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Who doesn't love workout gear that is not only functional, but also super fashionable!

Coeur Sport is a company created by two Iron Woman, athletes who knew exactly what women needed when it comes to competitive sports like triathlons.  These ladies have competed, and used gear, and wanted something that was great quality, fully functional for their competition needs, and of course they also wanted to look great! And this is how Coeur was created.


Coeur's tag line is..."Stylish speed...from the heart." Since Coeur is the french word for heart.


The quality of the Coeur gear is fantastic.  They worked with a mill to create the softest fabric possible, and I can agree, the fabric blend used to create their products is super soft.  It also has a thickness to it, but not one that is hot or heavy, but a thickness that resembles quality built material.


Since I am a runner, I got the runners outfit, but Coeur caters to the Tri-athlete, so they have women's gear for cycling, running, and swimming.


I really love the shorts.  I love the big waste band that adds support, and the material is incredible.  I ordered a size Large, which actually now that I have lost my baby weight, I would prefer a size medium.  They are also very functional, having two pockets in the back side of the band.  You can check out my Instagram feed for a video of all the details of the shorts.  (Go ahead and follow me while you are there)

The shorts also have a built in, high quality underwear liner in them.  I felt like they were much more supportive than most shorts, and I would definitely be okay with opting out of wearing any additional underwear with these shorts.


The stylish factor of the gear is awesome, and definitely feels great to be wearing something that is so cute, while getting your sweat on.

I received the Checkmate Running Shorts & matching top, but they also have several other patterns, including a Chevron and Floral pattern which are both very "in" right now.

As far as the price goes, it is very comparable to most workout gear you would find in a store.


The only drawback of the Coeur gear that I found, was that the shirt was slightly short for my taste.  I have a naturally long torso, and have always preferred my shirts to be on the longer side.  This running shirt falls just below the top of the shorts, I guessed they might do that so that you are showing off the matching pattern on the band of the shorts.  For me though, I didn't feel fully comfortable in the length of the shirt.  Although it was super cute! Even the back has some ruching in the racer back part of the shirt, adding another cute detail to it.

I will definitely be looking into buying another pair of these Coeur running shorts, especially the chevron pair, they are so cute! And this time I will order a medium!

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DISCLAIMER: I was provided these products by Coeur Sport, but all opinions are my own.

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