Like I said in the former post about my Dalmatian Bella Jane, she had puppies! So our house is filled with spots!

Well actually the puppies came out as little white puppies the size of my hand.  Some people said they looked more like little rats, but I think they were cute.  And they are getting cuter and cuter everyday!

So Christmas was a pretty big adventure this year, traveling with all of us plus all nine puppies.  A few times one of the puppies got lost in the car :-) On the 5 hour drive to East Texas, we lost one puppy.  Their eyes still weren't open at this time, but they sure could crawl around.  This puppy had made it all the way to the other side of the car and was curled up behind all of our Christmas presents.  Then by the time we were heading back home, their eyes were mostly open and they were a little more mobile, so they were everywhere.  It was fun though.

Here's some of the latest photos I have taken. 

They are such sweet little dogs.  And although they are staying in the garage, I am definitely on my feet about making sure my house smells good, and not like dogs.  The first week they were born they stayed in our bathroom, and I was constantly lighting my Bath & Body Works Candles.  These are my favorite candles, I especially love the Winter fragrances, and if you are looking for some good smelling stuff, right now they have a  great sale going. Click on the link to check out the three wicked candles that are only $9.75 right now! That is a huge discount compared to the normal price of $20.  And of course I am always keeping my faithful Scentsy's lit.  I have one in my bathroom and my kitchen and I love them!