Sweaty Bands Review & Giveaway!

I am so excited to share this fun GIVEAWAY with you all today! This head band, or SWEATY BAND is the official name is made to be stylish while you stay fit! What I love about it is that you can go from one part of life to another and it is functional and CUTE! So read a little more about what we thought about it and then enter the awesome GIVEAWAY at the bottom!! 

Little Sis
I am so excited to share with you a little about the sweaty band with you! Look how cute, I almost don't even look like I'm going to work out in these photos huh...? I mean the sweaty band is so stylish I love it! One of the first things I noticed about the sweaty band when I received it was how well put together it is.  It is very nice and sturdy. I wore it to run and do weights a few times, and even kept it on throughout the night of being home.  I remember all of a sudden realizing, "Wow this head band hasn't moved any!" It really did stay on my head well! I wasn't having to readjust it or anything while I worked out, and for several hours it was in place.  It is probably because of the special fabric on the inside! 
How great is it that you can get a cute and stylish sweaty band and workout in it! Then you could change clothes and leave your hair the same and be ready for a normal day! 
I actually wore my sweaty band to church one Sunday with my hair fixed down real cute! 

Oh, and here's one of me with my sweet dog Bella-Jane! She loved the Sweaty Band too! I'm so glad we get to give one of these bands away! 
Big Sis here.. I am so sad that I do not have a picture of me in my Sweaty Band AND I let a friend borrow it to check it out- Talk about slacking!!! The band that I have is a Big Circle Band and it is red and white. Much like this one here. I especially love how stylish the Sweaty Bands are. When we got them in the mail it was so hard to decide which ones we wanted to keep and which one we wanted to give away.. They were all so cute. We decided to leave the cutest one (in our opinion) for one of you guys. We hope you will enjoy it just like we have. 
I especially love that they have such an assortment. You can also get one custom made. I would have to say that this headband, for me, works better if I am doing a simple, slower workout. I still had the same problem that I have had with other head bands, where it would fall off. Perhaps it is my hair? I always have to use bobby pins on headbands while working out and this one was the same way. I wonder if a skinny band would be better? But this one is so cute and precious and can be used just in everyday wear, not just working out!! 
The winner will win the Sweaty Band below!! We can't wait to see which one of you gets to strut this beauty while working out hard in the gym! Giveaway goes from Wednesday to Monday!! Happy Giveaway! 

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