Sugar Free Pecan Pie for the Whole Family!

Well I did it!  I started my no sugar journey at the beginning of 2015....My biggest fears for this challenge I gave myself were...

#1 I would get pregnant and be craving EVERYTHING (well I'm still working on conquering all those cravings).

And #2, I was scared of the holidays! You know, the time when you are surrounded by family, and lots and lots of food. And at our family gatherings there's not only lots of food, but even more desserts! 

So this year, I took matters into my own hands! I decided that if I wanted to SUCCEED at staying sugar free, then I needed to make my own yummy, sugar free desserts for the whole family! 

When you set goals for yourself, you have to plan in advance to succeed. If you go with the flow and leave it up to others, it's much easier to fall into the normal, and not be successful at your goals! All it takes is a little extra thought, work, and determination to succeed your goals! Whether that's eating no sugar, limiting yourself on something, or continuing to work out while on vacation! 

This Thanksgiving I made a Sugar Free Pecan Pie for the whole family! Along with one of my other favorite holiday dessert recipes!

The pecan pie was a huge hit! Actually I was super sad I only got one small slice of it. Then after waking up from my nap, the entire thing was gone. 

The pie is super easy to make and so tasty! Take a look at the recipe, and make plans to have a successful holiday season by bringing your favorite, sugar free pie to all of the upcoming gatherings you plan to attend! 

Sugar Free Pecan Pie for the whole family!

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