Smoothie Series WEEK 2-Our Favorite Smoothie Recipes

smoothie week 2

It's week 2 of our Smoothie Series, and I'm sharing my top two favorite smoothie recipes with you!

These recipes are both easy to make, super yummy, and in my opinion have totally different tastes, so you can change it up when you are looking for a different flavor! Plus, if you followed Week 1's tips on How a Smoothie Drinker Shops & Stocks Their Kitchen, then you should have everything you need to make both of these smoothies!

First I'll start with the smoothie that made me fall in love with smoothies! This is the smoothie that I drank for years and years, without ever changing it up at all! It works great as a meal replacement! And this is my go-to smoothie if I order one from a smoothie place.

choc. peanut butter banana smoothie

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Second best smoothie, is an easy, throw all your fruit in with some almond milk and greek yogurt smoothie! And I love it! I have only been enjoying  this smoothie for the past 6 months, but it is great! I literally just use a base of Almond Milk and/or Coconut Water with Greek Yogurt, and put some fruit in with it. This is the one that is great for the frozen fruit that you always keep on hand, (like I mentioned in Week 1). This can be used as a snack throughout the day, or add some protein powder (I prefer vanilla or non-flavored for this one), and it can be more substantial and be used as a meal replacement!

mixed fruit smoothie

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So make sure you have the ingredients and try one of my favorite recipes! Then let me know what you think about it!! 


happy smoothie making

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