Sensory Bottles

*Repost... many have enjoyed this one, so reposting it*

As a daycare provider, I have to come up with ideas to help support the growth of these kids. I am blessed to be able to do this daily. Recently we made 'sensory bottles.' The kids enjoyed doing this so much. We began outside and the kids had fun putting rice and toothpicks in their first bottle. When we finished we talked about rain and the kids realized how much this sensory bottle sounds like rain. Lucky for us it rained quite a bit the following week so we were able to really listen to the rain and then play with our sensory bottles.
Next we used water balls and made sensory bottles. Earlier in the morning we put the balls in water and waited for about four house as they 'grew.' Because it had gotten cold outside, I brought out water play table inside and put the balls in there. This kept the kids entertained for a good hour. I gave each boy a bottle but did not give them any directions. It was very interesting to see what they would do. One child spent the whole time literally filling his bottle with the balls. He never lost concentration and I am pretty sure he has never been this quiet. Another boy would fill his about 1/3 full, dump it out, start over again. My little monkey just played. He put some in the bottle, but mostly played with the water balls and measuring cups. After we finished playing we filled the bottles about halfway up with the balls. The kids LOVE this bottle. It is so fun for them to see the balls bounce from side to side.
 "Water Balls"
The other one we did is a bit creepy. My two year old loves these eye balls.... so I thought we would use them. My little one enjoyed this bottle more than the other boys, who thought it was too creepy. But we took Caro Syrup and filled it about halfway up. The kids put as many eyeballs as they wanted. Once you are finished you can roll the bottle around and the eyeballs move. It really is fun to watch it.
I screwed all of the caps back on and then put hot glue around the lid. This was so fun to do and now the kids have the Sensory Bottles we can pull out during activity time. Next week we are going to be making Sensory Bags!