I remembered the PASSWORD!!!

It has definitely been four months since our last post and absolutely longer than that since I, Big Sis, have logged into this blog! Shame, Shame. I really can't tell you why except I guess I have felt awful about myself and the last thing I want to do is talk about fitness. There has been a lot that has gone on since I last blogged... but that is all water under the bridge. Here I am to talk to you about what is going on now.

Last week I joined a "game" on DietBet.com where you play with your own money to lose weight. I have friends that have done it and it has helped them with their success....so I finally decided to sign up. It begins in 5 days! This is  NOT a New Years Resolution. Back in November a new gym opened close to my house and I joined it. I work out about 3-4 times a week... I do well for a few days and then fall off the wagon. I have a hard time being consistent.

I have set a goal for myself that before my daughter turns 1 in May... I will be on the right track. Not necessarily a weight loss goal, but that my mindset will be where it was before I got pregnant again last year. Weight loss is obviously something I want, but I don't dare put that as a goal to fail again. So that means I have 4 months to get my head on straight... and these are 4 busy months that consist of more visitors here in Florida, two trips to Texas, and the arrival of Little Sis' baby...

But I am going to do it. We all battle with something, right? I often wonder why mine has to be weight... Sad isn't it!

Ill be back soon, don't you worry your little heart. I have missed writing. I have missed our followers, our community, and you guys in general.