me! Especially for those hot yoga sessions!
  4. Chapstick. -Yep, I'm one of those. I like my lip glosses and my chap sticks! I do not enjoy dry lips! And just to be specific, it's the vaseline chapstick....my favorite!
  5. Pouch with Essential Oil Blend & Mat Cleaner. -First off, my mat gets super dirty, so I got mat cleaner as a gift once, and I have loved carrying it around with me. Plus it's the perfect size for my little travel pouch. Next, my essential oil blend given to me by a fellow Yoga instructor. I love using this at the end of some of my classes.

So there you have it! My Yoga journey, and what's in my Yoga bag!!

Tell me, what's the WEIRDEST or MOST RANDOM thing in your gym/yoga bag!?!? 

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Hello, from the New Me! ....BrittanySuell.com

It's official, my blog has officially been changed to www.BrittanySuell.com, and I am loving it! Introducing www.BrittanySuell.com!

Now before I share all of my excitement with you, and give you some awesome news, and a sneak peak into great giveaways coming next week....I must give a mention to Naturally Fit Sisters.

Late last night as I was prepping BrittanySuell.com to go live, I messaged my sister to tell her that I was a little sad to see Naturally Fit Sisters be over.   This morning, she responded with this on Facebook, and I couldn't have said it any better:


"I have always been a blogger... In 2011 my blogging changed.. less personal into somethiScreen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.00.25 AMng different... My life changed that year, I began my journey to getting fit again... and life was so sweet. My sister and I created Naturally Fit Sisters... Along with blogging we were working with companies for reviews, we had our own online store, we were meeting people. Life was so sweet. As the next couple of years progressed we worked on continuing to get fit, running races, half marathons, doing vendor events with NFS. Our chats about our dreams with NFS were always the same-- We wanted to live life at home with our kids.. We wanted to have our own business....We would brainstorm on HOW we could make our own business become successful and our dreams to come true. 

Fast forward to 2012--I became pregnant with my little girl... life changed again. The military moved us AGAIN in a 18 month span... I was close to my sister, in terms of miles, for six months and it was so sweet.. we were able to work our business together and dream! IT was such a sweet time in our life. I had Sydni... and we prepped to move AGAIN to another new state. So in a 2 year span we moved from Japan-California-Texas-Florida. And.. I struggled, as I still struggle. I couldn't write on NFS when I was no longer fit-- not when I struggled so very badly with my weight AGAIN, after having Sydni.

Today-- Naturally Fit Sisters is changing to BrittanySuell.com and I am SO very excited for my sister! It is a bittersweet time for both of us as NFS was our baby for so long. For the past year especially Brittany Suell has held NFS together... and I have worked my Scentsy business. It is very bittersweet, but so great at the same time. You see-- our dream was to WORK together..... Our dream was to build BUSINESSES at HOME so we can raise our children.... and NFS set us both up for..."

Such a time as this!

Today I am running a thriving, growing Scentsy business that is going to help me achieve my goals for my future! She and her husband have their own business as it grows.. and now brittanysuell.com launches! As bittersweet as it is, I know that without NFS we would not be where we are today in terms of our businesses! So if you have been a follower of NFS, which many of you have been-- thank you for your support.. and PLEASE continue to support her... as her journey is really just beginning.. and man, it is going to be great!!!  -(written by Big Sis of Naturally Fit Sisters)


So there it is....my goodbye to Naturally Fit Sisters is complete! I leave her with a heart of thankfulness and excitement for the future!

Now, let me tell you how excited I am about BrittanySuell.com! Here's a few reasons I am excited!

Introducing, www.brittanysuell.com

  1. I feel like it will be easier to know you all....my readers and followers, because you will know my face, and I will be able connect with you on a more personal level. Since my blog is my name, I won't be some mysterious person hiding behind a fun blog name.
  2. I will be able to grow my own fitness brand more! In terms of Yoga yes, but in so many other ways as well....
  3. I have plans to be working with some great brands in the future! Which means, AWESOME PRIZES for you!
  4. I know that there are huge plans for me in 2015, and I am excited to see how BrittanySuell.com plays a part in that!
  5. I am ready to spread the #LeaveYourLegacy love! And inspire more and more people to make the most of their health and fitness for themselves, and for generations to come! To really LEAVE THEIR LEGACY!

[bctt tweet="Spread the #LeaveYourLegacy love and check out the new face of @brittanysuell www.brittanysuell.com"]

Here's some of the awesome brands that you will be seeing some GIVEAWAYS from in the next week, so get excited! 

