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Well three months post baby and I'm feeling better about running.  I've gotten one 4 mile race under my belt, and several short training runs, never exceeding 3.5miles.  Hopefully soon I will start racking up the miles though and really get serious about training.  Maybe I should sign up for a race soon, that is always a good motivator. I'm looking into a 12K trail run in October, we will see!!



Anyways, today I took the babe out and we ran a steady 3 miles, and I was so excited to wear compression sleeves for the first time.  Well really it was my first time to wear compression anything, and let me just tell you, when I first put them on I thought maybe I had gotten too small a size, but then I remembered...they are compression calf sleeves.  They fit perfectly.

These sleeves that I am using are made by Pro Compression.  They sale different style of socks, arm and calf sleeves, plus leggings, all made from their true graduated compression gear.  And their socks and sleeves all come in various fun colors, I got black to go with anything, but if you sign up for their email list on their homepage, they will send an email out monthly featuring their brand new sock of the month, plus a discount code!! Everyone loves discounts!

Another great thing about Pro Compression products is that they are made in the USA!


 So what did I think about my pro compression sleeves?

I loved them.  They really added an extra support to my legs while running.  It felt like they helped me in stability as I ran, plus for recovery, compression is the way to go! It keeps the blood flowing and helps eliminate sore muscles.

I'm thinking for my next half marathon that those compression leggings would be ideal!

I chose the sleeves because my feet tend to get claustrophobic in shoes, but I bet having a full compression sock would really add stability and release of post running pain for your feet.  Cause let's face it, as you get older, things like your feet start to hurt more! One great thing about the socks though, is that the toe box is not compression, so it leaves room for your toes to breathe.


So, if compression gear is something that you have been contemplating, you should check out Pro Compression!

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DISCLAIMER: I was provided these Pro Compression calf sleeves through the Fit Approach, Sweat Pink Ambassador Program.  All opinions are my own.

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