Summer time

All this 80 degree weather in Abilene, TX. has really got me thinking about summer...not only the getting off every day and going to the pool, or riding my bike around in the nice warm weather, but more specifically about our summer plans!

The first thing I have been thinking about is how I so badly want my nieces and nephews to come stay with us during the summer. I anticipate this being fine, even if I only took off a few days of the week they were here, it wouldn't be a big deal to bring them to work with me maybe one or two days of the week! But what would make this idea of them spending a week with me perfect, is if Meguell got the job that he interviewed for last week! He interviewed at our church for the Assistant Director of Kid's Park position. This is an after school program similar to Boys and Girls Club but ran by our church. First of all this job would be ideal for Meguell! It is very similar to camps which is part of his heart's desire, and he would be great at the administrative side of it! Plus if my nieces and nephew came this summer then he could take them to the daytime program that they have at the church! Not only would this be so much fun for them, but they would be learning about the Lord!! Which they need more and more of with all they have gone through atsuch young ages! So please pray that Meguell will get this job! For multiple reasons, our finances, his desires, and for the convenience of the little guys visiting this summer! :-)
The next thing I have been contemplatingis a summer vacation for us. You see our church takes several short term summer mission trips to places like Ireland, Israel, and Mozambique. Last semester when they started advertising I told Meguell I really want to go to Israel sometime, and he said he does too but first to Mozambique. So we started thinking about it, but not praying a ton, it was just on our minds. Then after talking with some friends about an amazing road trip that they have all planned out, I dropped that thought and really thought we are for sure doing this road trip! Which would be A TON OF FUN!! Then last night Mozambique came back up! Both will be pretty expensive, but Mozambique would be more. So now we are really praying about Mozambique and superfast too because we have to know about Mozambique by March 1st which is when they are buying tickets!! I really wish we could do both, because going on a road trip with such great friends of ours would be amazing and so much fun, but Mozambique would also be a chance of a lifetime, fun and we would get to work with kids and advance the Kingdom! So definitely be praying about this too, pray that we will be able to discern what the Lord is leading us to for this summer!