Sugar Free Birthday Cake for My Son's 1st Birthday! son turned 1! I seriously cannot believe it!  This weekend we celebrated with a fox themed birthday! 

"Our Little Fox is Turning 1" foxed themed birthday party by @brittanysuell

"Our Little Fox is Turning 1" foxed themed birthday party by @brittanysuell

So, if you listened to my most recent NO SUGAR JOURNEY update via my latest Vlog, then you will know that I have been trying my hand in a few cake recipes to find the perfect cake that my husband and my son would love for the party! 

Well, after about 6 recipes, I did find a cake that both my husband and my son liked....BUT my husband STILL wanted a regular cake for all of our guests to enjoy at the party.

SIDENOTE: If I hadn't made it totally clear, my husband hasn't gotten totally on board with my sugar free eating. I mean he is totally supportive of me, but he isn't all about it for himself. I don't buy him junk (no more Oreos for him), and I still try to keep most of his snacks sugar free as well, but at work, or at parties, he still has sugar. So although he liked the cake I made, he didn't prefer it as the only cake for the party! 

So....I reluctantly went and bought a dumb cake from SAM's and served it to everyone else. For my son though, I served a vanilla/banana cake with a cream cheese frosting, and he loved it! Plus several others wanted to give it a try as well, and for the most part I got positive responses. (he didn't know what to do with the entire cake on his tray, so we cut him a piece instead)

Sugar Free Birthday Cake! Easy, Tastes Good, and is perfect for a child's first birthday! by @brittanysuell

Now, before I share the recipe with you guys, I wanted to tell you about another cake I made. One of the was actually the one we used on his actual birthday evening, which was on the 16th of April. It was just our little family at home, and Zander wanted nothing to do with this cake. Well come to find out, it was a hard, brownie consistency, not really a fluffy cake. BUT it was Paleo, Sugar-Free, and soooo good! It was a chocolate peanut butter cake, with a Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese icing. I absolutely loved it and will be making it again, and sharing the recipe with you guys. I actually took it with me to a girl's weekend in Austin, TX. and while  everyone else at cupcakes from a food truck, I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee, then had my yummy cake when we got back to our house. It was perfect! 

Anyways, on to this SUGAR FREE BIRTHDAY CAKE Recipe! 

I tried making several cakes sweetened with just bananas, or honey, etc. I tried various cakes that were made with coconut flower, or almond flower, but in the desire to please my husband as well, I settled on a "normal" cake recipe and just substituted the sugar for Stevia. (It was actually my first time using Stevia, and you can definitely taste it, but for me it was fine, and still a nice little treat). It was also the first time I intentionally fed my son something with grains. We decided to do grain free for his first year. (more details on this below) I also decided to add a banana in the recipe to make it sweeter, and my son loves bananas, so it was great for him. 

Sugar Free Birthday Cake! Easy, Tastes Good, and is perfect for a child's first birthday! by @brittanysuell

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As I mentioned above, we decided to do grain-free for my son his entire first year because of things I have researched and read pertaining to children not being able to properly digest grains until after a year of age. Basically, in order for a baby to digest grains, they have to have a specific enzyme, called amylase, which they don't have yet. So when they get fed grains, they cannot fully or properly digest them, and in turn starts them off with a bad gut, which can lead to many more problems in their future! So, we decided to steer clear of them. 

Not we aren't all of a sudden going all grains, full force. We will slowly introduce them, but even then, we want to keep our son's diet more towards vegetables, fruits, and meats. So we will still keep the grains at a minimum. 

Here's one article I have read about it, but there are many more. 


It's all part of Leaving a Healthy Legacy! I want my son to be healthy and have healthy habits, so I am starting him early! What things do you do for yourself or your family to try to create a healthy lifestyle, so that you are leaving a healthy legacy??

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