Swift kick in the Butt! {Giveaway}

Friends, Friends, Friends! 

Today was... a day!

I felt the part of me that use to overeat and just hang out on the couch creeping back in and it was a very odd feeling. Today I felt very.. unlike myself. It started like any other day you see, I was up earlier than everyone and began greeting my daycare kids at 6am. My boy woke up at that time too and he was great for the first 45 minutes... and then it went down hill. Today was rough for him and I am just not sure why. I get that he struggles with sharing everything of his with all of his daycare friends-- including his Mommy. I had to keep reminding myself all day that "He is ONLY 2." Come on, Mommies.. please tell me that you have had days like I am attempting to describe?

By the end of the day I had already said more than once that all I wanted to do was sit home, eat ice cream, and sleep. Um... ?? What!? That is not who I am! It was rough as the evening went on and I MADE THE CHOICE to stay home from Cross Fit and my run. I just didn't feel it. My back is hurting and I just felt very unlike me. Though I am sad I missed out on CF, I think staying home was the best for me.. What I really needed was a swift kick in the butt.. but nothing was working... So I enjoyed an evening here at home with my boy, trying to get out of my 'mood', and working on our blogs. 

But it is times like these that the motivating, encouraging, uplifting sayings that we all see on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. begin to encourage me. Do they do that to you? Do you read things and just think.. WOW! I have recently stumbled upon an apparel business that does just that. They print things on their shirts that make me just sit in awe as they give me a swift kick in the butt as I ponder about what is being said. 

Have you heard of Brighter Fire Apparel? You may have seen them on Facebook because they do many giveaways with their Awesome shirts. One of the best parts about this company is that 10% of ALL profits are given back to the Wounded Warrior Project. Being a military wife you guys KNOW that gets me. I love companies that give back. What I love the most about them is the message they are trying to get across to all of us, which is:

"unleashing the inner 'fire' each person has inside."

I love this message so much because it is exactly what my desire is around my family and friends. The people that say that they can't run or can't do this or that... I am always saying.. YES!!! YES! you can! Everyone has that inner fire and I just wish everyone would realize that! It is so hard to realize that we do have the potential inside of us that we don't think we have.. that is why when I see companies like Brighter Fire Apparel, I can't wait to work with them! 

"Brighter Fire is here to motivate, inspire, and drive people to new heights! We hope you will take our designs to heart and go above and beyond the norm!"

So on days like I had today, it is nice to log on Facebook and see companies that put out positive, encouraging apparel that make me want to get up and moving... that encourage me to keep going.. that tell me it is okay!! That I can do it! That I will do it!!

The awesome thing here is that Brighter Fire Apparel is bringing a great giveaway to one of you lucky ones. Within a few short days Little Sis and I will also be spreading the 'FIRE' ourselves with our new Brighter Fire shirt..   And I am so excited that you, my friends, have your chance right now to enter and win A SHIRT OF YOUR CHOICE (22.99 OR LESS). The winner will be given a voucher to claim the shirt they want to wear to inspire and drive the people that surround them!

So, who is in? Who is ready? This Giveaway will end on Thursday, August 23rd and will be announced on that Friday morning. *I will be jealous of whoever wins :)*

-Big Sis

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