Giveaways from BrittanySuell.com

Brands include: Nutrition Snob, Albion Fit, Latitude Gear RX (Mommy & Baby), The Skinny Confidential and more!

I'm telling you, I've got some awesome stuff, from some awesome brands to give to YOU!

Plus, next week I will be introducing my Podcast: Leave Your Legacy by Brittany Suell, and telling you all about it! 

So even though things look a little different, I hope that you will keep following, and if you aren't already, be sure to follow me on social media! The buttons are on the top right of my page! And, I would LOVE it if you would SHARE, share, share! I know you know people who need/want health and fitness motivation that you think would love my blog and connecting with me! So SHARE!

A few easy ways to share:

  • Share my Facebook posts straight from my page!
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  • Hover over the photos and a PIN IT button will appear! Click there!

Lastly, be sure you are subscribed to FITNotes! My monthly newsletter that I send to my amazing followers! Full of reminders of what's going on at the blog, exclusive tips, recipes, and workout videos, plus sometimes I do giveaways just for those subscribers! Sign up on the top right side of the page or go HERE.

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I would love to hear what you think about the new blog!! Leave me a comment below!

Much Love,


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It's not too late to set goals for 2015...


It's not too late to set goals! This year will only happen once, Make the most of it!  @NFSisters It's Saturaday, January 10th, and I'm sitting with my husband as he thinks upon the year of 2014 and writes down his goals for 2015.  After which we will share together our individual strivings for the year, and then work together to create couple/family goals for 2015.

To some this may be CRAZY! You may be thinking..."Hello, it's already 2015...you missed out! You can't create goals for a hear that has already started....!" But let me tell you, it's NOT TOO LATE TO SET GOALS FOR 2015!

As you know, I set my goals at the end of the year....in time as some might say! (You can read my goals here) I realized though that my husband, who is usually the goal setter of the family hadn't made time to set his own, so we definitely hadn't made time to talk about goals together.  So I decided tonight was the night, and hey, there are still 355 days left in the year, plenty of time to achieve our goals in 2015, or at least work towards them!

Did you hear me.....you have plenty of time to make goals and work towards them, you didn't miss out!

A Goal without a plan is just a wish! @NFSisters-2

There are still 355 days left in 2015!

So if you haven't set any goals for the year yet, I would suggest doing it! It is so important to set goals! And don't set goals that are general, make them specific! Make them measurable! Make them Realistic! Make them Attainable! Make them Timely!



Here's an outline to use for setting goals.  You can find this in the awesome Lorna Jane 2015 Diary!

Answer these questions, and once you are done, you will be ready to set your goals for 2015!

  •  What did I make happen in 2014?
  • What didn't work in 2014?
  • How will i change it this year?
  • What makes me happy?
  • I will say yes to....
  • What is important to me?
  • In 2015 I want to feel...
  • My Vision for 2015! (Come back Tuesday to see my 2015 Vision Board #Dishthefit)

Bam! Now write down your top 3-5 Goals for 2015 and you are golden and ready to conquer the next 355 days! 

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On a different note, have you ever tried a Bountiful Basket!?!

It's basically a co-op for fruits and vegetables, and they have them all over! Check out the website to see if you have one in your town.  My friend and I split the basket, but we got all of this for $15!










announcement fbook22

On January 15th the look of the blog will be changing to BrittanySuell.com, and my social media accounts will be changing to @BrittanySuell as well! Don’t worry though, you will still be visiting the same blog with the same awesome content, and if you are currently following me on social media, then you will still be, my name will be different.  If you aren’t following me yet, look >>>>>on the sidebar and follow me on my social media sites! I would love to get to know you more!

Leave Your Legacy Podcast Launch


"Leave Your Legacy" Podcast by Brittany SuellYep, this is happening! I am officially launching my very own Podcast!

Now I don't want to give it all away, so I am going to leave this short because of course I want you to LISTEN!

So here's a few things for you to do: 

  1. LISTEN to the intro of my Podcast, Leave Your Legacy, and get all the details about the journey that I will be sharing with you over the next year!  (a few ways to listen: click the Play button at the top of the post or go to ITunes>podcasts and listen there)
  2. SUBSCRIBE! Go to your podcasts on your phone or in iTunes and SUBSCRIBE, so that you know each time I post a new podcast!
  3. Leave a COMMENT and tell me what you think about it!
  4. SHARE the love! Share my podcast with your friends, on your twitter, Facebook, pinterest! & tag @NFSisters #LeaveYourLegacy
(I make it easy for you to share! hover over the podcast image to PIN it, Tweet Below, or go to the bottom of the blog post and find the place to share it on Facebook!)

