S'mores Cake Made in 1 Minute!

Happy Fall Friends!

Ahhh, I’m so thankful for cool mornings enjoying a hot cup of coffee, all the fall flavors, scarves and boots, and S’MORES!

S’mores are seriously so good, but you can only have them when someone makes you a fire. Unless you are superwoman and can make your own fire, and in that case I’m super impressed!

Even if you can make your own fire, what if I told you I could make a S’mores Cake in 1 MINUTE…..then maybe I would be superwoman!

Heres’ how I do it!

  • I get EZER Snacks 1 Minute Dark Chocolate Cake!

  • Add 2 homemade (because they are sugar free), or if you just want healthy, get a Dandies marshmallow and put them in the batter (before you cook it).

  • Cook for 1 Minute….because that’s all it takes!

  • Top it with some Simple Mills Crunchy Cinnamon Cookies!

Seriously it’s amazing!



Snag you some of my EZER Snacks 1 Minute Chocolate cake so that you can become Superwoman too, and make your entire family happy with S’mores cake that only takes 1 Minute to make, plus contains 20grams of plant based protein!

*If you are new around here, EZER Snacks is my very own snack company! Created and devloped by yours truly, manufactured in my hometown of Abilene, TX!