sometimes I don't like conviction

Sometimes I wish I didn't have the conviction of the Holy Spirit in me...ha ha meaning.....

Sometimes my feelings of frustration get so big that I want to let them out!
I wish I could tell people just how I feel without knowing that it was wrong.
People say things that hurt me, and that I do not see as truth, and I am unable to express my true feelings about it!
I know that this is what the Lord has called me to do though....especially because it is a personal defense to want to say something back when people express their thoughts.

For now though I guess I will continue to just share my feelings of frustration with the Lord, because that is the safe place to do it!
And I pray that I will not let my flesh get the best of me like it has before....

I guess in actuality, I am thankful for the conviction of the Holy Spirit, yet in my flesh I wish I could scream about my frustrations and how people hurt me!

Thank you Lord that I have you though, and that you comfort me and heal wounds that cannot be healed by the expression of how I feel, but only by the tender love of a Father!