[Tweet ""Leave Your Legacy" Podcast by @NFSisters Find out what it's all about! #leaveyourlegacy"]

Also, take note, that BrittanySuell.com launches this week! Wahoo! I'm super excited! I wanted to go ahead and get you the intro to my podcast, and have everything with iTunes mapped out ahead of time though! My Podcast #1 will be coming out at the end of January!

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So get ready for a year of AWESOMENESS!

It's going to be Challenging for sure! But challenges bring growth, and I'm all for growing and being a better and healthier me!


Strawberry-Banana Nice Cream


If you are following me on Instagram, you saw that I'm in Florida visiting my sister!! Which means lots of running outside! The weather is incredible here, way better than the frozen roads that I left in Texas. So I will be busy outside, enjoying the weather, the beach, and hanging with my niece and nephew! So, today I have a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador whose going to share an awesome recipe with us! It might be winter time, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying a frozen treat every now and again... plus I'm in Florida, so I'll definitely be making these! I've already got my bananas in the freezer, getting ready to make this yummy Nice Cream!! Check out this great alternative to store bought, sugar infused ice cream, and try it as a treat for the kids, or as a healthy dessert for yourself.

Strawberry Nice Cream! A great alternative to ice cream!! Perfect snack for the kids, or dessert for yourself, without all the added sugar!



Strawberry-Banana Nice Cream from Pretty in Pink Fitness

I know it’s winter time but I still enjoy my “nice” cream this time of year! It might seem like a weird combination but I love to have nice cream with a cup of hot coffee.  Does that sound good to anyone?? You can add whatever fruits you like to this recipe.  The ones that I added in this recipe are my favorite types of fruit.


  • 3 Bananas
  • Almond milk
  • Walnuts
  • Fruits of your choice (I used strawberries, blueberries and pomegranates)



  • Freeze bananas in fridge until completely frozen(I cut bananas in pieces before placing in fridge, and peel them)
  • Take frozen banana pieces out and put in a high speed blender with about 1/3 cup of almond milk and 2 strawberries
  • If it is not blending smoothly keep adding a few drops of milk at a time and keep blending.
  • If mixture becomes watery put in freezer for awhile to harden.
  • Before eating, add toppings of your choice, I used strawberries

[Tweet ""Strawberry-Banana Nice Cream" Perfect alternative to ice cream! From @NFSisters #sweatpink @Fitapproach"]


photoUpala Kumar is a Texas girl who loves to exercise and eat healthy on a daily basis.  She is an online fitness and nutrition coach who has helped many people achieve their fitness goals. Along with loving to exercise, she enjoys creating healthy recipes for her family, like this great Nice Cream Recipe! Her greatest joy is helping people realize and reach their greatest potential in their fitness journey.  You can also find her spending time with her sweet and energetic 9 month old daughter and husband of eight years. 

Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog at Pretty in Pink Fitness  



Also, as a reminder, on January 15th the look of the blog will be changing to BrittanySuell.com, and my social media accounts will be changing to @BrittanySuell as well! Don't worry though, you will still be visiting the same blog with the same awesome content, and if you are currently following me on social media, then you will still be, my name will be different.  If you aren't following me yet, look >>>>>on the sidebar and follow me on my social media sites! I would love to get to know you more!

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Coming Soon in 2015!

2015 is literally right around the corner, and you know what that means......lot's of opportunity for newness! Plenty of room for making changes, dreaming big, taking chances, having fun, and most importantly, getting the most out of your life!  2015! A New Year! Take time to reflect on what you have accomplished and set your intentions, and make goals on what you want to achieve in the New Year! @NFSisters #LeaveYourLegacy

So, the question is...are you ready!??                         Have you taken time to reflect on 2014, to congratulate yourself on all that you have accomplished.  Even if 2014 was an extremely hard year for you.  You need the satisfaction of praising yourself for making it through the hard times!

And the best part...have you taken time to LOOK FORWARD TO 2015!??                                           It's a time to set your intentions for the next year, to make goals for things you want to achieve and accomplish! Places where you want to grow, whether it's personally, relationally, in business, in health, etc. There's always room for growth, and what better time than NOW to decide where you want to grow most!

[Tweet "2015! The New Year: Time to set intentions, goals, and decide on things you want to achieve and accomplish! via @NFSisters #LeaveYourLegacy"]

My 2015 GOALS! 


