My Latest Running Fuel Additions!


Alright! Here I am again, 2 weeks pre-HALF MARATHON!  This time, there is no chance of ice interfering, so if all goes well, I will for sure be running in the Big D Half Marathon in Dallas, TX. on Sunday, April 12th, with my husband! (Is anyone else running this? Let me know!!) 

I am officially getting a tad bit jittery! I was running today and had that thought....."Why the heck did I sign up for this again." Even though I ran 10miles last weekend, the thought of running a race, the pressure of completing the 13.1 (although I am fully capable), is a tad scary and overwhelming! I know it will be great though! 

Plus, I am so excited to be doing this with my husband! 

Now, prior to the February Half Marathon that I ran was supposed to run, I shared about how I was fueling my run! Well, since then, I've added three more items to my list, so I thought in celebrating the upcoming race I would share those with you! 

The newest additions to my Running FUEL list! Must-Haves for a successful, nutritious run! via @brittanysuell

1) Water!! Since it has gotten a lot hotter in Texas, I am running with water these days! Today it was in the mid-80's, and I needed my water big time to finish my race. So I will be utilizing my SPI Belt Water Bottle (you can snag one of those HERE in my online store), and/or the stations during this race! 

It's Summer, and the SPI Belt Water Bottle is keeping me fueled during these hot runs! via @brittanysuell

2) I have found my newest favorite mid-race fuel!! I picked up a Honey Stinger Waffle at our local Natural Grocers, it was actually a gift for my husband, but I snagged it and tried it out during a 10mile run. WOWza! That thing was amazing! And NO SUGAR! Which is great for me, since I've Cut Sugar in 2015! Plus  they are organic, and my word if I didn't have self-control, I would buy enough to enjoy one a day as my dessert! Yes, they are that good! 

Now I've only tried the Gingersnap Flavor, but I'm just telling you, this is the only one I need to try! This made me start brainstorming on how I could make homemade, sugar free gingersnap you never know, I may have a recipe for you coming soon! 

My newest mid-run fuel! It tastes like a dessert! Plus it's organic and sugar free! @honeystinger @brittanysuell 

3) Compression! 

Using @BioSkin Compression to help fuel my half-marathon training! I am loving how it is enhancing my runs! @brittanysuell

I have started using Bio Skin Calf Skin Compression Sleeves to fuel my long runs, and I am loving how it is enhancing training! 

Now let me just tell you, if you are looking for something to compress the muscles. Whether to enhance your training, to help with sore or painful muscles (or shin splints), this stuff has some incredible compressing power! I seriously wish I could've videoed the night we first received these. My husband and I both tried one on, and he seriously thought it was stuck on his leg/foot. He does have a size 15 foot though! It was the funniest thing ever...we just laughed and laughed!  Since then though, we have both been training with Bio Skin, and loving it! 

Plus the material is incredible. Makes total sense why it is called Bio SKIN...since the material is sleek, and skin-like. And it definitely is not moving, no matter what kind of activity you are doing, so it feels like it's part of you, not like you are wearing some addition. 

Even now, with the temperatures increasing, I thought about not wearing them, because it was just adding a layer to me, when I was already sweating. Then I remembered that it's part of the "technology" that Bio Skin is made with, to wick the sweat, and activate a cooling sensation, which it does. Crazy how it works like that! I didn't even notice or feel like my legs were extra hot while running. 

Using @BioSkin Compression to help fuel my half-marathon training! I am loving how it is enhancing my runs! @brittanysuell

During my run, the compression seems to hold my calf muscles in, and just makes me feel more stable, secure, and stronger in my legs throughout the run. (Even when I get to where my legs usually feel like jello!)

Post runs, these things feel incredible! I would actually love to wear Bio Skin leggings (no such thing as of now), but covering with compression over your tired, sore muscles feels like you are getting a massage. Well kind of....definitely the next best thing to a sore muscle massage. So check them out HERE!

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So, I'm definitely on the right track to a successful race! I'm nervous, excited, have my training (kind of) under control, so here goes nothing! 

I also just recently shared MY TOP 5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL RACE, which are things that I have been implementing throughout my training, and will use during my race! 



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