Sweat Activated Technology

Do you ever watch the TV show Shark Tank!?! Our husbands, being the business men, entrepreneurs that they are LOVE the show, so we watch it often.  Basically it's a show where business creator's come present their companies/inventions to a bunch of billionaires to try to gain their support & backing to better their company! It has some pretty interesting companies on the show, and several months ago I, Lil Sis, saw a fitness apparel company featuring sweat activated technology! This company was called Viewsport!  

Your Sweat + Hard Work = Motivation Revealed

When I saw the showing of the Viewsport Sweat Activated Technology, I was amazed and intrigued! I wanted one of their awesome motivating fitness apparel shirts so badly! Then a few short months later my Big Sis told me that we were getting the opportunity to review their products! I was pumped!

Viewsport fitness apparel come in all different styles of shirts, tanks, t-shirts, fitted shirts, long sleeve shirts...whatever you prefer for working out they pretty much have it! I love sleeveless razor back shirts, so I got this awesome "I am BEAST MODE" shirt! It's a great workout shirt, light weight, and comfy, although I would've liked a size larger probably, since it was a little tight.  The shirt itself is fine for working out.

Sweat Activated Technology

Our mom got to try the shirt that says "Go Ham, Go Ham."

Sweat Activated Technology

Then came the fun part where we got to test out the Sweat Activated Technology.  Basically, when you workout and begin to sweat, an invisible image appears, and the more you sweat, the clearer the image becomes.

Here's some examples from their website.

Each shirt shows different motivational sweat activated messages, usually on the back of the shirt.



Sweat Activated Technology

Although the idea of the sweat activated technology is great, and really fun, for us it didn't seem to work too well.  I think the problem is that the message is so isolated, and if you don't sweat a good amount in the area that the message is meant to appear, then the message will never be activated.  For example when I wear shirts I usually pull them down tightly, and my message was low on the shirt, so the sweat wouldn't come through my shorts onto my shirt, obviously, so my message wasn't activated.

Here's the shirt our mom tried out, the back says "GO HARD"

NOTE: We added water to the shirt to get the image to activate.  Like I mentioned above, because we don't sweat heavily in that specific place, the sweat activated technology did not come through while working out.

View Sport Review

The ViewSport Customer Service is truly amazing. When Big Sis received hers in the mail the postal service had messed up the packaging and in return there was a hole in the front of the "Go Ham! Go Ham" shirt. She contacted ViewSport and they immediately sent another. That, in itself, says a lot because you know we ALL love companies that have great customer service. Because Big Sis was so pregnant while we were reviewing the product, we let our mom (as seen above) review the shirt. She really liked how it fit and how comfortable it was. The shirts have a very comfortable feel to them and make wearing them quite easy if you are able to get past it being a little more tight than you would like. We would recommend ordering a size bigger than what you would normally buy!

Now, who doesn't love WINNING new fitness apparel? AND who knows, maybe you will sweat in the exact right spot & the sweat activated technology will be perfect!!!


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