  • Make more time to enjoy life as a family
  • Pray for Zander & Meguell more often



  • Run a half marathon in March (1st one ever with my husband) & at least 2 more 1/2's in 2015
  • Complete Level 2 & Level 4 Yoga Fit Trainings
  • Find a local daytime Yoga Class to teach


  • Complete the Virgin Diet (more details to come)
  • Begin the journey on taking sugar out of my diet, month-by-month


  • Get my FITNotes Subscribers to 100 (sign up HERE)
  • Increase overall social media followers
  • Increase unique monthly visits to 2,500/month
  • Get at least 10 paid blog posts
  • Start a podcast
  • REbrand to BrittanySuell.com

What's that you say....? BrittanySuell.com ?

Yep, it's real, I am the happy owner of BrittanySuell.com. Don't head over there too quickly though because as of right now, there's nothing.  Come January 15th though......Naturally Fit Sisters will be transferred to BrittanySuell.com!


Coming January 2015! Naturally Fit Sisters is rebranding to BrittanySuell.com #LeaveYourLegacy

So where did this come from?             Well, as you may have noticed, over the past few months, the blog posts have come increasingly more and more from just me, Brittany, formerly known as Little Sis. Since my sister, Cassey, aka. Big Sis started her own Scentsy business (and is incredibly successful at it), her time is going to her business and her family. With that being said, after listening to an online Blog Summit post about not being afraid to rebrand, I decided it was time to take the jump and BRAND MYSELF! 

What does this mean for you?             No changes really, the content you have seen and come to love will still be the same....well it might get EVEN BETTER! I can guarantee LOT'S of AWESOMENESS! More partnerships with great bloggers and brands! and Lot's of GIVEAWAYS!

Oh, and did you notice in my list of blog Goals, that creating a podcast is on the list...just another little secret I will let sneak out today! More info on this to come in January! But let's just say that I am super stoked about it, and cannot wait to share my journey with you via a podcast!

So, get excited because this change is going to be awesome, for everyone! 

Coming Soon in 2015.....


"Leaving a Healthy & Active Lifestyle Legacy" 


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Baby's First Christmas! #MommyMonday

Well let it be known....Christmas is definitely more fun with children! baby's firstWe had such a wonderful weekend celebrating Christmas with our family, and it was so fun to see Zander enjoy it to.  (As much as an 8 month old can at least!) He actually did semi- open his presents though, so that was a plus.  I know it will get better each year as we are able to implement our Family Christmas Traditions, and he will be able to understand the true meaning of Christmas!

I wanted to share a little recap in photos from our Baby's First Christmas for Mommy Monday today!














Also while we were away, our family watched the babe, and my husband and I got to go out on a date!


And, lastly, one of my favorite Christmas gifts! I got a Nutri Ninja!! Can't wait to make a smoothie with this here in a little while! And check out my adorable smoothie ornament I bought in the after Christmas sale!



All in all, it was a great Christmas!

Come back tomorrow to discuss my goals for 2015, and I will be revealing a big SECRET that will be happening in 2015!!


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Mommy Monday

Also, now that the holidays are over, Check out these TIPS for Staying Motivated and Cutting Stress!



TIPS on How to Stay Motivated & Cut Stress After the Holidays

Stay Motivated & Cut Stress After the HolidaysWell, the holidays are coming to a close.  All the excitement and hype that we have clung to and built up to is sadly ending. Christmas trees and garland will be stored back in the attic, family will travel back to their homes, and meals will be not quite so extravagant.  So how are you going to stay motivated during the winter? Well, today I would like to welcome Maralana, from Go Do Be, and she will be sharing some awesome tips with us on how to STAY MOTIVATED and CUT STRESS this time of year!



2014-12-20 10.14.28

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The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping, making winter a tough time to stay motivated. Add to that the fact that the holidays, with the food, drinking, cookies, and parties galore are adding to the stress of staying on track (which in turn makes you less motivated). There's no easy way out, as the holidays/winter come every year, but you can take the pressure off by finding ways to curb the stress and stay motivated.

The first part of that is the most important, "cut the stress". Don't think of health/fitness as an adjunct or must do. Instead make it fun and most importantly DOABLE during your busy holiday season. I'm not saying to be slack and do what you want, eat what you want and all will be forgiven. (Contrary to the evil voice in the back of your head YES calories still count during the holidays) What I'm really getting at is give yourself some room to splurge a bit or miss a workout without beating yourself up about it. Your body hears you and when you stress it responds in negative ways.

