#ShareSomethingInspiring Week 4

Well as you all know I have been doing this Twitter Challenge with Fit Approach & Lorna Jane Active called #ShareSomethingInspiring.  And let me just tell you, inspiring it has been. Not only have my eyes been opened up to inspiring things in my own life, but I have also been so inspired by those around me.  I am so thankful to be apart of an online community that is so encouraging and motivating.  Being a Sweat Pink Ambassador is an amazing group of AWESOME women who are striving towards goals of being healthy and inspiring others, which I love! And this twitter challenge is just one way that we have been inspired.

I am thankful that our world today allows us to connect online with people from all across the nation and world who have similar passions and goals, and to share inspirations with one another!

Here are a few awesome things that were shared on Twitter this week: @LornaJaneActive  -" 'Change your thoughts and you change your world.' -Norman Vincent Peale"

@AutumnPTW   -"When life tries to take you down, spin, juke, and keep your legs moving"

@FabulousFitandFirm   -"Never Give Up!"

@RunningMamaLion   -"How can I give up when my toddler is waiting to cross the finish line with me?"

@PhilippalMurphy   -"Not every day is good, but there is something good in every day."


So if you need a little pick me up this week, search for the hashtag #ShareSomethingInspiring because there is an entire community of awesome, fit women who are inspiring people all over this world!

And follow my new #ShareSomethingInspiring Pinterest Board!


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