I stand amazed...

Good Morning it is 6am on the East Coast! Grab a cup of {insert cup of choice} and relive a pretty incredible story with me. This story is about to be the beginning {again} of my journey. We are all happiest when we are fit and healthy. I remember in 2012 how amazing it felt to get the baby weight from my son off [after 2 years]. I had began running again, was doing many 5 and 10Ks, and was prepping for my 3rd and 4th half marathon. I was the happiest I had ever been. That August I found out I was pregnant again! I was {SOOO} happy. But a part of me dreaded the weight gain and the after math. I don't do well with pregnancy… though I had the best of intentions. Though I ran 2 half marathons while being pregnant, there was nothing FIT about Cassey anymore… I really shouldn't even be part of "Naturally Fit Sisters" anymore… it is hard. But the thing is, I know many of you have BEEN there or ARE there…

So since baby girl has been born in May of 2013 we have lived in two different states and 3 different houses…. but now we are settled. Our life has been nothing short of CRAZY for the past 8 months since moving to the East Coast. But in the past month we have finally started finding our routine of just our family here. As I told you in my last blog post, the husband and I were going to start BeachBody's Body Beast workout.

{Looking for a BB Coach? Or Product? I have the PERFECT Coach for you--no, not us}

Guess what?! For 4 weeks- 4 weeks PEOPLE! That is one month… my husband and I have been faithful to waking up at 530am and working out. There have been 2 days that we haven't gotten up, but we have done it in the evening. There have been 2 days that we had to skip all together, but we made it up the next day. We don't ever skip a day just because… we know we are going to have to because our schedules don't mesh up-- and we always use that as our rest day. It has been nothing short of amazing. I highly encourage you to do a workout with your spouse. Our babies wake up and normally come out and sit in the stroller as we finish in our garage… I am no where near FIT so I have had to mentally get over it- and just do the best I can. The husband sees me trying… and that is what matters.

How's that {drink of choice}? Enough background, let me share with you why I stand amazed right now..

I had the BEST sleep ever last night. Even with baby girl waking up to nurse 2x, I feel wonderful. I see a future for me with struggles, but with people alongside me who are going to walk with me each step of the way and I am beyond stoked!

So last week sometime, probably Wednesday or Thursday I saw a page I follow do a GIVEAWAY! Sadly, I don't do many giveaways.. I guess I got worn out putting on all the giveaways on our page, that I know how much you have to do to enter them and I just don't do it. I mean- Who wins those things anyways? But do you want to know what they were giving away?

CROSSFIT for 1 year!! WHAT!!! No freaking way! Man, I wanted this. I entered and prayed like your mama that I would get this giveaway! I would use it, oh how I would use it. If you remember, I had tried out a CrossFit class for a month in California and I LOVED it. Then I found out I was pregnant and we were moving. I kept refreshing the Facebook page over and over because the winner was being picked at 9pm. FINALLY after 930pm, the winner was posted… and it was NOT me. My heart broke just a little. I had already google mapped this place- and it was 5 miles from my house! HELLOOOO! :) But that's okay I was so excited for the amazing opportunity the winner was going to get.. so I did what any person would do- I congratulated them!

We went to Tampa for the weekend to visit friends. We headed home early on Sunday to go to a birthday party and as we were driving I logged onto Facebook from my phone {ADDICTION}. You guys aren't going to believe this… but I had a FB Message from the OWNER of that very CrossFit Gym! He was offering me a year free too! WHA! WHA?? I literally said "oh my gosh, oh my gosh." My husband is just like..'uh??' So I had to tell him the story. Why would this guy offer ME a year?! FREE?! No strings attached?!? I am seriously so amazed… I have been working my tail off, but I tend to self sabotage myself! So I chatted with him a bit on FB on Sunday, finding out they do not have childcare, and then set up and appointment to go visit on Tuesday evening.

But my issue is.. I have to have childcare. For two reasons. 1. My husband travels for his job. 2. I prefer to workout in the mornings. I feel that I am a stay at home mom, and I don't want to rush off right when the husband gets home to leave the kids with him and for me to go workout, I can do that during the day. I got down a little bit about it because well, I NEED childcare. But I kept telling myself "Where there is a will, there is a way!" And I am pretty sure I have that figured out!

So I had my meeting and first "workout" last night. It was more of a way to see where I am physically or how easily I get embarrassed! So anyways, I was chatting with a few of the guys and they were telling me why they chose me and all of that…. but it wasn't completely FREE! I honestly was being told so much information and was in such a state of shock, that I am not 100% on the technical terms that were used.. They aren't using me for ADVERTISEMENT per say, but kinda.. are? They want to track me for the year, with pictures (assuming measurements)… use me to their advantage. One of the guys talking to me about food- and will talk to me again later- owns a restaurant and he told me he is going to "sponsor me. give you everything you need. you just have to do the hardest part." I am not quite sure what that means- but I'll take it. I have a trainer who will work with me for the year! OMG! I can't wait! OMG.

My typed words can't even share with you my excitement. God has been so gracious to me… and this is seriously a Godsend. I had to promise them I would not quit. How could I? Those guys were huge!! Haha! I was telling my mom last night and she said "They don't know you- you never quit." Then it hit me.. I don't. I do NOT quit on other people- but I have always quit on MYSELF! Isn't that so sad?

So… I am going to walk this journey with you guys and share it with you! I know this is my answer… I am so thankful for this new CrossFit family I am about to inherit!! And I can not wait to come back a year from now and share pictures from today and today 2015! :)

Now go refill that {drink of choice} and enjoy a little more time before those kiddos wake up!