Today I felt all the teacher juices coming back at me at high speed! I loved creating a true schedule for our home... I know how great schedules can be because when I was in the classroom, I stuck to one and our time was so much more successful! Before we left Texas I ordered the book "Managers of Their Homes: A Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Homeschool Families." If you know me, you know the desire of my heart is to homeschool my kids. I really feel this is what I am called to do... and I have to trust that the Lord will show that to us in a bold way. ANYWAYS, so I bought this book. I read a little bit and knew I LOVED it. Then.. we moved to Florida!


So I recently picked it up again because I plan for 'school' to start in this house next week.. so I knew we needed to get our schedule down. I know in our home that I need a schedule if we want a productive day. I have definitely learned in the past six months of being a true Stay At Home Mom how very easy it is to NOT do anything all day. COME ON.. give me a break.. I was pregnant for most of that time! :) This book was amazing... not only did it give great tips with scriptures about scheduling, but it also had feedback from people that had used it before! There are sample after sample after sample! I LOVE IT! Below you will see me working on our schedule.


I decided that we needed to do a practice run of our family schedule this week to see what adjustments needed to be made. I actually did a scratch copy last week and some things kept coming to my head on what I needed to change or add or take away... So I did that today. I am excited to see what other changes that need to be made after attempting to implement it this week. I am breaking one of them right now-- I Was suppose to be in bed at 1000pm, but it is now 1020pm. I am a LIST person- are you? So to know I have this schedule and can mentally cross something out.. is exciting.

One of my favorite parts about the book is when it talks about CHORE TRAINING... and how you invest the time training your child to do the things that need to be done and teach them the correct way... but you have to spend that time with them teaching. I start chore training my boy last week... and just the difference in him has been amazing!

1Everyone has a schedule... even Daddy and our newborn! :) We have it hanging in our kitchen and I know my little guy will be just as excited about it when I show him tomorrow. Everything is on 1/2 hour increments. Daddy got us a new egg timer today to help with the implementation. I left out diapers changes and nursing times and honestly, most of baby's schedule is blank until she gets a little bigger. I am so excited to see some of the changes that are going to come about because of our schedule.

My least favorite part of the schedule: Going to bed by 10pm (I never do that) and waking up at 5am! Since becoming a TRUE SAHM, I have enjoyed sleeping until around 700 at least! Not anymore for this mama.. I plan to have my workout completed before Daddy even wakes up.

My FAVORITE parts of this schedule is that 1. Family Devotion is written in. My father in law just sent Noah devotionals, so we will start there. 2. My workout is scheduled in. 3. I have also scheduled a Run each night!

So I am curious, do you use a schedule? If so... what do you do and has it been successful?