Scheduling your Workouts

Big Sis here!

My baby girl is 3 months old now. We are settled in Florida now. NOW I have NO excuse, right? I have been working out and my eating has been.. okay... I am feeling good, but the scale isn't moving. I have revamped how I am eating starting today (always a battle) and will continue with my workouts. I am doing a 25 minute video at home, running/walking with the kids, attending a CrossFit class a couple of times a week, and just living life. I shared over at Natural-Nesters about our new schedule in our life because of homeschooling.... and it holds true that I also scheduled my workouts as well.


Every day M-F I have my 25 minute workout scheduled before anyone wakes up... I found this harder to do today just because I am use to being more awake when I do it (closer to 9am). I also have schedule a walk/run every morning with my babies. I also have scheduled a run alone or with my kids in the evening and I am hoping this will help me get my running back up to par. Before you think I am overdoing it... I might not run all of these times, but just to have my kids outside in the stroller is motivating enough. I feel like I am a brand new runner and it is a sad feeling.


A year ago right now I had just completed my 2nd half marathon, 4 years apart. It was such a great run and I was feeling great. Who knew I was pregnant with baby girl at the time? NOT me! :) I wish I could say that I ran the whole time I was pregnant, but that isn't the case. It is who I WANT to be, but it wasn't me. I still do plenty of races, last one being the 1/2 Marathon at 7 months pregnant and then the Color Run at 9 months pregnant! :) I continued with that lifestyle... but... not like I was.


I am working on NOT beating myself up.... People will tell me, "you just had a baby.." Issue with that comment is, I don't want a year to pass and that still be the excuse people are saying. I WANT to be fit again! I am working out ... I just think something has to give with my eating. I have a hard time when I am at functions and there is food I haven't been partaking in.. I am not at the point yet where I can walk away and frankly, it sucks! So here I am, today... Monday, August something... reminding myself WHY I want this... I want this for ME, my HUSBANd, and my babies! I want to be that healthy, fit mom they look up to and I want to be the one who encourages them to stay fit... and I want to live a long life with them.



So... to help me in doing that, I have scheduled my workouts! :) Do you have to schedule your workouts? How does that work for you?