Old Sewing Machine Desk turned Dry Bar

Have you ever found something in someone's trash that you thought you could make something out of....BUT have you actually taken it from their trash!?!?

Well our friend did just that.  He was driving by a ladies house and saw three different wood pieces by her trash on the curb.  He stopped and asked if he could take them off her hands.

Come to find out they were all old sewing machine desks.  He was nice enough to give us this one, then he sold the others in a garage sale.

This is the one we got! I loved the details of it, and was so excited to redo it.  My husband and I decided that we should restore it and put it in our dining room as a dry bar.

(I took this photo after we took the hardware off, but we used the original hardware and restored it)


IMG_4325 sewing desk

I didn't do a great job with photos, but one side wall of this desk had some water damage, and needed to be replaced.  I was very impressed, my husband replaced the entire wall.  Then we sanded it all down and repainted it.


Here is the final product, in our dining room! I LOVE THE WAY IT TURNED OUT!


And I love the color that we chose to paint it along with the silver on the hardware! We used the same color on this cabinet that we painted our stripes in our baby boy nursery.




The hardware was black, but we used a silver oil based paint on these! I love the silver a lot!



little signautres