SPIBelt Winner AND Another Giveaway!

Happy Friday Guys!
First we want to start this day out right and share with you who our winner is for that awesome SPIBelt! We put it through Rafflecopter and out of 305 entries, 115 got it! The winner is Jill S. Jill you have until Sunday morning to contact us with your address! :) Or we pick another winner. We hope you enjoy your SPIbelt as much as we enjoy ours!! 
NOW, we have another awesome giveaway to share with you today! 
We are so excited about this one! 
Honestly it is such a random item, but such a genius invention and so handy! 
For real I am just very impressed with the design of this product.  
Even my husband, the entrepreneur, was very impressed with this little gadget, and I for one am so excited to own this, AND...to be able to give one away to one of our fantastic readers! 
Today's GIVEAWAY is the ultra-trendy Travalo Refillable Perfume Spray!
Do you have a favorite perfume....do you hate that to take it with you on trips or in your purse that you have to either risk taking your nice class bottle with you and it breaking, or you have to buy a travel size bottle along with the nice large bottle you keep at home? Well the Travalo fixes that. This refillable bottle has an awesome suction at the bottom of the bottle that allows you to fill it up with almost any perfume.  All you do is take the normal cap of your perfume and stick it in the bottom of the Travalo and pump.  It will them fill up the travel bottle and you remove the large one and you now have your very own travel size and full size bottle of perfume.  And the best part is, is that it can be refilled later after you use it all! 
I'm telling you this product is awesome! 

-It is a travel size bottle
-It is small enough to take in your carry-on suitcase in a plane
-It is refillable
-You can fill it up on your own with your favorite perfume
-It is light weight
-It is stylish, cute, and trendy
-It is not class, so it won't break inside your bag
-It fits into your palm
-You can throw it in your bag and take it to the gym so that you don't smell after working out
-You can pull it out of your purse and it is a cute accessory to use anywhere
-It doesn't leak
-It is easy to use

 See how cute this is! 
 See how sleek and small it is! 
Don't you want to win one of these for yourself? 

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