Settling In

We are finally settling into our new home! We moved in on a Monday, our stuff arrived on that Friday and then we high tailed it out to go to Tampa to spend some time with our friends from Japan. We had a great weekend... when we got home I immediately started unpacking boxes. O.V.E.R.W.H.E.L.M.I.N.G.


It has never taken me this long to unpack a house... but we have never had two kids OR this much stuff. We made the mistake of purchasing a HUGE house in California and FILLING IT UP! So when all of our stuff arrived it was quite overwhelming! Needless to say we have been selling things and plan to have a yard sale soon as well!


We still are not finished yet.. but almost! Most boxes have been unpacked and thrown to the trash! We have a few more things to make it 'home.' But life is going good. The husband had his first week at his new job and he seems so happy. I plan to get out and meet some people this week... and I joined a homeschool group which makes me so happy!


I am so thankful this should be our last move for a few years at least. As far as blogging... I am almost back! :)