I'll Start Signing Autographs Now

Well I was pretty quiet about this all week, not because it was a secret, but mostly because I was a little nervous. I'm not real big about being on camera, but this was a great opportunity for me, so I took it! Just a couple days ago, I was featured on our local new's segment, "Fitness Friday," as the Featured Fitness Professional talking all about me and my blog!

Take a look at the video:


and and now I am ready to start singing autographs!

So excited to get to know more people in my local community, and I feel like this will really help me.  I love all of our followers, and I know we have a great online community built with people from all over, but I would love to get to know more locals.  To build a local community where we could motivate one another and meet together locally to workout, run, or for me to teach an in the park yoga class!


So if you are a new follower of Naturally Fit Sisters, don't be shy, let me know where you are from, and follow us on Facebook & Instagram or Twitter!




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