But now that we've cut the negative stress we have to attempt to keep motivated as to not regress into the viscous cycle and the best way to do that is mix it up getting motivation from different sources. When all else fails, pull out this list and do something different.

  • Snap a selfie
  • 2014-12-08 07.17.30





  • Do a little dance
  • Put your phone on burst mode and make funny faces
  • Learn a new skill or hobbie (crafts, video games, painting etc)
  • Try a new playlist
  • Play recipe or workout roulette
  • Create a workout/health post it collection just pick it and stick to it for the day
  • Reward yourself! Spa day or retreat
  • Become social media accountable
  • Find some mental peace, try yoga
  • Take out your (or a friend's) four legged friend
  • 2014-04-16 12.05.35


  • Journal
  • Workout Money Jar
  • Go on a workout date
  • Plan a vacation retreat
  • Get some new workout clothes
  • Try out a fitness gadget
  • Start a new challenge
  • Find a fitness pal (in person or online)
  • Motivational quotes (however you keep them apps, paper, Pinterest, or dream board... just have them handy for when you need them)








  • Start swimming (being in a swimsuit all year is a reminder to keep the pounds off)
  • Sign up for a race, competition, or event
  • Go see a comedy show (Laughter lightens your mood and can refocus you)
  • Buy a new cookbook
  • Card game workout
  • Play in the snow (actually play... throwing snowballs, riding sleds, and making snow angels)
  • 2014-02-11 14.45.14






  • Find your winter sport (inside or outside)

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If you hadn't noticed this list was all about positive motivation not negative motivation triggers like buying a slender dress or pants and trying them on throughout the season to remind you to stay small enough to fit them. Remember we are going for NO STRESS!! What's done is done so live in the moment of just making one good choice after another.

With these tidbits you will find new things to do, added motivation, and maybe even discover a whole new side of you with winter spirit. If you really want to spice this list up when you need motivated, RANDOMLY pick one and do it. The spontaneity of the act ignites your adrenaline to get you going.

Be sure to come on over and see me on my page for more tips on motivation at Go Do Be!

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Dear Body,

Recently I wrote a post about my realization about how this is the only body we are given, so I better take care of it.  (Read about that HERE).  There are so many ways you can take care of your body, fitness, health, rest, etc.  But do we ever stop to really think about all that our body's are made to do for us.  All that we put them through, and all that they are capable of! WOW! So today, I'm writing a letter to my body! 10670159_803748273011080_690722002846073794_n-2


Wow you amaze me. Well really your creator amazes me.  So first, I am so thankful that the Lord is such a genius and has a plan for every function of our bodies! But you know, I am thankful for you, and even though I haven't been the kindest to you always: you know, I have pushed you a little too hard, fed you way too much greasy food, and maybe not given you the time to rest and recuperate after lots of work like I should.  Well I am thankful that you are still strong, and working hard to achieve all that I request of you in life.  You are a go getter, you push through any uncomfortableness to get a job done, you are flexible (and I don't mean do the splits flexible), I mean you adapt well to the requirements that come with my life, and your are faithful; you have never given up or out on me! Which means a lot, considering I need you to live!

Right along with being thankful, I want to say I am sorry.  Although I am acknowledging your amazing attributes now, there have been many times when I have done quite the opposite.  So I'm sorry for the unkind words I have thrown out about you.  Or the negative things I have accused you of being.  Not only were you created incredibly on the inside, but on the outside. Wow you are a masterpiece.  You are strong, beautiful, and so unique. I hope you can forgive me for not always seeing those things in you!

And while we are talking about you being strong! WOW.....amazed once again! You are so strong.  Now I'm not talking about in the gym pumping iron strong. (although you are that too). I'm talking about strong in every possible way that you could be strong! You helped me bring my son into this world! And what a glorious experience it was! You pushed, and you withheld all the pain, and agony that a body goes through, and after, although there were a few hiccups, you have bounced back and you are still amazing, strong, and just as beautiful! Thank you for being strong for me, and making that day an incredible one!

Now I can't tell you that I will be perfect from here on out, but one thing I do know, is that we will have fun together!

We will dream big dreams! 

We will live life adventurously, taking chances, and not be afraid to fail! 

We will love people with our entire being! 

We will enjoy being active together! 

We will enjoy every moment of life together, be thankful for the little things, and rejoice in the big things! 

Basically, from here on out, we are going to live life fuller, and take advantage of every moment that we have to make this life, in this body, AWESOME! And I'll make sure to stop for rest breaks when needed! 



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