RooSport Review & Giveaway

Have you heard of the RooSport before? 
Well we are here to tell you all about this great product....and
one of our Lucky Readers will WIN a RooSport of their own! 
So let me first explain what a RooSport is: 
I have been using my RooSport for several weeks now and have really loved it.  
From the running/working out side of things, the product is great. It connects to the belt of your shorts/pants by a powerful magnet.  (AND IT WORKS!) and then it has a nice velcro pouch (you can see that below), and also a small zipper pouch on the outside.  So essentially you could hold a phone, money, keys, and maybe more in it.  It is great for running because I do not have to hold my phone while I run.  I keep it in the pouch. And the velcro pocket is very easy to fit my phone into, so I am not forcing it in, even with a case on it. 
(phone in pouch)

Another great thing about the RooSport is that it is made from great materials.  I don't know the official material types, but they are perfect for working out and sweating. 
I also used my RooSport when I went bike riding the other day too.  This is a perfect way to use a distance tracking app or listen to music, or have your phone for safety reasons, and still be able to ride your bike without the phone being in the way. It was great!  
Along with working out, the RooSport is also handy for other things too.  You could use this in every day life as a way to hold a few things with you as you go about your busy life.  I know I recently used mine during work when I was always running around doing things, and wanted my phone with me.  It was perfect for that, and it never gets in the way.  It is also good for when you take your dogs for a walk, or you are playing at the park with your kids.  Think of anything that you do with your hands, but you also want to be holding your phone, keys, or money, and this is the perfect solution.  
Good Luck to all of you! We love our RooSports and will continue using them to run, and do other daily  activities.  
-Big & Little Sis

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