#ShareSomethingInspiring Week 3

These week of the #ShareSomethingInspiring Twitter Challenge has been fun, and very introspective.  We have shared things that inspire us in our life, like about our family, siblings, jobs, best friends, etc. It was quite ironic to me that the day before I made a huge career change, we shared inspiring things about our jobs.  It really made me take time to think about my career and how thankful I am for my experience there.  You see for the past 4 years I have worked at a university, it is actually the university that I got both of my degrees from, so it already means a lot to me.

I started working there right out of college, so really it was the start of my career.  I got a job as the Coordinator for Student Activities.  Basically the most fun job ever, planning campus events, and hanging out with college students all the time! It was great.  Then this year I got the blessing of becoming a mommy to the baby boy you all see pics of all the time! And I have known for years that I wanted to be a Stay At Home Mom.  So this week, in the midst of being inspired about my current job, I also made the choice to resign from that job, and move on to a new career.  So as of July 1st, I will officially become a Stay At Home Mom.


So with all that has been inspiring about my job at the university, I have found so many things to be inspired about within my home and my new career as a mom! I am so thrilled and excited to start this new journey!

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