Some of My Must-Have Workout Accessories!

Since I have become a runner, and work out more consistently than past years, I have started to grow accustomed to several workout accessories.

I figure this is something we all do.  We find things that we like a lot and we get attached to them and begin to collect those items.  My husband always wonders why I have to have multiple of things....take Bondi Bands for example.  He wonders why I constantly get more and have a whole collection :-) Well  1) because I just keep finding more and more fun designs that I like, 2) because I need them to match different things that I wear to workout in of course, and 4) because I found a product that really works and that I really love, so I have gotten more of them so that is all that I use anymore.  The same goes for some other items that I love, I have started a collection of them and any other items that I used to use I have squeezed out of my wardrobe.

Here are a few of my favorite, must-have workout accessories: (I'll start from the feet up)


1) My Nike+ chip that coordinates with my iphone app. BUY IT HERE

This product is great because it is able to track my steps and coordinate it with my app that shows me maps of my running, how far I have run, my pace, and also calories I have burned! Plus I can keep it in my SPI Belt during the entire run and not have to look at it because it talks to you throughout your run.  Or you can press a button and it will give you a summary of your run at that point.  I am so thankful that I bought this! (oh, and there is an online database that it syncs to where you can have friends, etc.  or it also syncs to the Dailymile if you use that website)

2) NATHAN chip holder that attaches to my shoe. BUY IT HERE

You only need this if you run in shoes that aren't Nike+ shoes.  I used to have those, and with the Nike shoes there is a chip holder under the shoe sole which is great.  But when I bought my Brooks I had to figure something else out.  So I got a chip holder that attaches to my laces.  I put my chip in it when I first bought it and I haven't touched it since.  It works great and my chip always syncs with my phone with no trouble!

3) Running Skirts!!! BUY THEM EVERYWHERE

Running skirts are my favorite thing ever.  That is what I mean above when I said that some things eventually get pushed out of my wardrobe and replaced with others.  I seriously never wear shorts to workout anymore.  I think I have accumulated 5 running skirts over the past few months and I have fallen in love.  I love that my "shorts" never ride up anymore.  With these you wear tights which usually stay put and then there is a flap (the skirt) that sets over it so you feel comfortable and cute I might add.  If you haven't tried it you need to.

There are plenty of companies that just sale running skirts, and I have heard of some great ones, but I am cheap so I have yet to buy one from them.  Instead I have gotten mine mostly off of clearance racks at Academy, Nike Outlets, and Target! and I love them!

4) SPI Belt! Small Personal Items Belt. BUY IT HERE (more items coming soon)

The first time I used a SPI Belt was for a review/giveaway that we did on the blog.  I had tried armbands before, but never loved those, then eventually I was just holding my phone in my hands or in my shorts waste band.  When I tried the SPI Belt I loved it from the start.  I haven't gone back.  I have reviewed other items via the blog, but this is still my fav.  That is why we decided to sale it...because we believe in it! Plus you can carry more than just your phone in it, I could put money, keys...during my half I had my phone plus Gu's and jelly beans.  And it stays in place. I never have to worry about it moving.

5) Bondi Band! Head Band made of wicking material.  BUY IT HERE

This is another item I discovered through us doing a review/giveaway. And another item that both I and Big Sis fell in love with.  My sister and I tried these and liked them so much we decided to sell them.  That is how our business first got started, because we found items that we believed in and wanted other fitness gurus to know about.  The thing I love most about Bondi Bands is that I literally NEVER have to wear bobby pins in my hair to work out anymore.  Because of their thickness they keep my hair back.  Plus they soak up sweat, or when it is cold you can pull them down over yours ears and they help for warmth.  Then there is the fact that they have such cute designs.....they can add so much to what you are wearing, and you know us girls love that :-)


Anyways, I would love to hear about some of your MUST-HAVE workout accessories! I love trying out new products and seeing why people love what they use!